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Rumble in the jungle. (Campaign play. 01)
« on: April 10, 2013, 01:21:45 AM »
Party: Yasmin. Martyr. Valcroix. Juliet St. James. Minoko. Katan.
Game Master: Master of the Dice.

What brought you all to this hidden room in the crazy old janitor?s office on the Bristle Crios campus is lost to you. What purpose you serve is both irrelevant and unknown. Still, the feeling that something might be off in this room becomes very apparent as the back corner of the offices presents a heavy aura of magic and a hum of energy.

Yas heard the hum and thought it was a song. She was trying to identify it and soon a couple dance mix songs in her head all began blending together. Kesha. Flo Rida. Pitbull. Spice Girls. Spice Girls? Yep. She watched the back corner?s aura, imagining it was some type of light display. She sang in her head, humming along softly, ?Now we go until they kick us out, or the po po shut us down, cuz this club can?t even handle me right now...?

'What?' This single word, single thought echoes in his head, spurs his toes like electric shock. Val lifts his hand to pad his brow like a brim, like leering through light, but instead darkness. Black, so very black. Voices join the space in the calamity of thrumming energies that swell his temples like static. The feeling thins his eyes. "Hello?"

With a thought, her glasses illuminated the room for her. They highlighted two other people in the room, identifying Yasmin easily but the other was simply listed as 'not on file.'  She heard him say hello but was not sure how to reply, since she was not even sure where she was. She looked around the room, scanning for a door or some such.

Unable to fathom where she was, or why, Martyr looked around through the dimly lit room. Val?s single-worded-call was addressed and responded to with a timid, ?Y-yeah?? Then she was moving for the source of whatever might have been making this noise. A squinting, violet gaze graced the room as timid tip-toes crossed the floor. Martyr hid behind her hair, ?I d-don?t think w-we should b-be here?? Martyr had heard the rumors of the crazy old janitor? Granted, they were made up by bored little kids, but for the immortal, gullible was written in the sky.

Yas turned around at the sound of the male voice. She saw a random guy, a girl with glasses, and just assumed they were some of her adoring fans from her radio station 101.1 WHAM! And OMG! Roger was here! Yas bounced over to Roger happily. ?Hey Roger!?

Her display picked up and identified Martyr suddenly. Had it been someone taller or larger, she may have been startled. Fortunately, Martyr was far from either and Juliet easily kept her composure. She didn't personally know the school nurse but at least it was someone associated with the school. "Martyr? What are you doing here?" She paused. "What am I doing here?"

The rangy immortal nearly jumped from her pale skin when the shape shifter addressed her. "O-oh!" A soft yelp passing over copious lips. "M-my n-name's n-not...... n-never mind..." There was no reason to argue about it. Then another woman was speaking her name. She hadn't recognized her, but with the newspaper article out, perhaps it was -she- who now acquired adoring fans. "I am n-not sure... It's alm-most as if s-someone shoved us all into this r-room t-together..."

"Martyr." Val addresses the stuttering hero's skittish words with her name and a step forward. Hesitation is presented, because who knows what could lay in the pitch-black nothing that occupies this space. His steps are drawn and long, making sure to always keep his heel on the floor while they drag onward; this is to test his footing, and make himself present to whoever else may be enrolled within. He lifts both his hands and turns the palms up properly examine the vibrations bumping between his hands. He approaches the supposed source of power. "Hm," pensively, "What are all doing here, indeed."

After shuffling around,  you move closer to the source of the noise, you notice that there is a platform sitting in the middle of the floor. It?s inscribed with glowing runes that almost seem alive, the way the light dims and brightens in a rhythm almost give it the illusion that it?s breathing? It?s inviting really.

[Party roll 1D20]
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Re: Rumble in the jungle. (Campaign play. 01)
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2013, 03:42:34 AM »
Yas was bobbing to her imaginary beat, looking around, as if listening to the music, and totally ignoring the people who soon bored her. She saw the platform with the lightning effects. ?Dance floor!? She eagerly jumped on to it and began dancing and humming along to her tune ?Grab somebody sexy tell 'em hey, if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends??

[Die Roll] Martyr rolled 1 20-sided dice: 16
[Yasmin, don't bother rolling.]
[Die Roll] Yasmin rolled 1 20-sided dice: 14
[Die Roll] Juliet St. James rolled 1 20-sided dice: 5
[She can't be tamed.]
[Die Roll] Valcroix rolled 1 20-sided dice: 12

Juliet St. James:  Juliet had a soft spot for glowing things, as well as shiny things, odd-looking things, things with buttons on them... Her mind returned to glowing things and she approached it. Her display had nothing remarkable about its composition, but couldn't identify the runes. She was not surprised, since the glasses were a work in progress just like most of her tools. She continued to look it over.

[Yasmin] Upon stepping onto the platform, you find yourself in a jungle-like realm. What friends hadn?t stepped into the platform yet, would be blissfully unaware of this new world. The sounds of animals, big and small, chirping and roaring are heard off in the distance; and despite the potential danger, a strange feeling of peace washes over you. Feeling at ease with the new change of scenery, you find yourself wanting to kick back your feet and gaze up at the sky.
Master of the Dice:  [Yasmin roll 1D20]

[Die Roll] Yasmin rolled 1 20-sided dice: 13
[Juliet, Valcroix] You find yourself walking toward the light. The inviting glow taking you into its loving embrace. You cannot help but step on it, and be taken away to the new world.
Master of the Dice:  [Juliet, Valcroix roll 1D20]

[Die Roll] Valcroix rolled 1 20-sided dice: 13
[Die Roll] Juliet St. James rolled 1 20-sided dice: 15

[Valcroix, Juliet, Yasmin. Temporary SL pause so that Minoko, Katan and Martyr can catch up.]
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Or if anybody feels the way I feel,
I need inspiration
Not just another negotiation.[/color:30b1cdf2d8]

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Re: Rumble in the jungle. (Campaign play. 01)
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2013, 03:54:31 AM »
[Martyr] You just watched your friends get sucked into a portal from the platform. Common sense told you not to step on something, yet you watched all of your friends just jump right in. Yasmin seemed to have the right idea, but they are all lost to you now.

Eyes stared widely as everyone disappeared. She'd expected it from Yasmin, and hell, she didn't know the new girl... But, Valcroix?! The one who always tells her to think before she acts? Oh he was going to get a talking to later! For now, Martyr was frozen.

"Martyrrrrr." A hand was pushed back through blonde hair as he walked up to his favorite immortal. "What just happened?" Red eyes gave a hint of what the man had been doing before he had been summoned here. He seemed entirely panicked by the situation. Also, he was hungry. Hopefully there would be some mystical snacks.

The immortal hadn't taken her eyes from the platform. Her finger lightly pointed a few times, not bothering to notice the green smell in the air surrounding Katan. "P-portal....s-s-sucked in..." Martyr whispered softly.

What a time to be unsober. Thankfully Minoko's night hadn't quite started yet, so she was only slightly buzzed. She reached out to the American and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Ugh, Patrick's going to kill me... Could you send him a quick text? I think this might prevent me from finishing off my shift." She nodded in the direction of the inviting platform. It was clearly time to roll with some of Rhy'Din's magical punches.

[Katan, Minoko roll 1D20. Katan gets a -3 penalty for being high. Minoko -1 for being slightly buzzed. ]
[Die Roll] Katan rolled 1 20-sided dice: 11
[Die Roll] Minoko Funaki rolled 1 20-sided dice: 5

[Katan, Minoko] Perhaps it is the foreign--or probably pretty normal substances for Katan--in your body, but you both just walk into the portal like flies to a trap. It appears Martyr is the only one with her head on straight--yeah, because -that's- normal.

 [Katan, Minoko. 1 more D20]

[Die Roll] Katan rolled 1 20-sided dice: 11
[Die Roll] Minoko Funaki rolled 1 20-sided dice: 10

Martyr's eyes widened as the strange female all but sprinted for the platform. "Y-you can't eat m-my f-friends, p-please!" Martyr yelped out. Eyes wide as she stepped on to the runes and moved to follow.

[Martyr, Minoko, Katan.] Upon stepping onto the platform, you find yourself in a jungle-like realm. What friends hadn?t stepped into the platform yet, would be blissfully unaware of this new world. The sounds of animals, big and small, chirping and roaring are heard off in the distance; and despite the potential danger, a strange feeling of peace washes over you. Feeling at ease with the new change of scenery, you find yourself wanting to kick back your feet and gaze up at the sky.

[Die Roll] Martyr rolled 1 20-sided dice: 16

Master of the Dice:  [Minoko, Katan, Yasmin, Valcroix] With the world telling you to just sit back, relax, and stare at the sky, you do just that.

Master of the Dice:  [Juliet, Martyr] Despite what the environment is telling you, your common sense and better judgment prevails. You realize that you shouldn?t be here. Upon scouting around the area in front of you, you notice that some of your friends, have succumbed to the urge to simply relax. Stir them?

Yasmin looked around starry eyed and figured she must have won a dream vacation. WHAM 101.1 was supposed to be giving away a vacation for one of its prizes on its radio game for something or other. Yas couldn?t keep up with the rules. Too complicated. Something about the eleventh caller? Way over her head. But, hey, it couldn?t have been too hard, right? Cuz she did win. She did what she saw most people doing on vacation and sat back and relaxed.

Stable teleportation! She could barely contain her excitement. Hopefully the transition was recorded fully and properly by her glasses - such information could be invaluable in her own experiments. She looked all around so her glasses could scan and record as much of this new environment as possible for later analysis. While doing so, she noticed their general laziness. "Guys? I know this place is relaxing and inviting, but should we really be resting now? Whatever brought us here, it probably wasn't by accident..."

Softly, he bends to the grass. Memory, feeling and the particulars therein are lost in the deep-blue sky stretched above with an infinitude that his now-blank mind held as incomprehensible. He looks like a child in his first sunny day. With both legs twisted atop one-another, he sits with a recline, both hands sinking into the moist blades beneath the palms.

Best. Trip. Ever. BeeDee would have to be awarded with some sort of pizza medal if Katan ever managed to get back home. For now, the American would have to focus on this beautiful landscape. He stretched out on the grass and propped his hands up behind his head. Those clouds wouldn't identify themselves.

All thoughts of work had drifted away from her mind once Minoko found herself immersed in this new world. What kind of bird was singing to her? Dark eyes jumped from tree to tree, trying to figure it out. Even though what she really wanted to do was run around, the woman found herself on the ground, hugging her knees to her chest. She started to hum along with that bird, hoping it would come to her.

[Minoko.] The bird explodes.

Eyes frantic, more nervous than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, Martyr looked around. She saw Katan, Minoko, Yasmin? All sitting back and relaxing. Katan, Yasmin; yes. Minoko; maybe? But Val? Not a chance in hell. Something was wrong. ?H-hey g-g-guys? Exc-cuse m-me, b-but? I t-think w-we shouldn?t b-be sitting h-here?? The girl mumbled out. Her booted toe scraped across the grassy plain. ?G-g-guys?? Juliet wasn't getting anywhere either.. Alright, time to bring out the big guns. After a deep breath taken into lungs, the usually quiet immortal belted out; "GUYS!"

Yas was interrupted by Roger?s call. She looked around and saw the others around her. Now she got it. This wasn?t a vacation for her. It was a vacation for all of her adoring fans to be able to spend time with her. Funny. She didn?t remember signing up for something like that. That wasn?t unusual, though.

There it was! The majestic creature was just as beautiful as she thought it would be. Minoko reached both hands out to the colorful bird as it flew over her head. And then...BOOM! "Ehhhh..." Her face twisted into a horrified look of realization as she sprung to her feet. "We should get out of here, like Martyr says. Come on." She stumbled over to Katan and tried to pull on his arm.
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Re: Rumble in the jungle. (Campaign play. 01)
« Reply #3 on: April 10, 2013, 06:30:57 AM »
It was less Martyr's voice, more the plume of blood-and-feathers that tear the lank hellion from his assumed hypnotism. His face looks uncomfortable and angrily-built with small eyes and a recession of snarls that lift the left-end of his mouth as if it were pinned and pulled with fishing line. Without addressing the crowd, he stands and pulls the silver cigarette case from his pocket. A look it lowered to Martyr, and despite the fact he hadn't a clue, his face says: 'I don't know why, but I feel like this is your fault.'

Considering everyone else just meandered into the portal, and Martyr was the ONLY one with the sense not to--even if it was because of a roll check--and she came in to save everyone... It's safe to say that this isn't her fault. Unless we're taking into consideration that her player wrote this plot, then yes, it was her fault... A meek look was given from the shrinking girl to her accusing husband-to-be.

The mixture of Martyr's cries and Minoko's tugging was enough to distract Katan from his precious clouds. "What? Did you find food?" Though he somehow hadn't noticed the bird explode, he did notice the few feathers that had landed in Minoko's jet black hair. Maybe she had managed to pluck and cook something. Fingers crossed!

[Minoko, Katan, Yasmin, Valcroix] Your acquaintances have brought you back to reality. You quickly realize how foolish you were to have sat down and relaxed in the middle of the jungle. Should you go back the way you came? Or explore for a little bit? [Juliet, Martyr] After awaking your party members, you realize that standing around might be stupid.  Try to leave or look around?

Yasmin stared off again, not a thought in the blue shape shifter?s head.

Satisfied that everyone had come to their senses, she began to scan more intently around the area in which everyone had arrived. She hoped to find a way back, or a map, markings in the ground, anything to give a clue as to why they were there or how they could return home.

Val placed a cigarette between his lips and lifted a match to the same region and plucked its little red head off a providing canine. The sulfurous fume burns the inside of his nostril and he wrinkles the nose, making an ugly little face. He dips the cigarette into the flame, and then flicks the match into some foliage. He looks at it hopefully. Maybe it would all just burn down. He looks into the sky again with scorn. "I guess we should go. I'm annoyed."

Katan's stupidity would never cease to amaze Minoko. Sensing the feathers in her hair, she picked a few out and let them drift to the ground. "What he said." She nodded to Val before taking a good luck at the other people she was with. Yasmin was recognized as the DJ from that speed dating event she had attended last year, so that left one person who she was unacquainted with. A small wave was sent Juliet's way. "Hey, do you know anything about this place? I'm Minoko, by the way."

"Val." With two fingers bound and his back to the group, he salutes to the left with a 90-degree fall of these fingers, coolly informing those who didn't know him that this was his name. Martyr was popular, and he figured most just knew him as "Martyr's mean fianc?."

"Oh, um... I'm Juliet." She managed a sheepish wave in return. "I know about as much as any of you, I think..."

Martyr's mean fianc? was a bit much. Katan preferred to think of Val as simply 'Grumpypants the Groom'. The man abruptly sprung to his feet. "Katan. Like the sword, but without the A. Now does anyone know how to identify some sort of wild jungle potato, maybe?" He walked over to a cluster of leaves and started to inspect them for clues.

"H-hi, V-val.. I'm M-martyr, it's n-nice t-to m-meet you." Nodding to that, because hey, she could try and cheer him up. Maybe she would just carry booze on her at all times. Oh, there was an idea. I'm getting you a flask for your birthday...

Yasmin was trying to pay attention. Ok, the dude with Roger was named Valerie. Pretty odd name for a dude, but Roger was a weird name for a chick. She tried not to judge. She assumed they should all know her name since they won this vacation to be with her, but she did like hearing the sound of her own name. "Well, I'm sure you all know me as DJ Zazzy Yas. I know, I know, I look so much different on the radio."

"M-maybe w-we should look around a b-bit..." Martyr added her opinion in. Yasmin only got a shake of her head... She needed a funny nickname for the shape shifter... Bob... If she had any confidence, she'd be calling her just that.

Thank you, baby. I wish it was my birthday, yesterday. Val had turned around sweetly as he'd decided that the flagrant little accusation he'd rolled from his coarse face earlier was dished unfairly. Thin red eyes swash from far-left to extreme-right, picking out oddities, faces, plants and all-other innocuous points therein in the carrying swing. When he'd stood apart from Martyr, Val placed his hand on her shoulder and bent his knees to give her a fair chance at level eye-contact. And with a rare strain of support, he lowered his head to left and softly turned his eyebrows over. "You okay? Any ideas, here?"

"I'm ok-kay... I w-was h-hoping y-you g-guys w-wouldn't j-just...w-walk right into that thing, b-but... I m-mean..." A soft sigh. I love you, we need to find a way home. Panic hadn't set in yet, as the girl's lyrics rang into his mind, and then she was searching around the area with thinning, violet eyes.

DJ Zazzy Yas.... Where had he heard that before? "Oh! I know you! From that dating party thing with the cupcake towers. I remember because that was when I met Kingsley, and also Minoko got really drunk and ate a whole bunch and rejected that furry guy." He nodded and ripped a leaf off a bush.

"I have no recollection of it. Which is annoying." Val was intuitive, was rarely acute and stable--so be led by easily could only further-prove that disastrously influential magics must be coordinating this exodus. From Martyr, Val turned his head over his right shoulder to glare into one of several out-standing clearings. "Split up, or go at-it as a group." Those who knew him could see it as a question.

"G-g-group! Splitting up is s-stupid! I m-mean.." Submissive after her outburst. "W-what if a g-group of us m-makes it out, and the others d-don't?" Huff, puff!

"Splitting up is usually how people die in this kind of movie," she said offhandedly, continuing her search.

 [Juliet, Martyr. Roll 1D20][Die Roll] Juliet St. James rolled 1 20-sided dice: 4[Die Roll] Martyr rolled 1 20-sided dice: 17

"Those are my favorite movies. 'Long as we all keep our pants on, I think we'll make it. Love-makers always get slaughtered first."

?Well, Valerie,? Yas began, ?I think I?m going to have to agree with Roger and Glasses Girl on this one.? That was probably very eloquent and thoughtful for Yasmin.

There wasn't much offered to Val for that comment save for a disturbed glance. Then she continued her search.

[Juliet] Despite your attempts to find anything useful, your eyes get lost within the wild green. The animal calls invade eardrums and leave you feeling slightly overwhelmed. Nothing you can?t handle, but you still didn?t find anything of use. [Martyr]As you explore the clearing, you notice two hidden doors that seem to lead to a place beneath the ground. The text engraved into the double-doors seems to be ancient and indecipherable. The script on the door bears a strong likeness to the one on the portal, though the light seems to have faded off long ago. Push on the door?
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Re: Rumble in the jungle. (Campaign play. 01)
« Reply #4 on: April 10, 2013, 06:40:07 AM »
Glasses Girl... she filed that away in her memory, in case she needed a superhero name one day. She then realized it was not intimidating at all, and changed her mind.

An eye brows kites for the highest wrinkle and below a big, red-moon eye for Yas, knowing only-he could be 'Valerie'. "It's... never mind. Yeah, fine. Staying together seems to be the consensus, here."

Alright, dice... You stop turning Martyr into the MVP of this campaign.. Makes the whole thing look rigged! Those violet eyes widened upon the sight. "H-hey! G-g-guys!" Like a dog that caught the scent Martyr's head jerked from her friends, to the doors as a finger pointed. "L-look! I m-mean.. If it's n-not t-too m-much t-trouble! I f-f-found some d-d-doors and stuff!"

She looked the door over thoroughly for later analysis. "Strange that this is here. Where do you suppose it goes?" A slight blush appeared once Katan was finished talking about her. "Well there were cupcakes everywhere, and you insisted on getting pizza...." She sighed and started to crack her knuckles. Hearing Martyr's call, Minoko headed on over to the doors that the immortal pointed out. "Oh wow. Do you think it's safe?" She thought over her own question. "Do you think we even have an option?"

Yas didn?t even remember the speed dating thing they were talking about? but she remembered that furry? Guess she couldn?t escape that memory.

Like a prairie-dog from its hole, Val lifts his long, white neck up-and-over Martyr's shoulder to drop two suddenly-enthused eyes into the opening. "Alright, then. Let's go, I'd rather die in darkness than in a f'cking jungle paradise." He was trying to move her aside the cavity by pressing his hands onto her waist-and-shoulder and applying pressure to her right. His goal was to lead the expedition; neither bravery nor confidence, rather just a dire need to be rid of this nightmare.

Only one way to find out, Martyr began pushing at the door but then Val was shepherding her from the way. "Ooh..." A single verse spilling from lips as she assessed the situation. She did it poorly. "Oh my god b-bomb!" The girl yelped out in a skittish fit, before jumping to the ground to duck and cover.

She gasped and jumped back, falling right on her butt. Hopefully there wasn't actually a bomb; otherwise, what an embarrassing way to go. On the other hand...

She perked up for that. A bomb? She lunged and ducked her head under her hands. She silently prayed ?Not the face. Not the face.?  Not realizing in the panic that she could just make a new one.

Furries were better off forgotten... Having thoroughly inspected his leaf, Katan tossed it to the ground with that exploded bird and walked over to the doors that everyone seemed to be staring at. "A bomb?!" Which wires should he cut? For whatever reason, Katan didn't duck and cover. He instead tried to peer past the crowd and see this supposed bomb.

To the group at his aft, curtly: "There's no bomb." Then he whips his head back to properly examine the darkness, for this address to the crowd was given without conclusive observation---what if there was a bomb?

The doors swing ajar given some effort. They open up into an underground tunnel, which seems slightly too clean to be abandoned. Walls are made of stone and lined with the same dead runes on the door. The feeling that you?re all not alone in this is both comforting and horrifying.  Though you are underground, the scents around you are just as inviting as if you would have stepped into your home. With no way back, this seems like your best bet to get away from the jungle?which is undoubtedly dangerous at night.

No bomb? "N-no b-bomb?" Well now she felt silly. Eyes slowly resurfaced from wrinkled lid and crimped lash, and the doe-eyed dame looked around from her rather comfortable position on the ground. Then she was crawling between Val's legs, whether she tripped him wasn't a concern for her. She peeked inside. "N-no b-bomb!"

Yep. If there had been a bomb, she'd be embarrassed and dead right now. Since there was no bomb, she only had the embarrassment. She'd have to make do. As she rose, she swept the back of her labcoat in case it was dirty. Satisfied, she moved near the opening once more.

Yas perked her head up and looked around. When she saw people by the door, she picked herself up and wandered over to them and the door. Huh. This probably led to the spa for the vacation. Sounded good to her. Obviously underground cuz it was going to be a mud bath spa. Had to go deep to get to the good mud, you know. ?Alright! Cool! Let?s go.? She wasn?t really talking to anyone in particular. Probably talking to herself. It wasn?t a problem if she talked to herself? unless she started talking back. That would just be crazy. She proceeded to go inside.

Val pried his legs apart to build a tunnel with these limbs, affording Martyr an easy traverse through him. Didn't do much for his image as he stood there, funnily. He takes a cautious step backwards to clear the little immortal which now placed her ahead of the pack. Bending, Val's long arm is rifled for Martyr's collar in an attempted snatch-and-grab, and had she not wriggled away, his goal would remain: pulling her up on her feet.

Pulled to her feet, and brought to a stand, a glance of gratitude was shot back at Val. Though he always seemed to lift her up, or put her where he wanted her.. No big deal to her, though. The immortal didn't mind being at the head of the pack, in a sense, she chalked it up to the fact that if anything cut her in half, she'd grow at least some part of herself back.. Right? Yeah, didn't think about poison darts, though. "H-hello?" -H-hello, h-hello...h-hello....-

Val tried to slip away in Martyr's mind by softly stepping, thoroughly keeping the product of his combined audio silent. Why? Because in one filthy move, he lunges forward to strike at her lower back with two sharp index fingers. "BOO."

So mean! Martyr's eyes widened. A scream lit the tunnel's audio with a thousand echoes of its likeness. Then she was sprinting forwards down the tunnel.

You were all careless. Upon trudging forward, Martyr?s foot (and let?s not play the blame-game here...Val,) stomps down onto a raised panel. Gears begin to turn, and the tunnel began to rumble.

Yasmin saw Roger start running down the tunnel. She assumed the gears turning and rumbling was the party getting started. She intended to skip down the tunnel happily behind Roger, going back to humming in her head her mash up songs. ?You tell me that you're sorry, didn't think I'd turn around and say? I'm gonna give all my secrets away.?

"That's probably not..." she began, but Martyr had already raced away. As the tunnel began to rumble, her eyes widened. "Uh oh..." Like most people, the thought of being crushed by a collapsing tunnel was uncomfortable to her and she began to inch backward.

To prepare for sprinting, Val hopped forward several times, and while doing this, turns to whomever was standing directly behind him with a face alarmed and disproportionately spaced. "Sh't, c'mon, we don't know what the hell she's running into." Whether the order was followed or-not was irrelevant. He turns on those heels and whiffs his legs forwards to staff a fast spring. "Martyr! Stop!" Then the rumbling. Val brakes by sliding his feet forward and locking them until friction staved him.

As she watched the fearless DJ disappear through the mysterious doors, Minoko figured it would be a good time to up her defenses. The Asian's right hand was extended outwards, and in a moment the metal band on Minoko's finger had expanded into a circular plate with a three foot diameter. Now if any poison arrows were shot at the group, Minoko might be able to block them. She started to jog down into the tunnel, but came to a sudden stop as the rumbling began. "Sh*t...."
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Re: Rumble in the jungle. (Campaign play. 01)
« Reply #5 on: April 10, 2013, 06:53:06 AM »
Like a pup peeing on the carpet, Martyr froze within an awkward tremble. As Yasmin skipped behind her, she couldn't say she was rightly surprised. Eyes squeezed shut for a moment. This is it. This is the end. Good-bye world! I'd say it was nice knowing you and stuff, but you were kinda mean to me, I mean... Really? Still, thank you for Val, Max and all my friends.. I appreciate that. I really do..

The lucky person who got to be yelled at by Val was none other than Katan. "Yeah, yeah." He then began to steadily walk into the tunnel. Running clearly wasn't necessary, considering that no one was behind him. His only reaction to the rumbling was a raised eyebrow. "Time for that giant boulder to come rolling down, huh?"

The throttling of the hall was a concern, naturally, but what out-standing conditions were of no matter until he'd found Martyr. Careful on his feet, he jogged, tar-soaked lungs having none-of-it, and yet he persists with chest-aflame. He had squinted at her shrouded image before gesturing one mighty leap forward, sick of padding the quaking floor; it was hurting his feet. "It's not the end, calm down, and come here, let's wait for the others to catch up."

Just ahead, three blades begin to swing like pendulums back and forth about two feet apart from one another in the narrow space. Beyond it is a lever, which no doubt, stops the blades. Who?s going to brave it?

She got a hold of herself, taking a deep breath. She was hardly unafraid now but it was the best she was going to get. She walked briskly down the corridor, eyes darting back and forth straining to see any kind of hidden danger while forgetting that was one of the many functions she'd tried to build into her glasses. The glasses outlined Val's and Martyr's shapes when she got near, and soon after they highlighted the swinging blades and the lever beyond. Within moments, her display showed the timing of the blades' swings. This was supposed to aid her in observing such patterns and then moving in time with them... Moving was definitely the hard part. She froze.

Brave it? Yas just thought it was one of those new shaving techniques for the spa. When she got up to Valerie and Roger, she intended to continue skipping through the pendulums to receive her spa treatment and continue towards the awaiting party on the other end.

[Yasmin roll 3D20]
[Die Roll] Yasmin rolled 3 20-sided dice: 3,7,4
[Die Roll] Master of the Dice rolled 3 10-sided dice: 1,4,8

Yasmin gets points for being both fearless, and a trooper. However, those blades made her their b*tch. The first blade knocked into her arm, sending her spinning, the other into her thigh, and then one right in the middle of her spine. [ a good time for a break. Smoke 'em if you got'em, and... Well, erm... Post if you don't.]

Yasmin collapses just past the blades. A bleeding mess on the floor of the tunnel. Its all fun and games until someone loses an arm or two. She was breathing, but going in and out of consciousness.

Martyr had barely gotten a word out to tell Yasmin to stop. "O-oh... Oh..Oh! Aw!" Were the only noises able to come from her mouth at what she'd witnessed. "YAS!" The girl cried out in a fit of emotion and fear. I need to get over there and help her.. I need to... "F*CK!" Leave it to this moment, for the immortal to start cursing.

"Yas! Oh god, oh god..." Her usual anxiety was threatening to take over. What should she do? "Yas! Can you hear me? Say something!" Meanwhile, she inched toward the blades, trying her hardest to psych herself up to go through. She did have the answers, after all. Facts always gave her comfort. It'll be way easier knowing the pattern. She kept telling herself other similar things...

No giant boulder. Generic swinging blades. The elation that Katan had been feeling immediately disappeared as he watched the blades turn Yasmin into a broken rag doll. Sobriety hit him like a ton of bricks. He wasn't feeling hungry anymore, only nauseous. Now white as sheet, Katan continued to walk forward until he was next to Minoko. "Do you think you can... I don't know, stop them or something?" Blue-grays fell to the ground as he started to nervously scratch at his neck.

Minoko's reaction to the blades colliding with the shapeshifter was a painful sounding hiss. "I don't think so... The - what's the word?" She swung her hand back and forth. "Momentum. It seems like a lot to take in, and the blades are large. Plus they might curse me or something. I think I'll just try to jump it. Martyr's got us covered, remember?"  A faint smile was forced for Katan before she stepped forward. The woman's dark eyes followed along with the blades, taking in their patterns, trying to judge where they would hit her body if she faltered. She then lifted her shield and started to run.

[Minoko roll 3D20 +4 modifier for sheild.]

[Die Roll] Minoko Funaki rolled 3 20-sided dice: 7,19,4
[Die Roll] Master of the Dice rolled 1 10-sided dice: 2

Minoko makes it through the first two swinging blades. The last one, however, smashes into her. No direct damage, save for maybe a bump or two, as it collides with her sheild and knocks her to the ground toward Yasmin.

"Ah!" She cried out when the blade smacked into her shield, knocking her down next to the injured DJ. But other than what would probably end up being some light bruising, Minoko was fine. She jumped to her feet and triumphantly thrusted her shield into the air. "Yeah!" Without wasting another second, the Asian then yanked that awful lever down.

Val rises from a kneeling position slowly, somberly, anticipating the worst because it was easier that way. Like he had in the prior darkness, he brims his eyes with a horizontal hand leveled just above his thin, red eyes to accept every detail of Minoko's thrilling weaves beneath and across the pendulums. When the final ax ricocheted off her shield, Val winced and lent himself forward to inspect what settled as she landed aside Yas. "Mm. Bravo, she made it."

 [Minoko] The lever provided some resistance against her rangy arms, but Minoko did the Asian race proud as it finally gave in. The blades stopped like windsheild wipers, tucking into their assumed places.

Two tiny fingers tell Martyr to hurry when they're tapped against her back. "C'mon, c'mon, do your thing, kid."

"She d-d-did?" Martyr asked muffled against Val's chest. She wouldn't know; she had hid from the world in that moment. Eyes finally resurfaced. "Y-yas? M-minok-ko?!" The girl pushed from Val's fingers, and stumbled over toward the pair; rivaling Katan's paleness.

She finally exhaled; they could reach Yas. But what could be done? She hurried to Yas's side and pulled a small device from her purse. She pressed a few buttons and a green light bathed one of Yas's wounds. Sadly, her shape shifting physiology was far too different and the little device knew it. "It won't work on her," she said, as though everyone knew what 'it' was. "It... what do we do?"

Juliet's question enlightened a paltry region of his mind that harbored an infinity of queries pertaining to Martyr's bloodwork. He wouldn't argue results against what he'd seen, even experienced himself, but it raised a questions about her ability to tamper with foreign physiology. But he walks confidently behind Martyr and unfastens the lid of his cigarette case. He takes one and places it into his mouth. "Martyr'll fix it." Val nods to both Jules and Minoko, more-than-sure of this affirmation.

"Damn, Min, way to be the hero!" Katan crossed the treacherous area, taking some curious stares at the nooks that the various blades had disappeared into. It was hard not to stare at the battered shapeshifter, but Katan avoided it. He likely wouldn't be making any friends if he puked in this narrow area.

Well, she'd fixed up a baby fox before, and a little dragon... A deep breath was taken as Martyr put a glowing hand onto Yasmin's back, her eyes taking on a silvery-violet sheen. "Hnn.." An audible groan from her lips, as Yasmin's back and arms began to close, and her own wounds began to open. Shimmering eyes were tucked away for a moment painfully, as she puffed out her cheeks, and rendered Yasmin's wounds inexistent. Minoko would get a high-five from Martyr when people weren't dying. All the highfives!
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Re: Rumble in the jungle. (Campaign play. 01)
« Reply #6 on: April 10, 2013, 07:04:45 AM »
Yasmin?s eyes opened. ?That was not the deep tissue spa treatment I requested at all?? Could be one of Yasmin?s random thoughts. Could be the delusional ramblings of someone who almost died. One couldn?t be too certain. She continued, ?But it was a pretty good nap, considering. No mint on the pillow, no pillow either, but I'd still recommend this place.? She jumped up and dusted herself off.

When the wounds transplant to Martyr and her blood runs, Val softly ties two long arms around her neck. This is a bridge for the pair, whereas words wouldn't work, his contact could ease her pain. The man's face was a cold testament to the permanency of a long and uncouth life, but here it softens to a degree and with an eternity of respect for Martyr's ability to cope with the pain time-and-again.

Yay, Minoko loved high-fives! They made her feel way more accomplished than pats on the back. Dark eyes followed along with Martyr's always impressive healing process. When Yasmin jumped to her feet, she beamed.

"The caretakers apologized for coming unprepared. There'll be mint at checkout, Yas, I promise."

She clutched her waist with one hand, pushed her glasses up her nose with the other, and generally fidgeted in other ways also meant to relieve tension. What had just happened was quite fascinating, but she felt far too much relief to study it closely. That is one more reason why she records everything as she goes. Still too shaken up to say much, she simply leaned against a wall and began staring absently as though she could see through the stone and into the space between.

A nuzzle was lent to his hand as Valcroix held her. She let out one more audible groan as her wounds began to work their way shut. The process seemed to last an eternity for her, though it really only took a minute or so. As Yasmin jumped up, Martyr rivaled Minoko's smile, though hers was weakened by pain and other factors--Val's words eased some amount of laughter sputtering from copious lips. Martyr's blood dripped from her, mingling with Yasmin's in a puddle on the floor. That shape shifter was crazy as all hell.

She collected herself enough to pass her little device near enough to some of Yas's blood to get a small sample. Perhaps in a few hours it would figure out a way to heal the shape shifter's future wounds, not that she wanted her to get hurt again. It was hard to guess how long it would be until the nanites worked for Yas, if they could at all. She'd never analyzed a shape shifter with the controller before.

It was good that things had recollected, that all wounds were sealed and smiles ruled the space; but Val had to be the barer of the flag. He kisses Martyr's head with an awkward side-long press out of the corner of his mouth as-to maneuver around the cigarette still stuck in there. After this, he stands and rips another match off the wall. He's a microcosm of light while inside the flame's boundaries. When both nostrils vent the sublime remedy in-form of cool white steam, he would open his mouth to excrete more, his face like a fleshly little house on fire. "Glad we're all well. So let's get on with it. I'm sick of all this." With that out, both hands net his waistline and scrunch the band of his white overcoat. Shifty eyes indicate the corridor ahead and lift his chin to show.

Yas looked and saw the door. ?Ok,? she said in response to Valerie. She went to reach for the door to open it. You wanted careful? You shouldn?t have brought along Yas.

Scooping herself from a kneeling position, Martyr gives Yasmin a too-awkward pat on the back, and the same for Minoko. Then she was following behind her lover. "N-no m-more b-boo b-boos." Mommy talk for, Yasmin don't get hurt, and Val if you scare me again I'll make you swallow one of those blades.

Good, everyone was in one piece. Katan could actually feel his appetite coming back, slowly but surely. What he really wanted was one of those cookie ice cream sandwiches, though a wild jungle potato still sounded pretty good. Since Yas was apparently still leading the way, Katan decided to stay a few steps behind her. The guy in the middle couldn't get hit, right?

Upon opening the door, you note that it dead-ends into a room. Further inspection of the door would prove that it was locked at one point, and had been broken down. Common sense tells you to move carefully through?So go ahead, Yasmin. Skip on through!

And she does!

I promise, I promise. "Ugh... Hey..." With the word carrying down the hallway towards Yasmin, Val reached-out to mime the inclination that a mess would soon follow. He jogs up , but damn if she didn't skip fast, that one. "Yasmin! Careful, this Dun... this 'Spa' isn't fond of us walking round the 'employee only' section." It was his best shot at puncturing the funny girl's attention.

Quickly, the little immortal stumbles inward after her. She didn't so much mind healing the shape shifter, but the pain did, well, hurt and stuff... So... Yeah. "Y-yas, w-wait! I d-d-don't think this is a d-d-day sp-s-sp... N-never mind..."

That's not a high-five! Dammit, Martyr! With her shield still at the ready, Minoko positioned herself between Yasmin and Katan. Hopefully she could prevent any further explosions.

The hallway empties out into a larger room. Within the circle there are six platforms sticking up from the floor on opposite ends of the room. They don?t look hidden like a trap, more as though they are inviting the persons to step on them. Perhaps this is some sort of puzzle? One really never knows in a place like this? Still, those podiums seem to be the only thing standing out in this dead-end. Symbols rest atop the surface of each one, but remain illegible? The runes seem to be swirling all around the room. Still lacking light, but perhaps that was what the switches were for? Perhaps this was the way out? With this being a dead end, there aren't many options at your fingertips.

Blue-grays took in the newest room. "Okay, guys, I don't want to freak you out too badly or anything right now, but..." The American paused for suspense. "I think this is like Saw."

She quietly followed the others. It would be a little while before she got over what she had seen.

Yas stopped in mid skip, one foot still of the ground when she saw the six platforms. She waited. She was like a kid with too many options. Overwhelmed.

Saying nothing, she looked at each platform and studied the symbols to see if either she or her glasses could find a pattern or meaning among them. She was very relieved that Yas seemed to be waiting this time.

Martyr counted the platforms, and then counted the people. "W-well, there's s-six of them and s-six of us... S-s-should we... Should w-we step on them?" Shifty eyes looking to the party. "I m-mean... If w-we d-do.. W-we should w-worry ab-bout b-blades.. And m-make sure t-to jump.." Nod-nod. Then her arm transformed into a metal talon.

Being one of the last in the room, Val spares the group of his own findings, because really, no one could know what to think. The platforms were ornate and housed runes like the rest of the corridor: there's a conclusion for you. He will squint, however, as he approaches, only to kneel besides one. He takes his cigarette away from his mouth to blow smoke against the stone, waiting for a reaction from the Rune, should there be one.

[Valcroix] There is no reaction, save for the smoke bouncing from it.

Yas liked the idea of them each jumping on one. She eagerly went to jump onto the closest one to her.

[Yasmin] When you jump on the plate, it shifts downwards. A small rumble, and a surge of power from the runes, but that was about it, before it all died down. Clearly, one wasn't enough.
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Re: Rumble in the jungle. (Campaign play. 01)
« Reply #7 on: April 10, 2013, 07:21:19 AM »
Yas kept jumping. She wasn't trying to make it work. She was just excited to be on a dance platform again. Last time she was, she won a free vacation.

Seeing the surprisingly safe reaction from Yas's plate, Minoko set her sights on the platform farthest from her. She crossed the room and hopped on.

A look best generalized as 'scientific' is lent to Yasmin after she'd climbed atop one of the aglow slabs. His left brow rose while the right sank, either-eye corresponding to this match; left big, right small. Val waits for their guinea pig to trigger something.

Seeing the reaction, she moved to the platform next to Yas and stood on it. "Maybe we should all stand on one, and see what happens..." Hopefully nothing harmful, fatal, or gooey.

Martyr slowly moved for a platform close to her, nodding to Minoko to see that she was doing the same. She was dainty about it, a single toe pulled her up, and soon it fell down beneath her weight.

[Yasmin] Despite your actions, you still get the same reaction. [Minoko, Martyr, Juliet] When you two hop onto the platforms, another surge of power quakes. It's slightly stronger, but dies down all the same.

If only to please Jigsaw, Katan chose one of the remaining two platforms and stepped onto it. It was clear that fulfilling the dungeon's wishes was the only way that they'd ever get out of here.

"God." Val spat the deity's pious title into the musky sarcophagus and lifts a single foot onto the platform that rests aside Martyr's. It was hard to be obedient, but without even a "B" option, Val lends the whole of himself onto the stone. "All right, Scotty." He squints and lets his chin fall back to glare into the blackness above. "Beam us up."

You?ve stepped upon the platforms? Probably not the smartest thing you could have done, but it won?t be held against you. With all of them pressed down flat, a surge of electricity is shot from the floor to the ceiling. You try and duck for cover, but your feet are frozen to the floor; you can do nothing but squeeze your eyes shut and pray to see another day. Motion sickness overcomes you, though you haven?t budged. When you open your eyes, something immediately feels different.
 [Selected people switch accounts.]
Your eyes resurface, and you?re in the wrong skin. Whether or not you notice right away, will only be known with time? Even still, let?s take a moment to reflect on this.

The quaking and shaking left the girl on hands and knees when it finally subsided. She raised her eyes up to look around, her main concern, sorry everyone else, Valcroix. Looking around frantically for him, she saw nothing.. Nobody that resembled the man. She did however, find another clone of herself. Thin crimsons expanded.

"Oh, for f*ck's sake, not again!" Minoko had recognized the body switch immediately, since she was now nearly a half foot taller and staring at herself. And no, Motoko was not in the room. A loud groan was let out as the man hopped from the platform. "Katan, if you're the one in my body, you better keep your hands to your f*cking self. I swear..."

Yas looked around. It seems as though her platform was switched and she was standing on a different one now. Why was she not aware of this choreography beforehand? And there was added to the mix an incredibly beautiful blue girl.

Her eyes opened, and she tried to shake the blur out. As she did, she saw... herself. "Oh!" she said as she stepped back suddenly. She stepped a little too far, and fell backward off the platform. Her legs rested upon the platform in front of her, except they were not her legs... they were blue. "OHHH!" she shrieked, realizing what had happened - she had switched bodies with Yasmin. The sudden shock, and perhaps terror, brought about a new, unusual feeling... and suddenly a large pumpkin appeared where she had once been.

Wow. That blue girl was nuts. Better stay away from her. Yas made the mental note that she would forget in a few seconds.

He'd--SHE'D--stepped off the platform muddied by the switch that the man he once was, had no recollection of. Val gripped his face like one would in a daze. With soft, careful (too careful for the girl, any could note) pace he groaned, groggily. Why did his fingers feel small? Why were his steps so short? Why was his chest heavy? Pants empty? Suddenly feel like crying over absolutely nothing? His eyes crack apart and see the world from a vale of porous brown threads that had swept below his now-beautiful face. "Martyr..." The word is low, despite being her brand. "F'ck... f'ck, this sucks." The facts settled in. He turns and picks his smarmy corpse body out. "Oh.. Oh, god... No..."

The girl-guy's eyes stayed wide. Oh god, he's me, which means I'm him... Doesn't it? "V-v-val?" Stammering out lyrics that sounded more manly than ever before. "O-oh! Eeeeh! I f-f-feel..." The girl began to pat herself down, tears flowing from her eyeballs. "Hairy...."

The metal shield that Minoko had previously been supporting clattered to the ground. "Huh?" He took a moment to examine his now delicate hands. Katan now felt far more aware of everything in the room. This was apparently the result of all that ki training, huh? Well, it was good to know that he had exactly seven coins in his pocket.  "Hands to myself... Got it. Now how do I do the fun stuff?" He pointed to the lifeless shield and smirked.

Yas felt like she was going crazy. Not because of the predicament they were in but because she kept seeing things floating in front of her. It was the constant rush of information on the lenses of Juliet?s glasses. Yas began swatting at the words and images like invisible flies in her face every so often. She also, undoubtedly, looked crazy as a result.

When didn't she look crazy, though?

"Oh, my glasses! You're just seeing what my glasses show me. Information about people and things I see," is what a humanoid mouth would have said. As a pumpkin, it sounded more like "..."

"No, no, no-no-no." It wasn't out of denial, it was the sight of his wiry frame wrenching on the floor, bawling. The shock of being in the girl's body was swept aside momentarily. With an anger that hadn't seen her face, well... 'often', to be fair, Val bent the new body over to examine her. Well him. Well, whatever. He'd shoved a hand into his hip and fired the other to snatch her jaw. He smooshes the cheeks together and pushes the face to the left, to the right, then up. "God," lifting a  brow over eyes that assumed his thin, curt disposition in violet. "I've gotten old. Sh't."

That just made her little face smoosh and wrinkle more. "I d-d-don't l-look old!" Sobbing softly as she patted herself down some more. "Oh g-g-god.. I h-have a... and y-you have a... V-v-v-val I d-d-don't want it!" The stutter was robbed of its adorableness when spoken from Valcroix's tongue.

"Uh, guys? A little help? I seem to have become a pumpkin, and I don't know how to change back... Yas? Help me, please?" Or, if you do not speak pumpkin, "..."

"It's not that easy. Don't try anything. You'd probably end up accidentally cutting your own... MY throat!" Minoko angrily crossed her arms. This couldn't have been any worse. At least when she switched with Toby she had gotten a better body out of the deal. As Katan she felt sleepy, hungry and fairly oblivious. Though she had to admit, it was nice being tall again. "F*ck! Do you think we'll switch back if we get back on the platforms? Or do we have to move on?" She kicked her metal plate and-watched it skid across the room.

Without warning, the pumpkin changed... slightly... into a jack-o-lantern. "Oh, thank god!" it said, this time with real words. "Yas! Yas!"

And in opposition, the man's fiery temper was probably adorable as it's displayed in full-Martyrdom. "Don't! Don't do this!" Imagine this: Little old Martyr standing atop Val with her hand fastened to her hip, the other pointing firmly between his nose. Upon her a rancorous pageant of sharply inclined brows and squinted eyes, yelling down to him. "Get up!" He waits a full second before digging into her arms in an attempt to get the girl up. "Ghnn! Damn, you're fat, too! God... damnit... "

Yas looked over at the pumpkin. She walked over to it. She figured this poor blue girl was a shape shifter too. But this one apparently didn?t know what she was doing. She just watched her a moment, standing on the platform next to her. ?Do you need some help??

".... ..... ..... WAHHHH!" Soft tears began to fall as her arm, which was stronger now all but threw her own tiny frame to the ground and away from herself. "I w-w-want a d-d-divorce! Or...w-w-whatever y-you g-get w-when y-you're n-not m-married!" The, guy sobbed and stomped across the room.

"Do I!" the jack-o-lantern exclaimed. "We've switched bodies. I don't know how to change out of this form!" The tension in its voice rose slightly as it spoke. Juliet did not want to spend the rest of her life as a Halloween decoration. "What do I do?"

Of course the pumpkin switched bodies. She used to be a blue girl. Then she switched to a pumpkin. Duh. Yas lightly kicked the talking pumpkin off the platform, causing her to tumble backwards.

"I don't know, Min." Deciding to ignore his friend, Katan focused intensely on the metal plate. It glowed pink for a second, rose an inch, then fell back to the ground. "Damn. Whatever." He ran a hand back through his new head of long, silky hair. The female appeared to be contemplating something. "Y'know what? I have to pee."

Martyr's body is rocketed back. Her heels stumble, but collaborate, which he found surprising. Several paces back they break, and onto her pert little rear, he goes. It was a soft landing, and he found this acceptable. He drags the borrowed legs and arcs the knees. It's upon these kneecaps where her arms are rested and turned-in to catch a delicately-built face. Her palms pad and mask the fast, soothingly; a migraine pose. Martyr... Come on, it'll be alright. We'll fix it, I promise.

What the hell was Yas doing? She felt herself tipping backward and began to panic. What if she broke? She definitely did not want to become a broken jack-o-lantern. That might even kill her. Her panic and frantic thinking brought on another change, as she thought she wouldn't break if she were something harder, like a... cannonball? Oh, great. She began rolling helplessly around the room, changing direction as she collided with the walls and other platforms.

An uncharacteristic fury was visible in the man's eyes. "YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PEE! Everyone, get back on the platforms!" Large hands reached down, and she attempted to grab at the wandering cannonball who used to be Juliet.

You called me fat, and old... And I don't want to be in this fat old body any more than you want to be in mine! But we're stuck! I also think your body is amazing... I'm just saying... Finally, she decided to try the new legs out. Much like Minoko, she appreciated the height. She stumbled at first, wary.. Would she heal if she was cut? Hm.. No way to test this out without hurting Val's body.. Oh! Fishing a pen from her pocket, she moved over to her real body and stabbed it in the shoulder, then she looked to Katan; er, Minoko with wide 'I didn't do it!' eyes.

Yas rolled her eyes as the oversized bowling ball rolled around the room. She would need to take this new shape shifter under her wing if she wanted to be as successful as Yas one day. Well, let?s be honest. She could never be as successful as Yas?

She was in quite a panic now. Somehow she could still see as a cannonball, and it was not at all pleasant, her vision rolling and flipping with nauseating speed. Or at least it would be nauseating if cannonballs had stomachs, so in a way she got lucky.

"OW!" The shriek was more on-par for the usual Martyr. But the fury that divides the pretty face was something new, something lamenting and evil. "Why!? Why... just... why..." He didn't felt it was deserved. Actually, strike that; KNEW it wasn't deserved. Angling his now-fragile little fingers around the pen, Val yanks the pen from the piercing with a cute little moan and throws it to the floor, furiously. As Katan, or Minoko, or whoever-the-hell they may be now, ordered, Val lifts the little body up and wafts purple around the space to pick-out the platforms. "Okay.. do we all remember which tablet we stood on? It could be important." After he spoke it was impossible not to laugh at the sound of her words bathed in his notion. Giggling, he is sure to shrink his face angrily as he passes Martyr. Absently, like a boy making a lewd little comment to another in a high school hallway: "I hope you get ink poisoning and lose this arm." A very: how about 'dem apples? look is coyly translated to Martyr, on his way to the platform.

"Y-you'd m-marry someone w-without an arm..." Nodding to that and sticking out her too big tongue now. "O-oh, r-right.. L-let's listen t-to K-katan.. Er.. is that y-you K-katan?" She had been lost to the hairy situation. "Uh... This one I t-think." Pointing.

Will everyone get back into the right skin? Will Yasmin ever realize that this isn't a day spa? Will Juliet stop rolling around like a cannon ball? Is Martyr going to shave? And when is Katan going to get fed?! Find out on the next episode of: What the hell is wrong with these role players?!

[size=24]TO BE CONTINUED. . . [/size]
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Re: Rumble in the jungle. (Campaign play. 01)
« Reply #8 on: April 13, 2013, 07:34:04 PM »
Last time on What the hell is wrong with these role players?!--- "Y'know what? I have to pee."  "YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PEE! Everyone, get back on the platforms!"
 [Party] You have all switched bodies. Minoko has suggested that everyone get back on their platforms, and most agreed with her suggestion. However, one of you has decided to become a cannon ball. Somebody should probably roll her to the platform. Let's begin.

Did Val-Martyr just stab Martyr-Val? It really hadn't taken long for everything to turn into pure chaos, had it? Looking rather amused, Katan flipped his hair back. Since he had never stepped off his platform to begin with, there was no need for him to move.

Somehow this cannonball form was changing direction all on its own, and a faint skittering noise might be heard if anyone managed to get their ear up against it. That was unlikely, however, since the cannonball was rolling with even more randomness to its movements than before.

Val looks at the dust kicking from below his soles while crossing the room to his platform. "What is it with these feet, Martyr?" The voice was still primarily feminine, but those closest to the girl would find the tones flat and stern. He lends her own purple eyes into his. "It's like they won't lift all the way. What the hell... like I'm walking through mud." Val lifts one of Martyr's booted feet onto said platform, turns and sticks his annoyed eyes against some darkened corner. "Alright...presto. Something happen... Please."

For once, Yasmin was actually paying a little bit of attention. Not enough to even notice the stabbing or anything important, but enough to realize she should get on a platform. She wasn?t attentive enough to know which to stand on, so she just stood on the one closest to her, which happened to be the one Juliet was on when she kicked her off.

In her defense it was probably mostly her fault; but Val did call Val-Martyr fat... Crimson irises were spinning a mile a moment, and the newfound man looked over at her own dainty botty as it spoke to her. The way lyrics rang from Val's lips, it made someone who didn't know the situation, question the body's sexuality. "Y-you leave m-my feet alone, Mister.. Hmph!" Then she went on to hop upon her platform, her too masculine hips swiveling in a girl walk. She half-hoped they stayed like this, ruining Val's reputation? A plus!

This was not going well at all. It was bad enough being a cannonball but whatever was moving her around the room was not helping matters. What she needed most was to be heard. And then, just like that, the cannonball disappeared and in its place was a jukebox. "I like to dream! Yes, yes, right between the sound machine..."
"Close your eyes now, look inside now, let the sound take you awaaaaayyyyyy... Last night I hold Aladdin's lamp-" Poof, a genie's lamp. As fascinating as this process was, it was not going all that well.

Yas was swaying to the song, but paused disappointedly when the sound stopped.

Absently, Val puckers these plush and copious lips and fills in the tune's chorus with whistles. "Ahhw... you don't know, where-ah..." His eyes peel-away and enlarge to seek the musics' source. Cannon-balls and jukeboxes. Man this place was nutty. Hey, what happened to the blue chick? Val shrugs Martyr's tender blades and wags her long-threaded head to either-side with the music, perhaps under the slights of Martyr's scatter-shot mind.

She had seen that hair flip. Leave it to Katan to act like a bi*chy girl. Not wanting to look away from her body for one second, lest Katan get all grabby, Minoko awkwardly walked backwards over to her platform. A groan was let out once the jukebox appeared in the room. "Dammit... I need a drink."

Then, Martyr, who had seen such movies, was off of her platform and diving for Lamp-Yasmin-Juliet. She tackled the poor object, and hit the ground hard in a tuck and roll. Hugging the lamp closely she began to try to force a genie out, feminine lyrics spilling from masculine lips. "I w-w-wish we were all b-back in our b-bodies..!"

[Party] You are all very bad at this and you should be ashamed.

Val works this little body over to a lean and balls her little fists. In a fit: "Will you stop! I swear, if you don't stop acting like a little girl in my body, I'm going to lift this shirt up!" He slips those little fingers beneath the seam, coyly, all-taught under a 'just try me!' expression and a metering brow.

"You wouldn't d-d-dare!" Martyr yelped out. "O-oh! I c-c-can g-go around w-without a shirt now! That'll b-be s-so g-good on hot d-days!" Val-Martyr looked up thoughtfully.

Great, now someone was yanking her around and rubbing all over her beautiful brass body. It did feel kind of nice, though... then, at long last, her own eyes opened... she saw that she was finally back in her own body... and saw that strange Val person's hands rubbing all over her chest. She shrieked and promptly slapped him as hard as she could.

He-she had been looking back at Val-Martyr, so hadn't paid attention to the shift. Martyr had noticed just about right before that slap. Wide crimsons expanded. "Ahh...!" That was before the slap. "G-gyuk!" A soft whimper escaping lips as she cradled her face and began to sob. "I'm s-s-sorry...!"

A nicely shaped eyebrow was lifted after Val threatened to expose Martyr's body. "Dude, you're seriously the worst fianc? ever."

G-gyuk? S-s-sorry? This might be the weirdest pervert she'd ever seen or heard of. She took several hasty steps back, holding her arms across her chest defensively and looking around as she did so. She saw herself. Damn. "Yas? Is that you pretending to be me or is this me pretending to be me?"

Val cups the skin of his brow, lowers his pretty face and expunges a healthy sigh from her body. "Bad.. so bad. I hate this. I hate my life. I hate everyones' life. F'ck them." The flagrant man's words are breathed softly, and of course, in a low-Martyr murmur.

Yasmin watched as the lamp turned back into Juliet. Huh. She didn?t know that she was a shape shifter. It didn?t matter much since she wasn?t very good at it. She continued to watch as Valerie groped poor Juliet?s chest. Well, this had certainly taken a strange turn somewhere. Never mind everything else they?d been through. That was the thing she thought odd. Yas responded to Juliet, "I don?t pretend to be anyone. Unlike some people, I can shape shift correctly...?

She gave... herself... a flat glare. "Go ahead, then. Show me how it's done."

"C-come on.. L-let's g-get b-back to our p-platforms.. The sooner I g-get b-back t-to m-my body the b-better.." Eyes trailed to Juliet and Juliet, an eyebrow lifting for only a moment before she crawled back to the platform, standing on two feet with a grunt. She was uncomfortable, the pain in newly acquired old bones was a constant discomfort. She wasn't used to pain lasting long; not to mention her cheek still burning.

Yasmin scoffed at Juliet?s indignation. She thought for a second, closed her eyes, and instantly became the first person she could think of... Juliet. She looked down at her accomplishment, then back up to Juliet. If anything, she looked even more like her than Juliet did. Score! She smiled proudly and said to Juliet, ?Tada. Spitting image of yourself. Cuz I am that good.?

She could not resist slapping her face with her palm. She put her hands into her lab coat pockets, thinking of some way to get through the crazy in Yasmin's head. "OW!" She withdrew her hands quickly and began cradling the left. Did she shape shift her lab coat into one with mouths instead of pockets? Shortly after, the head of a turtle stuck itself out the top of the pocket.

Val fans out his arms to embellish his figure, angrily. The fingers turn in while the arms hang out, and to those not yet on their pedestals, a ferocity told-through sharp and pointy brows. "C'mon! Please! Let's try this, already!"

[Party] You realize that Valtyr's words are correct. For the love of god, step on your platform before a lightning bolt hits all of you.

Still looking at Juliet, Yas looked down at the commotion inside her pocket and saw Roger the turtle. ?Hey! Roger!? She jumped over to Juliet and said defiantly, ?That is my turtle. I would like him back.? Yep. Totally off her platform now.

"YOUR turtle is in MY pocket because YOUR mind is in MY body!" she said, even though common sense told her it would do no good. "Maybe if we go back to the platforms it will reverse this... It can't make it any worse, right?" She stepped on the platform she started this madness on, turtle in pocket.

Somewhere in the middle of the argument over turtles, Val-Martyr had dozed off in a standing position. Still on her-his platform. Yasmin glared at Juliet as she got on a platform. She followed her on to her platform and displayed an open palm. ?I would like my turtle, please.? For a group of her fans, this one was being awfully rude to her, taking her stuff and all. Juliet St. James (Yas) is on a platform, SO THERE!

"Look, go to the other platform. When we get our bodies back, you'll have your turtle." She pointed to the platform she had started this mess on. "Go on, please."

Yasmin was all confused, but she figured she might as well. She went over to the empty platform and stood, glaring at Juliet the whole time.

She tried to smooth the ice. "I love your parties. Could I get your autograph later, when this is all done?"

Yasmin nodded and waited for whatever was supposed to be happening.

She was starting to feel bad... she never liked upsetting anyone. "Look, ok..." She walked over to herself, turtle in hand. "Here. I'm sorry."

Master of the Dice:  [Juliet roll 1D20] 13+[Die Roll] Yasmin rolled 1 20-sided dice: 8

Yas happily accepted the turtle and promptly put him in her pocket. ?Thanks.?

[Juliet] Upon stepping off of the platform, a lightning bolt comes down from the ceiling. No damage is done, but your hair is left sticking straight on end. You look ridiculous, get back on your platform.

"Jeeze..." While waiting for the antics to subside, Val felt a general loosening of his pants. The waistline had slipped only a few inches before an index and thumb lock the beltloops and drag them back up. While refastening: "You need to invest in a belt."?

That was certainly unexpected, and even somewhat painful. She began to wonder if that would happen every time...She decided against that experiment - too much weird stuff was going on to get any truly useful data. She got back to her platform and stayed.
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Re: Rumble in the jungle. (Campaign play. 01)
« Reply #9 on: April 13, 2013, 07:52:12 PM »
[Party] The floor rumbles beneath you, the runes begin to light back up... Then all too quickly, the power fades. Not enough of a charge.. Looks like you're stuck this way; better luck next time. There is good news, however.. The rumbling caused a few rocks to fall, leading to a new path.

"Ahahahaha.... Oh wow." Katan gave a two finger salute to the ceiling, which was where he assumed the lightning master resided. Dark brown eyes were then closed. He felt the floor rumble and opened them back up. His body was still on the other side of the room. "F*ck, whatever." Seeing that a path had opened up, he hopped off his platform. Minoko's metal disc was retrieved before he headed through the opening.

Valtyr lowers his head once more. With it falls his shoulders and both arms, they now ragingly sway the wrists at his hips. "Well.. I'm not surprised. Capital." Val lifts his shapely little chin to indicate the path that had broken-away. "Okay.." Off the platform he goes. He rakes several fingers through her scalp and had decided to make a b-line for this space. "C'mon, we're going."

"I d-don't w-want t-to b-be a m-man..." Martyr whispered and lowered her eyes before following Katan through the space. Those crimson orbs span as if there were some invisible hamster running on the wheel of pupils. With a shot morale, those eyes fell shut and she stepped on through after him, a hand moving to Katan's shoulder. "B-be c-careful, M-minoko.."

Upon realizing she was still Yasmin, she merely sighed. At least that ornery turtle wouldn't bite her.

Yasmin wasn?t disappointed by the platforms not working, mostly because she still didn?t think there was any problem at all. She jumped off and was prepared to go to the next part of the vacay. Maybe since they went to a spa they could go to a club next.

Seriously? She was stuck as Katan? Still looking quite furious, Minoko stomped off the platform and followed after her body. "I don't know what you plan on doing with that plate." Knowing Katan, he'd probably try and throw it at something's head. Blue-grays drifted over to Martyr once she heard her name being mentioned. "Minoko's over here."

Martyr had been so lost in her own problems, she hadn't noticed that other people had switched, too. "O-oh! Y-you're a g-guy t-too..?" Sisters in pain! It was funny, in a sense, all this time spent trying to become a dragon, and she gets to be Val.. Why did life have to be so cruel to her? With a soft sigh, she meandered on through.

Upon entering the newfound space, you see a new tunnel. This one looks poorly constructed and narrower. Tread carefully, for your next step, could be your last.

She quietly followed, both trying to think of another way to reverse this condition with what was available (which, admittedly, would be quite a feat) and trying to learn how to better control Yasmin's shape shifting ability.

Behind Marcroix, who was following Katoko, Valtyr lifts those tiny knees speedily to catch up to his lank, lummox-like body. Like a child at his own heels, and it did look that way, Val slaps Mar's back several times with his girly little hands. "Hey," he whispers in her voice. "Let me get a cigarette. They?re in the left pocket."

Not at all realizing that the cigarette could possibly harm her body, Martyr patted down her pocket and found the pack, plucking out a single stick, she passed it off to Valtyr. "W-wait a m-minute.." Still in that feminine tone, sorry Val.. "C-can m-my b-body h-have cigarettes?"

"Yeah. This actually happened to me before... I was stuck in Toby's body for a month. So if you have any awkward guy questions just let me know." She smiled to the other temporary man and continued to stride down the narrow tunnel.

The strange, no longer immortal, who was stuck in Val's stupid old body, leaned into Minoko. She whispered softly, too softly into her ear.

As strange as it sounded, a giggle came from Katan's lips. "Knowing him? Probably."

"Egh." Distastefully, Val pauses and swirls the flesh of his lovely mouth. It's raucous and pensive; he was thinking it over, but really, he was trying to convince himself it wouldn't harm her, when every atom of this borrowed being said it would. "Forget it," he hisses while swatting the question away. "I'll live. I guess."

[Party roll 1D20]
[Die Roll] Valcroix rolled 1 20-sided dice: 20
[Die Roll] Juliet St. James rolled 1 20-sided dice: 8
[Die Roll] Katan rolled 1 20-sided dice: 6
[Die Roll] Yasmin rolled 1 20-sided dice: 5
[Die Roll] Martyr rolled 1 20-sided dice: 18
[Die Roll] Minoko Funaki rolled 1 20-sided dice: 3

[Party roll 1D10]
[Die Roll] Yasmin rolled 1 10-sided dice: 9
[Die Roll] Valcroix rolled 1 10-sided dice: 3
[Die Roll] Juliet St. James rolled 1 20-sided dice: 16
[Die Roll] Martyr rolled 1 20-sided dice: 6
[Die Roll] Katan rolled 1 10-sided dice: 7
[Die Roll]Minoko Funaki rolled 1 10-sided dice: 5
[Die Roll] Juliet St. James rolled 1 10-sided dice: 6

Master of the Dice:  You were all careless. Upon walking, somebody's foot steps upon a raised panel. The shakes begin to quake the tunnel around you, and three daggers are soon sent flying right at Val's body. [Martyr roll 3D20]

[Die Roll] Valcroix rolled 3 20-sided dice: 3, 1, 8

[Martyr-Val] You are given no time to dodge. The daggers come flying at you without much reaction time, you take a dagger to the left side of your torso, the right side of your torso, and another to the throat... Good luck with that.

Without much time to react, and forgetting that she was infact in the wrong body, the once-immortal rips the daggers away, coughing up blood. She waited patiently for the healing as she did this, but then remembered. Aw crap.. Still with that lovely pain tolerance, but no air to allow her nicotine ridden lungs a break.

She let out a shriek at the sight of the knives impaling Val's body. After the initial shock, she reached for her handy-dandy nanite controller... and realized Yasmin has it. "Yas! I need something from my- your purse!"

Yas held out the purse. She didn?t need it anyway. Roger was in her pocket. In looking up to hand over the purse, Yas saw Valerie cut up. ?Whoa.? She said meekly.

"Et..!" Val's face ejects open as the blades puncture his body. If it weren't horrifying enough to see your own figure pierced from-afar, imagine it were housing the woman you were to marry? In Martyr's little boots, he leaps forward, loops his arms around her broad waist, and breaks some of her fall. "Okay, okay, I got this." A plan hadn't formed yet. He knew that Martyr blood + wound = heal. He knew Martyr would apply her healing touch here, but he didn't have time to divulge the functionality of this. So he rips into the pocket of his now-bloody coat and finds the second ballpoint that was nestled in the bottom of the pocket. He jabs the head of the pen into his dainty wrist and rips it open. He howls in a little, feminine voice while wincing, but a scowl found happenstance, and he began the procedure. Which procedure? The over-turn of the exposed wrist which would pour her healing blood right into his old body's wounds.

She quickly found her nanite controller, but by then new blood was already spilling. She wasn't a fan of this whole spilling-healing-blood and transferring-wounds thing, but that's the price of being too slow - this time. At least she had her purse back, and while she hoped there would not be a next time, she was prepared. Her way of healing didn't hurt. Well, it usually didn't.

An odd sounding yelp came from Minoko when the person she had been talking to a moment ago was stabbed multiple times. At least it looked like Val had this... Maybe? She couldn't remember Martyr ever stabbing herself when it was time to heal. The idea of one of her party members dying in this hellhole caused Minoko to nervously begin to chew on one of Katan's oversized fingers.

With the newfound blood in his-her wounds, they began to instantly shut. Even the pain in her bones subsided for the time being, as she coughed out the remaining blood from lungs and throat alike, and began to gasp and pant. "Oh m-my d-d-dear, y-your b-body s-s-s-s-SUCKS!" The thing said with her first available breath. "Oh b-but thank y-you.." Nodding as she stood to shakey legs.

You avoided another crisis, but Martyr's body can't bleed forever. You need to be more careful... Still, as you look around, you notice a light at the end of the tunnel... Maybe it's the end for you. One can only hope..

Val mends the unbroken wrist to his forehead and wipe-away some collective perspiration that had moistened his brow like a flash-flood. Relieved, he gently pats Mar's tummy three times and smiles. He stands on her quaky knees and removes said smile. From atop and with small, purple eyes. "And your reaction time sucks. Now get up." He sounded a spot offended.

His fingers were not oversized. If anything was oversized, it was the chest that Katan was clutching his metal plate to. Wide eyes watched along with the bizarre healing process, and before he knew it Martyr was back on Val's feet. "Great. Now can we get out of here, please?" His head nodded in the direction of the light.

Well, at least now he-she had regeneration abilities. Hey, my reaction time is fine.. Your body is just old and creaky... Seriously I feel like my nose has arthritis... Her mind spat into his head, she was developing his temper, if nothing else. Looking to Katan, Martyr nodded. "Y-yeah, I'm d-d-done w-with this p-place." Should have just left you all here... Damn it, Val's body, stop making her think mean thoughts.

Upon stepping through the room, you see a table. Seated upon the table, is a bag of potato chips. Looks tasty, hm?

Val turned the torn wrist over and examined it like a flesh-stretched tablet of tendon and sanguine. From the tip-and-base of the oval-shaped tear, the wound began to zipper-up. When the mythic reconstruction had returned the skin to its ivory-cream perfection, Val binds both the fore-and-index of the opposite hand's fingers, and scoops up the wet blood that pooled on the wound's surface. The man turned her eyes towards the tunnel's end. This left a pairing of a white star in the apex of either violet. "Alright... who's getting it this time. I just hope..." Three small steps towards the new passage, from the short-stack. "That the hits Mar just took in my body count as 'my' turn, ya' know?" He turns and smiles for the group, a little proud of how cute it probably looked, being as it was Martyr's face.

Yasmin followed into the room and saw the chips on the table. She was so excited. Chips meant a party!
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Re: Rumble in the jungle. (Campaign play. 01)
« Reply #10 on: April 13, 2013, 08:08:30 PM »
Potato chips. Really? "I guess this one's for me..." He wasn't even hungry anymore, though. Dark eyes looked over to his body before Katan approached the table. "I've never even heard of this brand." Feeling hesitant, he reached out and simply poked the bag. Knowing this dungeon, it was probably filled with the exploding kind of chips.

[Katoko] The bag doesn't react to the poking. It crinkles lightly at the touch, but doesn't do much else. It seems like a regular bag of chips.

Val throws Martyr's hands into the air, surrendering them while flinging her eyes to the corner of the room, curtly. "What now...? Really?"

Leaning over toward Katan's body. "Y-you d-don't think h-he's... R-really going t-to open that, d-do y-you?" Who was she to deny him a tasty snack if at all possible? Loosening the tie, the fabric seems to slither off at her touch. "O-oh!"

[Katoko] As the bag was opened, there seemed to be a sleeping creature inside. It looked somewhat cat-like, but far too small to be such. Soft snores came from its little nose.

"It's like a third hand, to me. I couldn't begin to explain how it works. Just.. picture it in your head?" That's what he did--but he'd been doing it for well-over three centuries. It was simple; the addition-and-subtraction of particles to rewrite an inanimate object's atomic code using his soul like a scalpel. No problem, Mar, give it a shot.

"Everyone! There's a sleeping kitten thing inside." This was a lot cooler than an explosion, but Katan was still disappointed. Eating this creature would probably take more effort than it was worth.

Gripping the end of the tie, Martyr closed her eyes as she fought with the struggling and squirming. She pictured a sword in her head, and that's what she got! Just a very, zig-zaggy sword! Still, it was a nice first try, and it was solid like one. "I d-did it!" Bouncing up and down on her toes, which probably made Val a little more feminine by the moment. "W-well k-kind of!" Squeal! "K-kitten?! Awww!" Her hand coming over Val's mouth, and she was watering at the eyes. "That is j-just the m-most w-wonderful thing in the w-whole w-wide w-world.."

"Jeeze.." He tried to get on the tips of Martyr's booted toes to see over Katoko's shoulder. "Oh, jeeze... what if it's a bo.... " Was he going to say 'bomb'? Then he lowers himself back down and stares at his feet, defeated. Good-god, I was going to say 'Bomb'...

[Katoko] You speak too loudly as Martyr speaks too soon. With the light on its fragile face, and the noise stirring it awake, the kitten hisses. It leaps from the bag and lands upon the table, scouting out the room as the creature doubles in size, it multiplies its mass by the second, and soon, table becomes too weak to support it. [Party roll 1D20 for initiative.]

[Die Roll] Valcroix rolled 1 20-sided dice: 17
[Die Roll] Yasmin rolled 1 20-sided dice: 15
[Die Roll] Martyr rolled 1 20-sided dice: 13
[Die Roll] Juliet St. James rolled 1 20-sided dice: 7
[Die Roll] Katan rolled 1 20-sided dice: 12
[Die Roll] Minoko Funaki rolled 1 20-sided dice: 18
[Die Roll] Master of the Dice rolled 1 20-sided dice: 13
 [Order set: Katoko, Marcroix, Julmin, Valtyr, Mitan, Creature, Yasiet.]

The creature is snarling and stomping. The weight of the creature's massive stomps create a slight cave-in, blocking the exit. It doesn't look like this creature is going to make tea anytime soon, and defeating it is the only way to scout for an exit. Go.
 [Creature health: 70.  Character health: 20 To hit the creature: 12+ Creature to hit you: 14+. Dodge check: 15+ Natural twenty hits without dodge ability, also counts as a critical hit. 1D10 for damage, 1D20 damage for critical hit. Natural one counts as a critical miss, will result in you hitting an ally. With any questions, IM me.]

"Oh sh*t..." How the hell had it gotten that big?! His gaze darted from the mega-kitten to the now blocked exit to the plate in his body's hands. As he slowly backed away from the center of the room, Katan focused on the metal as hard as he could. So far nothing was happening, but maybe if he could just get a hold on it...

"Uh.. Uh..." Robbed of her 'child of nature' body, she slowly approached the animal. "It's ok-kay.. W-we d-didn't m-mean t-to w-wake y-you up..." Nodding to that. "I'm v-very sorry that K-katan y-yelled," then looking to Katoko. "G-give h-her b-back her b-bag!" Her?!

Her eyes widened. "Ohhh..." This was probably going to go badly. She rooted through her purse and pulled out what looked like a tube of lipstick. She twisted the end, and it began to hum. At the same time, she began stepping backward toward the back of the group. Later, she might say it was a tactical decision.

"To hell with that, kill the goddamn thing." He speaks as if not-alarmed, but his eyes were big as they inspect every cruel angle of the furred monstrosity. Val lifted the arm that Martyr had often transfused and shook it, the poor, rangy digits flailing like dead worm. Alright, hand... if you're going to be a talon, now would be an opportune time to do-so. He flashes a quick glance to Marcroix. Hey, how does this thing work!?

I don't know! It just kind of happens when I get scared or worried...

I'm a little bit of both those, but mostly I'm f'cking pissed off---oh. Look at that, his hand had become a lovely, serrated hand of blades.

If anyone would be able to tame this dungeon's final boss, it was man-Martyr. "Yes! I'm so sorry! Please, take it!" Breaking his concentration, Katan flung the Grippos bag in the general direction of the apparent final boss.

Okay, f*ck, okay, try and figure this out. You're useless in this body, and that's fine. You just need to make Katan understand...As she thought back to when she first got her powers, the man's broad shoulders hit the wall. They hadn't truly activated in Minoko until Mayu had tried to kill her. She wouldn't be able to replicate that situation exactly, but she could try. "Hey, Katan, think fast!" With a flick of her wrist the metal plate was flying towards her own terrified face. If this didn't work she would probably have a massive forehead bruise, or maybe even a broken nose.

[Die Roll] Martyr rolled 1 20-sided dice: 3

Val lowered himself, gripped just-above the metallic ring that separated flesh-from metal (as if wielding the arm), and leaped forward on Martyr's tender toes. First of all: Her legs were short, so he didn't get the required spring; second: God-Damn, that talon was heavy. The inertia of the metal hand carries him forward and ultimately to the ground, sliding right under the beast's feet. Sprawled out on the ground, he grips his forehead and sighs. "Uhh... damnit."

[Die Roll] Master of the Dice rolled 1 20-sided dice: 17
Master of the Dice:  [Martyr and Val, roll 1D10]

[Die Roll] Martyr rolled 1 10-sided dice: 6
[Die Roll] Valcroix rolled 1 10-sided dice: 9

The creature wasn't sure which one to hit, the annoying man who's talking down to her, or the woman who'd just tried to attack her... It was a tough decision. Soon, the creature was swooping its massive clawed paw, which would dig into the female's side, and send her flying against a wall.
[Die Roll] Master of the Dice rolled 1 10-sided dice: 1
 [Valtyr take one point of damage.]

Scooping (her)self from the stone below, Val checks his body for the wound. It was light, but strangely painful. Perhaps he'd given out too much of Martyr's blood, perhaps his soul was being rejected---but it wasn't healing like it should.

Yasmin was not good in not-good-situations. Thank goodness she has Juliet?s shield protecting her from certain threats, not that she would know it. She just wanted to protect herself, so she decided to curl up. She crouched down. In doing so, her lab coat and pocket laid at a perfect angle as it hit the ground on her way down, leaving the little turtle Roger to roll out onto the ground under the cat monster.
[Die Roll] Juliet St. James rolled 1 20-sided dice: 4

"What?" Now was hardly the time to be throwing sh*t at each other. The plate that he had previously been focusing on was now being hurled toward his temporary face. Katan rose both hands up, even though catching that thing would be nearly impossible, closed his eyes and braced for impact. But the collision never came. Eyelids fluttered open, and Katan was immensely surprised to see a blinding pink light. He knew what that meant. Lips curved upwards into a giant grin as he sent the hovering metal disc flying in the direction of the creature.
[Die Roll] Minoko Funaki rolled 1 20-sided dice: 4

Unfortunately, the disc flew right over the creature and into the opposite wall. "Dammit!"

Gripping her newly acquired sword in a single hand, she watched Valtyr go flying from an attack, and began to wince. Then a metal disc? Get on with your bad self, Katoko! Still, there was anger in that face. "H-hey n-now, M-missy! That m-may have b-been m-my b-body... b-but I love t-the m-man in it!" Awkward statement of the year! "T-that is n-not okay!" Then she was lunging forward with the sword.
[Die Roll] Valcroix rolled 1 20-sided dice: 19
[Die Roll] Valcroix rolled 1 10-sided dice: 1
The sword collided with the creature, barely skimming its flesh. Still, it was enough to draw blood! Yay Marcroix!
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Re: Rumble in the jungle. (Campaign play. 01)
« Reply #11 on: April 13, 2013, 08:31:27 PM »
There was no time to waste. She gave the lipstick tube a squeeze and a bright blue beam shot forth.
[Die Roll] Yasmin rolled 1 20-sided dice: 14
[Die Roll] Yasmin rolled 1 10-sided dice: 1
The shot was slightly off the mark, and did little more than singe some fur.

[Die Roll] Martyr rolled 1 20-sided dice: 16
[Die Roll] Martyr rolled 1 10-sided dice: 8
While a few distractions were laid, Val approached from the creature's aft and swung at its hind leg. The three talons strip haired flesh from ferocious feline. Yeah, that's pride on Martyr's borrowed little face in light of what he'd manage to accomplish.

Master of the Dice:  [Creature current health 60.]

Now that she had gotten Katan to fight like her, how was she going to fight like Katan? She could recall a night when Katan and Spencer had fought, way back when. It had been some stupid Shadow-related situation, and Katan had managed to punch Spencer out. Blue-grays darted down to the man's fists. Well, it was worth a shot. Minoko ran up to the creature and attempted to punch it right in the eye.
[Die Roll] Katan rolled 1 20-sided dice: 13
[Die Roll] Katan rolled 1 10-sided dice: 4

[Die Roll] Master of the Dice rolled 1 20-sided dice: 8
Master of the Dice:  The creature took several hits, snarling at each one. The one in question, that hurt the most, was the female with the talon. Spinning around and swiping again to get that bothersome girl out of the picture. With the wounded leg, it stumbled and faltered. It snapped its jaws toward the man who'd punched it, but made no point to attack, lending Katoko a threat.

Poor little turtle Roger was walking around all under the cat monster without a care in the world. Maybe he did take after his scatterbrained owner. The owner looked up from her crouch and saw Roger under the creature. Yasmin was frantic. She stood up and decided to make herself super strong and transform into a bear. Problem was she couldn?t while in Juliet?s body, but she didn?t know that. She intended to run up and jump onto the creature?s back and steer him away from turtle Roger. Hey, it all made sense in her head.
[Die Roll] Juliet St. James rolled 2 20-sided dice: 6,15
[Die Roll] Juliet St. James rolled 2 10-sided dice: 7, 2
Whoa! As Yas rushed towards the creature, the creature was knocked back and stepped on Roger, causing turtle Roger to explode!

Katan was going to hold onto that plate for as long as he could. Hands that emitted a pink glow shifted up and down, back and forth as he tried to get the disc flying in the proper direction. The circular piece of metal darted around erratically near the ceiling. Eventually it would take a dive, heading toward the creature's butt.
[Die Roll] Minoko Funaki rolled 1 20-sided dice: 15
[Die Roll] Minoko Funaki rolled 1 10-sided dice: 3

[Die Roll] Valcroix rolled 1 20-sided dice: 13
[Die Roll] Valcroix rolled 1 10-sided dice: 6
Marcroix didn't speak now. She realized talking down the creature was a futile act. So instead, she jumped into the air and brought the blade right for the creature's shoulder. It was a clean slice. "I d-d-did it! O-oh! B-but I'm s-sorry t-that I h-have n-no c-choice!" Landing onto old bones. "I m-mean, you w-were v-very c-cute b-before y-you got all m-mean.." Martyr rambled.

Master of the Dice:  [Creature current health 38]

[Die Roll] Yasmin rolled 1 20-sided dice: 15
[Die Roll] Yasmin rolled 1 10-sided dice: 8
That last shot was terrible, even for her; she needed to pull herself together if any of them were going to make it out of here alive. She took a breath, steadying herself not only physically but mentally. Another blue beam shot across the room, cutting deeply across the creature's torso.

[Die Roll] Martyr rolled 1 20-sided dice: 16
[Die Roll] Martyr rolled 1 10-sided dice: 10

The beast was disoriented now, as the upper-hand was lent to the six mismatched crusaders that had intruded its den. When the blue aura scolded the feline's belly, Val felt it wise to strike the same area as it smoldered from the heat, leaving it extra-sensitive and wary of further-damage. Val had gotten the hang of Martyr's body, so he decided to show off a little. He runs, her little feet pattering, and drops down to the floor to slide like the winning run across homeplate. Directly below thebeastly kitten's belly, Val wafts the talon across the glowing area in a swift, silver arc, splitting the belly wide-open. Sorry, Mar; now you have some kitten guts to wash out of your hair.

Master of the Dice:  [Creature current health 20]

[Die Roll] Katan rolled 1 20-sided dice: 15
[Die Roll] Katan rolled 1 10-sided dice: 3
It was funny how history repeated itself. The last time Minoko had been an unwilling participant in a body switch she had gotten to punch something as well, though punching a girl in the face was far more satisfying than punching this large cat. Minoko made sure to keep the party's current combo going as she swung Katan's left fist at the creature's head. The connection left her knuckles aching, but she didn't even notice the pain in the midst of this adrenaline rush.

[Die Roll] Master of the Dice rolled 1 20-sided dice: 2
Master of the Dice:  The creature snarled out, snapping jaws at Valtyr. It let out a soft whimper as it missed again, obviously weaker.

Yasmin stood devastated. Roger turtle was slowly starting to come back together, and soon popped back into his happy little turtle form, eagerly heading towards Yasmin as fast as his slow turtle legs could carry him. She swooped down, eagerly picked him up and kissed him on his little head.

[Die Roll] Minoko Funaki rolled 1 20-sided dice: 9
Now that he more or less had the hang of this, Katan kept the plate hovering directly over the creature. "Now....DAGGERS!" The metal disc separated into several crudely shaped daggers which he let rain down on the animal. However, not one of them was any pointier than a butter knife. Minoko's eyebrows narrowed in frustration as the pieces of metal fell harmlessly to the ground.

[Die Roll] Valcroix rolled 1 20-sided dice: 11
Valcroix:  In Val's body, her little eyes watered at the creatures pain. She bit into her lip, and averted her eyes. "I c-c-can't.."

[Die Roll] Yasmin rolled 1 20-sided dice: 11
Seeing the creature in such pain shook her resolve. Could she really kill a kitten, even if it was a gigantic kitten on a rampage? Her hand shook at the last moment and the beam went wide of the mark, scoring the wall.

[Die Roll] Martyr rolled 1 20-sided dice: 15
[Die Roll] Martyr rolled 1 10-sided dice: 5
"Oh Come on, Martyr." Since the fight was horrendously one-sided, our lil' Valtyr staved no hesitation on his way across the room. He leaves the creature nothing-more than a queer, high-browed sneer on his way passed it. He looks up at himself, the -crying version, that is. "You!" He lightly jabs her on the chest with one of the sharp, iron spokes like a coach chastising a player. "...Need to get it together, Martyr! Get compassionate about everything, and it's going to cost you." Here's a scene not a-one in their circle could have contemplated before this moment: Little Martyr repeatedly poking Val's chest while screaming at his blubbering face. "Bah!" Valtyr turns away and whiffs the talon behind, dismissing her behavior. He reels back that big, taloned arm that's held in place by his other hand; this hand kept a firm grip right at the wrist to gift him accuracy while he swung. And swung, he did, right at the Demonic Cat's face. Should the beast survive, it would wear a thrice-split scar down its left eye for the remainder of its life.

[Die Roll] Katan rolled 1 20-sided dice: 9
Minoko had been winding up for a third punch when she unexpectedly slipped on one of the many 'daggers' that had fallen to the floor. She had been able to ignore the pain in her fists, but the pain in her butt was clear as day. "Owwww."

[Die Roll] Master of the Dice rolled 1 20-sided dice: 4
Master of the Dice:  Another weak snarl from the creature, who hung her little head. Blood trickled from its face, as well as its tender underbelly. It barely lifted its paw for another attack, scraping it across the floor.

[Die Roll] Juliet St. James rolled 1 20-sided dice: 8
Juliet St. James:  Still coddling Roger, Yas held him in one hand as she looked at him, then back to the creature. She thought for a moment. Yas thinking? This could not be good. She then leaned back, wound up, and intended to hurl Roger at the creature? but she stopped, too distraught by the creature?s reaction.

[Die Roll] Minoko Funaki rolled 1 20-sided dice: 3
It appeared that Katan was having trouble grabbing hold of those scattered pieces of metal. Though his hands still glowed pink, the daggers had lost their glow entirely. Slowly, the light that his hands emitted would begin to diminish. "Damn, c'mon! This is embarrassing..." That last part was mumbled under his breath.

[Die Roll] Valcroix rolled 1 20-sided dice: 8
Martyr looked around frantically. "I.. Uh.. UH!" Martyr cried out, and then bit into her little lip. Then she was kneeling down. "I c-can't, V-val.. I'm s-sorry.."

Master of the Dice:  [Creature current health: 12]

[Die Roll] Martyr rolled 1 20-sided dice: 6
Val had become some-what lopsided. Aside Martyr, he knelt, firmly grasping the steel claw with pain on his face. Eyebrows race for the highest point on his girly face. "Yeah...uh... apparently I can't either. What the #$%^&  I think I over-exerted myself here. Ow.."
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Re: Rumble in the jungle. (Campaign play. 01)
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[Die Roll] Yasmin rolled 1 20-sided dice: 20
[Die Roll] Yasmin rolled 1 20-sided dice: 12
Gathering all her resolve, she realized now was not the time for feelings. Lives were at stake. She wouldn't forget this act for a long time, however. She leveled her little weapon, and fired. The beam passed through the creature, scoring the wall behind it once more. As the creature crumpled to the floor, her head sank with it.

The creature cried out at the hit, dropping to its little belly. Eyes fell shut, and it let out the smallest of whimpers. The runes upon the floor lit up, trembled, shook, quaked. Everything went dark, then suddenly very bright. You begin to feel the tugging again, frozen in place without sight, without volume. Everything settles back down... You're back in that janitor's closet; the cat left nothing more than a bleeding kitten upon that floor, covered in wounds.

Martyr, slowly and weakly, looked around. Eyes fell upon that bleeding kitten, and a gentle hand reached out to touch it, eyes shimmered, hands glowing, and then she was covered in wounds, acquired from all of her friends. "D-damn it.." She muttered softly, collapsing.

The healed kitten let out a soft mew, and moved over to the soul that defeated it. Fur is standing straight on end and then, all in a docile moment of time, it nuzzled her ankle. Love!

Yasmin continued to hold Roger but soon all was different? including the fact that she wasn?t holding Roger anymore. She turned to look for him and found Juliet holding him. This was totally unfair since she also seemed to get the kitten too. Yas glared at her. This was the second time she tried to take Roger away from her. She walked up to her, palm up. ?That turtle is mine.?

Minoko held out her hands in front of her and inspected them thoroughly. Everything looked to be in place, from the band on her middle finger to the length of her nails. "Well, that went a lot better than expected. Looks like you're not going to get to shave, Martyr." She smiled faintly at the wounded immortal.

"Holy, mother-of..." Delighted, the sharp-faced man mended the base of either palm into the concave chasms depressed below his cheeks. He doesn't smile despite how close he was to crying tears of filthy joy. "Thank... phew." Val leans forward and kicks the door off its bloody hinges. Light runs into the room in one fat, rectangular-prism of solid white light. "Lets. F'ckin'. Go."

When her vision returned, she found that the lipstick laser in her hand had become a turtle. It was unhappy. Shortly before Yas demanded her turtle back, it bit her. Shortly after, she handed it right over. Her attention then turned to the kitten rubbing her ankle. She picked the kitten up, thrilled that it was not dead and cradling it near her face.

Blue-grays blinked rapidly as Katan adjusted to the change in lighting. "For once I have to say I agree with you, man. Can we please get some food now?" Being back in his body meant that he was now victim to the horrible emptiness in his stomach.

Yas excitedly took back turtle Roger and placed him back safely in her pocket while she returned the lipstick and purse. She was tired of looking like Juliet anyway, so she went ahead and shifted back to her wild blue self. All was well and she was none the wiser.

Martyr lifted up, forcing herself onto feet, and she groaned softly and pulled herself toward the door. "V-val..." The girl groaned softly and then fell right into his arms.

Val scoops her up, and carries her out into the hall. On their way towards the building's exit, one could hear a trailing voice ask: "What was she talking about... shave what?"

You have managed to get through this without getting yourself killed. Pity, it would have been so much fun to see you fail.
[color=darkblue:30b1cdf2d8]There are moments when I don't know if it's real
Or if anybody feels the way I feel,
I need inspiration
Not just another negotiation.[/color:30b1cdf2d8]