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« on: January 11, 2013, 11:35:20 PM »
.: Chapter One: Darkness Rise :.

It started with the little nudges here and there...

From Raven...

From people telling her to let go...

Did they really actually understand what it was they were telling her?

Did they not understand in doing that ... they may lose the very person standing before them? Forever...

From the moment she was foolish enough to let it breath...reach out and have its fun with tasted what it wanted so badly. It didn't want to come out and play. It didn't want her life or her things. It wanted freedom.

From that moment on she felt it clawing...scratching at the surface and even at times breaking past the thresh that was her self. It was normally a slow, icy sensation crawling up her arms, stretching across her person. After Raven, however, it seemed to bloom far more quicker.

...And after her first meeting with Kaleb it seemed to become more violent in its attempts. She wasn't sure because it felt somewhat of a kinship with the man's demon or something else. Either way every time she was around the man she felt it pressing dangerously close.

But...when she saw Kaleb she also saw a man that was like herself in many ways. A fear of hurting others and a will to keep them at bay just to keep them safe. She knew that feeling..she knew how lonely it was, too. She saw a reflection of herself many times over with the way he he acted...

She found herself wanting to be someone that this man could trust to turn to. Not because he was alone by his own means but because she understood and quite frankly that was the most comforting thing sometimes...Someone who understood. Not someone who thought they did or pretended but really really understood.

Question was...would he let her?

She was not going to go through what she did with Toby. Then again circumstances here was different. She wasn't in love with Kaleb. If anything she had high regards of respect for his struggle and will. Specially when Kings was around. She saw his struggle and in a small, unnoticeable way, tried to be a comfort and distraction.

Another question, that stood more importantly, was...could she?

Being around him pushed her to a brink that wasn't exactly comfortable. It was dangerous and always left her on the edge. Her intentions were good...they always were...but it just seemed to take longer and longer for the sensation to go away and even at times she found herself unable to shake the feeling for days at a time. Like it was some lingering beast hovering over her, ready to strike at a moments notice.

She didn't want him to know. She didn't want anyone to know. It wasn't like she was blacking out and killing. So that meant things weren't as bad off as she feared, right?


It was just another one of those things that she felt conflicted about.

Another mark on a growing list.
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.: Chapter Two: Of the heart :.

She knew her brother was spending a lot of time in researching to find Leo. Hell she'd be doing the same if she could. She wanted to do something... Anything was better than sitting on her hands and doing squat. The not knowing was driving her insane!

There was probably no number suggesting how many times she had text her brother with questions in some fashion about Leo or himself.

He needed to come out of his lab more often damn it! As much as she was worried about seeing Leo she was just as much missing her brother's presence in her life. The one or two times a month was not cutting it!

Probably for the hundredth time she had sent a text to her brother on that faithful night that was the start of her life being turned upside down and inside out....

Truth be it was one of those nights that after the rather lively training session with Big Mike all she wanted to do was withdrew from the world around her and accept no company other than her brother.  If he dared come out.

Which he didn't...

She was battered..bruised..and not in the mood for company so the bean bag at the hearth in the Teas n' Tomes had been taken and she shifted ever so often in attempt to find comfort. The man that had entered, in all truths, she had paid little to no attention to past his arrival. Even as he took a nearby chair with a cup of tea or coffee.

He was silent for the most part. Until he prepared to take his leave. There was a subtle undertone of a purr in his voice as he spoke out...a concern? Advice to have her wounds looked at.

And he was gone...

Out of everything the purring was noted above all else but like everything else she had paid it..and him...little mind. Not that she was being rude and the man was kind for his concern.

However, she didn't expect to see him again and thus she wouldn't be able to thank him for the tip of concern.

Boy oh boy was she wrong...

Days later, sitting on the porch like she normally tended to do when she was doing her rotating in and out of the inn, the night was crisp and she was enjoying it before the freeze settled in. And there  The most beautiful creature she had ever set eyes on slinked its way silently onto the porch on velvet paws. Tawny, fine coat that she was just itching to touch. The catamount was just breath taking to her. When it approached she warned it..she wasn't food. By how it was friendly, or in his case..mischievous, she figured the beast to be some wizard's familiar or someone's animal companion. Even when he thwaped her head with his tail and gave her that catish grin...

Even when the beast took its leave it never crossed her mind...

Days came and went. She spent her time sketching that marvelous beast of a mountain lion as if it were a new fascination. That is exactly what it had been. A fascination. The silent, beautiful, deadly grace that this animal carried... He positively took her breath away.

A week or so would pass before she'd find out that the beast was...more. The man from the teas showed up, passing her in the inn while she was on her way out. He grinned..Mischief in his green touched golden eyes.

It was in the realization that the cat and man were in fact one in the same that had her completely conflicted. That the cat had understood everything she had said...everything she did...She felt...shamed. And yet he seemed to understand that she took more ease in the company of animals than she did with people.

And he was right...

Animals were less likely to be judgmental of you for what you say or do. People, on the other hand, were always judging her. She wasn't like them... She grew up differently and there was a lot of things she was having to learn. People took offense to her teasing, even when they tease her. They frowned upon the fact she was guarded even though she had damn good reason to be guarded. They didn't give a damn what she had been through... they just acted on her withdrawal and scowled her for it.

There were those few that did care and understood her just fine but they were far and few between...

Those she truly called friend...

So how was she suppose to treat this man? She couldn't very well treat him like he were nothing more than an animal... He understood..everything.

As the days went by she found herself waiting in the way late hours to see if he'd show up. Still conflicted about this beast in human flesh but there was something about him that placed her at ease. Even in his human form she was able to relax a measure more than she could with others. Talking to him was easy... He took her teases with understanding and no ill will.

What did confuse her was the fact that he wanted to stick around her. He ended up in the pillows at the inn several times with her, just soaking up the hearth's heat and conversation with her. He wanted her company and as the days continued on she found..she wanted his.

She got teased. Oh she got teased. The one named Clayton had already been dubbed as her 'special friend' and the people she knew relentlessly teased her about him. She knew it was in good will and most of them did it because they knew that she wasn't exactly one to pursue men.

There were those fewer still who knew her heart was hung up on someone else...

Now, nearly two months later, she stood at the window in the teas, reminiscing about those past months and how things transpired.

She and Clayton were now dating...

She liked him, she really did. But there was this lingering ache that had been there for nearly two years. One that was only increased when that one had went missing.


The conflicted feelings she felt when she thought of him was staggering and left her questioning her actions in so many ways. Was it okay for her to move forward? Shouldn't she be..waiting still?

Those questions had been answered by a handful of parties that had urged her... If Clayton made her happy she should try.

And she was. She was really trying.

And for his part Clayton couldn't be any greater an presence in her life. He was supportive and kind. Mischievous and playful. He respected her boundaries and didn't push her. The only pushing he did was to better herself.

Seriously she still thought him a dream and way too good to be true. She couldn't ask for anyone better...

So why was it when she thought of Leo her heart felt like it was going to sink clear out of her body?

Was it the guilt of what happened? That he risked all he was to protect her and in it lost his memory...and this was how she repaid him? By moving on..

Or was it because she didn't know where he was and if he was okay. She just wanted to know if he was safe. With his father and sister hunting him down it made just sitting around and enjoying Clayton's company seem all that more selfish when she should be doing more to help. Not that she could do anything but wait until she could do something...

Maybe it was both reasons.

After all...despite everything he was still a very important friend to her. And always would be.

What really scared her was Rhi knew the conflict that was going on. Out of all the people in her life...Rhi read her like an open book. And she wasn't sure if it was Rhi's empathic abilities or if the woman just knew her that well. It was kind of scary..and comforting.

But what was she going to do?

It wasn't fair to Clayton and despite him knowing how she felt he didn't seem like he was going to go anywhere. Yes. She had told him everything. And knowing all of this he was there every night to keep her company and keep her warm. They were well close to their third date together and everyone in Rhy'Din knew of the couple.

Dear gawd she felt sorry for poor Clayton in that regard. All of Rhy'Din seemed to be focused on him and her.

It was a conflicted feeling that wasn't going away so easily and night took the sun's light away she found herself wondering...

...The ring of the bell above the door and the familiar voice placed those thoughts on hold. She found herself smiling even before she turned around. Not one of those polite little smiles either. It was a soft, warm turn of her lips.

The cat had came back...
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.: Chapter Three: Temptation :.

[size=9].: June 5th :.

She knew this place. It was familiar if only because she had been there once before. Crumbling pillars on the platform that looked as if it were hovering in the depths of space. She didn't want to be here and this time it seemed smaller and growing smaller as bits of the edge crumbled away ever so often.

Why this place? Why was she here?

There was a growl behind her. This sound she was familiar with and the source caused a smile to twitch her lips. Of course she turned to face it and what she found herself face to face with not the large cat but by the beast between man and cat. The hybrid stared at her and she swore those golden amber were burning deep into her soul. The unsuspecting lunge towards her caused a gasp. No. It wasn't the fact she was lunged at. It was the pain that screamed through her chest down to her toes that came after the lunge. Pitching back she fell to the ground like dead weight, the towering form holding in his grasp was a gory messed that had once been her insides.

Those eyes burned...

Glaring full of disgust and hatred... her.

"You know it isss to happen. He will ssstrike you down just like othersss dear to you in the passst."

Drawing in carefully measured breaths she glanced over to the side, sharp greens slightly wide in seeing the shadow on shadow form squatting down a foot or so away. There was no visible features at the time, just a genderless wisp of shadow. Correction. There was a big, Cheshire grin full of teeth that stretched wide and a pair of vibrant green eyes that stared at her.

"You will die. If not by hisss hand then by sssomeone you trust. Maybe that brother of yoursss. After all you are nothing but an experiment to him. He will destroy you when you become ussseless. A failed experiment just like you were to Renna"

She tried to say something but the eruption of pain caused her to cough and a spout of blood spilled from her lips. This was a dream and yet the pain felt so real.

So very real.

"You know I could make the pain go away. I could make all the worriesss vanish."

She watched as a hand was stretched out towards her.

"All you have to do isss take my hand..."


"You will die."


"Isss that ssstill your greatessst desssire? To ceassse exisssting?"

"...." She had told someone at one time that she wanted nothing more then to die. It would of stopped all the struggle...the pain...the ache. Closing her eyes she thought on the answer.

"Just reach out..."

"No. I don't want to die..." her eyes opened slowly and she glanced to the glowering form still hovered over her and tears began to fill her eyes.. "I have too much to lose. My loved friends..." Her eyes tilted to the shadowy figure then. "You can go screw yourself..." another cough and the taste of copper was on her tongue.  "I am not giving in... I'm not letting you have control... "

"You will in time or I will take everything from you. Ssslowly but sssurely. One by one. You can't run from what you are. You can't run from who you are meant to be."

She watched helplessly as the shadowy figure rose and moved to the hybrid cat, leaning against the sleek masculine form.

Don't just stand there. Run!

He didn't...

The next thing she knew the sound of flesh tearing and blood splattered her legs.


She woke up violently, jerking upright and screaming at the top of her lungs. She tasted..copper..and there was pain. She had bit her tongue in her sleep. Raising a hand she rubbed at her eyes, attempting to dry them when she felt the warm tears peeking over her lashes and onto her cheeks.

Dreams sucked...

No doubt she had disturbed the trio of feline souls in the bed and she gave the sleeping Clayton a bit of a smile. Reassuring him that all was well she tucked herself in close to him, soaking in his warmth while he drifted back to sleep. Her own eyes closed but she didn't find sleep again.

The cold sensation that crawled up her hands was a reminder...

...It was in wait.

It wanted freedom.

She didn't even realize but her arm draped across Clayton's stomach curled, fingers pressing down into his skin as she tried to protectively draw him even closer to herself.

You can't run...
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.: Chapter Three: Black Blood :.

[size=9].: June 10th :.[/size]

It was late and she should of been sleeping but sleep was something she was avoiding and for good reason. Sitting on the edge of the bed she watched Clayton slumber, something scratching at the surface of her mind that just wouldn't leave her be. They had been together nearly half a year, well past the dreaded three months and the scare was ebbing into nothingess but it still considered his presence a threat. That, however, wasn't it. It wasn't what was leaving her on edge or at least she was almost sure it wasn't. Maybe it was, guised as restlessness.

Swallowing a sigh she eased up off of the bed as carefully as she could and headed her way to the livingroom. Moving to the entertainment center she pushed one of the cabinets open and started to pull out a few folders she had hidden away in there. Going through the files she realized that this very well might be the reason she couldn't sleep as well.
Ever since Clayton found hint about Leo's whereabouts she had been hellbent on finding him. Surely it did add a bit of element to the reason why she couldn't sleep. Turning she nearly bowled right into the young figure close by.

"Holy sh-" she blinked down at the crown of golden hair and the large amber eyes staring up at her. "Crap Joshua. What are you doing here?"

"Shhh! Your scary mate might hear me." the young lad held his hand up to his mouth, smothering a finger against his lips.

She swallowed a snicker at his description of Clayton but it was cut short when he tried to nose into the folders she held. Jerking the folders away she eyed him, "What are you doing here?"

"Lord Chaos requires your presence." the young lad informed her while constantly looking towards the door that lead to the bedroom.

"Fhhh..Right now?"

The shadowling lad looked to her and nodded his head several times. "He said not to come back without you."

That didn't sound good.

"Fine..." Grabbing a blank sheet of paper she wrote down a very quick note to Clayton:

Going to take care of some business and will be gone for a day or two.
No, not going looking for Leo.
Can't take you with me on this one, sorry.

Love you with all my heart

She hated to leave him with a note but she knew that if she woke him he would have questions to ask and probably would attempt to follow. Without the proper protection the shadow plane would tear him to pieces and she couldn't...wouldn't..risk it.

She wouldn't be able to handle his death...

Tucking the folders away into their hiding places she placed the note where it could easily be found.

She felt Joshua's hand taking hold of hers and she looked over. In his form he looked like he was maybe ten years old. She never did ask his true age but she knew that Joshua was one of Xavier's most trusted. "Why didn't Xavier come fetch me? Normally he is here with bells on at the chance to tease me." And when it came to Clayton she was sure that Xavier had a lot to say.

He had been looking at the note and was ready to comment on something written there. However, at the question Joshua gave her a look that was unsettling. It was somewhere between a harsh glare and a heavy sadness.

The trip was made in strange silence. There would be no answer as the void between planes began to overlap and pull.

She could only guess what Chaos wanted to speak about...
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A few hours later...

It seemed like every time she came to the Shadow Plane Chaos left her in waiting for hours on end. She couldn't help but wonder if he just liked her presence in the palace or something. She had time to bathe and make a change of clothes which was a good thing because she wasn't about to greet the God in her Happy Bunny pjs. Even if it would of been funny to see his reaction to the writing 'I've been naughty. So what?' printed across her chest.

The door opened just a bit and she heard a familiar voice speaking through the crack, "They are ready for you."

She blinked and stared at the door, expecting the long, white haired Xavier to come through but he didn't. "Duffau...Why are you lingering outside my door?"

There was no reply.

"Duffau?" She pushed the door open to find the hallway empty. Sighing to herself she started down the massive, quiet hallway. The halls were painstakingly silent save for the subtle brush of the satin end of her gown against the floor. Something was going on and she it left her nerves on end.

As she approached the doors leading to the main dining room she heard voices. One she recognized as Chaos and the other...

...her eyes narrowed.  She knew, and hated, that voice.

Shoving the doors open she stepped in to find two men standing near each other and speaking. One she didn't recognize and the other...

"Malikia," the name spat out from between her lips at the man with the blood red haired and otherworldly violet eyes.

He looked at her, the Blood God sneered, "Who are you to speak to me with such familiarity?"

She simply glared at him. "Where is Chaos?"

"Why I am right here, my darling Dark Lily."

This man with spill of white hair was not the Chaos she knew and he laughed as she stared at him heavily in wait for answers to unspoken questions.

"It is a new flesh but I assure you it is me." He gave her a smile that seemed to nearly split his boyish face.

It was creepy but this young man, who she guessed was about her age, was Chaos and he seemed delighted in her confusion.

"Wait are you telling me that this is..." Malikia looked between then and suddenly pointed a long nailed finger at her, "This is not the Dark Lily."

She rolled her eyes and started to move to the table only to be intercepted by the same hand that pointed out to her. Malikia's burning grip tightened as he pulled her close to give her a good look over.

Slowly her unnatural eyes dared to meet the Blood God's eyes. "Release me or we will have a reenactment of our fight at the Grand Isles."

He seemed to release her really quick. "Disgusting creature." he spat in her face and turned from her.

She didn't allow his statement to bug her. From some others in her life that might of bothered her but from him... She liked that what she was bugged him. A small smirk tugged her lips and she turned to Chaos.

"Why am I here?"

The situation suddenly felt heavy as Chaos' smile faded away.

"We have an issue and I would like you to deal with it."

A brow ticked up at his vague explanation and she waited for him to continue but it seemed that Chaos wouldn't have a chance.

Malikia's voice rose with agitation that was hard to miss, "There is a child who has settled on the boarders that has been killing. There is a field of bloodshed. This child is-"

"An Altian-Reevi born," Chaos interrupted calmly.

There was a look exchanged between the two gods and she felt annoyed by it. Like there was something that was spoken between the two and she was left out.

"Mrph...And you want me to do what?"

"Kill it." Malikia answered.

"Xavier is out right now tracking it down but this creature,"

She cleared her throat and gave Chaos a dirty look.

"Child," he corrected himself and gave a throaty chuckle at her for the look, "...has been a handful even to the generals. Since you are familiar with such bloods we figured you would be the best choice. Besides I have quite a payment for you if you help us."

"Payment? So this is an assassination contract?"

"You should be use to those."  Malikia seemed amused with his quip but found that she just ignored it.

"Why should I?" she asked simply, "It is none of my concern the affairs that go on here."

"The child has killed people you know, including Oda and Silma." Chaos replied while taking a seat at the head of his dining table.

She stared at Chaos. "There is no way that ..." she paused, dumbfounded really, "Oda...How the hell did someone kill him?! You are lying! Him and Silma..."

"Are dead.."

She was silent, the dread sinking in like a rock in water.

"If you accept this Joshua will take you to Xavier and he will fill you in on everything."

"And if I don't?" she asked and saw instantly that Malikia seemed annoyed by this question.

"If you don't you go home but I will warn you, my Dark Lily.." he started and looked to her with a grin. As if he knew what he was about to say was a tie breaker, "I will not be able to help you with your little issues. You know the ones.."

She twitched in annoyance. "You can't help me with it."

"Not with that in itself, no, but with other issues surrounding it I can."

She hated when he was so vague and he knew it. Still the idea of something to help with controlling the darkness... It was a tempting offer. The chance idea of hurting Clayton..even though she really couldn't... It bothered her. Hurting him..her brother..her friends. There was a lot that was on the balance.

"Fine. I'm in." she murmured quietly.

"Splendid! Now go change! I'll send Joshua to fetch you in thirty."

She stared at Chaos. There was something wrong with this. She'd find out soon enough though. Turning away she started to the door and she heard the blood god mutter.

"This should be interesting."

Yeah...they were up to something...
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She hated the abyssal gates that Chaos created. Sure they got you from point A to point B quickly but it sure did a number on the senses. It took nearly forty-five minutes for her world to stop spinning and during that time she found herself surrounded by the burnt planes of the Between.  She felt the fingers of Joshua take her hand and her eyes snapped over to him. The youngling smiled sheepishly to her and started to tug, pulling her along to their destination.

"Joshua tell me what is going on." She finally asked the suspiciously quiet lad. He just shook his head.

It was a long walk to get to the grounds where Xavier had turned into a sort of camp grounds. There was no fire nor a tent but she recognized a few faces that were huddled close to fend off the unnatural cold.  She couldn't miss Xavier's expression upon seeing her if she tried. He looked beyond shocked.

"You actually came?!"
He was up on his feet but she made no attempt to greet him past a slight nod. He got within reaching distance of her before she raised her chin and eyed him, "Explain to me why it seems you are so surprised I came. What is going on that I am not being told? I KNOW something is up!"

She felt Joshua's hand quickly slide from hers in retreat and the lad and Xavier exchanged glances. "They didn't tell you anything did they?" Xavier said in a tone that was cautious.

She grunted almost instantly. "I wouldn't be asking otherwise...."

She watched as Xavier began to remove his cloak and it was placed around his shoulders. Soon after he was offering his sheathed weapon.  She had never seen him separate from his sword so when he placed it in her hands, with a look that was so very serious, she knew even more that something was up.

"It won't be easy for you..."

"Xavier. Jus ex-"

He stopped her by placing a finger to his lips and then pointing to the north of their position. The look he gave her told her it was one of those must see to believe type situations.

Sighing she simply nodded and started to draw away.

"Do you have any personal items that you would be afraid to be stolen?"

She blinked over at the man at her left. He was tall and lanky but older, or at least looked older, than most present. She raised a brow at him and he shook his head.

"Anything precious to you you might wish to keep here."

The only thing she wore that had any significant value was the ring Dee had given her. The BFF ring was slipped off and placed in the man's hand. "You lose it and I will gut you personally."

"I will guard it, madam."

She was satisfied with that. Nodding she turned and started to track across the burned wastelands this time with a course planned out. Over two mounds and she saw nothing but scorched earth, trees, and ...a whole lot of nothing. Frowning to herself she pulled the cloak closer and continued on.

Two steps were taken and she choked, blood spat past her lips as she staggered forward. Looking down she found a white spine piercing through her shoulder and the hand that had been there, pinning it close to flesh. The spine withdrew forcefully, whipping her back and in several staggering steps she turned to find the source.

And what she saw caused the color to fade from her face.

"No..No way.."
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No wonder why she wasn't told anything. They knew she would of likely of not came....

Not even twenty feet away was a sight that she was too familiar with. Sleek white with featherless wings that were nothing more than spines arched from shoulder blades.

Empty white eyes.

Empty white eyes focused on her!

...This was her! In Altian form!

All she could do was stare and it left her wide open. "The fu-HELL!" She barely got a breath as the white one descended on her in full fury. Several spines shot in her direction, razor sharp and ready to skewer. She barely managed out of the way and as one pierced the ground she snapped a foot up to stomp back down in hopes to pin the spine down. Quickly she walked the razors edge, taking the steps needed to give her range to lash out a kick at the white face.

It was like hitting a column of marble and pain shot up her foot.
The two went on spilling each others blood for the better part of an hour, neither giving any leeway for the other. However, the Hybrid had something she did not.  With no warning what so ever the figure's elongated fingers shot out and the next thing she knew the figure had a grip on her throat. Grabbing the narrow limb of an arm she kicked her legs out, trying to land a heel into the figure's torso.  When she saw the spines rise high she knew what was coming and braced herself for the impact.

The impact came in a different way.

Suddenly the tight grasp around her throat was released and she hit the soot stained ground. "Umph!" Looking up she saw the white figure thrown away from her and most likely the only reason why she was released. Rolling onto her side further explained what happened. Not that far off she spied Xavier and Joshua, the lad prepared to fire another round of hyper arrows. Or at least that was the blaring glare of green around his hand suggested.

Xavier moved to assist her up and she had the biggest urge to punch his face in. That could wait until things were settled. Turning her head to see where the figure went she noticed that the figure was just now standing, black blood pouring from the numerous wounds that Joshua had created.
"We thought you could use some backup."

She growled at Xavier, pissed to the royals that he hadn't informed her. Pushing him off she drew on the Reevi blood that filled her veins and just as the shadows started to answer the figure came charging again. This time..Oh this time she would answer. The metallic like substance spiraled down her flesh, quickly consuming and taking over as she barreled headlong at the figure. They clashed soundly and she swiftly buried her claws into the white figure's sides. She felt the body tense and her own did the same as the action was mimicked but making sure that each sharp, long finger pierced between her ribs and searched out her vitals.

She missed that in the Altian blood.

The strength...

The Altian hybrid clamped down onto her shoulder with her teeth and..began to feed. It wasn't the first time she felt someone feed off of her but that was neither here nor now and this carbon copy of her was draining her vital in greedy demand.

Choking she pushed and pushed hard but at the same time keeping her claws embedded deep into the white flesh. Blunt force didn't work but piercing and slashing did. However with the hybrid feeding off of her the wounds quickly healed making it hard to create any lasting damage and as long as the hybrid was feeding off of her...she was losing this battle and quick.

It reminded her how much had changed between times...

...She was like a different person. She wasn't what her father created any longer. She wasn't what Silver and Omen twisted into shape. She was...

...Was she weaker now?

She didn't think so and sure the hell wasn't going down without fighting! Releasing the hybrid she reached up and jabbed her fingers into the white figure's neck, effectively getting her to withdraw from the suckling of vital and even released to stagger back.

The hybrid hissed at her and she smirked. "I got people waiting for me back home. I am not dying here." Raising her hand she drew her tongue across her black blood that oozed down her claws. After all it could be used for her own wounds, could it not?

"Kathryn! DON'T!"

She heard Xavier's voice too late. Crap! There was a reason why she had the Altian blood removed after all and while this brand of hybrid's blood was strange it still had Altian blood.

Pain screamed straight through her even as her wounds healed. Pain as if her body was trying to pull itself apart from the inside out. Instead of crying out she clenched her teeth. She wasn't..going to lose.

She tried.. tried so very hard to bite back the pain but it was winning out. Staggering steps had her soon on a knee and she watched the figure stalk closer..and closer...

Pushing to her feet she lashed out but found the Reevi skin had retracted. Her wrist caught and she was twisted around. She wouldn't go down without a fight. That is what she told herself as she reached out to jab at the hybrid's face. That feeling like hitting marble again danced across her knuckles as she was twisted around yet again so that her back was pressed firmly into the chest of the hybrid.

That was when she realized she was being used as some sort of shield. She could hear Joshua crying out apologies from afar as his hyper arrows pierced her torso, legs, and shoulder. She was pinned to the hybrid with this green crystal like structures holding them together via piercing.

She was going to throttle that boy when this was over!

The hybrid wasted no time and started to rip free the hyper arrows which meant pulling it free from the shield first. It pulled at the one that pierced their torso's first and all she could think to do was wait. After all if she tried to do anything the hybrid would lash around and make things worse. She gurgled a sound as the hyper arrow was pulled out and she felt more blood of the hybrid..More pain.

This was not what she was expecting...

...And she was losing...

She cried out as the hybrid ripped out the shard that was combining their shoulder and she was more or less released. Now she was the only one with hyper arrows in her, two in her right thigh and one in her left. Before she could even move away the hybrid had grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her straight.

The pain of the black blood had her fading fast and the world was darkening.

She saw white in front of her..Charging closer. White and flesh...

Something happened. There was a loud contact of force that had her like a rag doll in the grasp of the hybrid as they both went to the ground.

"Get up, Katt!"

She felt large hands pushing her shoulder, getting her to sit up.
"Come on snap out of it."

Her eyes rolled open and her chin dipped back, a blink given at the face she had seen. That..was not what she was expecting. "A-Aren?"

Either she was seeing things or..

....Aren Ascended...

He grinned down at her with that boyish grin of his and stood, towering well over her at near eight feet. Three pairs of wings in pristine glory arched from his back and she noted..He was wearing his father's battle gear.

"What..are you doing here..I thought you couldn't..."

"To hell with that. I have Chaos' permission to be here and I am not going to let my father's killer get away!"

So it was true....

...Oda...was really gone.

"Can you stand?"

Aren's question brought her back to the present and she nodded, forcing herself to her feet despite the pain. Furthering that forcing by using the Reevi to staunch her wounds. "I can't do this Aren.."

"You can but you have to shake this shock before you can." Aren urged her.

"I can't..."

He stopped and looked over his shoulder to her.

"Aren...Look at her.."

He did as she asked. Really looked at the Altian hybrid struggling under his hold. He had made sure to hold the hybrid at the neck and pressed down so that the featherless wings couldn't be used as weapons at the time. There was no expression he could find on the hybrid's face but soon recognition clicked. His eyes went wide and he looked back to her. "What the hell?!"

Yeah welcome to her world, Aren.

She frowned and shook her head while the hybrid struggled.

"Katt we can't let her live."

She noticed his grasp around the hybrid's throat tighten. "Aren stop!"

"She almost killed you! How could you let her live?!"

"We need to find out who she is. What she is!"

"We can't let this abomination live!" he exclaimed as he struggled with holding down the thrashing form.

Those words struck hard. They struck hard and deep to her core. Those were words she remembered once upon a time when she was younger. Words she never expected to ever hear out of Aren. She stared wide-eyed at him and he seemed to realize what he had said.

"She isn't you. You aren't-"

"What? An abomination?!" She pointed a finger down at the figure he was strangling the life out of. "That is me, Aren! Are you okay with killing me?!"

"She isn't you!" he retorted quickly and clamped down hard enough that she could see him pressing the hybrid into the ground. "She is a monster! She should never be in existence!"

"And what am I?!" she choked out. The battlefield was no place to be squirmy let alone emotional but this was so..wrong. On so many scales it was wrong.

"She isn't you. She is a copy someone created! I am sure of it! She killed my father and that is all I need to know. She's killed countless people and her blood bath ends here."

Reaching out she grabbed Aren's shoulders, attempting to pry him off the hybrid. "Don't!"

His other hand lashed out to shove her away, hitting with enough force to drive the air out of her. "She isn't you!" he repeated, "Hold her!" he commanded across the way at a shell shocked Joshua and Xavier.

"Screw that. She'll kill me." Xavier was quick to say no and Joshua just stood there, unwilling to comply.

While Xavier was busy talking she was already back on Aren, trying to pull him off. "Aren just stop! Take her into custody or- GEK!"

She had never expected Aren to hit her and he did so in a way that made her world rock. Doubling over she hugged her stomach and gasped for air. Landing on her knees she looked up to watch as Aren took both hands to the hybrid's neck. "A-Aren. Don't!" she managed to croak out.

It struggled for its life as Aren squeezed and she could hear him spatting something in the old Altian tongue. The next thing she saw was him wrenching the hybrid's head and a very audible snap was heard.

She felt like she was going to be sick as she watched the body tensed and fell still and the head lolled in his grasp.

The white ebbed away into a fleshy hue of a young woman, lavender and brown hair spilling in matted waves to the ground that Aren held her over. Pupiless doe eyes, murky in their green hue, stared lifelessly at her. The imagine was like out of one of her nightmares and the fact it was done by Aren's hands made it no less horrific.

It was just too much. She collapsed to her knees and she felt Xavier's hands catch her shoulders as she pitched back.  Closing her eyes she tried not to relive the memory of what she had just seen. Instead she allowed the pain to take her over and pull her into the sweet embrace of darkness.
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She woke with a start, sitting up so quick that her body reminded her that it had not been a dream. Wincing at the headache and the overall body ache she looked around.

She was apparently back at Chaos' home with Joshua at her bedside fast asleep.

"He has been quite worried about you."

She didn't want to look in the direction the voice came from. She couldn't look at Aren no matter how much she tried. "How long as I out?"

"Three days. Didn't look at all like peaceful rest either. Spent most of it writhing in pain." He explained, sounding both tired and years beyond his seemingly young age.

"Why do you care." she spat, not thinking to catch herself.

"Why..Why would you ask me something like that. Of course I care. I came to help didn't I?"

"How could you kill her, Aren?!" She moved to the edge of the bed and sneered at him. Apparently she was loud enough that she started the young Joshua awake. She was too busy glaring at Aren to check to see if the boy was alright.

Aren stood under the blunt of her ire, unashamed of what he had done. "She wasn't you, Katt, and until you let go that she just looked like you then you will not be able to deal with this. She was a creation-"

"So was I!"

"That isn't what I meant! Someone made her to rattle you! She wasn't real."

"She looked pretty damn real to me! She even bled!"

"Black blood." he pointed out to his defense.

Yeah it reminded her that she was still feeling the effects of the blood even now. Which was odd because by now it would of worked its course. Frowning she sat back on her heels. "Are there more?"

"No. It was just her."

"How do you know?" she quickly murmured.

"I don't." was his honest answer.

..She didn't like that answer....

It was like dealing with Raven all over again just on a different level. This time it wasn't killing by her hands but still...

...That guilt still hung on her mind.

"After you passed out I stared to take care of the body,"  he started and when her eyes turned up he knew he had her attention, "In less than half a day the body started to decompose into a mess of black ooze. Whoever created it had apparently sped up the process of growth and seeing as Altian blood and Reevi blood are not suppose to be in the same body..."

"She was already dying..." she muttered. She knew that feeling all too well and if it had not been for her father's contract with Chaos for her soul she might of very well of met a similar fate years ago.

"Yes. I think with feeding on your blood increased the process as well." he added as he watched her stumble out of bed. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to talk to Chaos then I am going home!" she answered while stumbling to the door.

"You aren't really fit to go anywhere..." He was on the move, attempting to push her back to the bed that she didn't want to be in.

She wanted to be in her bed..Next to the man who was waiting for her to return. "Let me go!"

She shrieked when he lifted her and planted her back in the bed and Joshua just stayed out of the way. It was like walking into a lovers spat. If you valued your stayed out of it!

"Stubborn as ever." Aren said with an amount of amusement.

She wanted to smack him. Instead she huffed and laid back. Struggling hurt. She just wanted to go ...home.

"Get Chaos in here." she demanded and folded her arms while staring up at the canopy like it was all its fault.

"I'll do that and take my leave. It was nice to see you again, Katt."

She heard the sound of metal against metal as Aren saluted in respect and headed out. Closing her eyes she sighed.

"I'm sorry, Katt."

Joshua's small voice pulled her back and her eyes opened to tilt to him. He was fidgeting at her bedside nervously. Like she really was going to throttle him. Instead she smiled a bit and shook her head. "You did good, Joshua."

At the praise his face instantly lit up. "I'll go get you something to eat!"

Before she could protest he was out the door and she was alone.

Like usual Chaos took his sweet time in arriving. It wasn't until some hours later that he did arrive in her room and by then she had eaten, bathed, and changed complete with fresh bandages.

He was barely in the door before she was spouting off questions, "You knew it was a copy of me didn't you?"

He sighed at her impatience and nodded as he circled around her bed. "I did but would it really of made a difference? We both know you would of gone regardless. Would you really leave the fate of a half-breed another's hands? Let alone someone who killed your beloved Oda."

He did have a point...

"Besides," he carried on as he stroked her hair. His long fingers started to come the pitch black fondly, "If I wouldn't of called you then you would of found out and been angry with me."

"Like that really matters to you." she muttered under her breath, trying really hard to dismiss the calming sensation he was creating. Unable to help herself her eyes started to droop and she sighed.

"Oh my dear you know that is so not true. I've always had a soft spot for you. Ever since your father came to me. Your soul is so strong and over these closer years has grown so vibrant and passionate." He was speaking in her ear. A sinful lover just waiting to have his chance to taste forbidden fruit.

She ignored it and for the most part him. "Why do I still feel her blood..?"

"You are tainted, that is why. It won't kill you, of course, but it will be a good long while before it leaves you." he was more fascinated with her hair then answering her it seemed because he kept on combing.

"How long is a good long while?" she muttered and leaned away, giving him a look to knock it off.

Sighing his disappointment he lowered his hand. "I am not sure how much you consumed. It could be months. Years."

"And it won't kill me?"

"No it won't. I've already taken time to examine you." he answered and gave her a grin.

Ugh she hated that grin. It was creepy. "Examined me? You better not of been prodding me in ways you shouldn't."

"Why my dear Dark Lily! That sounds awfully naughty!" he laughed as he stood. "Worry not my dear. I haven't tampered with you in any way that I shouldn't. I was curious of the effects the Black Blood was having on you. You aren't deteriorating but your body is trying to fight it off. It is almost like you were half-altian again but without your own body warring with itself."

She blinked slowly. Like she was Half-Altian again. Did that mean she could...

...that would have to be tested out later...

"Now ..about that dark little presence you have been struggling with."

"I don't need your help with that," she spat out, "I have all the help I need. Help I can trust!"

Chaos' hands rose up in defense. "Well then I guess it is time for you to go. I'll leave the option open if you change your mind. After we are in your debt, Dark Lily."

She grunted and turned her head. "Yeah."

Chaos patted Joshua's head on the way out, "Take her home."

The young lad nodded cheerfully as the Shadow Lord left the chamber.
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How many days had passed now that she had been gone?

Once Joshua left her in the apartment she waited for a few minutes to make sure the lad was really gone before she headed to search for her better half. At least better half to herself.

And there he was laid out in bed in a way that suggested that he may not of fallen asleep willingly. Probably worried about where she had ran off to and when she was returning.

Guilt strung her heart but she couldn't of very well of brought him with her.

She could at least make it up to him.

She'd tell him what had happened but that could wait until morning.

For now she crawled into the bed next to him and leaned to press her lips against his brow. In the silent grace that he commanded his arms reached out to ensnare her in. There was no complaint to be had and she eagerly snuggled in. Even as he tucked her in close she kept silent, pressing her face to the center of his chest and inhaling.

She always felt it was best to be open with the person you were with. Not keep any secrets. Something in her past told her otherwise..and yet she just couldn't do it. And while she was afraid she'd lose Clayton she just couldn't keep something from him.

Was it wrong of her...?

...Could she possibly lose him if he knew what had happened?

...She hated that question. Even moreso she feared the answer...
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.: Chapter Five: Awkward Conversations :.

[size=9].: Aug 26th :.[/size]

The day had been long and filled with things she didn't want to deal with. Things that added to the heavy weight on her heart. Earlier that day she had found two bodies in the Old Temple District. twisted and mutilated beyond all recognition but one of the two bodies looked..awfully familiar.

It looked like Kai.

That..along with finding Issy at the inn afterward had her seeking a bottle of tequila quicker then she tended to. Probably even quicker was it consumed leaving her in a half awake, half asleep daze. She could hear Andu and Izumi talking in the background but the rest of her was just..gone.

It wasn't like it was the first time she fell asleep with her eyes open. She use to do it all the time. Sitting against a tree or something to prop her back against, sword resting against her shoulder...

...That had been a long time ago...

Things really had changed.

She hadn't even realized Clayton had arrived and barely acknowledge his affectionate kiss to her cheek. It took her mind and body time to wake before actually..reacting.

She was drunk. She knew it. He knew it... Which was probably why he insisted on taking her home. Not that she didn't mind and surely didn't complain when he scooped her up and held her close to his chest. She liked being held that close, specially by him.

In the past she liked it because it was feeling. Specially with Leo. But with Clayton it went well beyond a sense of safety. Like she simply..belonged there. At times she felt almost afraid of that feeling. Afraid may not always be there.

As often as he tried to comfort her that it would never happen she knew he couldn't predict the future. One day soon he would likely want to carry on with his life and it not involve her. He could find someone more to his taste and less broken. He could leave without word and never return. That happened a lot with friends and while he was someone beyond being a friend it just made it that more frightening to cling on.

Still...Part of her clung. Held on for all she was worth...

On the way home the tequila did a bit of talking for her...

...Being drunk made her super chatty about things she'd likely not normally speak so freely on.

"Kittens." Yes it was out of the blue. "I want some kittens." The wire that was usually between point A and B was not there right now so randomness was going to happen. Along with anything he asked getting fully answered. Tequila: Katt's Bane.

He chuckled softly at the random statement as he walked, keeping his stride long and smoothly steady as he looked down to her. "Because two cats isn't enough?" It didn't sound exactly like an objection, though.

"I have three." She smiled sweetly up to him and reached up to brush the bridge of his nose. "I guess that is too many huh?" Her hand started to sink back down. "Won't have enough room in the loft I guess. Oh! Speaking of room! I got another piece of jewelry a few days ago. Dee gave it to me. Sort of a gift I guess? It is cute. A little ring with a knot in the middle. She wanted me to be a bridesmaid for her wedding." She paused..blinked. "That like..what? Number six now?"

He laughed this time. "I don't is a fairly sizable place. They could have the guest bedroom for themselves." He hadn't heard about the ring yet, but then, he had been...well. Busy. The announcement of Dee's wedding got an arched eyebrow as he let out a softly purring chuckle. "I still can't believe you've never thought about a wedding yourself...though I suppose with your history, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised."

Yeah her little treasure trove of jewelry was slowly but surely growing in size. She blinked up at him for bringing that up and almost seemed to sober. Almost. "Is it really that weird that I haven't?"

He considered that in silence as he walked for a few moments before he answered. "For a normal woman, it would be, I suppose...but you are no normal woman." There was another few moments as he strode, his eyes picking out the shape of the apartments in the nearing distance. "Does it...bother you...your friends getting married, when you're...not?"

Oh my. This conversation went from strange to awkward in record time. She sobered up quite well under the question and pursed her lips in thought. "No. I'm quite happy for them. Specially for Rhi and Dee. They are both good women and deserve to be happy! And their men treat them with all the love and adoration they deserve. Why should it bother me?" She shook her head. "Truthfully I was wondering what was taking Travis so long to pop the question."

He had to laugh softly as he approached the apartment building. "You are a most unique woman indeed, Kathryn...I have known a good many women who might be jealous of their friends, in your position." He turned and shouldered his way through the doors as he made it to them. "But if you were not unique, I doubt I would love you quite so much."

"Jealous.." She frowned if only a tad. "I don't think I have the right to be jealous. I am just happy things have lasted this long." Because in truth she hadn't. The fact he was still there surprised her each and every day.

He gave the security guards a nod as he passed them on hid way to the stairwell, smiling as he looked back at her and pushed his way through that door as well to start climbing. "I keep telling you, I'm not going anywhere. Maybe one day you'll believe it...until then, I suppose I shall just have to keep proving it to you."

It seemed to be a normal thing when they were coming in. Being carried that is. She waved halfly to the guards. "With none of my past relationships exactly lasting past the three month marker I was surprised to see you still here. I weren't technically..but you came back." She smiled a bit. "I guess I am still working on the abandonment issues. Sorry.."

He made it to the first floor landing before he halted and chuckled, a warmly purring sound, pulling her up in his arms as he leaned his head down to press his lips tenderly, lingeringly against hers before he pulled them away and started ascending the stairs again. "Stop apologizing, have nothing to apologize for."

That feeling, his lips against hers..She sighed quietly, almost content. Maybe aching. "Do you want it to bother me?" Evil Tequila.

He blinked at the question, but shook his head, making it to the top floor as he smiled at her and pushed through the door into the hallway and starting towards the penthouse door. ?I would prefer nothing about us bothers you?though if something does, I hope you will tell me.?

"I'm sure there are some things about bothers you." Her arm draped across his shoulders and she stretched a little in his arms. She tried to think if there was anything that bothered her. There was one, tiny thing, but that would be dealt with in the future she was sure. "I will. If something bothers me I mean." She shrugged a bit. "And I am not jealous of my friends." To get that across again or maybe just repeating herself. "(vsw) Being jealous is stupid and gets me in trouble." Not exactly the subject of jealousy in this case.

Even at this late - or early, rather - hour, he could not ignore her movements in his arms, one that send a shiver of heat down his spine as he reached for the doorknob and pushed it open to step into the apartment with her. ?I would have to think if there was anything, but nothing comes immediately to mind. If I do think of anything, I will tell you?but it will most likely be something trivial.? With a chuckle, he kicked the door closed behind him.
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.: Chapter Six: Struggle of the heart and mind :.

[size=9].: Sept 21st :.[/size]

Seeing Azure was something that set things into a spiral. Ebon's sister who had passed away and to whom his eldest was named after was alive and well. From another time and another universe but alive..

There had been a few of these type of instances but even more were loved ones coming back from the dead.

It scared her...

...for such a selfish reason it scared her...

What if his wife returned?

What if Clayton's dead wife...came back.

...He'd leave...

Why wouldn't he? She was the love of his life. His wife long before he had met her.

Over the course of the weekend the worry grew, escalating to the point where she was starting to distance herself from him.

It was safer that way...


That was likely why when he entered the inn that day she didn't look directly at him and found herself hesitant to follow when he silently gestured to the door. While she did accept the silent invitation she felt the overall urge to flee.

The night was nice. The sun had just set and the breeze was gentle. She didn't mind walking and she surely didn't mind walking with him.


He was lost in his own thoughts she figured as he was quite silent as they walked. She was fine with this. The question kept nagging away at her mind and not giving her any peace of mind. In fact it seemed to grow increasingly so since he was near.

They were nearly halfway home before he came to a halt, turning to Katt as though he had suddenly, irrevocably reached some great decision. He waited until she reached him, near to arm's reach, before he spoke. "You know...Andu told me something interesting, a week or so back...something I've given a lot of thought to..."

Pay attention. She blinked and raised her eyes and nearly bumped right into him. "Mrm?"

He seemed hesitant for a moment, and he actually blushed - something he had not done for some time with her. "He...he told me...that he had met a young woman from an alternate reality...that referred to me as her 'uncle'..." He hesitated again, blushing slightly brighter, seemingly as if he were unsure how to continue.

"Oh." She nodded a single time. "Much like I have been called Aunt by many of these..Nexus-Kids. It seems is normal for kids to call someone non-related as such even though they aren't related?"

He nodded. "Alex's children used to all me 'uncle', though he and I were not related by blood, or..." Here, he blushed quite a bit brighter. "...marriage. But that's not the point..." He paused again, silent and thoughtful, before he went on. "Andu also told me tat you and I are together in the world this young lady came from...and were happy, being with happy, in fact, that...that you..." You'd think he couldn't get any redder, but there it was! "...that you took my last if we were...married."

Wow he was bright right now wasn't he. She felt a knot in her stomach when he said that. "I am happy with you.." She murmured and lowered her eyes. "Her name is Lila..the young woman that Andu was speaking about. I met her today."

Clayton gave her a smile as she said the first part, nodding as he reached for her to settle his hands at her waist. ?I know you are, my least as happy as I am with you.? Her second statement also got a nod as he chuckled. ?I know. Andu told me her name...Lily Kathryn.? He let out another purring chuckle. ?Somehow, I do not think that name is a coincidence.?

"Lila." She corrected him quietly. "She said how she spent a lot of time with us and that we were more like parents to her then her own." She shrugged a bit and glanced off to the side..away from him. Actually she was looking everywhere but him.

He let out a rather rueful chuckle as he was corrected on the name. ?Lila...right.? He watched her for a long moment, his hands resting lightly at her waist, curiosity in his gaze. ?I is a rather uncomfortable subject for you...marriage, that is.? He paused, yet again, hesitating as if uncertain. ?If you would prefer...we can save this discussion for another time.?

She blinked and shook her head. "It isn't so much a discomfort. It..I don't know what to think about it really. In another life..another time..I'm married and  have a child no less.." Her eyes tilted as she moved a hand to rest against the curve of his inner elbow. "It means somewhere..sometime..I haven't screwed up. But..that is there..Not here..I know that.."

He smiled at her, letting out a purring chuckle yet again. ?We are each a product of our own lives, my dear Kathryn...of our own experiences. Yours have least as trying as my own...but I don?t view them as a screw-up, as you put it. Somewhere, some time, things are different..but that doesn?t mean that such things couldn?t happen with you...with, in our reality.?

"It doesn't mean that other things couldn't happen." She pushed his arm and stepped  away, her eyes lifting to his chin but never meeting his eyes. "Lately a lot of..loved ones have been coming back from the dead. What..will you do if your..." Her brows furrowed and she swallowed down the lump in her throat. She had to get the question out otherwise it would continue to eat at her. "What will you do if your wife returns..?"

The question had him falling silent for a long moment, a rare frown touching his features. His expression spoke volumes - it was plain that the thought had occurred to him, more than once. (vs)?It would be a lie to say that I haven?t thought of that, Kathryn...? His eyes dropped from hers, and he looked away a moment, into the darkness of the night. (vs)?...there have been many times, since my family was taken from me, that I have wished I could have them back.? He turned his gaze back to her again, and there was a sudden, almost heated strength in his voice. ?But the past is just that...the past...there is no going back to what was. Since being with you...that wish isn?t what I want any longer. Even if my wife, my children to appear now, in this moment...I have moved past that. You are my life now, are my family.?

She watched him, immediately regretting asking. While he spoke she felt her heart drop. She wanted to believe him. She really did... But it was jus her luck. She knew what would happen. She dreaded.. She didn't meet his eyes. In fact struggled against it..looking elsewhere. "To be honest.. I expect you to return to her if she does.. I wouldn't ..I wouldn't blame you if you did. I'd...."Her eyes lowered to hide the fact that while she meant the words..they were plenty hard to say, "I'd be happy for you.."

He let out a purring chuckle, shaking his head as he brought his hands up from her waist to cup her cheeks, raising her face so that it was directed to his as he looked into her eyes. ?My dear Kathryn...I don?t think you understand.? One hand remained at her cheek, as the other dropped to snag her by the wrist, lifting her arm so that her hand was against his chest, over his heart. ?This is yours, my love. Even if it were possible for me to go back, I wouldn?t...not because of obligation or duty to the present...but because you have claimed this for your own.This is yours, my one else, living or dead, past, present, or future, may have it. You told me that even if Leo were to come back, even if he were to want you back, you would stay with me. Why should it be any different for me with you??

Her limbs moved with his guide easily enough and when he settled her hand against his chest her lips parted faintly. This is yours. There was one big difference in his comment. She and Leo..weren't married. They didn't spend years together and had children. Her eyes closed and she nodded meekly. "(vs) Okay..I'm..I'm being stupid. I know. I just..I'm scared.."

He nodded, leaning down to touch his forehead to hers with a smile as he did so. (vs)?I know, my love...and I can?t blame you for that...especially with all that has been happening. I would be too, in your shoes.? He chuckled as he pulled back and moved to wrap his arm around her waist, turning to start them for home. ?Heck, I have been in your shoes...I guess it?s just easier for me to get past...I haven?t had to go through the things you have. But I?m still going to show you that you needn?t worry when it comes to where my heart resides.?

Her eyes closed and she savored the simple touch of his forehead against her own.  She sighed, her breath shaking as it was released. "I love you, Clayton. I really do..And I am some life somewhere..that we..I haven't scared you away or turned you away or..anything. I'm..happy to have you in my life.."

He smiled at that. ?I love you too, Kathryn, very much indeed. In case it escaped your notice, you haven?t scared me away in this world...and I have seen you in times that I am certain would have sent many fleeing for their lives.? He chuckled softly as he walked with her towards home. ?If you haven?t succeeded in scaring me off by now, I?m pretty sure you?re not going to be able to, ever."

She started to walk, her hand moving to brush against his arm. "Never able to..I ..kind of like that. Keeping you around for a while longer.." She smiled a bit as they continued to walk and talk on their way home. The worry of losing him was put to rest for now and she felt some great weight had been lifted from her shoulders.
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.: Chapter Seven: Trust :.

[size=9].: Sept 26th :.[/size]

The skies was pale with the start of morning hues when she stirred. Not far off a few birds chirped their song but that isn't what she noticed first.

It was the arm draped across the bare of her torso, the steady rise and fall of a firm chest against her back, and a piece of a puzzle that fit so well. Curled against her, flesh to flesh, Clayton was fast asleep. His legs tucked so that his knees were in the back bend of her own, his face nestled in her hair and so close that she could feel each breath that left his lips. It was amazing to her how his taller body lined so perfectly against hers...

It was as if he was indeed a piece of a puzzle and he fit so well against her.

Like he belonged there...

It was a nice thought.

Tilting her head she nestled back into him, looking over the grassy area of the opening that Clayton had chosen for their camping trip. Not far off she could hear the bubbling stream, the sound, much like Clayton's breathing, was peaceful. Comforting.

She knew the real reason he took her camping. Everything had obviously became too much and she had snapped. She had been weakened and It knew it. It was because of It that she had hurt Steve and likely would of hurt Issy if it had not been for Clayton's interfering.

She really did hope all she needed was time away because if that didn't help she feared just how close she was to permanently snapping. She knew she had been told to let It loose. That she had to try to co-exist with It but It had gave that feeling, on more than one occasion, that if it did get full and complete control? She would cease to exist...


At one time that might not of bothered her but now? No she didn't want to die. She didn't want to cease to exist. She didn't want to lose her brother..her friends..

She didn't want to lose him...

Her hand pressed his own hand against her torso but eased when she felt him stir. She didn't want him to wake. Didn't want this moment to end because she was still afraid...

Still afraid that one day she would wake up and he'd be gone. That he would distance himself or just leave...

He reassured her time and time again he wasn't going anywhere.

Maybe it was time...

...To believe...

...To Trust...

She felt his arm tighten around her, trying to draw her closer as if it were possible.

It was time to stop being afraid that she would lose him and just trust that he will be there for her like he said he would.

With that thought in her head she closed her eyes, soaking in the warmth and protective hold. She could sleep and enjoy the moment just a little while longer.
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.: Chapter Eight: Shattered Pieces - Part One :.

[size=9]First Week of Oct[/size]

It started with Renna slipping the information that her brother had been fooling with her technology. She had pieced together some things after that. When she said he had been using the technology on himself it explained a few things that were clouded in questions. When he had been so ill and suddenly his suit was much like her Reevi skin. He didn't need a pack of trench to activate it. It was just there. Apart of him...

There had been questions that surrounded that and he answered in full. Yes. He had experimented on himself. And Leo. And her. He didn't tell her because he didn't trust her. Not his words. Oh no..His words came in the form of that he didn't want her to think him a monster.

To her it came out as if he didn't trust her enough to tell her.

She didn't think him a monster. She didn't like it but she didn't think him a monster. He wanted to learn the technology. He wanted to use it to ..protect. She was almost sure of it.


What she didn't like was being lied to by the person she trusted most. It hurt. It hurt right down to her core even though she didn't show it. Sure she might of shed a few tears in his presence but the damage had been far greater.

She was a fool for trusting. Like the demon said...trusting someone was just setting oneself up to be disappointed and hurt.

Everything that Edward was..was questioned. What parts of it were true? How was she suppose to keep trusting him the way she had? She wanted to trust him. She wanted to believe he was sad by his own actions. Was he sorry? She didn't know. She wanted to forgive him.

When he lost the Tower...Lost D.I.A.N.A...she hated seeing him break down. He seemed to just..not care anymore. Like nothing mattered to him. He just..gave up.

She hated it.

It broke her heart to see him like that and despite him hurting her she still wanted to be there for him. Even with how she was hurting she sat at the inn and tried to comfort him. Tried to get him to accept Isabella's offer of an alternate Diana. It wasn't to replace Diana. Nobody could replace Diana. They both knew it. But he relied so heavily on day to day things being done by someone else.

By Diana.

He could change her looks and name couldn't he? Make her different? Make her not look like Diana...

It saddened her that Diana was gone. It was like losing a friend and no doubt she'd mourn for that lost friend. Her brother felt that loss more then anyone and she felt helpless to comfort him.

Over the course of the following days she found herself avoiding people...Avoided home. Avoided Clayton. The chaos of emotions she felt was making it difficult to do anything but roam the streets.

Brian tried to comfort her in his own way as did Issy. They gave her words to think on but in the end she felt that she probably needed to speak to her brother again. Figure things out.

It taunted her..constantly. It was enjoying the outcome immensely.

She felt lost and It knew it.
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.: Chapter Eight: Shattered Pieces - Part Two :.

[size=9]Oct 13th[/size]

That taunting little voice had been echoing in her head for the past few days making sleep near impossible. It made her restless in ways that couldn't be seen unless one looked at the outcome.

She looked positively exhausted and her clothing looked as if she hadn't been home in a few days.

She had other voices, more or less more positive ones, speaking to her after the events. Brian. Issy. Even Gothrak offered a word of advice though she ended up feeling like a fool for trusting someone as deeply as she had Edward.

Knowing fully well what happened to her in the past she thought he would of done better by her. He should of trusted her to believe in him as she always had.

It was happening all over again and it terrified her. How can you be there for someone who you felt didn't want you to be there for them?

The lies...

It loved the hopeless feeling. It was so much easier to toy with her.

Sitting on the edge of the clock tower she watched things from below, the taunting laugh filling her head to the point that she felt it press against the back of her eyes.

Do you really think you can believe them about him? He had even them fooled.[/i]

She was silent, just watching.

Despite what Issy thinks he doesn't need you. None of them do. You know it just as well as I do.[/i]

Her eyes lowered to her hands. "Shut up..."

You just are someone he keeps at hand to make it look like he cares. Another lie to better himself in the eyes of the community. He doesn't need you.[/i]

Her left hand clenched and slowly released, her head swaying slightly side to side. Her right was still broken and she had made no effort to heal it yet. It served as a reminder of that day.

He was so use to throwing his life into danger so often that he had seemed to of forgotten...he could still make mistakes...and what if she lost him. What then? She wasn't sure she could handle that...

You already lost him.[/i]

Her eyes closed tight, trying to will the voice away.

And if he lied and went behind your back what does that say about your precious Cat.[/i]

She choked. "Don't.."

You know it is true. The man you trusted most with everything had been lying to you this entire time. How are you suppose to trust someone with your heart?[/i]

"I trust him..I trust them both. I forgive Ed..He did it because.."

You are going to lie for him now?[/i]

"I trust them both.."

Do you now? Really...Then why do I feel doubt?[/i]

Sliding off the side of the clock tower she fell to the rooftop below. Soundlessly she slipped down to the street below and headed for her favorite smoothie stall.

Oh yes because smoothies make everything better don't they?[/i]

She ignored the voice. It just wanted to break her down.

Once she had got the smoothie from the vender she had noticed Renna at the fountain, speaking with Ammy. By the time she finally moved to sit at the fountain there was Jewell. Brian's kin meant that in some way she was related to Renna? Even still she felt somewhat protective over her even if the woman didn't really know her.

Things escalated way too quickly.

Issy had shown face and that was enough to get her off the fountain she had just settled onto.

Oh look another failed attempt at trusting someone.

She ignored the voice and dumped the cup into the trash and started to take her leave. She didn't get far before she noticed that Issy had taken up arms...against Jewell?

Last time she checked they were friends.

Good friends.

The only thing she could think of was Renna's virus. Yes..Days before Edward had came to the conclusion that Renna had infected Issy.

This wasn't good.

While she wanted to continue on her walk she couldn't just abandon Jewell. She stood nearby and ready just in case Jewell needed assistance. It was evident that Jewell needed no such thing from her. Drawing on some sort of glamour the marketplace took on a otherworldly forestry touch. If it was any other time she might of stood in awe rather than being ready to attack.

When it did seem that Jewell had everything in hand she turned to leave only to find this course of action seemed to turn Issy's attention on her.

When Issy started charging her she knew things went from bad to worse. Issy didn't even acknowledge the warning she gave to back down. The woman was at her with swords singing in the air.

Of course she pulled on the Reevi and it slowly ebbed from her flesh to crawl along her fingers and arm but it seemed much harder to do. It seemed like she nearly had to force it and it stopped. It didn't so much as coat her fingers with the wicked claws. Something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong!

"Covering yourself in blackness? You cannot hide from me! You who are so righteous and lofty! You who steal and lie about it! How dare you turn my own friends against me. ME!"

Between Issy's words and the non-working Reevi, she found herself falling victim to the blades as they bit into her flesh. Issy meant to take her down!

Jewell seemed to pop up out of nowhere and dragged Issy down with a wet sweater to the face. While Jewell had Issy she tried to kick away one of the swords but found that it was held in a grasp of white-knuckles.

Everything that followed happened so fast. Jewell said something to Issy that she missed and suddenly Jewell was darting away with Issy hot on her heels.

She worried for Jewell when she saw this but in her condition she wasn't in any way going to be able to follow let alone keep up.

Her body felt heavy and what should of came so easy came sluggish and seemingly impossibly.

Maybe she was just that tired.

She wanted to go home and see Clayton but first..She turned to Renna, demanded she released Issy from the Virus. Of course, as suspected, Renna had no desire to do so. She enjoyed the chaos it created

She heard Issy's voice bellow across the market. "KATHRYN BATTEN!"

She cringed like a child being yelled at by her mother but the expression and fear that followed was far worse. Turning to see Issy charging back at her she was..scared. She feared for her very life.

Clayton... Ed...HELP!

She didn't even have the mind to scream it out as the blades flashed before her eyes, barely reflected by the dagger she kept with her. Even then she felt the bite of Issy's blade here and there.

"Stop! STOP!" And try as she might she tried to slice Issy's arm in hopes that she could render one of her arms useless.

It didn't work. The leather warded off the attack and the swords kept biting down into her flesh.

"You think you are quite unique, don't you? You think that you are really something special."

She heard Issy's voice, a grunt as she swung, piercing and slashing away.

"No I don't!" because really she wasn't.

"You, Kathyrn Batten..." Issy sneered, "Katt Rhysata. How dare you worm your way in to people's lives. Pushing, pushing all the way. Only to push them away later." When Issy lifted her sword, aimed for her chest, she felt that fear again "You are everyone's darling. Everyone's little sister....everyone's confidant."

Did Issy really think that? Did anyone? Because she sure the heck didn't! Digging her heels into the ground she prepared herself to push off when the time was right.

"Everyone's .... belle amie."

"No I am not." Why did it feel like her voice was quivering. That her body was trembling. "Most folks are scared of me or don't understand me. So don't give me that crap.."

Crap?" A dark eyebrow arched, "Crap? You want to talk crap? I'll give you more than you ever wished for..."

She grunted when the blade was slowly pushed into her flesh and she barely was able to move to make sure it didn't hit anything she like...needed!

The next few things..happened so sluggishly. Renna intervened, stopping Issy in a way that obviously had hurt her.

She pleaded for Renna to stop but the next thing she knew Renna had shot off Issy's hand. No matter how hard she begged..Renna would didn't budge, physically or otherwise, on torturing Issy.

She even went so far as to offer herself up in exchange.

When Renna had a handful of Issy's hair and was staring to drag her off. She pleased for Renna to leave Issy and eventually she did. She was surprised by this no doubt and sort of just stared after Renna long after she left.

She didn't even realize Ebon had arrived. Even when she looked at him..she didn't see him. Her eyes drifted down to the unmoving body.

She just..stared and the only thing that Ebon, eventually, got out of her was a growl when he started to bind her wounds so she didn't bleed out.

Issy wasn't moving. Wasn't breathing...

"Breath..." She demanded at Issy's fallen body, her voice sounding unnatural. Scratchy and on the very edge of being metallic.


"Isuelt! BREATH! WAKE UP!"

"She's not sleeping, Katt. She's dead."

Ebon's words seemed to be the catalyst for what happened next. There was no warning as her Reevi skin suddenly lashed into movement, whipping around her and crawling along her skin like living black vines. It felt..cold...abnormal. Chaotic. Her fingers twitched at her side, causing claw tipped fingers to tap against her thigh. This was different. It seemed to even taint her very skin, causing dark splotches and veins where it touched. As if her very blood was infected by the Reevi.

It seemed Issy's hand started to regen right before their eyes and yet she did not move...

Ebon was talking..she saw his lips move but didn't seem to hear him. She was focused on one thing and one thing only.

She if she was mentally willing Issy to breath. "Breath."

Issy's eyes came open first but breathing came shortly afterward.

There was relief in that moment and the sword was dropped from her fingers. She had long since forgot she had taken up one of Issy's sword and had been clenching it.

"Ebon.." It took everything she had to find a voice, "Take her to the Sanctuary and make sure that the Sisters bind her and keep her in some sort of holding cell.."

Issy was quick to claim she was fine but she found herself staring at Issy. Just..staring...

Then things started to dim.


Well that was fun. Scared weren't you?[/i]

She was too tired...
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.: Chapter Nine: F*ck a Duck :.

[size=9]Nov 12th[/size]

The Mogul   doing at an ungodly hour? Muching on a snocone. Grape to be in fact. The refreshing ice breaks against his teeth as he walks carelessly along a quiet boulevard, left hand shoved deep into the pocket of a Wonderplex souvenir jacket.

Ugh..Anything that was grape flavored that wasn't grapes sucked! It was so..fake! Bleh! Icky! Anywho! She was sitting on the fountain..yes..this late at night..yes..this cold in nothing more then a hoodie and jeans..and shoes..those poor tattered old shoes..Resting between her ankles was a sheathed sword, her hands posed picture perfect over the hilt. She was just..staring up at the sky like she was expecting to see something...

A wild Mogul appears! "Hey pretty lady." he calls over with a smile, feet changing course to head her way. Munch munch munch on the purple ice.

Her eyes fluttered down and to his direction but right back up. This process seemed to happen two other times as if she were refusing to miss whatever it was she was looking for. "Hey Race. What are you doing out so late?"

"Refusing sleep. Well, laying in bed fighting for a comfortable spot isn't really sleep. May have to get a new one." He shrugs then looks up to follow her gaze. "You know, having a staring contest with the stars is a one sided affair."

Her lips twitched as if there was a frown coming. "Having bad dreams still.." Did she sound guilty? A little.. Her head shook carefully but her eyes remained skyward. "Nuh uh. Waiting.."

"Waiting for the sky to fall, chicken little?" He asks curiously. "No, I litterally couldn't fall asleep. An old friend brought me bad news from Oa." he makes a face.

She blinked a few times. "Chicken little?" Swoosh, Race. Right over her head. Her eyes did lower to him. "Snow.." She finally answered which..if you thought about it sort of was like the sky fallen. Anywho..moving along. "Bad news?"

He tilts his head a little. "You want to catch the first snowflake of the season on your tongue?" He'd heard of people dong it, but didn't peg Katt as a romantic.

The smile that curled her lips was as rare as the smile that seemed to be meant only for Clayton. It was almost like a child's glee. "Something like that.."

He takes a seat beside her on the fountain. "You're a rare creature, Katt. Just wish I hadn't taken so long to see it." He starts and then changes topics. "Apparently there is a growing faction on Oa calling for my reinstatement. It's gotten ugly."

Creature. She tried not to take offense to that word. It was..a compliment right? She wasn't exactly sure what he meant and so her eyes followed him with quite the curious stare. That is until he started speaking about things on Oa. Her eyes trailed back up to the sky. "I see. They didn't attempt to like..overthrow the power did they?" She was thinking somewhere of a riot maybe. It was nice to know she wasn't the only one who thought he deserved his powers back.

"No, but they've grown exponentially vocal." He leans back to look with her. "But, they should know that's not what I want. I needed something like this to happen. To ground me."

"I disagree but that is my own opinion." She didn't elborate and just continued to watch the skies. Even if she knew it wasn't likely to snow it was just..some ache that had been lingering all year.

"What is your opinion?" he asks.

She shrugged slowly and shifted her hands slowly on the pommel of the sword. "To be honest I think even if your powers hadn't been taken away something would of happened or you would of gone through something ...You have friends, Race. You have loved ones who keep you grounded. Powers taken away or not. You don't seem to realize though..and this kind of pissed me off.." She glanced at him from the corner of her eyes. "Your friends are here to be leaned on when times are hard. We are each others shields and swords. We protect those we love. It is not something that is one sided...and your comment a few months back was as if you didn't need anyone. That you want to do all things on your own and screw the efforts of those who would rightly throw their lives down for you. You may not like that statement or the idea..but would you do any less for someone you care for?" It wasn't a question she seemed to be expecting an answer for because her eyes turned right back up to the sky.

He frowns a little at her words and looks to the empty space on his left hand. "You're right. I was wounded and didn't want crutches. I was afraid if I leaned too much on you all, I'd never stand upright again."

"So friends are crutches..No wonder why I am so selective of the people I call friend." There was something flat about the way she said that. Sarcasm? Katt didn't do it well. "Do you remember what I told you that night at the glen, Race?"

He sighs. "No, friends aren't crutches but if I had let you guys support me then what? How long until the "you'll get through this's and the "you don't need the ring to be special's would have run out, and I'd still be here among you all...with no idea what to do next. Like right now."

She was silent for a moment before snorting. "I remember my conversation with Issy. She said I needed to be more gentle with you..that you would break..that you were breaking. And you were..However.." Her eyes shifted to him and this time her head followed. "That is where I drew the line. I understood you were hurt but I wasn't going to treat you like you were glass.. -That- would of been giving you crutches. I told you exactly how I felt. I was willing to be there for you if you'd let me but I wasn't going to sit there and feed you lives. You don't need that f*cking ring, Race. You -are- special and it is about damn time you realized it. But..nobody can make you realize that until -you- are ready to. Do you see the difference between what you are thinking and what I am saying? You will get through it and it is okay to lean on someone..and to cry..and to be afraid. It is rising up past it that is the hard part. The getting on your own two feet and only -you- can do that." She smirked a bit. "With subtle kicks from friends along the way of course.." That was what they were there for? Har!

"And I've had several months to look at myself. Know what conclusion I've come to?" He looks at her with something of a sad smile.

"You are a smart idiot?" Her chin craned to the side.

"I am very much. A coward. The ring made me feel invincible, nothing could hurt me. Kill me. Now? I'm afraid to walk home at night down streets I used to dance through. I hear a trashcan fall over in an alley and rather than investigate, I keep walking straight. I know how to fight, but I'm not made of the same...mettle. As you, or Issy.."

"And for that I am glad. I wouldn't wish my fate on anyone." She murmured and shook her head. "That isn't being a coward though. Tell me Race..Would you of kept on walking if you would of heard a woman's scream in that very same alley?"

"I'd have called you or Ed...but not entirely sure I'd have gone to investigate alone." He answers honestly. "Not like I used to. I'd wait of one of you to take point and felt...I don't know how I'd feel having to wait for someone else to come and do what I used to without hesitation."

"I don't believe you." She said it flat and simple. "I think in that moment you would of rushed in without a second thought and the only reason you answer the way you are because you are thinking about it. You aren't in that situation." Suddenly a thoughtful look crossed her face and she looked across the marketplace. "We could always test my theory.."

"And if you're wrong?" He asks with a raised eyebrow.

"I guess we will find that one out together." She slid off the edge of the fountain and released the sword to rest in a lean against the fountain's edge.

"If we run into something nasty, I'm going to feel less than good about myself if you have to save my ass." The statement was flat, but honest.

"I'm afraid I won't be doing much of saving anyone, Race." She didn't tell him what she meant by that and turned away to leave him there.

Watching her, a cloud falls over his features. "F*ck a duck."

Dear gawd she couldn't stop it if she had tried. Hearing him say that, not like she had gotten far, she instantly bursts into a fit of giggles. Yes..on occasion..katt giggles..

And Race smiles hearing her giggle, watching her from his seated position still not sure if he wants to know what she meant. A little scared to ask.

Well she was off to test her theory and that meant going her happy arse down a dark alley way.

Watching her go he frowns. "She's crazier than I thought." he mutters under his her go breath watching. He sits there, staring at the mouth to the alley then at his feet and back up indecisively.
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