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Call to Arms (AU)
« on: February 08, 2014, 05:48:39 AM »
[size=9]November 15th, 2012[/size]

A moment in time rises from the jumbled images of sleep. A boy, achingly familiar to her heart, raises a very distinctive gun and fires - the bullet never reaches its target. A girl, family despite the strangeness of her arrival, stabbed through the heart with a golden dagger by a being who cannot possibly be predicted. Herself, offered a glimpse into the heartbeat between seconds, time enough to see her guardian killed by another of those beings, with the same dagger that took the life of the girl. And, barely a second later, that dagger at her own throat, bleeding the life from her with cruel intent.

Ayden jolted awake with a tearing gasp, her hand rising to her throat, checking to be certain that there was no gaping wound there bleeding out with frantic concern, her eyes searching the darkness of her room back at Stanford for the shapes of her nephew and niece, those travelers from the future, where they had settled to sleep on the floor close by.

Her gaze dropped to the pair there - Sam and Hope, her brother's children from the future. It was weird enough acknowledging that, much less having them here in her dorm room. Gina, thankfully, hadn't even batted an eye when she'd said they'd be staying for a couple of days, just shrugging and suggesting that Sam might like to share the shower with her sometime. Ayden smirked at that memory, glad to have something to smooth away the rough edges of her dream. Her vision. She twisted, tipping her legs out of the bed, and gently nudged Sam with her toes. "Hey," she said softly. "We need to talk."

There were two forms visible on the floor of the dorm room, lying close together in the dim moonlight cast from the window. Not close enough for lovers, though one was male and one was female - siblings, brother and sister, about as close as two people could be without being lovers. The male half of the pair grunted at the nudge from his aunt -  his father's half-sister, who was only a few years older than he was in this time.

Unlike her brother, the girl came to with a start, going from deep sleep to full alert in less than a second. Definitely her father's daughter. Hope Mary Ellen Winchester sat up, her eyes scanning the room for any sign of danger before looking up at Ayden. It didn't take a genius to recognize the wary wildness of a psychic fresh out of a vision. A lot less gentle than her aunt, she hit her brother with the pillow she had been resting on. "Wake up, Bertie. Business."

Startled awake, Samuel Robert Winchester -  Bertie as his sister called him, Sam to everyone else - jerked upright, blinking the sleep from his eyes and looking around to see what hit him. "What? What's the matter? Is Ayden okay?"

"I'm fine," Ayden told him, leaning over to turn on the bedside lamp. It wasn't much illumination for three o'clock in the morning, but it was enough for now. "I just got a warning. We need some help on this one."

Beside Sam, Hope's usually cheerful expression sobered. Her enduring memory of her childhood was that Aunt Ayden always knew what was coming, always had a way to work around it. If Ayden was saying they needed help, then what she'd seen was serious.

Sam winced in the light, though it wasn't very bright, just enough to illuminate the room and temporarily blind him. "What did you see?" Sam asked as he climbed to his feet and started toward the bathroom, both to relieve himself and to throw a little cold water on his face to wake himself up.

"They can see bullets from the Colt coming," Ayden said quietly. "You shoot, and she's not there. But her sister comes by and kills Hope with a dagger that looks like it's made of gold. They kill Gabriel, too, same weapon. And then they slit my throat." She sighed, rubbing a hand through her dark hair. "Either they know we're coming, or the Fates are sticking close together these days. We're gonna have to get in close to kill them, and we don't have anything to stab them with right now."

Sam halted on his way to the bathroom, furrowing his brows as he swung a glance to Ayden, then to Hope. The Colt had been their ace in the hole, and now to hear it didn't work, they were back to square one. He sure as hell wasn't going to let anyone hurt either his sister or his aunt, not if he could help it. "You're sure that's what you saw?" he asked, knowing from his experience with her in the future that her visions were never wrong.

"That's what I saw," she nodded, careful not to show quite how shaken she was by the experience of her own death in that manner. "If we go after Atropos as we are, we're screwed. She's got one of her big sisters looking after her. But there were only two. If we can get hold of an edge, somehow, maybe an ally, we can turn that around. We did it at the wedding." Though her vision for the wedding had been of Brian's death, and the reality had been the loss of Bill. She was hoping no one was going to have to die this time around.

Hope sighed, clenching her jaw as she sat with her back against the bed, looking up at her brother. "Shame we don't have a hotline to War in this year," she muttered, rolling her eyes.

Two things came to mind as Sam took this all in and mulled it over. He was the more thoughtful one of the two, like his namesake before him, while Hope was more like their father - shoot first, ask questions later. One of those things was calling home and asking their parents for advice, but he was hoping they could figure it out on their own. The second had to do with the possibility of allying with the God of War a few years early. "Maybe we do. I mean, he's gotta be around right?"

Hope frowned, scratching at an old scar on her neck as she held her brother's gaze. "Yeah, but would he care?" she pointed out with a shrug, her head half-jerking toward Ayden. "Things haven't happened yet."

Knowing there was an element to this conversation she couldn't even begin to guess at, Ayden glanced between the two curiously. "What things?" she asked, her expression quizzical. "What are you two talking about?"

"You should probably tell her. I gotta take a leak," Sam told his sister, conveniently excusing himself from that part of the conversation. It was not only complicated, it was kind of awkward, and he thought it was better if the two women discussed it without him there to make things worse.


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Re: Call to Arms (AU)
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2014, 05:49:37 AM »
"Wait - what?" Hope half-started onto her feet as her brother disappeared into the bathroom, her expression promising him pain of the sibling variety for dropping her into this. She was very aware of Ayden watching her, slowly turning to face the young woman who would be her aunt when she was eventually born.

"Tell me what?" Ayden asked, one brow raised as she met Hope's eyes.

"Uh ..." Hope's smile twitched reflexively, her eyes a little wild as she tried to work out how to put this. "Ares is, well, he's ... he's kind of one of the family where we come from."

Ayden eyed her warily. "One of the family," she repeated slowly. "Do I want to know how that happened?"

Hope shook her head. "Um ... no. No, I don't think you want to know."

Sam disappeared into the bathroom and shut the door. It wasn't so much that he didn't want to help or hear what his sister was about to explain to his aunt; he just didn't want to be the one to explain it. It was a trait he'd no doubt inherited from his father. Despite the closed door, Sam could hear every word being said, and when his sister didn't deliver the goods, a muffled voice exclaimed from inside the other side of the door. "You slept with him!"


As Hope hissed at her brother for his amazing lack of patience and tact, Ayden snorted with laughter, shaking her head. "Oh, yeah, I'm sure I did," she chuckled sarcastically, not believing a word of it. "I'll just bet there's an Olympian out there right now, just waiting to get into my panties."

Hope snickered at the reaction, just grinning as she held her aunt's gaze.

Ayden's smile slowly faded as she noticed the lack of actual joke in the air. "Oh, you have got to be kidding me," she breathed. "I can't ... I don't do things like that!"

"Sure you do. You're a Winchester, remember?" Sam added helpfully as he wandered back out of the bathroom, tugging the zipper up on his jeans as he did. He was among family, after all, and he didn't have anything either of them hadn't already seen. A smaller version of in the future, anyway. "His name is Ares, and you and he have sort of a thing going on in the future. The fact is, if it wasn't for Ares, we wouldn't be standing here today."

"I'm not supposed to be a Winchester," Ayden pointed out. "There's a reason I still use my mom's name, kiddo."

As she tried to get her head around what it was they were telling her, Hope frowned thoughtfully up at Sam. "Seriously, though, you really think he's around?" she asked him. "Because, if he is, why hasn't he jumped in already? Like at the church? He should have been there to look after her if he's already watching."

"A rose is still a rose," Sam countered with a shrug of his shoulders. She could call herself a Milligan, but she was still John Winchester's daughter. He dug a bag of M&Ms out of his jacket and ripped it open. "He's around. He just hasn't met her yet." He popped a few candies into his mouth, crunching as he continued. "Who's to say he isn't supposed to meet her now?" he asked, glancing from one to the other.

There was a pause as the two young women considered this. Hope conceded it was a fair point. "I guess it makes sense," she agreed. "I mean, they're both pretty cagey about how they met and when they got together. And it can't have been too much later than this, because, you know, you knew Ares right from the get go."

Ayden stared, switching her gaze back and forth between her nephew and niece. "I can't believe you are both seriously talking about pimping me out!"

"We should call Dad," Sam pointed out helpfully, as he pulled out a chair and sat down, crunching on a few more M&Ms. "He'll know what to do." Though he wasn't sure he wanted to admit to his father that they needed his help. They were supposed to be handling this hunt on their own, and if they really needed to summon Ares, they already knew how. That wasn't the problem. The problem was the Colt wasn't going to work on the Fates, and they didn't have a Plan B yet.

Hope didn't seem to know quite what to do, at something of a loss. She wasn't the best when it came to plans or strategies, fully believing that she was the brawn of the operation anyway. "I guess we need a weapon," she offered up eventually. "Something to stab a Fate with. But they're the ones with the Hind's Blood dagger, and that's the only thing that works on Olympians and them. You know, besides the scythe."

Ayden sighed, leaning back against the wall as she hooked her hands about one knee, resting her head back for a moment. "Do you really want to call your dad?" she asked quietly. "He'll call off his hunt to come and help us, and that just puts all eyes on this place and this time. The whole point was that we're supposed to be the distraction."

"Maybe he knows something we don't. Something we haven't thought of," Sam pointed out, though he also reasoned that if his father knew of some way to kill Atropos, he'd have shared it by now. The idea that they were nothing more than a distraction annoyed Sam a little. He thought their hunt was just as important as their parents, even if it didn't affect the fate of the entire world. "Flip a coin. Dad or Ares." He was talking figuratively, of course, giving Ayden the choice between calling her brother or summoning her future lover.

Hope met his eyes, understanding that flash of annoyance but shaking her head to head it off. They'd pitched their hunt to everyone here as a distraction so their parents could get hold of Death's Scythe, nothing more. Only Dean and Nim knew the real reason behind going after the Fates, and there was an unspoken agreement that it would remain so.

"Flip a coin?" Ayden repeated in surprise. She frowned, looking at Sam thoughtfully as she considered what might be going on here. "You really have that much faith in an Olympian that he's an alternative to your dad?"


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Re: Call to Arms (AU)
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2014, 05:50:34 AM »
Sam sobered, sharing a glance with Hope, who shared his knowledge and even lack thereof. Given the circumstances, nothing was certain, but he trusted Ayden's premonitions, he trusted his father's judgment, and in the future, he'd come to trust an Olympian or two. Summoning Ares now was a long shot, but who was to say it wasn't supposed to happen that way? "Yeah, I do. Call it cheating if you want, but I know what happens in the future."

Ayden's frown deepened. She wasn't sure why Sam and Hope were leaving this decision up to her - they were clearly more experienced hunters than she could ever hope to be, and yet they kept deferring to her. Was she some kind of tyrannical school-marm of an aunt in their future? "Okay," she said finally, the sigh on her breath evidence of her uncertainty. "We summon Ares. We ask for his help, but we don't tell him what we're doing. The Ares right now isn't the one you know; for all we know, he hasn't picked a side yet. If that falls through, we call your dad. Okay?"

"Remember, Mom and Dad already have Apollo and Aphrodite on their side. If Ares has to choose sides, he's not gonna choose Hades," Sam pointed out further. He wasn't sure when exactly Ares and Ayden became lovers, but he was pretty sure if he wouldn't be in favor of Hades turning the world into a living Hell.

Hope smirked faintly, hiding the expression for the sake of the confused woman on the bed. She'd spent her whole life around Ares, Apollo, and Aphrodite one way or another. Those three Olympians might not trust each other very much, but they trusted the Winchesters. And besides, what was better than the God of War on their side?

Ayden ran a hand through her hair. "All right," she gave in. "But we are not doing this in my dorm room. We need to find somewhere we can do this summoning or whatever that no one will stumble on."

"And you should probably warn Gabriel," Hope added.

Ayden groaned, rolling her eyes. "Damn. You're right. He's not gonna like this."

"Gabriel doesn't like anything," Sam remarked, knowing Gabriel would most likely hear him, but he didn't really care. Gabriel and Sam got on about as well as Gabriel and Dean. They had a mutual alliance based on little more than the fact that they shared a common enemy. Dean had always taught his children that angels weren't much better than demons when it came to matters of trust, but there was something about Gabriel that had bound him to Ayden, whether he liked it or not, and Dean had never said what that something was. "What about a classroom or the library? There's no one there this time of night, is there?"

Ayden searched her memory for a moment. "The medical library," she said. "There's no one there until noon most days, and I've got a key." She slid off the bed, turning to rummage for some clothes. "Uh ... you don't need anything wonky for this thing, right?"

Hope snorted with laughter as she pulled on her boots. "Oh, we'll just gut the janitor and use his entrails as a starter," she grinned, her inappropriate sense of humor allowing her to tease her aunt at the worst possible time.

"That's not funny, Hope," Sam chided his younger sister. He didn't take this summoning thing lightly. If something went wrong, Ares might decide to turn them all into newts or something, though he personally doubted it. "I wish you'd told us how you two met. That might have been helpful," Sam continued as he pulled his boots on, followed by his jacket, checking his pockets to make sure he was armed, not that it would matter. The Colt was locked up safe and sound in Ayden's trunk for now, which was warded so no one could steal it.

"Aw, c'mon," Hope chuckled as Ayden slipped into the bathroom to get dressed. "We get to solve the mystery of just what she did that turned Ares, God of War, into a puppy whenever she looks at him just right. You can't tell me you're not curious, 'cos I know you are." As always, when given the option of action, Hope's mood had dramatically improved. God only knew what kind of teen she would have been if she hadn't been a hunter.

"He's not the same Ares we know back home. This is Ares, the God of War. What we need to do is convince him that we're fighting a war worthy of his support. He's no fan of Poseidon, but he's probably ambivalent toward Hades." It was times like these that he wished his sister had actually read a few textbooks now and then, rather than those insipid novels of hers.

"What, so we offer Ayden up as some kind of reward for fighting on our side?" Hope asked cheekily, knowing their aunt could hear every word. "I don't think that would work."

The bathroom door opened and Ayden stepped back into view, sliding her feet into a pair of sneakers as she tossed her pajamas onto the bed. She gave Hope a very pointed look, and turned her attention onto Sam. "What do you recommend, kiddo?"

Sam made a face, which was more than a little reminiscent of his father when he was annoyed with something. "I wish you'd stop calling me that. I'm only a few years younger than you." In this time anyway. It was a little awkward calling her Aunt, when she wasn't much older than him, even if she was his father's sister. In this time, he hadn't even been born yet.

"Yeah, well, I wish you two would quit with the mystery crap," Ayden informed him, pulling a sweater on over her head. "Get used to it." She turned her head toward Hope. "Hey, sparky, no obvious weaponry on campus."

Hope scowled, but obediently made an effort to conceal her machete inside her jeans before tucking her handgun out of sight.

Sam wasn't quite as obvious with his choice of weaponry - a handgun inside his jacket and a knife in his jeans served him well enough for now. They weren't looking to kill the Greek God, but ask him for help. "Sparky," Sam echoed, chuckling. "I like that."


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Re: Call to Arms (AU)
« Reply #3 on: February 08, 2014, 05:51:24 AM »
"Don't you dare," Hope muttered, but it was pretty much a given that she was going to be pegged with that one from now on. She grumbled to herself, shrugging into her jacket as Ayden switched off the lamp.

"Now ... no waking Gina up," the older girl warned them, drawing the door open to creep across the communal living space to the main door of their shared dorm room.

Sam wondered briefly if the girl in question really wanted to sleep with him, but he made no sound as he crossed the room, taking the rear behind Ayden and his sister. He'd had several girlfriends, but so far, nothing had stuck. Being a hunter didn't help. It wasn't the kind of profession that was conducive to a lasting relationship.

At this time of night, there was little to no sound in Roble Hall, evidence that those who had been partying had finally given in and fallen asleep, and those who had been studying were going to be up early in the morning. But for now, everyone was asleep. Ayden visibly relaxed once they were out onto the open campus, however, tucking her hands into her pockets as she led the way toward the medical sciences building. "So, are either of you going to tell me what the plan is here?" she asked as they walked along.

Sam frowned thoughtfully, wishing he'd thought this far ahead. He'd assumed they'd use the Colt to kill Atropos and hadn't really prepared a Plan B. "Say please?" he quipped from behind Ayden and Hope. Hey, it couldn't hurt. "Maybe you can charm him with your womanly wiles," he suggested, only partially in jest. She must have charmed him at some point, if they'd become lovers. At that moment, he wished he could somehow call the Ayden of the future and ask her secret.

"Or, you know, talk him into a corner," Hope suggested with a grin, enjoying the easing of tension now they weren't discussing the big secret less than twelve feet away from a sleeping normal. "You do that a lot when he's being dumb."

Ayden glanced at both of them, her reservations about this idea slowly being chipped away at by their obvious confidence that she could somehow sweet-talk a god into playing nice with them. "You both really think this is on me, don't you?"

"Yeah, pretty much. I mean, you're the one who's sleeping with, er, is going to be his lover. Maybe we'll get lucky and catch him on the rebound from Aphrodite." Though that probably happened a few thousand years ago by human reckoning, Sam wasn't sure how time was measured by a being so powerful as to call himself a God.

"Oh, you mean the bitch who slept with him to hurt her husband because Zeus made her marry Hephaestus in the first place?" Ayden asked innocently.

Hope let out a loud guffaw of laughter, pointing mutely at their aunt for a moment before managing to come out with coherent words. "See, that's the Ayden I remember!"

It was once again Sam's job to remind his sister that this was serious business and no laughing matter. "Just remember the same bitch you're talking about favors Mom and Dad. Without her help, we might not have been born." He wasn't sure if that was entirely true, but he knew enough about his parents to know that, without supernatural intervention, they probably wouldn't be together.

"All right, all right." Hope rolled her eyes, shaking her head at what she considered to be her brother's overly serious approach to the whole deal.

Ayden smirked faintly as they moved into the shadow of the medical library, pulling the key out of her pocket. "You're sure we don't need anything special to do this?" she asked them both. "Last chance before we're inside to pick anything up."

"No, I think an incantation or two should suffice. And if not, we play dirty," Sam replied. He didn't really want to risk pissing a God off, but he wasn't above name-dropping. He knew his parents were favored by Zeus. That had to mean something.

"You know," Ayden mused conversationally, automatically dropping her voice to a lower register as they entered the library, moving to turn off the alarm before she locked the door once again behind them, "I'm pretty sure I don't want to know what you mean by playing dirty."

That comment went unnoticed by Hope. The nineteen year old had dropped out of high school a few years back, and had never been in a school library before. She was close to stunned by the sheer number of books and reference materials all around her, envious of the aunt who got to go to college and uni and graduate.

To say Sam was envious was an understatement. Between the two, he'd always been the more studious one, which was surprising considering his father had wanted nothing to do with school. "I'm pretty sure you don't either," Sam replied with a frown.

Ayden gave them a moment to look around, knowing that it was an impressive sight, even in the moonlight that streamed in through the windows. "Okay, so ... you need an open space for this, or somewhere more enclosed?" she asked, gently drawing both of them away from the doors. She knew this library inside and out, not needing the lights to know her way perfectly.

"An open space would probably be better," Sam replied, especially if they caught Ares in a bad mood. He didn't exactly wanting the god trashing the place. He followed her further into the library, looking around for a suitable place.

"I say one of the lecture halls, then," Ayden muttered to herself, leading the way past the body of the library, and into a long corridor with sparse doorways leading from it. Unlocking the first door they came to, she revealed a wide room with seats cascading down from where they sat toward a wide, bare space before a white board. Nothing in here to break, unless you counted them. "How's this?"

Sam took a look around. He'd never been in a college lecture hall before - or a college library either - and though his parents had encouraged him to pursue an education, he had opted to become a hunter like them. "Perfect," he replied, looking to Hope for her opinion on the matter.

Hope was already halfway down the steps to the lecture floor when she paused, looking back at her brother with a grin that was suddenly illuminated as Ayden flipped the light switch. "Wipe clean floor," she pointed out with a cheery wink. "I'm gonna go with perfect, too."

"Wipe clean floor?" Ayden repeated, coming up beside Sam once again, her hands sliding into the back pockets of her jeans as she felt the nerves starting to rise up. "How is that a good thing?"


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Re: Call to Arms (AU)
« Reply #4 on: February 08, 2014, 05:52:08 AM »
Sam thought Hope was a little too eager about all this, but that was his sister's way. He remembered what Ayden had said about her premonition, and he lowered his voice so that Hope wouldn't overhear him. "The stuff you dream about. It's just a warning. It can be changed, right?" he asked, as he watched his over-eager sister, worrying that her eagerness was going to get her killed someday.

Without an answer to her question forthcoming, Ayden lifted her eyes to her nephew - future nephew - whatever, understanding why he needed to be reassured. "The future isn't a constant," she promised him. "The smallest thing can change what will be. It can be changed, but ... Sam, I can't make any promises. At the wedding, we saved Brian but lost Bill. It could go that way again."

"If one of us has to be sacrificed, it should be me," he told her quietly, just like his father before him. He didn't answer Ayden's question; she'd see for herself soon enough how to work a summoning, if she hadn't seen one already. His father had taught him long ago, though summoning a Greek God was a little different from summoning an angel or even a demon.

At the mention of sacrifice, Ayden paused, her throat tightening as the greatest sacrifice of her life came to the forefront of her memory - a sacrifice she had been complicit in arranging and forced to watch, the day she had lost what was left of her family in the wake of her mother's death. She swallowed hard before answering Sam, her voice quiet but tight with grief. "We don't always get to make that decision for ourselves, Sammy. Take it from someone who knows." She offered him one glance, one glimpse into the grief she still held over the loss of her Sam and Dean, before moving to walk down the steps to the lecture floor, where Hope was clearing the heavy table out of the way.

Sam hesitated, watching as Ayden walked away from him to join his sister, and his own throat tightened. He refused to accept what she told him. He and Hope were proof that things could be changed, that death wasn't final. They'd come back in time to save their parents' lives, and he simply refused to believe that, in order to save them, someone else would have to be sacrificed. He almost wished he'd come alone and left Hope safe back home, but that was the problem. It wasn't safe back home, and it never would be until they finished what they'd started.

Part of Ayden couldn't help wondering what these two knew about the real circumstances of their parents' marriage, whether they knew that just a few years ago there had been another Dean and Sam and how they had died. But she couldn't bear to think about it, much less bring it up, brushing her hair back out of her face as she sent a message to Gabriel, wherever he was, to keep away for the next couple of hours. The reply, while given only to her, was less than polite, and she found herself snorting with laughter as she smirked, rolling her eyes, grateful for the acerbic archangel's sense of humor.

Hope glanced up at her from where she was leaning against the table she had just moved.

"What?" Ayden chuckled again, shaking her head. "Just Gabriel," she explained. "Dude's got an attitude worse than Dean."

Sam knew a lot more than Ayden might have thought. Though his parents hadn't been completely open and honest about everything, they had told him enough to know a little about Ayden's grief. It struck him, not for the first time, how different the Ayden of the future was from this younger, more innocent version. It seemed a bit ironic to him that they were the ones teaching her for a change, instead of the other way around. He was momentarily sorry that he'd mentioned her vision at all, and yet, if not for her visions, their plans would have turned into a disaster. He stepped down the stairs at last to join them, reaching into his jeans to pull out the knife he always carried there, which had been a gift from his parents on his twelfth birthday. While other kids were getting bikes for their birthdays, all Sam had wanted was his very own hunting knife.

Hope looked up as Sam stepped down to join them, glancing at the knife in his hand. "You know it would make more sense to use mine," she pointed out, fairly sure he was going to shoot this down. "Since, you know, you're never gonna let me actually cast the damn spell."

Ayden looked between the two, once again lost in the minutiae of their conversation. She didn't have the first idea of what was about to happen, just that somehow she was going to have to convince a god to join their side.

"We're not using mine," Sam replied with a frown, giving a pointed look over at Ayden. He wasn't thrilled with having to use Ayden's blood, but she was the one who had a connection with Ares in the future. She was the one who had to convince him to help them. It only made sense that it was her blood that was used to summon him.

Luckily for both of them, Ayden had been around enough rituals to be able to make a guess at what they were talking about. "How much do you need?" she asked with a resigned sigh, rolling her sleeve up to uncover her right forearm, complete with long scar from trauma almost ten years gone.

Hope blinked, impressed and a little wary, her attention caught by the scar that was more prominent now than it would be in twenty years' time. "It doesn't take much," she promised her aunt, glancing at her brother briefly as she offered another tidbit of information. "He's more likely to come for you, Ayden. He told us he'd been watching you since Michael and Lucifer died."

Sam was still frowning, knowing how Ayden might take this. It figured that if they knew about Michael and Lucifer's death, they also knew about her Dean and Sam. "It'll be okay, Ayden. We'll be right here," he assured her, knowing this wasn't the aunt of the future, but also knowing she had the strength within her to be that woman. Those scars were proof of that.

There was a dangerous moment as Ayden skirted another awkwardly painful memory, that of the encounter that had given her those scars in the first place, but she managed to pull out of it before giving in. "Well, at least I can trust you not to collect it in a cup and drink it," she said with wry humor, holding her arm out to Sam. "Let's get this over with."


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Re: Call to Arms (AU)
« Reply #5 on: February 08, 2014, 05:54:24 AM »
Sam pulled a lighter from another pocket in his jacket and flicked it on before holding it close to the blade to do his best to sterilize it. Thankfully, Hope carried a first aid kit in her jacket, but first things first, and he only needed a little blood. Once he was satisfied with the knife, he shoved the lighter back in his pocket and looked to Ayden. "Ready?" Obviously, she was or she wouldn't have said so, but he had to be sure.

"As I'll ever be." Ayden clenched her fist and deliberately looked away, forcing back memories of being tied down as she bled out. Her father had saved her then; her brother's children were not going to let the same thing happen again.

Hope caught her other hand, linking their fingers, holding the older woman's gaze. She didn't know all the details, but the youngest Winchester in the room knew enough to understand how hard it was for Ayden to give up her blood willingly.

Sam knew it was a lot to ask, considering all his aunt had been through already, but he also had a feeling that without her blood, there was a good chance Ares wouldn't make an appearance, and they desperately needed his help. To his credit, he was quick with the cut, and he didn't go too deep, only deep enough to draw enough blood for him to draw the sigil that was needed to summon the God of War.

Ayden didn't even hiss as Sam cut into her arm, somehow managing to detach her brain, reciting in her mind the various methods of pain relief she'd been studying thus far this semester as she held Hope's gaze. To their credit, the young Winchesters were good and prepared for this sort of thing. As soon as Sam was done with his artwork, Hope was already opening up a small packet from inside her jacket, pressing a pad over the little wound and wrapping a bandage tight about Ayden's arm to stem the flow of blood.

The older woman let out a shaken breath, only looking when the bandage was in place. "That's the hard part, right?" she offered in an attempt to make less of her discomfort, squeezing Hope's hand in gratitude as she looked to Sam.

Sam didn't want to lie, so he made no reply. In his opinion, this was actually the easy part. Convincing Ares that he should help them was the hard part. He only hoped he and Hope were right in their assumption that the Ares of this time period would feel some kind of connection to Ayden. He finished drawing the sigil, glancing over with a nod to Hope to indicate that he was ready to finish the spell, which either would or wouldn't summon the Greek God of War.

By the look in Ayden's eyes, she knew the hard part was yet to come, hugging her bandaged arm with the other as she stepped back to let the siblings complete the ritual summoning. Hope nodded back to her brother, as ready as she was going to get, hating that she was essentially just background for the next few minutes. But whatever happened, no harm was going to come to Ayden, that was paramount. Because without her, their future was going to look even more bleak.

The incantation that would hopefully summon the god wasn't said in the ritual Latin that was used when summoning a demon or the Enochian that might summon an angel. This spell was said in ancient Greek and had been taught to him by the woman standing before them in a future she had not yet lived yet. The words had once been clumsy on Sam's tongue, but years of practice had made him fluent in Greek, and the summoning tumbled off his tongue with perfect precision and pronunciation. It was more a prayer than a summons really; a request, rather than a demand. One did not make demands of the Olympians if one did not wish to be cursed.

And then came the waiting. It was a request, and as such, no one expected the recipient of that prayer to drop everything and come straight away. But the waiting was the worst part, in Hope's opinion. She paced, a little like a caged animal, fully aware of Ayden's eyes on her as she did so, resisting the urge to add her own summons.

Ayden, however, didn't have any such reservations. After a couple of minutes, she let out a huff of impatience. "C'mon, you son of a bitch, stop playing hide and seek and get down here."

That seemed to get something of a response as a crackle of lightning came out of nowhere to split the night sky with a rumble of thunder so loud it shook the building. "You don't want to piss him off, Ayden," Sam reminded her, encouraged that they'd at least gotten his attention. "Say something else. Something not so insulting."

"The last thing we want is for me to come off as weak," she pointed out quietly. "He's gotta have some respect for suicidal courage, at least. Don't you?" She addressed the ceiling for lack of anywhere else to aim her voice. "We know you're watching. I, uh, I've got something for you. Battle against the odds, kind of thing. You interested?"

As it happened, battle seemed to be the key word when summoning a god who valued courage above all things. There was another crackle of lightning, quieter this time and, as if out of nowhere, there appeared a man with blond hair and chiseled good looks. He was wearing a black t-shirt and olive green pants and looking not at all like what they might have expected - or at least, not what Ayden might have expected. "You have my attention, mortals. Speak quickly before you regret it."

Of course, Sam and Hope knew exactly what to expect. Ayden, not so much. It was a little difficult to hide an instant attraction - Ares was hot. So she didn't try. A lopsided smile curved her lips as she looked him over, hugging her arms tighter about herself for a moment. "Wow," she complimented him." Not what I was expecting." Her nephew and niece earned themselves a glare over her shoulder for not warning her that the God of War was edible, but she rearranged her expression to something less hostile as she met the Olympian's gaze. "You know who I am?"

"I know who you are," the God of War confirmed, looking her over, somewhat like one might a meal they found rather tempting or a person they found attractive. For the most part, he seemed to be ignoring the pair of Winchesters, though he knew who they were, as well, and was aware of their presence in a time that was not their own. "Explain why you've summoned me here."

"Then you know what side I'm on," Ayden said calmly, feeling a little like a deer caught in headlights as the God of War looked her over, exactly as she had looked over him. She held his gaze for a long moment, hoping there was actual steel in her eyes rather than the urge to flirt which was rising. You have a boyfriend. Remember that. Not that Cole was a real boyfriend, exactly ... Shut up. She took a step forward, daring to close a little of the distance. "Hades is in league with the Fates. We thought you might like to take a crack at them with us."

And she also knew that she and the God before her would be lovers at some point in the future, though she didn't yet know how that would come to pass. "And why should I care what Hades does?" the blond god queried, standing his ground. He was already admiring her bravery, though from the look on his face it was hard to say what he was thinking. It wasn't so much that he was questioning what she was telling him as he wanted to know why she thought he might be interested in taking sides.

This was it. She hadn't expected crunch time to arrive quite so soon in the conversation, but better sooner rather than later. They needed to know if Ares could be counted on, and if she was their ace in the hole, then Ayden just had to bite the bullet. "Because Hades wants my brother dead. He wants my brother's wife dead. And to do that, he's making a deal with the Fates that will kill off everyone I love." The vision that had woken her swam through her mind once again, and her throat tightened, but she forced herself to keep speaking, however close to tears she might be. "And we don't have the edge we need right now. If we go up against the Fates, we're dead. Everyone in front of you right now will die." And here was the card she'd been hoping not to have to play. "They'll slit my throat. And you and I ... we won't know what might have been."

It was a good thing she didn't weep. He valued courage, not weakness. Though tears were generally considered a sign of weakness, he was wise enough to know that even the strongest and bravest sometimes shed tears. He seemed to consider her words a moment, perhaps more seriously than anyone might have expected. It was then he seemed to realize or at least acknowledge that they weren't alone, but instead of sending the other pair away, he only turned back to the young woman in front of him. "We must talk," he told her simply, and without another word, he disappeared, and Ayden disappeared along with him.

[size=9]((Well, that's one way to get a god's attention! More to come - we're actually focused on at least getting these two hunts done and dusted this time! Huge thanks to my awesome partner!))[/size]