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Fathoming the faker.
« on: August 11, 2013, 11:26:17 PM »
?J-junia?? Martyr called out, chasing after the woman and smiling warmly. ?I w-was thinking about something y-you said earlier??

?Yes, Caia??

?Oh, see? That?s it r-right there? You c-called me C-caia??

?That?s your name, isn?t it?? Junia asked, raising her eyes to the woman and then turning away almost dismissively.

?I'm p-pretty sure Junia always c-called me M-martyr??

?What are you saying??

?I?m saying that I d-don?t b-believe your b-bull sp-spit! So w-where is the real J-junia, and what the h-heck d-do you w-want?!?

?I am Junia??

?I d-don?t think that?s t-true?? Martyr whispered. ?I think that y-you d-did something with the r-real J-junia? Y-you said you hurt y-your wrist, b-but then you used it t-to get up? N-not to mention J-junia b-battled with w-worse injuries than that b-before? Y-your w-wrist isn?t hurting y-you at all? Orchid shocked y-you when she t-transformed, and that?s why y-you d-dropped her? Isn?t it??

Martyr, let me out?

I can handle this, Phoenix? I?m not a baby, and I don?t need you to protect me all the time?

Damn it, Martyr? Don?t choose today of all days to have pride!

?Stupid, clever girl? How is it that you are so weak, but have bested me twice? Seriously?. First, you bring your silly little friends to ruin my plan, and now you?re trying to do it all over again? How is it that little na?ve Caia sees right through me??

?Who are you??

?That?s the best part?? The woman shifted her appearance to something a tad more masculine, wearing the face of her very own handler. ?I could be your best friend?? The woman shifted again to that familiar red-eyed lover she?d come to take as a husband. ?I could be your lover?? Martyr stared at the creature?s chin, avoiding eyes. ?I could be your b-b-best g-g-g-g-g-girlfriend?? Minoko?s voice rang in her ears. ?I could be your beloved daughter?? Martyr had a hard time not looking into those eyes, part of her was dying to know if she could make them spin. ?I could be anything you want me to be??

?You?re avoiding the q-q-question?!?

?I?m getting inside your head and you haven?t even looked at my eyes, are you so weak, Caia? You?ll look eventually, and then? Then you?ll kill everyone you love. Valcroix, Katan, Minoko, Little Max, Emlen?and anyone else I pull from that little brain?and if you don?t look? I?ll kill you. I?ll pose as you, and kill every one of your friends, either way, your face will be the last thing they see??

Martyr nodded. Her arm came out beside her, and the blade emerged from it. She cringed lightly, and then brought the blade to her forehead and sank it into flesh. The blood ran down her face and clouded her vision. ?Ok-kay, well then I g-guess there?s n-no other w-way? Y-you?re n-not going to hurt m-my f-family!?

?You can barely see now, which means you can?t look me in the eye, but it also means you?re at a disadvantage??

?Y-yeah?? Martyr brought her hand to her mouth and blew, a loud, high-pitched whistling came out of her lips and she grinned.

?I came prepared this time?? Myles brought out a blade from her boot and ran towards her. ?I soaked it in poison, my dear!?

The blade came forward, and Martyr?s hand came up to block accordingly the two blades smashed into one another and Martyr grunted lightly. Swing after swing, Martyr blocked, but the blood in her eyes was making her feel the need to close them. Myles swept her foot beneath the immortal?s pedestals, and her back thudded against the floor. ?That arm is making things so much harder for me?? Myles whispered, her body shifted into a larger mass who wore the face of Martyr?s brother. His booted foot came down harshly on the female?s shoulder. The immortal screamed out as her bone dislocated itself and chipped away in an erosion of fractures and breaks. Several stomps later her arm was damn near useless. Martyr's own foot came up and slammed against the woman's chest knocking her back several steps.
A loud snarl rang out and soon, a massive bear was barreling forwards. The creature all but dove for the woman in a fit of growls and gnashing teeth, Missy was obviously not happy seeing the closest thing she had to a master under someone?s foot.

Myles nearly yelped, and she span out of the way. The bear did get ahold of her hand, and began to tear at it. The imposter screamed and threw the blade forward, slicing into the bear?s side. It made a horrifying sound, something of a yelp and a snarl.

Martyr panicked. That blade had been poisoned, which meant? She forced herself to her feet and screamed at the top of dainty lungs. ?N-n-no! Stop! P-please? J-just stop??

Phoenix screamed for freedom, but was ultimately ignored. The left arm came out, and a blade came forth from flesh, and then Martyr was running forward, toward the shape shifter with everything she had. They traded blows. The blade of the imposter cut open Martyr?s belly and Martyr, in turn, cut into her arm severing muscle and bone. Myles? limb clung to what little flesh remains intact and screamed. ?Damn it! Damn you!? Myles stepped back and cradled her bleeding arm as the poisoned bear worked her way up to ungraceful paws. The imposter back stepped, and ran into a full sprint. The bear started to chase, but caught the scent of Martyr?s plentiful blood stopping dead in her tracks.

A low growl came from the beast?s belly as she approached Martyr. Those veins were black, her eyes were wide. Missy whined softly, as Martyr covered her wound and smiled. ?It?s ok-kay? It?ll h-heal?? Martyr promised, she lied. The poison had entered her bloodstream, just as it did the bear?s. Martyr hoped Missy wasn?t as sensitive. The bear knelt down and beckoned for the woman to climb aboard. ?G-good g-girl?? The wounded immortal cooed and hoisted her body up weakly. ?It?s ok-kay, it?s ok-kay?? Trying to convince herself now, as she slouched over and the bear walked carefully; their combined blood mingling in a trail behind them.

The bear knew better? She could sense Martyr?s panic, feel her erratic heartbeat and labored breathing, and smell the sweat and blood that was pouring from her body. Somewhere along the way, Martyr lost consciousness, the bear lost speed.
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