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~~A note was delivered to Meridus at the RDI.  A young boy of 10 walked up to him.  "Are you Meridus Septimus?"  The man looked at him from the corner of his eye as he placed his mug of mead on the bar.  "Depends whose asking, Lad?"  The boy looked confused a moment, then responded..."Well, I am Sir."  Meridus couldn't help but laugh at that himself.  "Aye...I am Meridus".  With that the boy held out a bottle of salve and a letter."  "From Miss Lasherette, I live near her, if you wish for me to wait while you write a response", the boy said hopefully.  Meridus looked at the bottle with salve still in it, and the letter, turning it over he saw the initials LLB pressed into the wax seal.  "No off with you now."  Disappointed the young one left the bar.  Meridus took the bottle and stuck it into one of his pockets.  He stared at the letter for a bit. Placing it on the bar, he took a long gulp of mead.  With a growl, he picked up the envelope and tearing it open began to read.::~~

((Author has taken liberty with both dialogue and actions of other character and is responsible for such, and hopes that nothing written would offend the Mun or his character.))

     Dear Meridus,
         I want to thank you for the use of the salve.  It has worked wonders for me.  I am able to walk without the staff, and have barely a limp.  Whatever it certainly must contain magical ingredients.  
         I understand that you still have not found Alex.  I know where you can look for him.  Matter of fact I could probably lead you to him.  I have sent my son, Drake away.  For his safety.  His whereabouts I will never tell you, should you change your mind, regarding his being an innocent.
Knowing what I know now about Alex...I have no doubt he is probably somewhere with his latest "slave" breaking her in.  In no time she will be pregnant.
          I also would like to speak to Draconus myself.  Not that other one who is always following you around.  I have some questions to ask of him.
I would appreciate an answer to this letter as soon as possible.  I am alone at my cottage.  And as far as I care, the harvest can fall from the trees and rot, so I am not busy.  I prefer that we meet somewhere PRIVATE.  As it is, someone has been talking about me to David Dupres, who cancelled our date last evening, because he believed that you and I were a COUPLE and he didn't wish to become between two lovers!!


((See recent posting under Lasherette's Journal.))


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~Next Lasherette would see the front of her door she would find a note rom Meridusm written in fluent flowing common. The man hid more then most thought.... It read as follows

 " Dear Lasherette,

   I would not kill a child, it is not in me to do so...but take what precautions you wish, I will not hold your motherly instinct against you, and if you can give me the location of Alex Lasair's cavern  both I and Draconus would be most grateful to you.
  I will also apologize for any inconvienence I caused yourself and Lord Dupres, it was un-intentional if I did anything to hinder a relationship.
  I am glad to hear that the salve worked, Draconus is rather adept at making curative salves....strange coming from such a machine of destruction...but all things have a gentle side I imagine, Alex and Draconus included....
  Draconus and I will be at the Inn this eve, we hope to see you there...and you can speak to him as you wished in private.....

  Meridus Septimus~ "

  Draconus and Meridus checked the orchard once more before they left, it would be a good harvest this year if she took the time to do so.....the dragon was in his human form and nodded at the letter. "So seems you have trouble staying away from your past..." "Be silent Draconus.....she has nae done a thing wrong that is severe...and though she is nae perfect, she is a good woman none the less.....come, let us take our leave.." Draconus jumped into the air, the transformation taking only a few seconds and once more he was the massive dragon, he cast a shadow over most everything in the area, most of the orchard. His tail swung down letting Meridus grab one of the many barber spikes upon it, swinging him up to his back Meridus grabbed his mane and the two were off.
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