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Bad Mamas
« on: September 22, 2017, 09:16:16 PM »
"Gemethyst!"  Pharlen hollered at the gates of Gemethyst's secluded mansion.  She could have rung the bell, but that wouldn't have given her the opportunity to bellow like a moose.  In any case, it sent Gemethyst's staff scrambling, and soon enough, baffled, Gemethyst appeared at the door, Nyx on her hip.  

"You know, there's a bell, Pharl,"  Gemethyst pointed out, dryly amused.  She grinned as Pharlen promptly stole Nyx to nuzzle and cuddle and toss over her shoulder like a football.  Nyx squealed, delighted, flapping her wings.  

"Be happy I didn't march in on your bath,"  Pharlen beamed sunnily as she barged in.  Gemethyst laughed and hurried after the frenetic albino.

"I haven't had my shower yet."  

"Good, jump in it, we're going out."  

Gemethyst eyed Pharlen, upper teeth worrying at plush lower lip.  She hadn't been out and about much for quite a time, mostly for reasons she wasn't willing to share and was positive that Pharlen was well apprised of.  

"Is 'I really don't feel up to going out yet' an option?"  Gemethyst finally exhaled.  Pharlen paused and eyed the elf woman with an arched brow.    

"You can list off all of your reasons for wanting to stay shut up in here, Or, I can grab all the kids and take them to Disneyland."  

Gemethyst's amethyst eyes widened.  Her jaw fell open.  

"You wouldn't,"  she hissed.  

Pharlen smiled like the Joker was her daddy, a sinister and wide cut throat grin filled with the promises of princesses and horribly repetitive music.  

"You'd have to bring yours!"  Gemethyst sputtered, waving her arms.  

"And they love it there,"  Pharlen crooned.  

Gemethyst exhaled, defeated, and sagged.

"Where are we going?"  

"We're going to see if your amazing talent for finding evil and poking bears is still intact,"  Pharlen replied, matter of factly, as she turned to start packing up Nyx.  Gemethyst eyed her, perplexed.  

"Well, your amazing talent for taking a million years to come to the point certainly is."  

Pharlen beamed sunshine as she set Nyx down, getting her ready to go.  

"That's not a talent, that's a carefully honed skill.  Now hop your pretty bottom into the shower, I've gotten Benjamin waiting for the rodents and we have an appointment at the spa for our beautification."  

"...We have to go to professionals to get ready?  You're not bringing your husband, Jack, Lirenel, or Benjamin?"  Gemethyst asked, narrowing her eyes, "Mesteno?  Lexius?"  

"We're looking for trouble, Gem.  We don't need the boys getting in the way.  We'll probably be able to pick up Thorn, too.  Shower,"  Pharlen purred.  Gemethyst paused, eyes widened.  She abruptly grinned and turned to hurry into the bathroom.

(Written with the incomparable Gem <3)