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Martyr's bloody hands fell to her dress. "C-can... C-can you stay over t-tonight? W-with Aggie?" Martyr asked, because it was fresh in her mind. She loved Pilot, loved Judace... But if Solaris attacked in a fit of rage, she feared they would not be able to protect themselves...

That's when she finally registered what Nazareth had said. "...Afflicted with? W-what d-do you m-mean?" She'd only thought she'd snapped. She remembered everything except the dialogue. She remembered the celebration...wasn't it worth celebrating?
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A new heart stutters its first pump; Solaris? eyes snap apart. Pupils rattling in his head, the man?s mind was robbed temporarily of memory. Stupefied the man appeared while plating his palms into the hardwood to prop himself up. The wood was risen in places, in blots, scored with dried scales and plates of old, hard black blood. Above the Despot of Sava stood several fear wracked and groggy guardsmen: three of them groaned while leant into their knees, grasping and pawing at various bruises purpled on their heads and the fourth, ahead of the pack, his face dire, held out his arms for Solaris. Objecting, The Master pushed himself up on legs not yet suited to retain weight. Their weakness brought the man into a lean. Solaris grasps his knees and listens to the infinitesimal pattering of his sweatbeads knocking on the floor as they roll off his forehead.

?Sir---? The lead guard rattled. ?Sir, it was---I don?t -know- what it was, sir.?

Solaris smiled. ?Don?t know?? He croaked. The memory was filmy, but Solaris was reminded. Reminded of coarse yellow eyes, a mangy voice and ridiculous violence in a once-sweet package. Solaris pushes himself to a complete stand, leans over his waist and his spine cracks. ?Casualties??

?Just one. We?ve already taken him to the yard, we weren?t sure if you wanted an investigation done.?

?Just one?? Solaris asked with dangerous mirth. The guard he addressed widened his eyes and nodded. ?What would you say your job is, man? Is your job to allow me and my wife to be subjected to attack in the evening? No, man, there was not just -one- casualty. There were five.?

Ten minutes of hollering, clawing and powedering of bone and slashing of flesh sullied the hall. Solaris satisfied his humiliation with the murders of the three guards, sparing no expense of ability or effort, attacking them viciously and thoroughly. Had any of the three guards had family, there would be no sense in calling them forward for Solaris spared them not a single remaining identifier. When the final man fell, Solaris backpeddled, completely spent, and took to a lean into the banister that overlooked his home.

The man knew what had been released in his daughter. The man knew that he was careless, but, for perhaps the very first time in a very long time, wondered if great care would have been enough to best Martyr in her demon state. He wondered just what had been released, he wondered if he desired to face those macabre yellow eyes a second time.


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Nazareth remained still as Martyr called upon her for protection. Her past had included only a single instance of escort/protection (not counting Agnus now, for their relationship provides gains on both ends) and this was during her time in Gailey as a teen and later as a young woman while charged by Maetron to keep Val safe in the desert. The request was not odd to Nazareth, was not difficult but required considerable thought; and so she stood, leaned slightly so that her right leg was straight, firm, rigid, while the left was vaguely kinked and almost leisured. She held her chin and lowered her eyes and at last nodded. ?We can do it,? she said. She lifted her easily mulling, easily twisting eyes and smiled but her hand masked the curve; her cheeks bloomed. ?---and as for your ?affliction?---I cannot say just what it is, so discount my words, please.? After speaking she remained still, maybe confined. At last her hand dropped away and she stood erect, ready. ?Let?s go---let?s get whatever it is that?s wrong with you sorted out before your husband finds a way to blame me for it.?

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It was on the second day of spring that Minoko found herself walking over to Phoenix's grave. Slung on the crook of her arm was a basket filled with a lunch that the immortal would have happily devoured. Akane was present as well, taking the place of her master. The dog hopped along at Minoko's side, only stopping to sniff at patches of dead grass that had recently rediscovered the sun. Up the hill they went. She probably should have been watching where she was going. Who knew what kind of stray stone would send her tripping on this path? But her eyes were fixed on the glorious Black mansion. She had never actually been inside. Phoenix and Minoko were the types that hung around inns or went out, wanting to explore the world of Rhy'Din's infinite cuisines. It made her sad to think that Addison wouldn't remember the contours of what should have been her childhood home. Eventually Minoko turned to face ahead, and by that point she had walked far enough for the lone headstone to be right in front of her. She nibbled on her lip, nodded to the unseen ghost and settled down in the dirt.

"Emlen wouldn't come with me." That wasn't much of a greeting. Sorry, Phoenix. Maybe Minoko wasn't as good at this talking to dead people thing as she thought. "I made this big lunch and everything, thinking that it would convince him to come. But it didn't." She sighed and opened the basket. There were three sandwiches inside, along with a generous wealth of waffle fries. The largest sandwich was for Phoenix. It was a foot-long sub with every kind of meat, vegetable and condiment that had been sitting around the Black Scorpion Inn. The other two were far smaller. They were nearly identical. There was the same kind of bread, the same breasts of grilled chicken. The difference was that Minoko's had tomato, lettuce and spicy mustard. Emlen's was plain, same as always. She removed the food from the basket and arranged it atop the carrier's wide lid. A water bottle had also been taken out of the basket, but the liquid it held was not water. She twisted the cap off, took a long drink of hard lemonade and then poured some onto the dirt.

"I really liked your letter... Emlen read it to me the other day." Minoko mentally reviewed the words that Phoenix had written. She would skip over the part about the immortal not succeeding in her mission to kill Solaris. That didn't need to be acknowledged. Phoenix's failure was written all over the tombstone that should have never even existed. "You said that you always liked me. So that made me think back. Do you remember that fight you had with Diritas at the Red Dragon, back when you were in Martyr's body? I think that was the first time we met. I just thought you were another side to Martyr back then... I wonder if that was the first time you met Diritas too. I never would have guessed how things would turn out. Then there was the time that you were naked, and everyone was mad, and I had to fly you out of there. I think that was the first time you called me China!" She smiled down to her sandwich. Hadn't Diritas been present that time too? What the hell, Diritas?! A faint whistle came from the Asian's lips as she tried to summon her pet. Akane was busy sniffing at something, so Minoko continued to ramble on.

"The point that I was getting at is that I don't think that I always liked you... And I'm sorry for that. It was silly, getting all mad at you because you killed Emlen in Sama. I think that might have actually helped us out, in a way. You remembered how upset I was, though. You made it your P.S. What's P.S. stand for, anyway?" There was a long pause, as if she actually expected an answer. She took a bite of her sandwich in the meantime. Minoko didn't have much of an appetite, but it would have felt wrong to come all this way and not eat. "Emlen did come to his senses, I think. I had to chain him to the bed for a while... You probably would have thought that was hilarious. You should be here... You should be here to laugh at him and eat all these waffle fries and be my sister-in-law. You deserved a happily ever after too. I don't think you thought you did, but... You did. I'm sorry for not being able to stop Solaris. I'm sorry for not bringing Emlen too. I probably should have dragged him here by his wrists. It wouldn't have been hard. But he's not good with this stuff... He won't talk about it even a little. I think that's good in a certain way, though. If you get to be so accepting of death, or numb, or uncaring, or whatever it is, then you've probably lost too much." A bit of chicken was ripped off Emlen's sandwich and tossed near the dog. Still, she didn't respond. "...I'm going to make sure he doesn't lose anyone else. That will be our happily ever after."

Minoko sat in silence for several moments, doing little more than picking at her fries and staring at the words carved into Phoenix's grave. At some point she noticed the tokens left for the immortal that gleamed in the afternoon sun: Diritas's pendant, Aviana's knife and Val's familiar cigarette case. If Akane was ignoring all these interesting trinkets then she must have found something entirely fascinating. The woman tossed what was left of her sandwich in the basket, stood and moved over to the dog. There she saw an ugly, shriveled heart. Akane sniffed and pawed at the disgusting organ, but she seemed to know that it was a toxic thing and didn't attempt to eat it. "Wow... Was that Nazareth's present?" A hand came up, balled into a fist and was slammed down on her chest, over her heart, in an odd sort of salute. Emlen would feel that pain. Emlen would know. "That's a lot better than a picnic..." She'd have to bring a better offering in the future. For now, though, Phoenix would have to enjoy her sandwich. Once everything had been cleared away, the massive sub remained, surrounding by a wreath of waffle fries. If it stayed long enough for someone to admire the dead girl's love of food then that would be a miracle in itself.
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March 25th, 2014

While Phoenix's lovers, friends and family members had visited the fallen immortal to pay their respects, Katan was doing so only for his daughter. He had no respects to pay. One hand was stuffed into his coat pocket, while the other held tightly onto the car seat that Addie was snuggled into. He stared bitterly ahead, at the pointless gravestone, at the bleak horizon. Katan didn't know why they had bothered with a grave in the first place. There was hardly anything to bury, and it wasn't like her death was a permanent thing. Very few people in Rhy'Din disappeared for good. He had known from the start that Phoenix wouldn't be an unlucky one. Aviana's vial had confirmed it. So here he was, trying to make up for the fact that Addison missed her mommy. The baby was fast asleep, though. It appeared that his trip had been for naught. Katan kicked at one of the offerings, specifically Val's cigarette case, and chuckled.

"Wow, people are really buying into this, huh? Like Phoenix of all people would stay dead. F*cking stupid..." Blue-grays continued to look over the area. What an interesting assortment of crap. He then glanced back to his swaddled bundle of joy. "Sorry, kid. I mean mommy. Mommy will be back soon, and she'll get back to taking care of you and hating the sh*t out of me. That's what she does best, y'know." Next the toe of Katan's boot tapped against Diritas's ice roses. "And she'll probably get back with that douchebag. You won't care about that for a while, though. Or maybe ever... More parents mean more birthday presents, right?" Those were some words for thought. Katan let out a sigh and pictured his beautiful, spoiled daughter about five years from now. There was only one way that a happy little family could be possible. "Do you think she'll remember, Addie? That dream, or whatever it was?" He knew the answer to that one. Addie probably would too. Katan turned and headed back for the truck. He wouldn't say it twice. Not even to a tombstone.

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((Back dated, and sorry guys, I'm throwing this all into a single post out of sheer laziness.))

Emlen sat at the grave, his eyes trailed over all the trinkets left behind. He took in a breath and shook his head, "I don't do well with death... I never have. When you and Martyr were joined, I guess it was easier... That time Martyr went away, I guess it was easy to think, I still had some part of her.. You know? Then you had to split from her and become your own person.. Pop out a freaking kid, fall in love..." Emlen shook his head. "You always had to be so damned independent.. and on top of things." A handful of dirt was scooped up and sprinkled onto the grave. "I'm really bad at this... I wasn't going to come, but, I guess I have to face my fears sooner or later. Healing doesn't make us immortal. Nobody is immortal, and everyone has a weakness. Katan was yours." Stupid humans. "I get it, though... Wherever you are, Phoenix... I hope you're happy.. I mean that. We'll take good care of Addie."

"That... Was beautiful," said the tall princess that stood over, and behind his kneeling form. "Seriously, I couldn't have said it better myself. I mean, you could have cried... I'm just saying. That would have been nice...but, you know, I'll take what I can get."

Emlen froze for a moment, stared ahead, and then finally turned. Sure enough, there was Phoenix. Grinning down at him with sterling eyes and mocha hair. He should have felt joy, and he should have embraced her. All he felt was embarrassment, anger, and resentment towards her for perhaps making him feel negative emotions... So, instead of embracing his sister, he flew to his feet and punched her square in the jaw. "Idiot..." The boy mumbled and headed off towards his bike. How could she just let him spill his guts like that?

It was funny? Phoenix felt her teeth crunch together, and her body lose balance. She'd be lying if she said she didn't love every single second of it. She laughed out, "Oh come on! You were doing so well. Come back, do it again! I won't interrupt this time!" Phoenix said through layers of giggles and a snickering expression. She was soon greeted by Emlen's middle finger, and she smiled. "Missed you, too, Bro!" The girl said, and skipped back towards her house as Emlen sped off. "Yeah, he missed me."
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