Author Topic: Seljuk Implicated in Recent Animal Attacks  (Read 119 times)

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Seljuk Implicated in Recent Animal Attacks
« on: September 24, 2013, 02:26:35 PM »

[size=9]Senior Columnist: Madu Adeniji
Seljuk Implicated in Recent Animal Attacks
September 24, ????

Southern Glen, R.D. --- The hybrid beast responsible for the deaths of six RhyDinians in the past two weeks has been identified by RhyDin Animal Control as a Seljuk, a creature native to the planet Gemini Two of the Anvil Galaxy.

The animal was initially implicated in a random mauling attack that took place in the Marketplace on September 13, resulting in the death of 22 year-old Henry West, an employee of Bernie's Discount Warehouse. Two days later, four more reports were filed with Animal Control of vicious attacks by a creature fitting the Seljuk?s description. The victims, whose identities remain unknown due to the savage nature of the attacks, were pronounced dead at the scene and turned over to the RhyDin Watch for investigation.

Raul DeSantos, the Animal Control officer currently in charge of the case, believes the case itself is a complicated one that may inevitably be forfeited entirely to the RhyDin Watch.

?Judging by the state of the bodies and eyewitness reports we have received, we now know for a fact just what this creature is,? said DeSantos. ?What confuses us, though, is whether or not to categorize this thing as cognizant. Judging by what it has been doing to RhyDinians, I really don?t see how that can be possible, but during our investigations we?ve heard some interesting eyewitness accounts.?

The most recent attack by the Seljuk took place on September 21. Tyrone Wilson, 34, was transported to RhyDin General around 2:00AM and died three hours later in critical care.

?The thing is, I think the beast knew what it was doing,? said Karl Herrada, eyewitness. ?It had these blades and these claws. And the blood? so much blood. But just once, I thought I could hear? It was snarling and snapping, but I thought I heard it? laughing.?

The Seljuk is tall for its race, around ten feet in length on all fours, and has a characteristically long snout and dark and light-green hide. It has been spotted most recently around the Southern Glen, where Animal Control expects it makes its lair.

As for the rumors of the beast?s intellect, DeSantos was quick to discount any politics that make spark a debate on jurisdiction.

?Look. This isn?t a discussion of what makes a creature aware,? said DeSantos, ?it?s a discussion of some kind of monster barbarically attacking innocent RhyDin folks, and it needs to be put down. Do you see a gray area here? Because I don?t.?

?It tore through those poor people laughing. God, it wouldn?t stop laughing,? said Herrada. ?No wonder they called it a jester.?

All residents are urged to take extreme caution when traveling in the Glen, and are urged by authorities to contact RhyDin Animal Control should the Seljuk be sighted.

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