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The War Council
« on: March 22, 2009, 03:07:32 AM »
((With thanks to the player of Salvador Delahada))

16 March 2009

Tick ... Tick... Tick... The seconds ticking off made Diana aware of more than the passage of time. It made her aware of what was to come, what was to be. What should have been a simple blessing ceremony for two children on one of the most important days of her mothers' native land, was turning into a meeting of the War Council. The women in the family did things their own way. When one of their sisters was in trouble or needed support, it was the War Council that answered that call. It was a mother's love that had raised them all to believe they had the strength within them to do what must be done. It was their mothers' strength that showed them the way.

Duality, it's what the elders called it. While Kirin was actually the mother of the older group of offspring, they gave the same reverence and deference to Colleen. Few outside the family fully understood why there was Rhiannon, thirtyish, with a husband and three children and a Rhi, aged fifteen. Rhydin was funny like that, twists of time and fate brought beauty and insanity into the lives of many.

Tick.. tick.. tick ... more time and midnight struck. It was Mairead's birthday; she was three years old and smart as a whip. Limele, Rachael's daughter, would turn five when fall came. Where Maggie was outgoing, Limele was reserved, shy. They reflected the personalities of their mothers in their pre-school years. In a few hours, a small family party would take place. When it was over ... decisions would be made.

While the women in Rhydin planned and made ready, Kirin made her own plans in a world far away. She tended her children, the youngest of the brood, three weeks old, their lives were endangered.

Diana had a few ideas of her own. She went to the one person she knew the understood the spirit world and wouldn't pass judgment; she went to Sal. She had faith in Dr. Valkonan's gifts as a healer, but this went beyond the physical realm and Diana had no time to spare. It was one day and they needed to get and out in as fast as they could, much like they had in Orlando. Diana knew that had been hard on the man sitting across from her. It had been hard on all of them; they all lost something or someone in that war. To call it a battle might have been politically correct, but to say it was less than a war was an insult to those that were there.

Sal wasn't one to give false hope. He was like his mother it that respect, to the point. After the pleasantries and asking if she could pick his brain, they began.

"What's on your mind?" Sal asked

Diana looked to Sal and lowered her voice, "A soul stealer... after two infants. Some sort of shadow beast that can take a physical form or be a parasite on a human host."

Tilting his head closer to the sound of that hushed information, his brows knitted and a frown stole his mouth. "Nn." Absorbing that. First his eyes ticked back aside to regard Diana, then a slow turn of his head to once again look at her more directly. "What else?"

"Any idea on how to distract it, to tempt it away while the kids are removed to safety? It feeds on anger, pain... anything negative."

"Shadow's usually weak to light. Like black to white. Night to day. Shine a light on it and make sure there's nothing casting a shadow for it to crawl into. Unless the shadow's white..." He bared his teeth a little with a momentary distant glaze in his eyes, at that thought.

The answer to how to deal with a white shadow was pretty much to give up hope and abandon faith. Diana went on to explain to Sal how the beast had a burning desire to capture something pure and innocent. And when it was revealed that the infants in question were her brother and sister, the importance to the family had become clear.

Scratching his jaw, Sal considered things further. "If it's one going after two, it's either gotta split itself or decide on one. Could maybe bait it and trap it. Not sure how, though, unless I knew what kind of spirit it was. Some things take iron, some things take silver. Crystal or gold. Mirrors. Could be anything."

"Good point. It can't take both. According to Kirin, it wants to something innocent. A newborn is the easiest prey. " She narrowed her eyes, it made her angry. "Something pure ..." Her brows shot up. "Sal, you're a genius!" In that moment Diana realized that Sal had opened the door into her mind that she'd been hoping for!

"Fear I know. Don't know what'd be Anger and Pain. So many of the lesser ones. I mean, if it's fae." Brows knit again, considering further. "Could be something demonic. Nn. In which case you'd need something Godly. Holy water. Sanctified ground. That sort of thing." Sal had a startled expression on his face at her outburst.

"Magic works there in a different way from Rhydin. Illusion could work, but so could tempting it with something that oozes innocence and purity. We have to get the kids out of harm's way before we do this."

"Oh. Right." Like that's just what he said, though by his expression he couldn't recall actually saying as much. "Well yeah. You don't want them getting caught in the trap."

One nexus gate in and out of the other world was a problem, but the best case scenario was if the thing followed the sisters back to their family home. There was castle ruin on the estate. It was place where ceremonies where held; it was where Colleen had said her final goodbyes to Kydwyn after she died in Orlando. It was holy ground in the home of beasts known to possess the purest of healing magic.

As Sal had so colorfully put it, "That'd... Jesus. That might just ****ing vaporize the thing."

"Hence why you're a genius. You reminded me that the obvious solution is often the best."

"Mm. Holy ground." He nodded his understanding, approving.

After they parted company, Diana went back to Navarra to set forth her ideas for the night to follow. Some would remain behind, some would travel, but all would be ready.

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Re: The War Council
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((Thank you to Ariana and Maranya's players.))

17 March 2009 - Harker's Island

The island was abuzz with laughter. And why not? They were there to celebrate a birthday! Mairead Elizabeth Harker was turning three. The celebration was held outdoors in the early afternoon. One might have expected a March day to be cold and windy, but on the island a little miracle happened. The warm weather was a gift to Maggie. Rhiannon supposed there was more to that gift than most would have expected. Just as she and her twin siblings had been given certain magical gifts over the years by their father's kin, Maggie had just been given her first. It would be benign for years, but when she hit her teenage years, the wind and other weather would be hers for the taming.

Where the Brock children had had to learn to cope with their gifts at very young ages, Rhiannon had promised herself that wouldn't happen with her little ones. They should be children and allowed to grow some before such a heavy responsibility was laid on their shoulders. It took quite a bit of convincing to get her father's kinfolk to relent and slow things down. At the tender age of two, Nicole had been ill and terrified out of her wits when the first of her gifts manifested. Rhi had heard the story more than once about how her elder sister almost set the entire clinic ablaze at GateWay Place.

When three o'clock came, the younger children had been swept up in various games. Dennis and Bertie lead them off in a merry chase. Meanwhile, the balance of the women in the family retreated to the basement family room. Elaine Aqua and Rhi were asked to help out with the kids. Nikki, on the hand, was given the option of finding out what the War Council was all about. At nearly seventeen, she felt she was ready and joined her mother as she headed inside. Maranya Valkonan had been at the party, but she'd been asked to help with the children. Maybe it was to be a voice of reason to keep Dennis and Bertie from going overboard.

With Ariana and Colleen both present, someone might have interpreted it as an induction ceremony into the Rhydin Chapter of The Dirty Old Broad Society. This was not anything so lighthearted.

It was her home, so Rhiannon stepped up to the proverbial plate. "Ladies, we have a lot to do and not a lot of time to get it done. We can manipulate the nexus gates to go to when and where we want, but there's a catch."

"Always is," came Rachael's voice from the back.

Rhiannon continued, "We have to return here by ten PM Rhydin Standard Time or we are up the proverbial creek."

The familiar sound of the voice belonging to the family smart ass chimed in. "Can't let the jailbird out of our sight either."

Colleen chuckled. Diana was her father's daughter alright.

Rhiannon wasn't without a sense of humor. She raised her index finger to indicate that the point was taken. "That, too, Diana. BUT ... we all know that whatever this thing is, it may have the ability to take out a few of us."

"Not to mention we'll have to rely more on hand to hand skills and less on magical ones," Diana added. "Kirin says there's a risk of insanity when non native magic is used."

Collie waved her hand dismissively. "That's not quite the truth, Diana. Seems that the nexus gate that allows off world travel also allows non native magic to operate as we would expect it, but only right there. I'm not sure of the hows or whys, but that's how it works."

Rhiannon took a breath. She set out a few pieces of paper that she'd written notes on. "Mother, you'll be going of course. Nicole, you and Rachael will stay here and get things in gear. Rhi and Chael can round up horses. Elaine, too, if she wants and her mother approves."

She looked over to Ariana moment to find her cousin giving a nod in approval then looked back to Diana. "Diana, you and I will go for exactly the reason you stated. If this becomes physical, it's on you and me." Duality... it was coming to bear again, but they'd grown up with it, they were used to it. "Nikki," she looked over at her sister, "you have one job and one job only. Get our baby sister and get her back here safely. Nothing else. Run like something is coming down from Olympus and is seriously pissed off."

The sixteen year old made a face like she'd swallowed a bite of a freshly cut lemon. She'd seen some pretty nasty things come down from there. If nothing else, she could build a wall of fire behind her, buy time and get home. A tiny life was about to be entrusted into her young hands. This was a test that she could not afford to fail.

So ... " Rhiannon paused and looked around a moment, "are there any questions?"

"Am I to help with the gathering of the horses too, or do I get to have a Staff Meeting with the," slew of Gaelic curses flew that questioned the troublemaker's parentage, "causing all the trouble?" Ariana grinned wickedly.

There wasn't a face in the room that didn't have a grin on it when Ariana spoke up.
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Re: The War Council
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2009, 08:28:53 PM »
((My thanks to Ariana's player for her input))

Once she stopped shaking with laughter, Colleen turned to Ariana and said, "If it was a simple as a Staff Meetin', Ariana, we'd have already gathered the extended family, men and women, and turned this thing into mush." She got a far away look in her eyes. "It steals bodies as well as souls." She knew Ariana was not going to like hearing that, but it had to be said.

"Gods above and below," Ariana murmured with a deep frown. Then anger lit her emerald green eyes. "It won't be stealing any of my family!" she declared firmly. "Not if I have anything to say about it... and I do!

"Actually, we're going to have a lot of tired and hungry people when this is done. I was hoping you'd take over the kitchen. Rhi and Chael can be of help there. Dee Dee's going to be in charge of getting Mir settled." Collie chuckled a bit. "That should keep her as well as Draven busy."

"Mmhmm, that it will. Leave the one with the baker's dozen to run herd over the wee ones in the kitchen." Ariana grinned as she went over the potential menu, "A good hearty venison stew, bread for dipping, ratatouille, and some of your brownies for dessert should do the trick."

"Of course. Always best to have the most qualified person for any job needing to be done!" Collie flashed a grin at her dear friend.

Diana spoke her peace next. She explained what Sal had said about trapping this entity. Thanks to a few illusions that appeared, part of the thing's essence was trapped. It was already brought through the nexus and being held in a soul crystal. Were they really illusions? Were they echoes of what would be? What could be? The consensus was that protecting the children came first. Destruction of the crystal came later.

From the back of the room, a new and quiet voice joined the group, "And what will you have me do, Mother?"

Heads turned to find the eldest of the sisters, Christina, standing just inside the doorway. There were whispers in the group. Save for the pale blue eyes, the woman was the image of Colleen MacLeod in her human visage. Some hadn't seen that face since she'd moved to Eldicor to be governess to Princess Erwyn. When Teleperien took her daughter to her homeland, Chrisy made her own way in the world. She often wondered what had become of Jean de La Fontaine, the first mate of the Lady Venture. Time had a way of bringing answers, especially on Rhydin, but now was not the time for that one.

Colleen rose and went to hug her daughter. She murmured, "You already know."

A simple nod was the only response to indicate that Chrisy had heard. It had been some time since she'd embraced her mother; this one seemed to last forever. A few more small details were discussed about preparing the grove and which horses would be needed. The choosing of them would be Chrisy's job. The Ruby One would bind them, that was why she had arrived.

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Re: The War Council
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((My thanks to the players of Ehzoterik and Maranya Valkonan.))

They filed out of the basement and went back out to walk the beach. Sunset would be coming soon; it was Rhi's favorite time of day. The sun's rays fell on the ripples in the water and would soon give way to the graceful light of the moon's reflection dancing on the changing tidewaters.

Laughter filled the air as the children romped after Maggie's godmother, Ehzoterik VonArcanum, or as some called her, the girl from Limbo. That was if they were being polite! Ehz had streamers and ribbons tied on her arms that flowed out behind her like kites' tails that had caught a good breeze. She had promised the children to teach them the maypole dance when they caught up with her; she was going to be the maypole! Bertie, Dennis, and Maranya were herding the children.

Chrisy had never met Ehz and watched the antics from a bit of a distance. Like she did with most people, Ehz had piqued the teacher's curiosity.

"Rhiannon," she asked quietly, "who is that woman?"

A grin touched Mrs. Harker's lips. "The one chasing the kids or the one being chased?"

Chrisy tilted her head, she realized she'd met neither of them before! "Both?" she said a bit of a surprised tone.

"Well, the blond lady is Dr. Maranya Valkonan. At the moment, Anya is the adult supervision." Rhi chuckled. "The others are too busy acting like kids to run herd on them," she spoke in a light hearted manner.

Most people knew that Dennis and Bertie were great with the children, but when it came down to it they would rather lead by example and join in the games. Anya enjoyed playing with the children as well, but being a doctor made her acutely aware of any harm or potential injuries. Not to mention her mothering instincts seemed to be working overtime of late.

The faint strains of a song about mocking birds and looking glasses could be heard as Maranya kept a fond and careful eye on the children. She alternated between carrying Catie and Rick in her arms, and Maggie and the other younger children on her hip with a bouncing sort of dance step.

"And the lady dressed in ribbons?"

"Maggie's godmother, Ehz. She's from Limbo of all places."

"She seems to be an old soul."

Chrisy studied Ehz she danced back and forth along the beach. She was an artist as well as a teacher and often had a unique perspective on things.

"Yes," Rhi nodded, "I think so, too. Some people said we were crazy for picking Ehz, but I think they just missed the whole point."

"Well, why did you pick her?"

"Well, she's this wonderful bundle of innocence and wisdom. In some ways, Ehz sees things like a child. You know, with new and innocent eyes. Maggie can learn a lot from her."

Chrisy nodded and grinned. "That and she's obviously great at parties!"

"That, too," Rhi chuckled. "The most important thing is that she would never hurt Maggie. Ehz gives something people often forget that they can offer to others."

"She gives of herself," was the murmured addition from the elder of the sisters.

In the meantime, the laughing group had stopped in the middle of the beach. "Okay!" Ehz cheered, lifting her arms high over her head. "Everybody ready? Grab a ribbon and go!" To encourage them further, she immediately began singing Ring Around the Rosie; never mind the fact that she was terribly off key.

The smaller ones needed a bit of help to get started. It was the first time Mir was allowed to tangle someone up and not get scolded! As Christina watched the group, she couldn't help but smile. The kids were having a grand time of it!

Sundown had come.
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Re: The War Council
« Reply #4 on: May 17, 2009, 06:24:55 PM »
The others were boarding the ferry to head back to the mainland.

"Don't be long behind us now, Rhiannon," Colleen murmured as she hugged her daughter.

"I'm going to put the children to bed and I'll be on my way soon enough, Mother," Rhi's voice was just above a whisper.

Ehz and Anya were invited to remain on Harker's Island for the night at least. If for some reason, she didn't get home, Rhiannon Harker knew morale support would be needed for her family.

She listened to the soft sounds of night. The ocean waters made a gentle swishing sound as they rushed against the shore. Night birds had begun their serenades and the sweet clear tones of the windchimes hanging near the stable filled the air. They reminded Rhiannon of her own childhood. Her eyes closed as memories washed over her like the waves in the nearby surf. She was brought from her reverie by the feel of a small hand tugging on her own. When she looked down it was into the trusting and innocent face of her eldest child.

"Mama, we go read now?" Maggie's little grin was infectious and her mother couldn't help but return it.

"Sure, sweet pea." Rhi tried to keep the anxiety from showing on her face as she lead her daughter back into the house and up to the nursery.

First order of business was tucking in Catie and Rick. While her mother was occupied with singing lullabies to her younger siblings, Mairead just about bounced off to her room in search of her favorite book.

Book and all, Maggie climbed up into her mother's lap. The rocking chair, a fixture in the nursery, was dubbed the reading place by the little girl. Each time they sat together, Rhi was reminded of her mother taking time each night to read to her and her siblings.

"Look, Mama! Hop it, Pop it!" Maggie squealed as she turned the page.

"It's 'Hop on Pop,' Maggiebug."

"Weell, my mum always read it to me as Hoppin Pop, Rhi, so, that's how I read it to Maggiebug," Dennis commented with a sheepish grin.

Rhi looked up at the sound of her husband's voice in the doorway, gave him a little smile and a shake of her head before kissing the top of their daughter's head. She went on with the story. Maggie then took her turn to read the book. At three, she was learning to recognize letters and simple words. When the story was over, Dennis took Maggie to get her ready for bed while Rhi tucked the twins in again and kissed them one more time.

Before Rhi entered Maggie's room, she overheard a little chat.

"I don't 'stand it, Da," the child said as she scrunched up her face, "why's Mama gotta go 'way?"

"Because, Maggiebug, she has keep children safe," Dennis had been doing his best to explain when a hand settled on his shoulder.

Years ago, Rhiannon's father had laid a charge on her to protect children or he had called some of them, his wee ones. Explaining to a three year old why her mother had to put the safety and well being of other children before her at times was not easy. Rhi handled it as best she could. When it was explained that they weren't just any babies but her Granny Kirin's, Maggie seemed to look at it in a whole different light. She made her mother promise that she'd get to meet the twins and that as soon as she got home there would be a story.

And then came the hard part, saying her farewells to her husband. Hand in hand they walked the beach. Dolphins played about a mile off shore and the couple laughed as they watched several of them leaping up out of the water and spin about in their games. People that knew each other as well as Dennis and Rhiannon needed few words to say what was between them. Touches spoke volumes, so did the looks on their faces. A myriad of emotions had been expressed within a few minutes; love, worry, and faith were among them. The only words spoken on either side were, Gr?im th?.

It was a matter of moments between the time Rhi was standing on the shores of Harker's Island and her arrival in front of the manor house at Navarra. The women had already gathered and were heading for the castle ruins.
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Re: The War Council
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The strongest magic in Navarra had always been near the runes that is why it was the chosen meeting place. In Ireland the fortress still stood, but in Rhydin that was not the case. However, it was in Ireland that the mission of the women would culminate.

Travel through Nexus gates was quicker than conventional means, but it still allowed time for reflections. Some said that it was like the moment just before death when one's life flashes before their eyes. For Colleen, it was a time to reflect on events of the previous day.

16 March 2009

"Mother, we need to get this all sorted out. You have a lot of personal property not mentioned in here," Rachael said as she tapped the thick stack of documents.

"Rachael Ellen, we go through this every year," Colleen said tiredly as she took up her cup of tea. "You know very well where all that paperwork is and who gets what. You also know that I have all the records here in my study as well as the provenances."

Rachel shook her head and muttered, "Here we go again." She fixed her blue-grey eyes on her mother. "Mother, as your attorney, you know that I'm morally bound to remind you of these things."

For a moment, the elder of the two women looked mildly amused. "I know what the responsibilities of a solicitor and a barrister are. You seem to think that I've spent the last five hundred years standing around or something."

"I know... I know.. " Rae sounded increasingly agitated, "Trinity, School of Law, top of your class. But you haven't practiced law in years."

"Right, that's why I sent my daughter to Cambridge, so I wouldn't have to handle my own legal affairs."

"Yes, you did!" Rae shouted. "And that's why I swear a lot and sound like a Cockney while I'm doing it!"

For a couple of minutes the room was quiet saving for the ticking of the mantel clock. Collie set her tea down and brought one hand up to her mouth. She was stifling giggles, but eventually it became full blown laughter. At first her daughter looked confused, but when she finally deciphered her mother's words that were in between the laughter, she roared, too!

"Well, thanks to your father and uncle, you were swearing in Ferengi years before that!" It broke the tension.

The review of her will was generally an annual event. Despite the opinions of some people regarding the size of her family, Colleen MacLeod had seen to the well being and education of each of her children. It was likely that a couple of generations down the road would be well provided for. The younger children were given some of their lessons by private tutors. Some things were taught in the school that served to educate the children of the farm's hands.

Michael Kerrigan had taught his granddaughter many things; the value of learning was among them. However, one of his primary lessons was that with title and wealth, a privilege in his mind, came responsibilities.

"There are various pieces in the collection set to go to specific relatives and friends." Rachael turned pages after page of inventory. "You sure you want the Strad to go Ali al-Amat? And the Dragon tapestries go to Ariana and Tass?"

"Yes.. yes.. and the Shelby to Diana. The plant nursery and the Collie kennel to Al... The Wolfhounds go to Will. You, Diana, Dee Dee, Chael, and Kirin's boy, Augustus, will share Mount Olympus Stables. It's the fair way to do it."

"Diana might argue. You might want to ask if she wants that share since she used part of it as collateral for her hangar over at the Port."

"Actually, that was purchased with funds loaned from Navarra Farms. She repaid that loan."

"Mother, I swear you'll go broke doing that."

Colleen laughed. "I have no idea how I managed to run things until you came along," minor sarcasm filled her words.

The discussion went onward...

March 17 2009 - Shadokhan, Lyran Tal

Collie suddenly found herself at the other end of the Nexus gate. Shadokhan, the place was called and, here, those that knew her at all called her Cailin. She used the surname of her father, Struan. They were all going to meet at place called the Crosswinds to take two children to safety while a soul stealer was tempted away. She had no idea that once the night ended, her life would be different ... so much different.

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Re: The War Council
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17 Mar 2009

The three of us, Rhiannon, Nicole, and I arrived at the Crosswinds Tavern to wait on the others. Both of our mothers and Kirin's knight were to meet us.

Nikki, who has trained with blades, but is the youngest of those of us involved had one job and one job only. Get our baby sister, Lark, through the portal and out of harm's way as fast as she could. Even if she had to divert to a location we hadn't previously agreed on, the baby's safety was the priority.

My elder sister, Rhiannon, is the best trained of us when it comes to both blades and magic. Braven Goldflame was her teacher when she was seven. He had hopes of making her into a battlemage. The plan was for her to remain to cover the rear after Nicole and I left with the babies. Rhi doesn't play when it comes to keeping the family safe. With her in its path, the odds were slim of it getting past her and through to us, especially once it was in that portal. In the Misfit Society, she took the name Olympus for a reason. She has the power to call those residing in Mount Olympus to her aid.

Nikki has the ability to call for similar help, but her own talents lean toward the sea and the animals within it. Rhiannon has had years to hone and refine her skills and gifts. That ability has saved her more than once.

Sal's advice was spot on, unless it was able to divide itself, the soul thief could only come for one child at a time. We had to use that to our advantage and I kept that in mind when it was time to move. We didn't have to wait long. No one was unarmed. The babies were turned over to Nicole and me. Kirin told Nikki to go and not look back. Looking back can be what costs people time that could be better used in moving onward. This thing feeds on fear. Looking back to see it might have given it a momentary advantage. That was something none of us could afford to give it.

They arrived safely, though, but I felt apprehension and anger in Kirin. She hid the latter fairly well, but my sisters and I knew. A little band of musicians seemed to appear from no where. They were lead by a woman that acted like her commode was made of gold. Her nose was held up so high that it was a wonder no one complained of having to look up it when she deigned to speak to them.

When the youngest of my brothers was placed in my arms, I could clearly see what Kirin did in her knight. This was a good man of quiet strength and determination. This was a father that would have stood between his children and anyone or anything to keep them from harm. Some part of me envied those babies when the Major asked me to keep Raymond safe. There was something brewing in that portal, so we escaped before it emerged into the tavern. I half expected it to redirect and follow me, but it didn't. I think it was aware that death or permanent imprisonment was waiting, either way its ending would come. It would be some time before Nicole and I saw the others return. I think my mothers and sister were disappointed that the soul thief took on the form of a recently dead boy and failed to face them. Kirin wanted it destroyed and I can't say that I blame her one bit.

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Re: The War Council
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April 2009

When we returned, things seemed to be progressing normally. The blessing ritual for Lark and Raymond went without a hitch, but afterward, something went wrong. We still aren't certain, but our best guess is fatigue on Mother's part caused this memory loss. She had to have known the risks since she updated her will before we left and insisted on being left in ruins alone. As a mother, I understand her need to keep the rest of us away and safe. As a daughter, however, I wanted my mother unharmed. She's needed by all of us.

Her memories are sketchy. Maggie sits on the bed and tells her grandmother stories. For the first week or so, Mother didn't recognize any of us. My daughter, precocious and perseverant as ever was determined to get through to her Gran. I have to admire her tenacity.

Diana tracked down her father and her uncle. We're still waiting on them. I still remember that man telling me someone would eat Riddle. I took another path. I went to the one man that I have been able to count on since I was very small, Papa Tass. He's known me and my younger siblings since we were born. More important than that is the fact that he knows things about Mother that I don't think anyone else does ... except Kirin.

I know Kirin would be willing to help, but she's not living here anymore. Not to mention that she has two babies that probably shouldn't be exposed to this world again. This is hard enough on Mother without having to deal with the culture shock in another world.

We have to stay positive and remember what she always tells us. "This, too, shall pass."
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Re: The War Council
« Reply #8 on: March 16, 2010, 01:07:08 AM »

This is surreal. I feel as though I am locked in someone else's head. They have given me pen and paper to help me record what all I remember. At this point, it isn't much. In the dreaming world, I seem to know so much more, but when I wake, things are gone. Just a glimmer in the mists and shadows.

I now know the children's names, but why is it that I know that red stallion better than any of the people? They tell me he has been mine forever. What exactly does forever mean to someone like me?

The little girl that sits on my bed and tells me stories, the stories are familiar. She says I told her the stories and that she is my daughter's child. She says that I call her mo beag mairead. I know those words, they are from my past. They are from one of the languages I learned as girl. I was called that once. It means, my little pearl.

Some men came. One I trusted without question, he gave me this feeling of warmth, safety, and I don't know what the right word is. I felt as though I had been wrapped in soft blanket and held like a frightened child in a doting parent's arms and, yet, there was more. There is a deep bond of love there, a truly unselfish bond. There is great beauty in it. When he held me I felt safe and loved, it's what I needed and he knew. I think he always will.

The two others that came, I felt unsure of them. They told me we are family, but I could not really feel love in their presence. It may have been an undertone, but it was overwhelmed by the heat and desire they both projected. I felt a bit frightened by it, but did not allow them to see. If I loved either or both them before, I cannot find it now. It troubles me and, yet, I somehow feel as if a weight was lifted. Maybe it was tie that was meant to be broken. Maybe, one day, I'll look back and remember without regret. In the meantime, I have a family to raise, a farm to run, and new memories to make.