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Listen here, Cowboy!
« on: October 11, 2013, 06:54:10 PM »
She was using the excuse of picking up Rufus for being there for the most part even if she didn't need an excuse.  Reasons and many of them had her in the front yard of the O'Connor's home. Brilliant blues danced across the greenery as she made for the front door, seeking any able body to help her find one or two of the people she was there for. Even if Kingsley had brothers, and she was sure they were cute and all, but they held little to no interest in the woman. Which in itself for her. Maybe she simply respected Kingsley's kinfolk enough not to flirt (too much) or maybe there was something more.

There wouldn't be need to search very far, the cowboy making it relatively easy for her. He currently occupied the long stretch of porch that devoured the front half of the large Victorian home, leaning back on one of the white wicker benches, one boot resting on its matching table in front of him. He was relaxing, it seemed, which was an oddity all in itself, thick hands folded and resting low on his belly. "Didn't think we'd be seein' you back anytime soon," he called out, hoping not to catch the woman by too much surprise.

Not terribly much but she was so very tempted to prod at him with a tease. Before she could even stop the words they spouted out, "'fraid ya scared me away handsome?" A smirk danced across her blush hued lips as raised a hand and thumbed the direction she had came from. "I can go if ya want 'n all but was hopin' t'have a few words with ya."

He smirked beneath the low brim of his hat. "No, I ain't askin' you to leave." It took a moment before he drew in a long breath. It seemed to give him enough energy to move, the motivation being all hers, and he slid himself more upright in his seat, his boot thunking on the wooden floorboards. "What do you got yourself thinkin'?" he asked, the calloused pad of an index finger pushing up from below the hat brim, lifting it to its usual resting place so that he could look at her more rightly. "Everythin' alright?"

In her playful nature she was ever so tempted to grab his hat and play keep away. A game for another time perhaps. She was watching him and not even attempting to hide the fact that she was doing so quite intensely. The way he moved and even how his chest moved when breathed was taken in. Everything alright? The question had her, briefly, pausing if only because she remembered her problems that had her cautious with what she was about ready to bring up to him. She didn't want her problems becoming Kingsley's after all. "S'bout the girl and some things I want t' lay down for ya t' consider." Her eyes had settled on his jaw as she spoke but by the end of her sentence her eyes had settled on his. "I know it ain't none my business but I think ya should be tellin' that girl about what and who she is. In this point 'n time ya be causin' more harm then good by keepin' it from 'er."

Before he could even get a word in she raised a hand, "'N before ya go barkin' off lemme finish. I know ya keep an eye on the gal for her own protection. I'd like t' offer help in that. Maybe not so openly as ya do but still the same. Already been doin' it when she slips off t' the inn. Bein' a friend is less o'a houndin' than an overshadow. That is if ya are willin' t' share the workload." And while there is more to say she figured she had given him enough to chew over for the moment.

He watched her all the same, although his eyes stayed eerily steady on her own countenance. They could be unsettling at times, those eyes, but he wasn't trying to make this instance any more uneasy than usual. "I had a feelin' that's what you'd be wantin' to talk about." He drew in another breath and adjusted himself again, this time leaning forward some so that he could rest his forearms on jean-clad thighs. "I know Kings ain't a kid anymore," he started, thick fingers lacing together lazily, "and I know that it ain't easy for her under any circumstance. And I understand that keepin' these things from her is startin' to cause more harm." He went quiet for a moment, digesting his own words and toying with his next on his tongue. "She'll be gettin' a small taste of what's what, just to start off." Cryptic? Maybe, but that was about as much as the 'slinger was giving in that department. He glanced up at her and arched a brow. "You're wantin' to start wearin' the badge of honor, huh?" He gave a short, silent snort. "Ain't goin' to lie and say it ain't welcome. What're your ideas on it?"

 "Don't know if ya missin' on it but that poor gal is already gettin' a taste o' it with or without whatever ya are bein' oh so vague about." She was calling him out on it by the looks of it. Sliding her hands into her back pockets she raised her chin to him. "I personally think it would be best t' tell 'er before things start actin' up more. Trust me..been in the gal's shoes where someone has kept such a secret away. It don't end well keepin' such secrets. Specially if it is of who someone is." She actually might of sounded like she was scolding him but she had no expression that indicated it was as such. "Ya been 'earin' o' her want t' find 'er own place? Away from-" out a hand slipped to wave at the homestead behind him.

If it irritated him any, it was only evident through the rippling along his jawline. "I've been--we've been dealin' with this for a long, long time, Tasha." It was the first time he had used the nickname. Funny time to start. "Trust me, you ain't the first person to try givin' me hell over this." The image of a certain Japanese woman came to mind when he said this, but he kept it to himself. "Kings has known what she's needed to know... up until now. I ain't been oblivious to what's goin' on with her. I can feel what's happenin' - the demons ain't the only ones. But you know 'bout her memories?" he asked, tapping a single finger to one of his own temples. "It ain't all that easy when some of 'em are still locked away tight while the others are leakin' away like a sieve. So we've got to be careful 'bout how much she comes to know and when." Oddly enough, he gave a mild smirk. "I ain't a greenhorn when it comes to this, Tasha. This has all been long in the waitin'." At her last bit, his head leaned back. "No, I haven't. What she been sayin'?"

His smirk seemed to strike a nerve that he most likely did not know existed. "Well then when ya break 'er I am gunna smack ya head pretty hard because I've been in her shoes, Sai. 'N I am still dealing with the after effects of it years later." Her head turned and she took to glancing at the greenery. She was tempted to show the more physical scars that was the ending result of what had happened but it was deemed unnecessary. If they wanted to hurt Kingsley then she would just have to be there to cushion the ending results. "She wants a place away from this m'thinkin'. I am gunna try t' get 'er t' stay with me at the loft. I got an extra room and all that jazz. Pretty sure Rufus would be thrilled with that." She might actually get bed space for once! Gasp!

"I know you don't want her hurtin'," he said quietly, "and I know you don't want her havin' to bear the scars like you." Now whether he meant mental or physical, he didn't specify. Leave it to Sai to leave one questioning. "But it ain't as easy as you're thinkin' it is, or anyone else keeps tryin' to tell me. Ain't nobody got the full story. Not me, not the family. Hell, I don't even know if the Big Guy knowns what's goin' on," he said, eyes aiming skyward before anchoring back down to her. "But just trust me when I say that I am the last person that wants Kingsley to be hurtin'. I'd give anythin' to keep that girl from feelin' any lick of pain," and from the way that his eyes seemed even richer than before - which was virtually impossible, they were already so blue - there was no possibility that what he said was untrue. "I'd give my life to see her happy and not havin' to deal with this. But I can't. So this is the second best thing I got for her." His hands released each other and spread out wide. He was but a mere guardian, but he'd offer it all if only to protect that girl. Again, at her last set of words, he snorted, those hands linking back together again. "I figured she'd start wantin' to spread her wings a little and fly. You able to take care of her?" Flat out question. He expected nothing back a flat out answer back, figuring how Natasha was.

Her head tilted and she glanced to him. "I don't think she'd want that. Ya t' end ya endin' ya life." That was just a guilt trip waiting to happen but she also understood where he was coming from. "Think what ya do know should be told t' 'er but I can see that ain't gunna get me a lick o' no where." Wasting her breath wasn't something she was wanting to do and she already was starting to feel like she had wasted enough of both their time. Her head jerked at the question and she suddenly wore a grin like the cat that ate the canary. "Oh that I can darlin'. Any fool tryin' t' get into the loft would-" oh how to put this, "Well lets just say Rufus is the least o' their worries, yeah?" She winked his way. Just like he probably had, she had her own little secrets. "She'll be safe ya got m'word on it." Reaching out she shook a finger as close to him as she could get with leaning on her boots. "But that don't mean ya get to sit at 'er window at night like some creeper ya got it? If ya ask nice might letcha crash on the couch 'ere and there but no creepin'!"

Again, he smirked, this one a bit wry. As to why, who could tell. But yes, just like the one, the other had plenty of secrets. His were his to keep. With all of that settled, or at least temporarily put to the side, he was able to concentrate more on the real matter at hand - Kingsley maybe moving in the Natasha. "I'd need to know where it is, of course. I'd have to check the area out, make sure it's clear, not no breedin' home for demons and the like." Her last part actually made him laugh. "I've been called a lot of things in my time but creepin' ain't been one of them. I'm a shadow, not some mouth-breathin' stalker." He tipped his chin up at her. "That boyfriend of hers goin' to be allowed to visit?" If there was like or dislike for the other man, Sai wasn't letting that bit of judgement show.

Her eyes rolled up and away. Good grief he was going to scare away half the neighborhood if he went creeping around! "Yes yes!I know. Got t' make sure there are no big nasties 'round." She flapped a hand up and down. Seriously he thought that she would live somewhere like that? Gee thanks Sai! "Ain't gotta be a mouth-breather t' be a creeper!" She got him to laugh and she liked that. At the question of the boyfriend she was trying to recall the fella's name. "Elijah right? Long as 'e behaves 'imself and they don't get too loud with-," Oh that grin just was wrong, "activities I ain't mindin' at all." They might have to work out a tie on the door handle type of thing. Poor Sai. Natasha doesn't know how to hold her tongue sometimes.

That made the 'slinger's face scrunch up like nobody had seen before! "Christ, Tasha," he said, a slight burn on the tip of his tongue. "I don't need to be thinkin' 'bout that sort of thing!" He was grinning beneath it all, though, even as he was shaking his head. Poor Natasha was in for a surprise though, for sure. Kingsley had barely even kissed a boy before, let alone... ahem.

Poor Kingsley! ...Wait no..Poor Sai. When he said that the grin went Cheshire. "Oh really? What 'bout ya, Cowboy? When was the last time ya had a good o' romp 'round the bed?" She turned just enough to show her side like she was about ready to flee for her life if need be but boy oh boy was she grinning.

His eyes rolled and he kept on smirking. "That ain't nobody's business," he said, chuckling as he leaned back in his seat, arms spread out along the back of the wicker loveseat. "How 'bout you? You the kind to kiss and tell?" That was his roundabout way of asking, yes.

"That long eh?" He just walked right into that one. Looking over to him she rolled a shoulder. "Why ya bein' all curious?" Now that she knew she wasn't going to be chased off she shuffled her way over and climbed up onto the porch. The way he was sitting? Way too tempting but she managed to behave herself and it took some measure of strength.

His smirk curled. "Just bein' as curious as you are." He watched her but didn't move. Yep, good ol' usual Sai.

She was so tempted to leap into that and her lips rushed open with a sassy come back but before the words could even leave her lips her phone went off. Damn! Not now! The song that played could of been a snippet for Halloween it was so eerie. Pulling out her phone she looked at the message and instantly there was a frown. Without looking up she danced back off the steps. "'m'sorry Sai I need to go." There was no explanation given as she turned and broke into a run as if the Devil himself was after her hide.