Author Topic: The Lost Files: The Journey to Stronsberg  (Read 223 times)


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The Lost Files: The Journey to Stronsberg
« on: November 28, 2006, 09:52:53 PM »
((a start to another small storyline that was started a long time ago.... ))

He made his way back towards the Inn, stopping by the stables along the way. He told the stable boy to have the horses ready in 30 minutes, along with enough oats for four days. He tossed the boy a couple silvers to help assure the horses would be ready on time.

A quick trip up the back stairs and down the hall to his room, he paused a moment to figure out what he needed to bring. Throwing spikes. He grabbed a handful and dropped them in the pocket of his side pouch and tossed a few more in another pack. A vial of poison, just a sedative really, but a strong one, that goes in the side pouch too. A blanket gets stuffed in the sack, along with some dried fruits and meat.

Closing up the pack he moves towards the window, but not before grabbing a small hawk - with a blade strong enough to split kindling and sharp enough to skin a deer. It hooks onto the strap of the side pouch, the handle lightly thumping against his thigh as he pushes open the window, leaps over the sill, a slight backhand pushing the window closed behind him as he drops to the ground below.

Then it's down the side of the building to Janella's room. He leaves his pack on the ground as he climbs the wall, pulls open the window, and climbs inside. A few moments later he is back out, hanging by the sill with one hand, dropping her bedroll to the ground from the other. Then he reaches up and gives the window a slight push, letting go of the sill with the other just before the window swings shut with a light -click-.

He scoops up the pack and tucks the bedroll under his arm as he turns back towards the stables. He would be early, but he would have time to give the horses a once over. He's never been comfortable traveling by horse.  He definitely preferred foot travel, and in full panther form he could cover just as much ground as a horse in a day. And had Janella not agreed to join him, he probably would have done just that.

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