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The Lost Files: Something to Look Forward To
« on: November 27, 2006, 08:22:40 PM »
((this is a something I wrote... I'm not sure when. sometime around late 2000 I believe))

He made his way up the stairs, Pasht not far behind. His thoughts lingered a moment on Shylah, sitting back in the common room. What was it about her that bugged him so? She clearly mis-understood his attempts at conversation as something more. He tried to explain that he wasn't looking for that. His mistake had been in admitting that yes, he did find her attractive. He wasn't sure what harm there was in that. But, she is a warrior, a fighter, and all his attempts to try and "fix" the situation only seemed to make things worse.

His thoughts quickly snapped back into the here and now as he moved past the door to his own room. He paused near it, telling her this is his room, and that if she needed anything to come here to look for him. They moved a bit further down the hall to the room he had checked out for her. He already decided not to bother showing her how to lock the room, so after opening the latch he left it disabled.

The room was very basic. A bed, chair, a small chest with a couple drawers and a wash basin on top. The window looked out to the forest bordering the Dragon. He decided it best not to let her know that the windows opened. Pasht seemed to delight in taking a look at every little detail in the room, and as he turned to leave, he doubted she would settle down for awhile yet.

Returning back to his own room, he disrobed, dropping his clothes where they hit the floor. His mind was churning as he slipped under the covers.

He's not sure what it is drawing him to her. He'd probably pondered it a bit too much since he first met her a few days ago. She spoke of having been in a zoo, caged and on display as  a lion. He wondered if she truly was born in that form. If so, how did she first learn to shift? How did she get out of the zoo? And where was this place? Maybe if he could learn some of these things about her, he might find answers to some of the lingering questions he has about his own past. Maybe.

At least he had one thing to look forward to. The chocolates he had made for Janella. The dragon shaped pieces of candy with a fruit filling. After 'nella had spoken of them last week, he had contacted Ariana about making some for him. Six with strawberry and six with raspberry filling. She would be working the Outback tomorrow night, he would have to give them to her then.

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