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Ares stayed back to help his sister out. All he had to do was stand by and seethe with anger to give her that extra spark to rock Zeus' world just that much more. To say Eris was mad is an understatement deluxe. Nuclear was a more accurate adjective. The girl was pulling so much pure hatred into her system, she literally glowed. Her brother thought it was a beautiful sight to see. Almost angelic.  Oh but this was no angel.

Heff and Cupid would be the two lovely faces Brenton would wake up to. He was in a low lit room with torches hanging from the walls; but, the bed was soft and comfortable.  If the flames had burned high enough on the pyre, he'd still feel the sting; but, the potion poured down his throat would set to work quickly enough to numb the pain as the sweet taste of ambrosia drifted it's way through his body. Mhmm, he was given the sweet nectar of the gods. Mildly addictive; but, extremely effective to heal wounds. Give him a taste of what it was like to be a God. Health, strength, confidence in spades..not to mention what it does for ones libido.

Cupid was the first to speak when their guest opened his eyes. "Holy s*** man! Nobody thought you'd do it. Human's are really caught up in this whole 'living' thing. They don't like to die much."

"Back off the boy. He's been through enough." Shoving the cupie doll out of the way, Heff sat down by the bed with a tankard of cool water. "Drink up. You'll be dehydrated down here otherwise." It was hotter than most places. The water would just so happen to put him to sleep as well. Be easier on the boy if he didn't move around too much.  "Eris should be joining shortly. Had something important to take care of." smiling like the cat who ate the canary."You just lay back and relax. Let the elixir do it's job."

Athena's gown was first to burst into flames, Artemis felt the lick of fire next, then Apollo fell next and on and on. From major players to the minor ones who dared laugh as Zeus had taunted them both. All would pay. Olympus had been turned into nothing more than a raging pit of hell fire and brimstone and she wasn't through yet. The main target was on the run. Hiding in the gilded marble and gold buildings, racing from one to the next hoping to avoid her wrath. Storm clouds brewed angrily above as lightning and blinding rain crashed down on the Mount.

The sad thing about killing Zeus was he'd always come back. Might take some time; but, he was immortal. If she reduced him to nothing but a few scant ashes for awhile, he'd get the point. As he ran into his temple..which was still badly damaged from her last fit of rage, a command was given. "You will not enter my temple, Eris!"

A sardonic grin graced those lips. "Really? Try and stop me." Shifting the first massive column off it's pedestal without even flinching as she entered his lair. It fell with a loud thud. Each successive column she passed would fall in her wake. The entire temple slowly crumbled until it was only his throne left on which he sat. Scepter held tightly in hand ready to defend.

"Use it and see what happens...father." Said with nothing but malice on her tongue. She'd take that power into herself just like she had everyone else's. Fear, pain, jealousy, hate, many feelings abound as the city was turned into chaos by Chaos herself. She embraced them all. With just the flick of her fingers,  Zeus would be brought to his knees. "You will feel what he felt. Suffer as he suffered. You will die. You will never forget that I, the spawn of your ego, your power hunger and your pride, can and will  An inferno engulfed him completely in seconds. The great God howled in pain.

Believing Brenton was dead, Eris said down in the rubble feeling only the empty hole in her heart. There was no feeling of justice. Just a cold, dark place with no life...again. Back to normal with only memories to warm her.

"Hey..come with me.  I got something to show you. Don't speak. Don't argue. Just trust me and come. Here, take a drink. Will take the edge off.  " Her brother reached out his hand to pull Eris closer, offered the flask he was rarely without and vanished from the ruins.
He'd played a dirty trick on her. Whatever Eris was given had knocked her out cold. Normally it wasn't so easy. Since she'd expelled so much energy, her body must have been more susceptible to the drug. Oddly, she was no longer on Olympus; but, laying in her own bed. Had to be a dream.  In this dream, Brenton was sound asleep beside her.

Those dark eyes just stared for the longest time. Didn't want to move. Didn't want to speak. Didn't dare touch him for fear of waking up to the truth.
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