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Re: Teasing The Torch
« Reply #15 on: April 18, 2013, 08:37:50 PM »
He was rewarded for his boldness with a gasp that brushed her breath hot against his already heated skin, her body arching eagerly to his despite the flaring blush that rose at quite how bold his move had been. Her hands slipped from their exploration to touch him elsewhere - his chest, his neck, curling into his hair - as her lips hovered above his with a soft smile. "How do you do this to me?"

He ignored her question, as he really had no answer for it. Pulling her closer, he wasn't sure if he was going to make it back to the hotel. He wanted her and he wanted her now, and he wasn't sure if he could wait any longer. Arousal was quickly becoming agony, the game forgotten. This wasn't about titillation anymore. If he didn't have her soon, it was going to become torture. "Liv, please... I can't stand it..." He knew they should wait. Hell, if they took it too far, they could probably get arrested, but he was no longer thinking straight. He wasn't thinking at all.

For once, it was her holding him back, though she'd brought him to the brink of contravening a few laws in the past. "Shh." Her lips nuzzled his, soft, tender, not seeking to torment him any more. At least not yet. "Only a little bit longer," she promised, thrilling to the delicious knowledge that his current state was entirely her fault. "You can be patient. Can't you?" And there was a little girl pout to go with that soft plea.

"Patient?" he echoed, looking at her like she'd lost her mind. "You've been driving me crazy all night and you expect me to be patient?!" Yes, he was admitting it. While she might have thought him calm and collected, he had been nothing of the kind. The yo-yoing back and forth between various states of arousal was enough to drive him to madness, or so he thought.

"I might be a little tipsy, and I'm definitely too hot to care much about anything but you right now," she informed him through her enticing smile, "but one thing we are not doing is risking a criminal record and embarrassing the cab driver." But that didn't mean she wasn't going to kiss him until his toes curled, which was precisely what she then did.

Any protest from him was smothered beneath her kiss. He wasn't sure how he was going to manage it, but he was just going to have to wait. Thank God for that coat. It was going to be a lifesaver. His fingers curled into the soft round flesh of her rear as he melted beneath her lips, her kiss having the desired effect. If she wasn't careful, he wasn't going to make it to the hotel.

He wasn't exactly making it easy for her, either. She fought to hold in the moan that rose as he made full use of his unprecedented access to her skin, struggling to soften the kiss rather than deepen it. "Johnny," she whispered, her voice almost a whine but for the clear and present desire that colored it. "Easy, sweetheart." Softer kisses plied his lips as she sought to calm them both, feeling heat of her own beginning to gather once again, knowing he wouldn't miss that very obvious sign of her need. The cab driver glanced into his rear-view mirror, rolled his eyes, and put on a spurt of speed that unfortunately lurched her closer into her husband's arms, fitted almost as snugly as those pants of his.

He withheld a groan, more for the cab driver's sake than hers or his own. He felt the heat rising in her to match his own, his pulse pounding in his ears. She managed to calm him a little as her kiss softened, but they couldn't get to the hotel fast enough for his liking. He just hoped they'd be able to get the key out of his pocket before it was too late, or they might end up making quick use of a rest room or closet. "God, Liv..." he said softly, his breath ragged. "I love you."

She melted just at the words, knowing how much he meant them, feeling her heart swell with a deep echo of the same emotion. "Love you back," she promised in a whisper against his lips, inching back from him as her hand dropped once again. This time, though, she went straight for the kill, wriggling her fingers into a pocket to make a spirited attempt at extracting his wallet.

The change in tactic surprised him, and he actually chuckled as she hit a particularly ticklish spot, which thankfully allowed him to relax a little. He wriggled beneath her and made a grab for her hand. If he wasn't careful, they were both going to end up on the floor. "Stop! I can get it myself!" he warned, eyes going wide as her fingers found something that was definitely not his wallet. "That's not my wallet! Back pocket, Liv!"

"Oops!" But the look on her face wasn't oops at all. She was giggling with him now, a little of their tension ebbing away as they wrestled together to find his wallet, easing the tension in the front seat as a result. That sort of laughter didn't lead to uncomfortable silences and intimate clean ups. Skidding back onto the seat beside Johnny, Liv released her grip on what she'd found with a playful snicker, twisting to slide her hand into his back pocket instead. "Clench those buttocks, darling."

"I am clenching!" he replied. At least he thought he was. Who knew Liv could sound like Richard Simmons? If anyone didn't know better, they might think something else was going on back there other than her merely trying to get his wallet out of his back pocket. He turned sideways, giving her better access to his backside and that pocket. Given that her fingers were smaller than his, she stood a better chance of fishing the wallet out of his pocket than he did.

With a startling amount of effort needed, she got her finger and thumb about the edge of his wallet, giggling just at how hard she was having to work for this. "God, what have you been doing? Did you coat it with superglue before it went in there?" she asked laughingly, pulling as hard as she could. It was moving, though, finally slipping free with enough of a jolt that her hand flew up and punched the ceiling of the car with a loud thump. "Ouch!"

"I didn't do anything! It's not my fault! You must have shrunk them!" Because she usually did the laundry. That made the most sense to him anyway. It couldn't possibly be that he'd bought the wrong size or anything. He winced when he heard her hand smack the ceiling. "Are you okay?" he asked, reaching for her hand.

"God, those trousers are tight," she groaned, still laughing as he took her hand, the wallet now safely in her own lap. His concern for an injury that wasn't there was sweet, earning him his smile for a moment as her thumb stroked over his. "Well, I don't know. I might need mouth to mouth to recover."

He chuckled at her remark. "I think maybe we should wait 'til we get to the hotel for that." If the heat they had shared a few minutes ago was any indication, that was probably a wise decision. He hoped they didn't have far to go. Those pants were still feeling a little too snug in one particular spot.

"Not long, then," came the answer, but not from Liv. The cabbie had somehow managed to avoid the evening traffic jams to get them back to the hotel in record time, pulling up in front of the brightly lit lobby with a grin.

Liv giggled again, handing Johnny his wallet. "Next mission, the key," she teased, her hands dropping to set her dress to rights before they made a move to get out of the car.

He groaned and rolled his eyes, thinking fishing the key from his pants might be even harder than the wallet. It was smaller and more deeply wedged between the layers of fabric. "Mission Impossible," he muttered, before opening his wallet to pay the driver, giving him what Johnny deemed a decent tip. "Sorry. We're newlyweds," he explained. "My wife's a little feisty." That's right. It was all Liv's fault!

"Hey!" She poked his shoulder as he laid the blame entirely at her feet, laughing indignantly.

The driver snorted with laughter as he took this in, evidently feeling a little less uncomfortable now he knew he had newlyweds in his cab. "Best teach her some patience then, mate," was his answer, with a winking grin to Liv as her jaw dropped.

"Teach me patience?!"

"That's right. You!" Johnny grinned as he climbed out of the cab and slid an arm around her waist, a brief brush of lips to her cheek. "You lost, remember?" Oh, no, he hadn't forgotten, and he wasn't likely to let her live it down anytime soon either.
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Re: Teasing The Torch
« Reply #16 on: April 18, 2013, 08:38:44 PM »
"Like I'm going to forget in a hurry," she muttered, feigning a grumble even as he drew her close again, offering a wriggle of fingers in a wave to their very accommodating cabbie as he pulled away. "Besides, I didn't lose. I conceded. Completely different." She smirked sweetly, dropping a kiss to the end of Johnny's nose. "Now ... which pocket did you say the key was in?"

He slipped his wallet into a coat pocket, not chancing those pants pockets again, chuckling at her, amused. "It's the same thing, and I didn't." He unwrapped himself from her and pulled open his coat to let her get a better look at him. "Where do you think it is?" he asked with a smirk, though he really thought they should get inside before the wind took her dress and she mooned the passersby.

"It is not the same thing, and you know it," she giggled, poking his stomach as he opened up his coat. Her gaze dragged down over his chest, to the mouth-watering sight of his straining pants, where she was distracted for a long moment before remembering what she was supposed to be looking for. She cleared her throat, jumping as a gust of wind reminded her exactly why she was supposed to be paying attention. Her hand flashed out for his, her body turning abruptly to march into the hotel. "I'll search you in the lift."

He chuckled as a gust of wind almost took her dress and he fell into step beside her, hand in hand, toward the relative safety of the hotel. "Yes, dear," he quipped, looking amused, unaware of the casual glances they were earning from people passing by. After all, they were an exceptionally attractive looking couple, even when they weren't all decked out for a night out.

She might have argued with that assessment, if she'd known of it, preferring to be the shadow to Johnny's light. Not that she really noticed anything but the ever shortening distance to the elevator as she all but dragged him bodily through the lobby. "You know, that still makes me sound as though I'm forty," she commented mildly, slowing to let him fall in beside her as they came to the elevator doors.

"Forty isn't that old, Liv. Steve is what... ninety something and look at him?" Of course, they both knew Steve wasn't really ninety years old. He was just well-preserved. "Will you still love me when I'm old and bald and wrinkly?" he asked, frowning. It was hard to imagine Johnny ever being old or bald or wrinkly, and he really had no idea what effect his metabolism would have on his aging. He'd never really thought about it before. He came to a halt beside her and leaned in to press a thumb against the button for their floor.

"Well, seeing as how I'll be old and bald and wrinkly at the same time, I don't see why you need to ask," she smiled, refusing to let the frown darken their mood. "I'm older than you, remember. So it really should be me asking if you'll still love me when I'm old and wearing granny pants."

"You're not that much older, and I doubt you'll ever go bald. Besides, Peggy's in her nineties and look at her. I mean, she's not bad looking for her age." It was all in the genes, after all. He smiled as he tried to imagine her in granny pants, but he wasn't really sure what those were.

Liv snickered softly, remembering something else he'd said about Peggy only a little while ago. "Does that make me a cougar, then?" she asked playfully, moving forward as the doors swished open, twisting to tug him into the metal cage with her, both hands in his shirt. "You're always going to be gorgeous, Johnny. I love you."

"Only if you growl," he replied with a grin as she tugged him into the elevator. Coming to a halt in front of her, he smiled down at her, his hands resting against against her waist as hers found his shirt, the search for the key forgotten again for the moment. "I love you, too, Liv. I'm always gonna love you."

"I'll hold you to that." She rose up, brushing smiling lips to his in a tender kiss as the doors closed on them, the elevator still waiting to be told where it was going while its sole occupants shared a softer moment in the renewed quiet. Drawing back just barely, Liv offered up a silly pretense at a growl as her hands lowered to press against the groove of his hips, one finding the lump of metal and plastic in his pocket. "Grr."

He laughed as she found the key and simultaneously growled. "Can I burn them off?" he asked, wondering if the pants were going to be as hard to get out of as they were to get into. He only smiled down at her, not making any attempt to help her fish that key out of his pocket, amused to watch her do it herself, so long as she didn't tickle him again.

She grinned at him, keeping that hand over the key as though she might forget where it was in the brief moment it took to press the button for their floor. "They're your pants, you can do what you like," she reminded him cheerfully, skimming around behind him to begin inching her hand into his pocket. With smaller fingers, she stood a better chance, but that was only if he managed to hold still and not give into the inevitable distraction that would come with her search. Her lips brushed his ear as she added, "World's fastest striptease, that would be."

"Like you haven't seen it before," he remarked, eyes following her as best he could as she slipped behind him, feeling her lips brush his ear and stifling a shudder. Even Johnny Storm shuddered now and then, given the right circumstances. He was acutely aware of her fingers and their movement, tempted to move them where he wanted them, rather than where they were at the moment, to an area that felt more urgent than the retrieval of a key, and yet if that key wasn't retrieved, he'd have to wait even longer.

She let her lips play against the curve of his ear, down the line of his hair, pressing soft kisses to the nape of his neck, only too happy to renew her teasing now they were so close to the privacy they were both aching for. "I love to see it," she whispered huskily, grateful they were alone in the elevator, but frankly it was debatable whether it would have mattered. "I love your flames, your heat. I love the way you make me feel." As her finger looped into the keyring, she gently set her teeth to the prominence of his spine above his collar and bit, worrying tenderly at the sensitive spot. "God, I want you so much."

As if it wasn't enough that she had her hand in his pocket and was pressing kisses against his neck, the feel of her teeth against the top of his spine nearly pushed him over the edge again. A groan made his renewed arousal known, as he reached for her free hand and pressed it against the straining bulge at the front of his pants. He once again wasn't sure if he'd make it to their room in time. They were so close, he was so close. Her teasing had taken its toll, and he was feeling the agony of frustration all over again.

The distraction had worked, though. He was so focused on what she was saying to him, what her lips were doing to him, that he had relaxed enough not even to notice as the key gently tugged from his pocket, secure in her grip. His groan sent a frisson of heat through her, echoed by the soft, startled moan that broke from her lips as he pressed her palm to the eager evidence of his arousal. The tip of her tongue touched his earlobe as she breathed his name, as the elevator came to a lurching halt and the door swung open. Her hand rose, jangling the key in front of his nose. "Shall we?"

No one had ever said such things to him; no one had ever loved him the way she did. Her words of affection stirred his heart, as much as her kisses stirred his arousal. Without the love and affection between them, their relationship would have burned out long ago. It was that love that kept the flame burning when other flames might have fizzled. He smiled as she showed him the key, partly relieved and partly anxious to get her safely into the room so they could both relieve the frustrations of the evening. "Yes, ma'am," he replied, turning to face her.

She was all smiles again as he turned to her, hands reaching to press against his chest, to guide him out onto their floor with slinky impatience that was becoming nigh on impossible to ignore. "Did you just call me ma'am?" she asked, trying hard not to laugh at the unexpected title he'd plastered on her.
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Re: Teasing The Torch
« Reply #17 on: April 18, 2013, 08:39:54 PM »
Her smile turned to a teasing grin. "Yes, ma'am," he repeated. She was the older woman, after all. By what? A few months maybe. A year at most. He was tempted to toss her over his shoulder, but he knew if he did, her dress would most likely expose her to anyone who might unexpectedly step into the hallway. He let her guide him out of the elevator, a glance up and down to see if anyone was watching.

Liv's giggles filled the hallway, but there was no sign of anyone else as the elevator closed and trundled away. "You're such a goof," she accused him fondly, sliding her hand up to curl at his jaw, drawing him down to her for a kiss that really had been a long time coming. This one made promises that were definitely going to be kept, within minutes.

All too eager for that kiss and the promises that came with it, he met her lips with unspoken promises of his own. Nightclub or not, music or not, he was going to dirty dance with her his own way until they both collapsed from exhaustion. His hands found her hips as he backed her against a wall, deepening that kiss so that there was no mistaking how much he wanted her, needed her, pressing the heat of his body against hers, unable to hold back much longer.

The breath burst from her body as she thumped back against the wall, uncaring if he was a little rough, only too easily wrapped up and lost in the heat and scent and joy that was Johnny Storm. Her arms looped about his neck, the key dangling from her thumb as she drew her nails through his hair, moaning his name into his kisses. She'd already forgotten they weren't yet out of the public eye; it would be up to him this time if they weren't going to take the first big risk of their marriage right here and now.

As much as he wanted her, he had just barely enough self control to not want to embarrass and humiliate her by taking her right there in the hallway of their hotel room. It wasn't easy; it took an incredible amount of will power, but he dragged his mouth away from hers with a groan, his own breath ragged, looking into her eyes that mirrored his own desire. "Come on," he said, grabbing hold of her hand and starting toward their room, just short of breaking into a run.

She whimpered as his lips left hers, a real pout forming on her face, sharing her frustration with him just through the soft storm in her eyes before he took charge once again, pulling her along the corridor with purpose. She couldn't help another soft laugh as he did so, exhilarated by the knowledge that he really wanted her, that she was going to get what she wanted imminently. The key jangled once again as they came to a halt, trembling fingers fitting it into the lock as she glanced up at him longingly.

There was only one thing he wanted to say to her, only one thing he needed to say to her as they reached the door to their hotel room. Once through that door, all bets were off, all challenges over. No curious, prying eyes to watch them. No adoring fans, no lovesick waitresses, no embarrassed or amused cab drivers. Just Johnny and Liv. Mr. and Mrs. Storm. Just the two of them, alone at last, to share their love and fulfill their longing late into the night. "I love you," he told her, as they reached the door, a tender touch of warm fingers against her cheek, blue eyes soft with love and longing.

"I should bloody well hope so, after this evening," she answered with a soft grin, twisting the key, pushing the door inward. She half-turned, grasping his collar to pull him inside with her. One foot kicked the door shut, and within a moment, he was pushed back against it, her hands already shaking the leather from her shoulders, dropping her clutch, the key, divesting herself of everything but the boots and the dress he'd chosen for her. Her smaller body pressed close to his, lips teasing with a kiss that almost didn't happen. "I love you so much," she whispered fiercely, drawing her fingers over his body, anxious to touch skin and feel him against her. "Make love to me, Johnny."

He followed suit almost instantly, shaking the coat from his shoulders, not really caring where it dropped on the floor, hands sliding over her bare arms, warming her with no effort at all but the innate heat that radiated from him. His lips touched hers, once, twice, three times, his body aching for hers. She didn't have to ask him twice. "I want you, Liv."

"I'm right here." Not the most romantic of answers, but she was so hazed, so desperate for the teasing to end, that she had nothing else she could say that was coherent. To hell with naked; she had a stake to pay, and one she was eager to get to, pressing her lips in open-mouthed eagerness to his, devouring his mouth with mingled love and desire. Her hands fell to his pants, dragging open button and zipper, tucking her fingers inside to grip tightly and begin the rather monumental task of getting them off him.

He let out a sigh of breath once the button and zipper had been loosened, as if he was able to breathe again, his body reacting to her kisses without those damnable pants to inhibit him and constrict his movement. He moved to help her with the pants, in a hurry to get them off, peeling them away from his hips and letting her do the rest as he eagerly returned her kisses, fueled by the frustration of her incessant teasing.

Inspired by the way his body relaxed and tensed all at once, Liv tore her lips from his, dropping to a crouch to use a little brute force on those pants before he gave into the urge to burn his clothes - and probably hers, too - straight off, shoes or no shoes. He'd taught her how to be naughty a little too well; even without her lips on his, her kisses continued. Down the line of buttons on his shirt, to nuzzle the precious package barely contained in his underwear. "What do you want me to do?"

He was doing his best to repress the urge to burn his clothing off, more for his sake and the sake of the hotel than anything else. He didn't really want the fire alarm going off at a time like this. He moaned as her lips parted his, if only to ask what he wanted. He knew what he'd asked for, but now that they were alone, all he wanted was to bury himself inside her and be close. "I want you," he told her, breath ragged.

First one foot, then the other, and he was finally free of those pants. Liv held them up, frowning at them. "These," she told him firmly. "Never wear them again. If you do ..." She leaned close, tossing the offending garment over her shoulder. "I'll tie you down and cut them off. With a bread-knife." Her grin teased his lips, daring him to object as her hand found his squished future children with possessive intent.

He couldn't help but chuckle at that idle threat. "Sounds kinky, Liv." There was something strangely erotic about the thought of her tying him down and having her way with him. He'd never really considered anything like that with anyone before. He'd never trusted anyone or felt comfortable enough with anyone before, but with Liv, things were different. He wasn't so sure she would be open to anything like that though, and he was still a little too shy to ask.

"Don't forget, I've read Fifty Shades ..." she giggled fondly, smoothing her hands over him for a moment before tucking her thumbs into the band of his underwear. "You'd be surprised how much kinky f*ckery is in that book." Her grin blossomed wider. "Hell, I'd wear a collar for you. And nothing else."

"I saw the movie, remember?" he countered with a smirk. It was kind of required since Liv was working for the movie's lead actor. Though Johnny had found the plot a little ridiculous, he could appreciate the kinky sex, from a purely artistic perceptive, of course. "Tonight, I want you in boots and nothing else," he said as he reached around to the back of her neck to undo her dress. He already knew she wasn't wearing much if anything beneath it. He was wearing more layers of clothing than she was tonight.

She giggled softly, running her thumbs around the inside of his underwear's waistband before releasing him, letting her hands fall loose to her sides as he tucked his hands under the fall of her hair. She felt strangely shy, on fire for him but a little wary of the fact that there really was nothing under that dress but her. As the soft jersey came free under his fingers, the fabric skimmed down over her very bare skin, pooling about the FM boots she'd been teasing him with all night. "I thought you just wanted out of those pants," she breathed, too excited even to tease with any real conviction any longer.
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Re: Teasing The Torch
« Reply #18 on: April 18, 2013, 08:41:19 PM »
"I want a lot more than that," he replied as the dress fell away revealing the bare-skinned beauty before him and causing another swell of desire. He took hold of her hips and steered her toward the bed, while his lips left a trail of soft kisses against her neckline.

How had they gone from fractious impatience to something that seemed so slow and ready to take its time? Liv had no idea. She was consumed already, Johnny's blissful heat pouring into her as her arms rose to curl about his neck, as she felt herself steered from the door, as his lips kissed a fiery trail over her skin. Her lips brushed his ear, hands fisting in the shirt he still wore. "You're overdressed, Mr Storm."

He wasn't taking his time by any means, though she might think he was. He would have taken her by the door as soon as they'd gotten safely inside their room, but he didn't want to hurt her in his haste to have her. He smiled at the not so subtle hint that she wanted his clothes off and broke away from her so he could catch up to her in removing his clothes. "You're slow, Mrs. Storm," he teased, as he stepped back a pace, just far enough that he had room enough to step out of the shorts that were far too confining.

She offered him the sweetest smile she could manage, given that she was wanting, blushing and naked but for her boots. Her hands reluctantly left him, folding demurely in front of herself as she watched him from beneath long dark lashes, savoring the view as he revealed himself to her piece by piece. "I'm trying not to tackle you onto the floor and have my way with you before you're ready."

He laughed as he kicked the shorts off one leg and almost got tangled up in them before they were tossed across the room. "Like I'd mind," he remarked with a grin. The shirt was next, but she already had it unbuttoned so that was easy enough. He shrugged it off his shoulders and shook it off his arms to drop onto the floor behind him. "Now, where were we?"

Ordinarily, his wife might have crooked a finger at him, or reached out to press herself close, but the teasing of the evening had taken its toll on the inhibitions that still plagued her from time to time. As he shook his shirt free, bare to her gaze and touch and oh, so, delicious to even contemplate doing anything to, she decided to let Kitten off her leash. A wild, loving growl escaped her throat, and she grasped his hips, tugging hard to pull him around and knock him back onto the bed with eager force, knowing he would stop her if she got too rough with him. A moment later, her body covered his, her mouth smothering his own with hungry kisses that did nothing to sate the need they had stoked between them.

There was really no worry about her getting too rough with him. More than ready and willing for a wild ride, he was more worried about him getting too rough with her. The growl from her only heightened his already pent-up desire, her kisses eliciting a muffled moan as his arms went around her to hold her snugly against him. His arousal was all too obvious as his body was pressed snugly against hers, his kisses matching hers in hungered need.

There really was no need or desire for foreplay this time, both bodies ready and willing, more than eager for the joining that fitted them together more intimately than any other. Liv cried out his name as she felt that coming together spear deep inside her, pulling him up until they sat tangled together on the bed, daring to keep control for the first time as her lips plied his, her hands smoothing down over his back. A single word slipped from her lips into his mouth, revealing the depth of her reaction to seeing another woman daring to flirt with him so openly in front of his wife. "Mine."

He smiled at her possessive claiming of him, both pleased and a little amused by it. She was becoming more comfortable with him, more assertive in her needs and desires, and though he'd never admit it to her, she had caught up with her sister's skill in bed if not surpassed it, though he was, of course, biased. He fitted his body perfectly to hers, wrapping his arms around her to hold her tightly against him. His hands slid down her hips to curl around the curve of her rear and pull her even closer. He smothered her lips with eager, hungry kisses as their bodies moved together in this dance of mutual love and lust.

If she was Lucy's equal in bed, it was entirely his doing, though that was, perhaps, part of her allure for him. He was the only man who had ever touched her, who would ever touch her; her skill or lack of it was his responsibility. Her arms wrapped tight about him as they moved together, wanting to claim him completely, wanting him to feel as wanted, as possessed, as loved as he made her feel, even in the grip of a passion that was so quickly taking over. To hell with the teasing and playing ... this was what she should have been doing instead.

But the teasing and playing had a point, and this was it. As frustrating at it had been, the heat that had been generated between them ended in the ultimate culmination of that teasing, the coming together and joining of their bodies as they gave and took equal quantities of pleasure from the other, until they were completely and utterly satiated and nearing exhaustion.

Falling together to the tangled sheets what felt like hours after they had begun, man and wife wrapped one another close in tenderness and affection, trading kisses still as the night deepened and sleep began to overtake them. Despite the emotional turmoil of the day, the teasing, the games and the jealousies, they had shared vows, made their private promises, each as determined as the other to keep their hearts entwined until the end of days. Sleep came and dreams with it; dreams of one another, and the life ahead of them, as night darkened and brightened, and that life took another step forward with the rising of the sun, into a new day for the newlywed Mr and Mrs Storm.

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