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Character skeletons and sheets.
« on: April 15, 2013, 06:09:11 PM »
[code:1][b]Character name: [/b]
[b]Overall health: [/b]
[b]Character size: [/b]
[b]Combat style: [/b]
[b]Weapons/shields: [/b]
[b]Powers: [/b]
[b]Attack Modifiers: [/b]
[b]Defense modifiers: [/b]
[b] Useful skills: [/b][/code:1]

Overall Health
This determines how many hit points you may endure during a battle. Hit points are limited by rolling nD6 upon character creation. n is decided by the size of the character. Small characters will roll 4D6 upon creation of character, medium 6D6, and large 8D6. Gargantuan characters (only available for dragon-type characters) would roll 10D6 for health.

Character size
Please keep in mind that you are using your playable character for the campaign. You may not suddenly decide that your character is large for the extra health points. Please be as realistic as possible when going through character creation. Small characters will have a +1 bonus to defense, medium take no bonuses nor penalties, and large will take a -1 penalty to defense. Gargantuan characters will take a -3 penalty to defense.

Combat style
Combat style can be one of five things. Blade, which is weapon that is honed. Scythe, daggers, swords, axes etc? Blunt, which is any weapon that is dull. (Where you can bash somebody?s face in without cutting it.  ) Mace, club, hammer, etc?  Range, a weapon to be used at a distance. Crossbows, bows, guns, throwing knives, etc?  Improvisation, and here?s where it gets fun. Improvisation is where you take any non-weapon item and use it as such. Chairs, refrigerator doors,  stereo, etc?  Hand-to-hand, the use of one?s hand and feet in battle. Using a weapon of you character?s combat style, will result in +2 to hit.
Almost anything your imagination will allow can be used as a weapon, granted you provide me with enough reasoning for such.  Weapons or shields will be used as attack or defense modifiers, but I would still like them to be listed.

Powers can go with the attack modifier, or defense modifier depending on the power. I will allow other forms of use for the power; but it needs to be talked over with me. I have no problem doing it on the spot either. Let?s say your character has telekinesis, and a locked door needs to be opened, we?ll figure out the roll needed and the modifier to blow that sucker off its hinges.

Attack modifiers
An attack modifier is anything that would give you an offensive advantage in a fight. It doesn?t have to be character, it can also be environmental; high ground is better than low ground, the element of surprise, fog, etc?

Defense modifiers
A defense modifier is anything that would help you defend yourself in a fight. Doesn?t always have to be blocking, it can be dodging, charming, etc...

Useful skills
Anything you can think of that might help you through a campaign. You may not have your character suddenly good at lock picking because it is convenient for the plot. If you want your character to be a good lock pick, you need to convince me why he/she would be one. The same goes with any other skill as I am using lock picking as the most clich? example.

Note: Do not just post your profile on here. To do your health and stats, you need to talk them through with me either via PM, or IM. To do your health you will have in the Back Alley rolling under my supervision.
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Re: Character skeletons and sheets.
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2013, 09:00:00 PM »
Character Name: Minoko Funaki
Overall Health: 16
Character Size: Small
Combat Style: Range
Weapons/Shields: Longbow, elemental shield of varying size
Powers: Control over the element of metal
Attack Modifiers: [Longbow] +3 weapon, +2 combat specialty, [Elemental] +2 attack, +2 combat specialty
Defense modifiers: [Elemental] +4 defense
Useful skills: Balance (+3), climbing (+3), cooking (+3), jump (+3), sense motive (+3)
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