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Thief of Curtains
« on: December 18, 2011, 03:54:02 PM »
Once the Governor?s Yule Ball had finally wound down and the multitude of guests had drifted off to seek other enjoyable pursuits, after all the aids and servants had finished their tasks for the night and departed, leaving the place empty of people, one returned.

This time, though, she was not clad in the trappings of blue-violet taffeta and sapphires from earlier in the evening. Oh, no. No, now she was in those ubiquitious leathers, along with a black hood that allowed her to see but which covered her bright silver hair and pale skin.  It did not take her long to work her way into the Great Hall.  

It took a bit more time and a lot more effort to unhook and carefully lay into a padded case the item she was burgling.  The elaborate, delicately crafted curtain of crystals tinkled and chimed in delicate dissonance as she laid it with infinite care into the case, a soft smile curving her lips beneath the hood.  After having seen the face of the Pix glow with greedy delight upon encountering the magnificent curtain, after seeing her wrap herself in it and covet it so greatly at the ball last night, the thief had been inspired to gift it to her.  Amthy had looked upon the crystal curtain as if she looked upon the face of Glory Itself!  Surely no one would miss it, now that the ball was over!  And seeing Amthy back in Rhydin was an occasion worth gifting over, especially in view of the season.  

Ushering the last of the crystal strands into the case, she padded the contents with minute care, to ensure safe delivery of the visual delicacy to the Pix.   Then, after making sure nothing was left behind to mark her presence, no silver hairs, no strands of cotton from the hood she wore, no trace of her scent, etc, she picked up the heavy case and worked her way out of the hall, using a different exit than she had entered into.

Before the new day dawned, a packing case arrived for one green haired Pixie, along with a note that read only, ?Merry Christmas!?

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