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OOC - Settings
« on: November 16, 2012, 05:52:20 PM »
The Brambles

The House

There has been a house on this site of the Richards' Estate since the newly-wedded Edgar and Marion Richards moved into residence in 1746. Previous buildings have been lost to fire or storm wreckage - and in one never forgotten episode, a rampaging centaur herd - but the current house has stood since 1854, withstanding most of what comes its way tolerably well.

The Orchards

The Brambles' orchards stretch for several miles in almost a near perfect circle around the main house itself, interspersed with berry plantations. The Brambles ciders and perries are known for having a distinctly sweet fruity aftertaste, which is created by adding raspberry and strawberry to the apple and pear presses during production.

The Cabin

Tucked away in the carefully maintained flourish of natural woodland to the north of the estate house and close to the northern-most border of the private land is the private cabin, built for the personal use of the family in residence - at this time, the Lassiters - to accommodate the understanding that while they own the land, it is virtually impossible to get any sort of privacy while sharing the family house with the regular hands and employees of the Brambles itself.
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