Author Topic: 'Nightmarish Outcroppings' Prompt Hazmat Intervention  (Read 120 times)

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'Nightmarish Outcroppings' Prompt Hazmat Intervention
« on: October 01, 2013, 02:54:16 PM »

[size=9]Junior Columnist: Renmah Gysseth[/size]

New Haven 'Nightmarish Outcroppings' Prompt Hazmat Intervention
October 1, 2013

New Haven, R.D. --- RhyDin officials are currently advising New Haven residents to avoid the twenty-third block of Green Ivy Street, where a dimensional anomaly that arose three days ago continues to negatively interact with citizens within a twenty meter radius.

Scientists from the National Weather Service Center speculate that the anomaly, located at the intersection of Green Ivy Street and Willowbrook Lane, may be related to the Nexus fallout generated by a cosmic alignment of RhyDin?s moons in August. The anomaly has been characteristically observed displaying a unique tendency to continuously alter a two-foot radius between various physical states of matter. Though many of these Nexus irregularities seen around RhyDin recently have been relatively harmless, citizens approaching or with homes near this fluctuation, designated case 51-B, have reported outcroppings of violence and bizarre occurrences.

?So far, we have eleven documented incidents of unexplained events happening within this twenty meter radius, all of which seem to have been somehow psychically influenced by eleven individuals involved,? Sergeant Harry Reed of the Fourth Precinct told the Post this morning. ?As far as we can tell, they all seem to be, well, dream related. We?ve spotted a few werecreatures, one Tyrannosaurus Rex, a swimming pool full of pudding, and several goblins. What happened with [Joshua Fahey], though, that was just a tragedy.?

Fahey, 45, is currently in custody and charged with the murder of his wife Barbara Fahey, 39, and son Christopher, 11.

?It was just a nightmare. I couldn?t control it,? said Fahey. ?I woke up holding the knife, and they were dead. Oh, god, what have I done??

A hazmat team from the RhyDin National Weather Service Center in New Haven assigned to the case released a statement this morning that while the instances appear to be isolated, they are advising residents nearby to avoid close proximity to 51-B until the anomaly is successfully discontinued.

Additionally, the Weather Service Center has asked that qualified mages and/or time-space adepts capable or willing to aid in the closure of the portal to please contact the number listed at the bottom of this article.

Anyone with any information regarding suspected Nexus fluctuations are encouraged to contact the Weather Service Center, or Doctor Frederick Fleischer at the RhyDin Observatory.

[size=9][[Sound familiar? It should. Written with JewellRavenlock?s kind permission and blessing. Thank you!

To clarify: This incident is tied to the Sublimation SL, and has occurred as a result of a time-space rift that has manifested between 2008 and 2013. Should you choose to participate, the rift may impact your character however you like.

If you elect to participate, please make sure to tie your post back to the Sublimation thread, and reply to the Sublimation thread with a link to your post. Also, please feel free to contact me if your contribution triggers something that belongs in the papers! As always, PM me if there are any questions or concerns. Enjoy!]][/size]