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Corrections from Jen and Issy
« on: June 05, 2013, 07:23:37 PM »
Hey guys!  It's Issy and Jenai here to clear up some recent confusion here on our fabulous site:

The fire at the Scathachian Temple has been edited to be the temple NOT in the Old Temple district, but the original temple next door to the Scathachian Sanctuary, up on the North West Cliffs of the city (check the map if you need that all-important visual reference).

What was first named/referred to as the Scathachian Temple and Healing Springs will now be renamed in honor of the goddess, Aife.  This will be the headquarters of the Clandestine Order of Seraphim.  This temple is indeed in the Old Temple district and was NOT involved in the fire whatsoever.  (We're getting things cleared up on the map.)

For those of you who are like, "Wait...what?"  Here's more!

The Scathachians:
* Worship Scathach, goddess of war, and sister of the goddess, Aife.  Their focus is on DEFENSE of the helpless.

The Clandestine Order of Seraphim:
* Worship Aife, goddess of war, and sister of the goddess, Scathach.  Their focus is on ACTION against enemies.

According to myth, the two goddesses, Scathach and Aife, are sisters who both serve the purpose of war and righteous vengeance.  However, they are like "yin and yang."  One focuses on defense, the other on offense.  Ironically, mythology says that while Scathach and Aife are like two halves of the same whole, the sisters were always fighting and continue to do so in the heavens above.  However, the sisters always would come to the other's aid if needed and bond together, as true family would.  (Think of it like this: "She's my sister and we fight...but if anyone else is mean to her, they'll have to deal with me!")

The followers of each goddess are separate!  (Like Catholics and Protestants)

Jenai Ravenlock was raised on the Island of Shadow, in the Scathachian tradition.  However, since that time, she has helped to found and strengthen the Clandestine Order of Seraphim, or "CoS."  She is no long a Scathachian; even though she still has love and respect for the Scathachians and their order (as they do for her).  Think of it like this: she's just switched churches!

Issy and Jenai are still quite close, as they have known each other most of their adult lives and were practically raised together on the Island.  While they may no longer be "Sisters" in Scathach, they are still "sisters" in their hearts.  

Apologies for any stress, inconvenience, or otherwise confusion that this whole thing has caused.