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Faith Wallace's body had been tossed back and forth during the entire trip back to Rhydin, back "home".  Originally, married to a horrid man, she was able to run from him and she had run to Rhydin.  She stayed at the Wallace  Manor, where the creaky carriage now carried her to.  She knew they were getting close remembering the towne as she recognized landscape after landscape heading towards home.

After she left her ex-husband, he allowed her to take all her possessions and gave her the Wallace Manor in Rhydin, as he never once used it.  It was an olde palatial place.  Large terraces of gardens.  The exterior made of brick, the interior no expense had been spared.  Everything was made of marble or mahogany.  Exquisite scroll work decorated every pillar, every handrail, made of the rich dark redwood.  All except the kitchen....the kitchen....a small smile crept across her lips just then...all cold stainless steel.

Well, she moved to Rhydin all that time ago, only to have her ex send his swordsmen after her, vowing to kill her before allowing her to leave him.  When she got word of his intentions, she immediately hired a bodyguard.
It wasn't easy to find a courageous man, a good man....a man she could trust.  However, as faith would have it, she did.  He took very good care of her....even though married, he stayed with her in her Manor, after all there was 10 bedrooms.  What she didnt know was that he and his wife were having a rough time of their marriage.  He had kept her safe, and met up with a swordsman named Matthew Spade, who was to "kill her or not return".  Meeting up with her bodyguard a deal was struck...Matthew was to leave Faith to live in peace, and to tell her ex, that she was dead, or he could face the end of her bodyguard's sword.

Instead... as it turned out, Matthew went back to Lord Wallace...telling his lie, that he himself had killed Faith Wallace...only to turn his sword on his own Lord.
Meanwhile, Faith had grown much closer to her bodyguard.  Once Matthew returned with her ex's sword...she thanked Matthew, paying him a tidy sum...she last heard he had bought some land in Rhydin and decided to settle there.  Perhaps she would run into him again.

It was only a matter of a week or so after Matthew's return...and her no longer having a need to have a bodyguard....Faith knew she couldn't remain in Rhydin....a place and a people she had come to love.  Things had gone too far between her and her bodyguard.  She felt terrible about taking a married man as a lover, with a pregnant wife at home, nonetheless!  She had allowed her heart to over rule her head.  But she was not going to be the reason for their marriage's demise.

So here she was returning home.  She wondered how soon she would run into her old friends.....and her bodyguard.

Faith Wallace

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"Settling In"
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***It was certainly the wrong time of year to be relocating.  She had forgotten how cold Rhydin winters could be.  Today it was only 8 degrees outside!  And even keeping all the fireplaces lit, and the doors open in and out of each room, to allow air flow throughout the Manor...she was still cold.  And to think in the beginning of Nov. she was complaining about being "too hot."  Being a human incubator can do that to you, she imagined.
She was in one of two guest rooms rearranging the bric-a-brac, the waterpaintings by Monet on the walls.  Vases, some empty, others filled to the neck with real flowers.  The bed was a full size bed, had a beautiful quilt on the bed, with shams to match.  The windows had wooden clapboards both on the inside and out.  Above the windows were rods holding heavy baroque, made in the design of paisley, all in natural colors.  During the winter the doors could be closed shut over the windows, and the heavy curtains let down to further keep out the cold air.

Placing different pieces of porcelain, sculpture and small enamel decorative plates on the mantel above the fireplace.  On the wall above the fireplace she places a crackeled gold framed mirror, the width of the mantel.  She wanted her home to feel "homey" to all who came to visit.  She saw so many people who's homes looked so if they were lobby's of hotels, rather than a home to relax, settle back and kick off your shoes in.

There was still the other guest room.....her room......the den....the music room....the Ballroom....a parlor....3 more bedrooms; which she didnt know what to use for.....a library....a kitchen nook....and last but not certainly least, the Baby's Room.  Faith had to pace herself, as she wasn't aware she was with child, till she was 3 months along....and she felt awful cramping, and then fainted one day.

  The maid servant called for the Dr. right away....her man servant moved her to her bed room placing her oh so delicately on the bed.  After a very tense evening....the doctor told the staff to check on their Mistress, not allow her out of bed, unless absolutely necessary.  And did they know how far along she was.  Her man servant Steven, looked to the Doctor and asked innocently, "How far along in what?"  Her maidservant  Suzanne stepped forward and spoke to the Doctor in a low whisper.  "Doctor, I dont believe Miss Faith knows that she is with child."
Seeing as she was still unconscious, Faith would be told by Suzanne.  "I see."  Said the Doctor, as he placed his medical instruments in his bag.  
"Don't worry Suzanne....a doctor cannot reveal the health of his patient's to anyone."  "Thank you, Sir."  Suzanne said with a sigh of relief in her breath.

Suzanne kept a vigil by Faith's bed.  When she awoke about 4:00 a.m. Faith asked Suzanne for a glass of water, and what happened.  As Suzanne poured her Mistress a glass of water, she nervously returned to her, handing her the glass of water, helping her to sit up.  "Well?"  Asked Faith, holding her hand to her forehead.  "Mistress....I am not certain how to say this.  It is really something of a delicate nature."  After taking a few sips of water, placing the glass beside her on the bedside table.   Faith looked up at her.  "Suzanne?" She could hear the fear in Faith's voice, as her beautiful emerald hues widened staring at her.  Closing her eyes, then sitting on the edge of the bed beside Faith, taking her hands in hers, she tried to put on her best smile.  " fainted.  We called the Doctor."  Faith lifted a brow then.  "Go on."  "Well I stood by while he tended to you.  And.....well....Mistress Faith you are with child."  Faith sat there holding Suzanne's hands, then let go laughing, she pushed her away.  "You almost got me was from the heat and working to hard no doubt.....WITH CHILD!....really Suzanne!  Nice try though..."  Suzanne had folded her hands and placed them in her lap.  She was looking down.  Faith stopped talking and laughing.  "You're not kidding are you?"  Suzanne shook her head.  Faith caught her breath, placing her hands up over her face, feeling ashamed.  She began to cry.  Suzanne did her best to console her.  Faith was having none of it.  Retrieving a hankie from a drawer, she handed it to Faith. "Please dont cry Mistress".  Faith just kept shaking her head, and repeating the words over and over...."".  Suzanne went to the chair next to the window and sat there to aide her Mistress, should she get out of bed.  
After an hour or so, Faith fell back to sleep once more.  Suzanne sat there till mid morning...sitting there sipping tea, checking on her Mistress, staring out the window of Faith's room...remembering the stories her Mistress had told her about her adventure's in Rhydin.

Faith reached down and gently rubbed her growing tummy.  Her child was due before Spring.  March 4th to be exact. Or that's as close as the Doctors can tell her.  She believes it will be sooner than that.  She had counted back, and knew that her pregnancy began in late June, early July.
Rubbing her tummy, she spoke to her child....."Momma is going to wait to do your room last, Little One.  I want to see whether you are a boy or girl.  While the painter's do your room, you can sleep in Momma's room with me.  Walking slowly along, she made her way to a window and stared out... I believe you are going to love living and growing up here, Love.  My Precious, one....."  Her voice trailing off....her thoughts no longer on the Manor....staring, gazing out over Rhydin...she was getting anxious to get out and about....soon.***

Faith Wallace

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Some Things Never Change
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*****Faith was out with her driver when she came across the RDI.  She called to him to wait a moment.  Frigid Feb.'s winds were whipping about her as she entered the Inn for the first time in....oh 6 months or so.  Some of the faces were the same.  She made a new acquaintance....a dragon, a black one, named Knite.  Since coming to Rhydin she had long ago gotten rid of her fear of them.  Mere nursery rhymes to entertain children or frighten them to death, upon seeing a real one for the first time.

Then as she was warming herself by the hearth, speaking with Knite...having just put her foot in her mouth.  He was asking her about the baby....and she asked him how many he had.  Then he explained he lost his wife.  She felt so stupid.  But he reassured her...he was fine.  Just then who should enter, but Icer.  Icer spotted her first....."Faith?"  It was as if she couldnt believe her eyes.  When she told Faith she had 14 babes, Faith couldnt believe her ears!

They were chatting about this and that....Icer inquired about Matthew.  Faith said she had yet to run into him, she was going to ask where about he purchased his property, so she could call on him.  She and he had some things to sort out yet.  But before she could discuss it,  her coachman waved at her to come on...she gave him a time limit...and it must be up....besides the bar was beginning to fill.  Lots of new faces....some of the old timers.

Putting on her cloak, she promised both Icer and Knite she would return again on another night.  Maybe weekend evenings were a bit too much on her right now.  The different smells, stale ale...old vomit...gods only know what else.  Thats why she didnt order a drink or sit at the bar.  She
couldnt afford to get ill now.  She was too close.  She still had lots to occupy her at the Manor as well as going shopping for all kinds of things.  She needed to make a few baby outfits....nightgowns boys and girls both wore, she would start with those and maybe a few new jumpers for herself.  Yes...there was plenty to do.  Seeing "Daddy" was just one of those things.*****

Faith Wallace

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"A Letter"
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*****A fair haired boy ran up to the doors of the Wallace Manor.  He pounded on the door, quite hard for a lad his size.  Steven, frowning made his way to answer it.  Opening the door, he looked out...then he had to look down to see the fair haired, blue eyed boy staring up at him.
"May I help you?"   Steven asked, sounding a bit annoyed.  "Please Sir, does a Miss Faith Wallace live here?"  Steven lifted a brow.  "Who is inquiring?"  "Why, I am Sir...I have this message to deliver to her straight away."  Steven looked at the rolled scroll the boy then produced from behind his back.  Reaching his hand out, Steven replied; "I shall see that the Mistress gets it."  The boy made a bit of a frown.  " did say this was her, I guess it would be alright."  His dirty cold hand extended out to Steven.  Steven bowed his head and replied, "Thank you, and have a good day."  The boy put his hand on the door as Steven was closing it.  "Um..B....but tip, Sir?"
Steven felt ashamed and ignorant at the same moment, by a mere child.
"Oh yes...forgive me....I have much on my mind."  He reached in his trousers and produced a hand full of change...the boys eyes lit up seeing the gold, silver and bronze coins in the man's hand.  Steven eyed the boy a moment, as his fingers ran through the coins as if looking for one in particular.  Then letting out a long sigh...he held his closed hand out to the boy.  "You may as well take it all, I am not certain what to tip a lad these days for messages."  The boy held out two hands, as Steven let the coins rain into his dirty smudged hands. "Just...don't spend it all on sweets." The boy looked up at Steven..."Oh no Sir....I give mae money to mae Mum!"  The boy pulled out a leather pouch and filled it with the coins.  "Thank you, Sir."  The boy removed his hat, and bowed to Steven.  Wearing a small smile he then nodded back to the boy.  And down the street the lad ran as fast as if a deer in the woods.

Faith came down the stairs, slowly...she did everything slower these days.  "Who was at the door, Steven"?  "Oh t'was a delivery boy with a scroll for you, Mistress."  Faith lifted a brow.  "Really?"  Steven produced it and bowed.  "Would you like your afternoon tea in the parlor, Mistress?"  Looking it over, before she untied the ribbon on it...She nodded almost absent mindedly to Steven.  "Parlor is fine".  She replied as she pulled at the ribbon as she entered the parlor and sat in her chair by the window.  Unrolling it, she could see the hand writing was that of a man....and not a man schooled in penmanship or writing skills.

Faith's eyes weren't reading, just looking for a name at the end.  Seeing it, a smile brightened her face.  As Steven entered, placing the tea tray on the table beside her, and poured her a cup of tea, he couldn't help but ask.  "I take by the expression on your face, it is a good message,"  As it recoiled in her lap, her delicate hand reached out and covered it.  "Aye....I haven't read it through, but I've read enough to make me truly happy indeed.  Truly made my day!"  She couldnt wipe the smile from her face.  Steven, stood and said;  "Well then, I am relieved it is good news, hate to think I tipped that youngster all my pocket change for naught!  Leaving her alone with her letter, and her thoughts...he was truly happy for her....whatever it said.*****