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The broken nest.
« on: April 28, 2014, 11:07:40 PM »
Dishes clanked and rang sounds of anger and frustration throughout the home. From within, the immortal would be washing, rinsing, drying as fast as she could. With flushed cheeks--and not in the normal, cute way--she continued to fling water and ceramic alike. Pilot followed the sound, turning on the radio to help drown out the noise for the children, who were sleeping soundly in their beds, despite it all. She moved into the kitchen and rested her hand on the doorframe, peeking in with silver eyes. "...Hey.. Why don't you just relax? I can draw you a bath... Val can do those when he gets home," she whispered.

Martyr dropped a dish in the water, creating a live scale model of a tidal wave tossing itself over the limitations of the sink. "V-val's n-not coming home, P-pilot," she whispered and lowered her head. She grabbed a towel and violently began scrubbing her hands off.

"Yeah well... No offense, but I feel like we always assume that..." Pilot said with a smile. "Everything will be okay, it always turns out okay."

"D-don't... P-pilot.." Martyr's darkened voice was more than enough to turn away the smile that had made itself home upon Pilot's soft expression. "N-nothing is okay.. It w-wasn't okay when he was g-gone b-before and it's d-definitely not n-now... Nothing is ok-kay. Nothing will ever b-be okay, so j-just d-don't."

Pilot had the feeling that something wasn't okay. She took a daring step inside, and gave Martyr's arm a tug. "Come on, Martyr... I'll make you a bath." The girl whispered and pulled her towards the bathroom. "Why--why don't you think that he'll be back this time?" The dominioness asked with curious eyes as she led her into the bathroom and began to run water while Martyr undressed herself to her underwear.

"V-val did something v-very bad P-pilot..." Martyr said, watching the water with distant, crazy eyes. "He d-did something very b-bad, and I d-don't want him t-to come b-back. He's n-not allowed b-back..." The woman whispered and stripped off the final layers of clothing before stepping into the tub. Her skin reddened at the heat, but she didn't seem to flinch. Instead, she curled up. "I g-guess that means you'll w-want to leave t-too."

Pilot didn't understand what Valcroix did...and she loved her brother, but she loved Martyr, too. "I think Val loves you very much, even if he did something bad... I think he'd want me to stay with you and look after you..." Pilot said, taking the shower head and turning it on as she began to douse Martyr's mess of curls. "I'm staying with you, if that's okay.."

Martyr shrugged away from Pilot, and nodded. "I d-don't care what you d-do, Pilot... B-but I can b-bathe myself."

Pilot backed away and looked horrified. Not that Martyr wanted to bathe herself, that was understandable. It was Martyr's manner of speaking, the annoyance in her tone, the lack of kindness, the absence of the timid air that surrounded her. She backed out of the bathroom, and nodded. "Alright, well.. I'll be here if you need anything."
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