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Family Outing
« on: June 30, 2013, 11:16:38 PM »
[size=9]((The events depicted here begin on the day prior to this thread.))[/size]

It was a beautiful day in Rhy'din, with a few clouds breaking up the bright blue sky and comfortable temperatures just right for an afternoon's walk.  The Ilnaren family had decided to take the opportunity for an outing, just the five of them.  Morning had found them strolling the avenues and byways of the Old Temple district, touring the museum and visiting with friends and classmates at the Harker Academy.  For lunch they had dined at a little hibachi place in Little Asia, and now they were approaching the bridge that led back across the river to the Market district.

"Pa," said young Doran, as he walked beside Ebon, "can we stop for some ice cream at that little shop in the Marketplace?"

"Please, Papa!"  That came from Azure, the Ilnaren's middle child, who turned away from watching the boats on the river at the mendion of ice cream.

With a chuckle, Ebon nodded to his son while he pushed the stroller carrying baby Olivia.  "Of course, we'll stop by there before heading back home."

Yes, added Phen with dancing fingers giving silent voice to her thoughts, because ice cream is a must on such a day as this.  She turned to look at her husband, smiling.  Oh, and I got a message from Kruger yesterday.  My present is ready.  For their recent anniversary, Ebon had gifted Phen with any order of her choice from their friend, and she had chosen to request a custom-crafted set of jeweler's tools, made to her exact specifications.  So we need to stop by his forge while we're here.  The signing was accompanied by a warm feeling through the soulbond the couple shared.

Stepping from the bridge, they made their way into the streets of the Market district, lined with shops and homes, and filled with people of all descriptions.  It was definitely a beautiful day in Rhy'din.