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« on: June 11, 2016, 05:57:46 PM »
"What are you doing...?"  Gemethyst asked as she found Benjamin busy in the back patio.  He'd moved most of the furniture to the grass, replaced it with oak timbers, saw horses, chisels, hammers, and iron hardware.  

Benjamin beamed, wiping sweat from his brow with the back of his hand.  

"Decided to make a proper bed frame.  Something a little nicer than a couple of mattresses on the floor."  

"I've got furniture you can go through, or we can go shopping,"  she offered, though it was clearly too late for that.  In any case, it seemed Benjamin was able enough with the tools.  A rustic four posted frame was shaping up nicely.  

Gemethyst paused, eying the footboard.  

"...Benjamin...  is that...  a set of stocks?"  she finally asked slowly, her eyes wide.  He glanced back at it, then her, humorously prim and innocent.  

"Is it?  Oh.  Well.  I guess that'd explain the latches."  

Choking on a laugh, Gemethyst rolled her eyes.  The decorative iron rings were definitely not decorative, and the stocks ?!  

"I'll make a pitcher of lemonade and then come help out with the sanding,"  she grinned.  

It was quite a nice bed, after all.