Author Topic: The Small Hours - Darkness Descends  (Read 373 times)

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The Small Hours - Darkness Descends
« on: November 05, 2013, 06:39:14 PM »
If you looked at the tower of Kalfyi on any night you would find an ivy topped pinnacle of peace, hope, and most of all, majestic beauty. For centuries this has been a place of introspection, mystery and intrigue?  But no more. After this night though the landscape would not change. Mount Yasou and the circle of nine, would never be the same.

Not since a red haired woman poured through the public portal to the white lotus pavilion one night on an errant mission. Flitting around the room she was searching for something, someone? none of it made any sense.

?Where you at?"

Then she was gone, Haphazardly skipping though a portal of her own making to the very precipice of Mount Yasou, barely ten score from the front doors of Tower Kalfyi. She stooped to a crouching position, swaying back and forth rhythmically to the beat of an unearthly song that none but she could hear. Her eyes though, those eyes still searched frantically. Her gaze fell blank a moment as she seemed to find what she was looking for, brow furrowed, mouth set, the whole of her being then seemed to come alive.

Tendrils of purple energy swirled upward from her body, first only a few inches as if testing the waters. Then if on some unspoken que, the space between those threads of energy began to coalesce into an ever growing ball of undulating power.

The wind began to howl, the skies darkening to a blackened mass above her, crackling with purple and black electrical pulses.  Her blood red locks violently assaulting her face and shoulders, tossed to and fro by the now massive wind? She didn?t seem to notice. Blackened amethyst bolts of lightning struck the ground a few feet from her perch, still she would not move. Another bolt stuck, then another, soon the night was filled with the berating drumbeat of chaos falling from the sky, beckoned by this one solitary woman, standing statuesque with the utmost purpose.

With each cosmic stroke of electrical current, the violet orb of power around her grew. Cloudlike forms could now be seen between the ever increasing undulations of crackling power that now surrounded her and reached into the night. The world blackened with swirling purple hues blocking out all light from the normally serene mountain. Then it happened? The world stopped, all movement on the face of this majestic mountain went still.

The only movement began as an increasing din of psionic energy, as if the entire world were humming with static electricity. Then her body began to rise with the crescendo of this ever deepening hum.  Her body prone as she soaked up the effervescent powers swirling about her, her hands found solice on her breast as her eyes drifted shut.

Her back arched
Her arms reached out, hands open in a blessing
Amethyst was swallowed by a black absence of light
Her eyes opened, revealing powerful black orbs
The world exploded

Bolts of black energy shot from her hands to the eight outer towers, surrounding them in darkness. Eight amethyst bolts of energy were loosed from the sky, one for each tower, caught by reaching tendrils of onyx and the two very different powers were knit together with purpose, only to return to the woman in the center of it all.

All of the power that flowed into her, out of her, all of it came to an apex around her hands.
All at once she extended those limbs toward the doors of the tower Kalfyi
Immense waves of comic and psionic energy berated the tower, lighting it aglow in perfect shining darkness, until all other light atop the mountain was lost to the eternal darkness.
All other light save a pair of white feathery wings, illuminated in the darkness.
One last explosion of energy wracked the tower, shaking the mountain and valley below.

Then all was still.

Daylight poured into the realm as the clouds receded. All signs of anything that had happened were gone, all but a burnt and used woman, lying in fetal position on the ground?  At the epicenter of the blast, the doorway to tower Kalfyi a leather clad man Stood proudly ?
This was no normal man however, this was the nameless god of the abyss, an avatar named Malcor. If one were to look closely at the moment he appeared, a beast of nightmares would be visible for only a fleeting second. Armor adorned with skulls of the fallen, blackened steel awash with the glow of flames that lived within the abyssal metal. Covering long rows of specialty throwing knives he wore a beard of writhing tentacles wrapped about his upper torso, the two front most, longer than all the rest. All this was seen in the blink of an eye before taking the shape of a man once more.

Malcore turned to regard the doorway to his realm that the woman had created. He raised a hand and wove his energies within the portal, twisting it to his will, naming it as his possession. As the portal closed behind him, he stalked close to the woman, and bent low to brush an affectionate hand against her cheek, almost in mockery, before he turned and walked away.

barely a whisper she was able to open her mouth in protest
"You promised me a fight..."  

But he was already gone, into the world of Rhy'Din. A world he had been denied access to for far too long.