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Jewel of De-Nile
« on: June 22, 2014, 07:24:41 PM »
Change. It was supposed to be good for you.  The thief tried to remember that.  Telling herself that didn?t help much, though.  She read the notice one more time, and then began to tear it up into shreds, which she balled up and threw away into the trash can behind her.  Eze had gone and gotten married. And not a word to her about the woman who was now set up in Jewel?s life.  She could be some horrible person for all Gem knew.

Strangely enough, it didn?t hurt as much it might have that Eze had wed.   Time was certainly a wound healer.  No, what really had her goose cooking was that some other woman was setting herself up to be Jewel?s mother. HER child. Hers.  The thief paced. Back and forth, like an annoyed cat, hands behind her back.  It would only have been polite to have sought out Gem, to have met her with her, talked with her about Jewel.

At length, she was able to calm herself down.  No doubt the woman was marvelous and lovely and would make a great pseudo mother.  A step-mom. This certainly would not hinder Gem?s daily visits. She would simply keep going, because that was her right.

Eventually, the elf brought herself to the point of even  being prepared to be nice to the woman. Prepared to be civil, to be agreeable. To like her.  It was Gem?s nature, after all. And Jewel (Note the single ?L?) deserved not to have stress from such a situation negatively impact her.

Jewel. The love of her life.  The elf nodded to herself. This would make no difference.  And if it did? If they tried to make it a problem? Well. She was an elf, and Jewel had Elven blood in her.  The now was but a blink of an eye to elves.  Jewel would still be young when they were cold and rotting in their graves.  She smiled as she went for her daily visit.