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Behind the Mask: featuring ... the Empress
« on: August 31, 2013, 08:22:49 AM »

[size=9]Chase Dawson
Staff Reporter[/size]

The Seaside District is missing a jewel. Until just a few months ago, it was so much a part of the scenery, so familiar to the eye, that many people just walked straight past it, aware it was there and grateful for that fact. Until one day, it wasn't. The Scathachian Temple, one so beautiful, open to all, now stands broken and charred, a testament to the hatred of Bhaal and his followers. Yet that is not all it stands for. Within those charred remains, people are working to restore the beauty of this wonderful Temple, and with support from our sometimes ignorant but always generous city, slowly she's taking shape once again.

Just one of those vehement and vocal supporters is Jewell Ravenlock, the Empress, recently returned from the dead - and where else but in Rhy'Din can a reporter use that in an article? - whose efforts to raise money and support for the Sisters of Scathach since her reappearance in the hustle and bustle of the city proper are set to reach a peak in the planned Scathachian Charity Masquerade Ball, to be held at the beautifully situated Rhy'Din House on the Waterfront. It promises to be an evening of surprises, though the hostess assures me none of them will be planned.

"There aren't any planned surprises," Jewell assures me. "I think a general un-masking towards the end of the evening is called for, so everyone can see who they've been smitten and dancing with all night." Sounds like the kind of evening Emmet Bane would give several limbs to be a part of, provided he could get them back again afterward.

Now, some people may be wondering just what is going on here. I stress some - most people who have lived in Rhy'Din for a little while know that the dead really don't stay dead for any length of time, not unless they're absolutely determined that this really is the end. Jewell's apparent death in 2009 was a devastating blow to a significant section of our multi-everything society, and her return has been lauded with much delight by that same section who mourned her loss so deeply. On her seemingly miraculous return, all the Empress has to say is this; "I have recently returned after a stint of being not quite as dead as people may have been lead to believe. Since coming back, I've realized that RhyDin is really timeless in many ways. The city is as wild and crazy as ever, and I love it. Sure, things were a little rough when I first came back because apparently I'm not as famous now as I once was. But I'm working on changing that. And it turns out that big bear that likes to sleep in the Inn and bake sometimes? Yeah.. he can talk. That was totally unexpected."

One way or another, the Masquerade is sure to be a memorable evening. Presented as a true masquerade - none of this peeking out from behind your mask and telling everyone who you are this time, folks! - Jewell tells me the watchword for the evening is "classy". Hear that, Rhy'Din? Classy. Please keep all non-classiness off the premises! [Editor's Note - if this can be managed, someone needs to hand out medals.] The event kicks off at nine o'clock, and promises to be one for the annuls.

The Scathachian Charity Masquerade Ball is sure to be a grand social event, though it also comes with a purpose. The main drive of the event is as a fundraiser to aid the Scathachian priestesses (who earn no real salary in patrolling the streets of Rhy'Din) in their quest to rebuild their sacred temple. Donations will be accepted at the door and throughout the night. There will also be a moment of silence for the lone casualty in the night of the temple fire: Eudora Pallas Endropodies.

[size=9]-Eudora Pallas Endropodies-[/size]

Along with the removal of masks at the signified time, the Eudora Pallas Endropodies Memorial Bust will be revealed.

Many of Rhy'Din's citizens knew her and received her kind hand and loving aid. A woman of rich history and a bountiful trove of tales, Eudora was killed in the attack on the Temple of Scathach, but will be celebrated for generations to come as her likeness has been sculpted by a local artist. It shall be placed near the public entrance to the new Temple upon its completion. Eudora may not have been a Scathachian, but she cared enough for this city to aid all who came seeking help. And the Scathachians called her friend and "sister."

The plaque upon the bust shall read: "Eudora Pallas Endropodies ~ A life that touches others goes on forever ~"

[size=9]-Eudora Pallas Endropodies Memoral Bust-

The means by which we, the citizens of Rhy'Din, can assist with raising the funds for the restoration of the Temple are myriad. Many of you have already donated your time and money toward the project, and on the evening of the Masquerade itself, there will be ample opportunity for those who have not already given something to do so. In addition to the usual collection trays on the night, there is to be a special Scathachian Charity Masquerade Raffle, tickets for which are already on sale at various shops, stalls, bars, and Inns (including the Red Dragon Inn) throughout Rhy'Din. And what makes this raffle so special, I hear you ask? Why, the grand prize, of course - a date with none other than Isuelt DeRomiano herself!

Unpaid, and often unnoticed, the women of the Scathachian Order are out on the streets every day, defending the city and its inhabitants, often putting their lives on the line to keep the peace so many of us take for granted. In the words of Jewell Ravenlock; "I have fought alongside them, and I really can't think of many worthier causes than theirs." Hence, no doubt, the time and effort the Empress herself is putting into the Masquerade Ball. It promises to be an evening to remember.

But apparently not the only memorable evening Jewell has in store for us. Her parting words as our interview closed were more than enough to send a thrill of anticipation through the offices here at the Post. "Definitely more parties! There is just more fun to be had all around and plenty of charities and organizations that could use the support of a well-known socialite. But I like to keep Rhy'Din on its toes too, so who knows what else I'll do next?"

[size=9]((The Masquerade kicks off at 9PM EST, on Saturday 7th September. Please remember to read the OOC Information, as well as checking out the Raffle, Setting and Fashion threads set up in advance. Many thanks to JewellRavenlock and Issy for helping me with this article, and hope to see you all at the Masq!))[/size]
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