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« on: September 30, 2013, 04:39:58 AM »
This past weekend has been the best, most exhausting, most terrifying, most stressful, most exciting, and most fun of of any within recent memory.

And if it wasn?t the best of my entire life, it sure as hell ranks among the top five.

See, I participated in an event called ?24 Hour Theater? this weekend. Many of you may (or may not) have heard of this. For those who haven?t, I?ll explain the basic concept.

The entire event takes place (as the name suggests) within a 24 hour period, after which an hour long show is performed. There are 5 stages within this 24 hour period, which begins at sunset (or a time which is close to it).

It starts with auditions and casting. Auditions can typically take 2-3 hours, in which actors and actresses cold-read from various lines and/or scenes pre chosen before the event, and can also include random (sometimes embarrassing and/or bizarre) requests by the writers and/or directors. It can (and usually will) take another hour for casting, in which the writers and directors (who have been paired up in teams) will fight over those aspiring actors and actresses to have them cast in whatever plays they will eventually be performing in.

Immediately after performers are chosen, the actors have a chance to meet the writer/director teams they have been selected by, after which the actors and directors get to go home and get a good night?s sleep. (They?re going to need it.)

After that, the writers have approximately 8 hours to write a good (usually comedic, though that?s not necessarily a requirement) stage play that will last at least 10 minutes and can be as long as 15 minutes, depending on the number of plays being written and performed in the one hour period. (I was one of the writers, for those who may be wondering.)

The plays are turned in to the person overseeing the event, who is responsible for organizing, advertising, and setting up for the event. (Not to mention feeding the various members of the event, making sure everything runs smoothly, writing the program for the audience so that everyone participating in the event gets acknowledged, and a whole host of other duties, far too many to list here. Needless to say, the 24 Hour Overseer has the hardest job.)

Once that?s been done, a ?dry? read-through of the newly written, completely original plays are done by each cast separately with the writers and directors present to offer tips, advice, or suggestions to the actors, before the writers that were up all night get to go home and sleep away the day to make up for night they just missed. While the writers are sleeping, the actors and directors have just 10 short hours to memorize and perfect their performances, as well as ?blocking? (which is 'theater speak' for planning out the movements and actions during the play, and timing the performance to make it flow smoothly).

After that, there?s a 2 hour dress rehearsal and ?tech? period (which involves setting up light and sound cues, stage setup, and setting up props and costumes).

Once all of that is done (during which the requisite 24 hour period has passed), the show begins, which the performers, directors, and writers together have to have worked at as hard as they could in order to make it look as if the entire series of performances took weeks get together, rather than a single day.

Now, I know what most of you are thinking.

Most (if not all) of you are probably thinking ?Oh, sure, I could do that, it doesn?t sound so hard!?

The majority of the remainder are most likely thinking, ?That?s impossible!?

To both groups, let me just say this: if you haven?t done it for yourself, you don?t know what you are talking about.

That being said, this weekend has been a real eye-opener to me, and it made me realize, I?ve been remiss in one of the most important duties of a writer: the acknowledgements.

So, without further ado, I would like to give my thanks to the following people.

FIRST and FOREMOST, to the Love of My Life: I know that YOU know who you are, because I sent you a link to this post. Quite a few of the players on this site know her as well, as she both writes and plays here; those that don?t, you?ll just have to figure it out. You, my love, have been the reason I have carried on, after so many times that I decided I was going to quit, and I?m glad you never once allowed me to stop. You have been my inspiration, my muse, my reason for persisting when I felt I should just quit, and so many other things that I couldn?t ever put them all into the words that would befit someone that means so much to me. I never thought I would ever find someone so wonderful and exceptional and talented that I would ever be worthy of. Thank you, and I love you, so very much.

To the player of Wolvinator: Were it not for you and your brilliant idea of proposing and creating the Avengers in Rhy?Din, Edward Batten would not exist. For that matter, neither would Leo Heracleides, Kyle Pontius, and Michael Petrov, along with a few other characters. Dude, you FREAKIN? ROCK, and I for one think we need to see more of you!

To the player of Katt Batten: Without your ?nagging?, ?pushing?, ?harassing?, and ?demanding? (to use all of your own descriptions XD) requests, there?s a good chance there would be a lot less seen of some of my characters than there is already (particularly Ed). I promise I?ll endeavor to be better that in the future, as much as I can be. Thanks, ?little sis?! You?re AWESOME, and I don?t care what jackasses out there say otherwise!

To the player of Renna the Betrayer: There is no way that Ed Batten would be the phenomenal success he is without you, and I could give a flying f*ck what you or anyone else says about it. And what?s more, I would lay wagers that there?s a HUGE number of players on the site who would say that about their characters as well. Thanks for being the main reason that Ed is what he is today (second only to one person, of course).

SPECIAL THANKS goes out to the the players of Issy, Scorpion Wraitharan, Giminicka, and Brian and Jenai Ravenlock. You were the first people I really played with and befriended on Dragonsmark, and were kind enough to acknowledge, accept, and include me in your stories. I can hardly express what that meant (and still means) to me, especially with the contributions that all five of you have made to this forum and setting that I have come to call the ?home? where my imagination?s heart lies. All of you have my eternal thanks and respect, and have been the closest thing to family outside of real life that I have ever known.

After all of that, I know there are people I have left out that also deserve thanks, a list which is so long that if I were to include them all, this post would most likely never end. Thank you all for your numerous contributions and the inspirations which you have all given to me, both great and small, throughout the several years I have been writing on Dragonsmark?s various settings, throughout the past, present, and future. You may not be listed here, but never think you have been forgotten.
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Brian Ravenlock

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Re: Acknowledgements
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2013, 11:35:05 AM »
Y?know it?s funny man? Jenai and I were literally talkin? about you, that woman of yours and Scorp an Issy, too.

It means a lot to see thing like this, especially from someone who I hold in a truly high regard. That?s you by the way, and while I don?t wanna turn this into a sausage like stroke fest, I?ll keep it simple and just let it fly.

Thank you, brother.

No not like a ?Hulk Hogan? brother-brother, but really? Thank you, brother.

You may not know this, but you?ve done far more for me and my cast of characters than you honestly would ever know and I?m not whistling Dixie, there.

When Jenai and I took a break those few years ago after ?Rolling Thunder? we honestly did not expect to come back here to DM, and more so we did not expect to bring back Brian and Jenai. That was something we hardly shared with anyone in general, because we did not really know how to explain what it was we were feeling when it came to those two.

We found other outlets with World of Warcraft, I began to play and write on (Which led us to bring Jacyn/Raven here). We did not keep in touch with as many people as we would have liked to here on DM, but thankfully Facebook helped a lot with that, and we got to meet some awesome people that were here on DM in a whole new light, and they got to know us better, even if we never played together.
Sorry I?m ranting a tad.

In any event, we did decide to bring Brian & Jenai back on Christmas Eve, 2009.

Brian had been away a year and found out that Jewell and all of her children had passed, talk about a sledge hammer to the head, yeah?

So the grieving process began, and of course the arrangements and what have ya. Then on December 28th 2009 I saw a post in Sojourn.

This one right here in fact,  


That post did wonders for me at the time, and made me reflect on a great deal of things. Loads of notes were typed up, many of which I still reflect on this day. Even though the post seems insignificant to some, the scope of it means far more to me and always will.

Then one day a small event called ?Scarred? began in January of 2010.

Then for the next year and half or so we went a bit under the radar, almost to the point of being gone yet again. I was in a bad place RP wise, and Jenai felt it too. Bri and Jen suffered a great deal because of it, and it was so bad that even talks of them splitting up occurred.

Then sometime in June of 2011, something happened.

I still can?t say why I did what I did, save the fact that I was sincerely bored a bit and wanted to sincerely shake the room up, if only for one night.

So Brian walked into the RDI after all that time away, took Renna in his arms and shielded from her attacks by the various heroes in the Inn, that night. And then he turned on each of them, siding with Renna.

What followed was absolute chaos. So much so, that even Jenai swore I?d lost my damned mind.

This of course put Brian at odds with a great deal of people, most specifically Katt, Isuelt & her sisters, Jenai and her Order, even Renna along with Wolvinator and the Avengers.

Honestly, I had NO friggin? idea what the hell I was doing, and every single encounter in live play was NOT scripted at all! Everything with all of you was on the fly, and easily some of the most amazing play I have ever had the honor of taking part in, and you all were the most incredible of beings in every regard.

You my friend even went further than that.

In playing, speaking and writing with you so many things came into focus and I was able to turn what some called the most ?Epic Cluster^%$# the RP world had ever seen (Due to the sheer amount of forces & angles involved with the Siege on Marfa?s Abbey, not to mention all the action we had inside the city as well at the same time), into quite the little story.

And even though it didn?t end as planned, I have NO regrets what so ever because of what we all accomplished.

You kept me grounded, you kept me looking ahead. You encouraged and talked to me, even when I wanted to run off on a tangent or three. You coordinated, and you directed and that woman of yours was an amazing help herself, not to mention the pair of you were an inspiration to me.

Cause talking to you, and listening to you both really showed me just how amazing it was to not only write with someone, but that is was that much more amazing to actually have that someone right next to you in all things. That drove me to change up some things with Brian in regards to Jenai and the family, and not only did that make me a better writer and partner, it also helped make Brian a better man.

It helped me to put him out there in places that years ago I would have never imagined him being involved with. Things like the Chamber, the Council, picking up the 27th again and of course reviving the family once more and adding a few members along the way.

It also encouraged me to leap into some most interesting frays with my brothers and sisters from the UK who I friggin <3! (They know who the hell they are!)

Now there are of course a bunch of others who I have spoken to and thanked on a multitude of levels. Ren-Chan knows how much I <3 her, along with Katt , Isuelt an Scorp (Who were the first peeps Jenai and I actually met outside the RDI in person.) and many other players whom I <3 and adore.

First and foremost being my Jenai of course, because without her none of this would have ever happened.

Now I lost myself, damn it. Anyways man, I want to thank you sincerely for everything you have done for me and my own, our RP family and the community at large. It?s an honor to call you family (& Ravenlock), it?s an honor to call you friend an brother and I sincerely hope that one day, I can tell ya that in person. That goes for that amazing woman you got there too.
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Re: Acknowledgements
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2013, 02:30:33 PM »
::smooch::  Love you guys too!  I couldn't imagine my Issy without you guys.

(And yes, Ed.  I know exactly the competition you speak of.  It's thrilling, exhausting, exhilarating and inspiring!  They also do it for short films. ;-))