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Inns and Outs
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Months had easily passed in the time Noldric and the Warhawk had been in the lands of Rhy'din. It still shocked the squire to see before him beings of purple flesh and green hair, of buildings and ruins with images and languages eyes and ears had never known before stepping food into the lands.

"You are becoming more a Scribe than squire." The voice would have been known to him in the darkest of places or the stormiest of seas. Noldric had sat at the table by the window for some while; hours, if he had given it a moment. Stiff right hand of his flexed and curled into a fist to drop it and the writing stick back to the table surface. "M'lord," He murmured with more reverence than anyone else in the lands would.

Aegus regarded Noldric for the span of time it would have taken for the Graycloak to cast thought to shade. The papers that were spread all over the table, ink bottles, quills, sticks of wax, a taper that had not seen life and flame for half a night, and a few leather bags mad a mess of the table. Here and there among that mess was a quarter-loaf, a bowl with a bit of potato and drying stew, and three tankards. "You have been at this work all night?"

Cramped fingers of Noldric's right hand flexed again without him even realizing it. He cocked his head off to the left side and pointed a look and one of those fingers at the inn's common room, though it was at nothing and no one in particular. "I have, by count, seen fourteen different ... beings that walk on two feet and look like us. Ten separate to add to this count that do not walk at all, but fly. Almost all of them speak. Most of them know the King's Tongue. Some that do can also speak more than two other languages that I have never heard of. Before here."  

Aegus dropped his gloves to the seat of an empty chair that had not known Noldric's recent clutter. The entrances of the building immediate to the room had already been surveyed while he was listening. By the time he voiced an acknowledging response to the young man that had been in his service for several years, the gray leather cloak was laid without more than a whisper to the back of the chair he stood by. "Was it worth losing sleep over?"

By Noldric's grin, the squire seemed to think so. "I think I am understanding a couple of gestures, words.." The young man gave his lord a sheepish grin. "..some aren't very courteous and it's not hard to read those."
Aegus Stonecreed
The Graycloak

The Graycloak

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Re: Window watcher
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The egress from Porshen had a singular purpose: to return to the strange lands of Rhy'din, where Noldric and he had traveled almost three years earlier. Only pieces of information, connected to a few men and women in particular, had been gleaned. Its lands were as strange and deeply-layered, much like the people known to live and pass through it.

Those with the power and coin to have him and Noldric followed had done so, though the Graycloak was aware of most of them. Those with only the interest to know where he was easily found him at the iconic in bearing the red, outer walls and a sign of a dragon swinging on chains belonging to its sign post.

They might have been watched and followed, but none knew the reasons he had been there the first time or the cause for the warhawk's return. Aegus of Stonecreed did not hide, nor seemed to be trying to when horse and rider arrived at the building of food, drink, and rest.

The gray cloak was worn about him with its emblem clear for any onlooker to behold. Halfway down the length of it was mud and clay of at least three different shades, telling a story of a ride that had taken him a little further than any of the travel portals and arches stoutly marking dozens of areas throughout the known and unknown lands of Rhy'din. The cowl of the cloak rested against his back. A mantle at his shoulders had further helped keep rain and snow from him. The distinct graycloak leather veil or mask -- known as a raehkun -- that could be worn in a v-shape to cover a man's features from the bridge of his nose to his collarbone was worn, but hung like a scarf about his neck and below his chin and jaw.

Chainemaille, leather, guards, gloves, belt and swords worn were all that of his standing and his specific position. Every bit of it served him to protect from harm, against the elements or to carry what he needed. At the belt about his waist hung a short sword, a dagger, pouches, and a coil of fine-braid leather curled three times and the length of that man's arm. In his right boot a quirt was stuffed. In his left boot, the top of a knife could be seen when the light hit its metal just right.

Aegus of Stonecreed unremarkable next to the wizards, elves, and other creatures of the strange lands that wielded magic as easily as he breathed. He protected himself and took action in far more mundane ways. Only his way of travel had been touched by magic and that had not been his own; preferred.

After a cursory look about the area, to the buildings, alleyways, and the inn, Aegus looked back to Noldric who was standing patiently nearby. "The horses then, Noldric. See that you impress on the livery master that exemplary care is taken of them - to have them readied at any hour for our needs."

Noldric dropped his head with a nod towards Aegus and strolled off towards the livery. He was watched until he was out of sight, then a moment longer. Saddle bags, bedroll, and two large leather travel bags with flaps tooled with the guard's emblem were carried up the stairs of the Red Dragon. He intended to be resettled in some rooms at that establishment before the rise of Rhy'din's moons.
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