Author Topic: The Shadow Queen (Part 2)  (Read 770 times)

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The Shadow Queen (Part 2)
« on: June 06, 2014, 08:39:13 PM »
Boots tapped against the damp stone of the cave, soft trickles of water dripping rang out in the thick, musty air, and the young hellion, unwelcome, was on the move. She walked into the forced night, soft pink tresses robbed of their beauty by the darkness. Crimson eyes darted around, thinned out and cutting through the shadowy domain. Voices ahead, accompanied the dirty dripping noise, one familiar, one an awful hiss. There was light flickering on the wall, dancing shadows. A fire?

The creature was the first one she saw, her eyes moving over the hooded beast as she tried to locate a face to no avail. She pressed her body to the wall and waited slowly. Next, her face went to the other figure, that looked like a standing zombie. Not since the day Phoenix had died, had she ever seen her eyes like that. The dead eyed princess stared ahead, barely breathing, barely moving, not blinking. Aviana's fists moved into tight balls, because she knew that work. That was Myles' specialty. So, it didn't take her long to put a name to the next face she saw.

There was something different about Myles, too. She had color to her eyes, emotion to her face, and she looked about as miserable as Phoenix wasn't allowed to feel. Suddenly, Aviana understood. Her face fell, and she pressed herself a little harder against the stone wall. A deep breath was taken, she gave herself a reassuring nod, before turning from the cover, she had to free Phoenix, and take this guy out.

A blast of pure energy shot from the pink haired princess, and tore apart rock and dirt as it made a path to the shadow monster. His cloak fluttered as he was taken off his feet and sent to the stone.
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