Author Topic: Babysitting gone wrong.  (Read 532 times)


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Babysitting gone wrong.
« on: March 26, 2014, 07:45:43 PM »
"Addie, Addie, Addie!" Pilot chimed to the baby in the crib. Her tiny, pale face scrunched up at the eyes and widened to a gummy smile at the mouth. Her fists tightened, and her body flailed lightly as if she wanted to sit up. "Oh no!" The girl said in an affectionate tone. "No sitting up. Daddy would be mad if he missed it. Yes he would... yes he would! This, brought up a series of giggles from the child. "You have it made, kid." The girl said with a smile, running her fingers through the fine hair that rested upon the child's head.

Part of her found it strange to be inside Phoenix's house without her there. It was stranger to wrap her head around the fact that Phoenix wasn't coming back. Still, Addie seemed comfortable here.

Behind her, shadows crawled along the wall, inching towards her. Pilot immediately tensed, and turned around. Her eyes moved over the plaguing shadows and she inched backwards toward the crib. This wasn't like anything she'd experienced before, and the hairs on her neck were standing on end. She didn't bother asking if anyone was there, because that would be stupid. Pilot knew someone was there... She swallowed hard, defenseless. She wouldn't run, though... If only because of the sleeping child she was blocking with her body.

Emerging from the shadows was a long cloaked finger. Eyes were masked within the darkness that hung in the cloak. He peeked around her to glance at the child. Pilot took a step to block his vision. She stared at him with cold, mercury eyes. Her confidence was wrong, everything about her was wrong. Nazareth was the strong one... Valcroix was the powerful one... Hell, even Judace was good at something... Pilot had no skills. No abilities to defend herself, or the child.

The figure sensed her uneasiness. Sensed her lack of confidence, and disregarded it. She wasn't a threat, and he knew that--so instead of killing her for no reason, he decided to walk past her, and straight to the crib. His arms stretched out for the child, who was crying and carrying on at this point. Pilot glared in his direction and reached out boldly to smack his hand away. "No."

The figure yanked his hand back and turned to her. Had his face been shown, he might have held a happy mixture of frustration and anger as he cradled that hand. He reached out again and got the same reaction. It was then that the shadows emerged from the ground and slammed her into the wall. She hit it with a grunt,  and stuck there with wide eyes. The man calmly moved up to her. "You're like her. So I'll let you live.." A low hiss came out from the shadow's mask. "..that doesn't mean it's not going to hurt."

The shadows carried her further up the wall until her feet were hanging a foot from the ground. Pilot's feet kicked and she flailed and floundered against the wall. A long stretch of darkness inched up her form and pierced her chest. Pilot screamed out, and the man would only laugh for as long as she screamed. Once it was over, once she was unconscious, he left her hanging there. Addie was picked up and cradled close as he disappeared into the darkest corner of the room.