Author Topic: Alleged Undead Sighting in Dockside: Quarantine Advised  (Read 112 times)

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Alleged Undead Sighting in Dockside: Quarantine Advised
« on: September 01, 2013, 04:36:40 PM »

[size=9]Junior Columnist: Renmah Gysseth[/size]

Alleged Undead Sighting in Dockside: Area-Wide Quarantine Advised
September 1, 2013

Dockside, R.D. --- Two people have been hospitalized and eleven more quarantined after what appears to have been an isolated attack by what locals claim was a "pack of infected husks."

Grimm Fetter, an eyewitness and currently one of the individuals being quarantined at RhyDin General Hospital, contacted the Post today for an exclusive telephone interview regarding the event in question.

?People hesitate to use the word for ?em, but I know what I saw,? Fetter, 51, said. ?They were zombies. Walkers. Biters. They feast on flesh, and that?s what they did to those boys.?

The attack took place around approximately 2:30AM this morning outside the Screaming Boatman, a tavern that has catered to sailors in the past. Manuel DeGarza, 18, and Miles Reynolds, 19, were both crewmembers of the Calypso?s Damnation, docked at RhyDin ports for repairs. Reports remain scattered as to how many assailants were involved, but witnesses claim a group of 10-15 ?undead? charged on the victims as they were leaving the establishment for the night. Fetter, the Boatman?s tavern keeper, along with a group of armed patrons moved in to defend the victims until Watch officers arrived.

?I didn?t get bit, but my buddy did,? Fetter said. ?They just kept comin?, gnawin? and gnashin?. I just pray them was the only ones in RhyDin.?

According to Fetter, the attack itself immediately followed a series of strange flashes coming from a nearby lighthouse. The Eastern Point Lighthouse had evidently been vacant for the night when the beam being broadcast abruptly shifted from white to red and began emitting a quarantine signal. Officials have since revisited the tower and were able to alter the sequence, but still report they are experiencing technical issues.

?It?s so weird,? Watch Officer Brett Wilson told the Post. ?As far as I know they were able to reverse the signal, but twice now it?s blinked on again. We don?t who or what?s doing it. It just keeps repeating: Beware these shores; death is here.?

Healthcare representatives at RhyDin General have not yet designated this as an outbreak, and stress that every precaution is being taken to contain the situation.

?There is absolutely, completely, no indication so far that these men have been infected with any form of reanimating virus,? Doctor William Bougeois, head of the Department of Neurology, said. ?Even so, we are initiating standard safeguards to protect the patients and the public.?

Watch officials are strongly advising RhyDinians in the area to avoid the eastern docks, at least until the extent of the situation is identified.

Both DeGarza and Reynolds remain in critical condition.

[size=9][[Sound familiar? It should. Written with HGLowe?s kind permission and blessing. Thank you!

To clarify: This incident is tied to the Sublimation SL, and has occurred as a result of a time-space rift that briefly manifested between 2007 and 2013. Should you choose to participate, the outbreak may impact your character however you like, and may be as isolated or pervasive as you wish.

If you elect to participate, please make sure to tie your post back to the Sublimation thread, and reply to the Sublimation thread with a link to your post. Also, please feel free to contact me if your contribution triggers something that belongs in the papers! As always, PM me if there are any questions or concerns. Enjoy!]][/size]