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What a nice surprise!
« on: November 06, 2005, 02:48:07 PM »
A couple of weeks had passed and Hemshire Keep was coming a long nicely. There had been a couple of rooms repaired for her and her father and the workers to stay in while Hemshire was being rebuilt. Madison had prepared lunch for her father. She steadied the tray as she walked to his room. As she reached for the knob she heard two male voices, one her father?s and the other she couldn?t place. Her face paled and she dropped the tray spilling its contents and burst into the room. ?Father?? Madison looked to her father then to the other man. He stood and in an instant she knew him.

?Madison?? Alexander Cameron quickly closed the gap between them. Scooping her up into his arms and swinging her in a circle.

?Alex.? She managed through her laughter. ?What are you doing here?? Her feet returned to the floor and she looked up to him.

He had changed a lot since she last saw him. He was close to six foot now, broad shoulders and chest, his shirt tight with muscles from working out for the war. His hair was the same dirty blonde she'd remember, but it was a bit long now. And his eyes the same deep green. He was now a man, instead of the little scrawny boy she remembered, but it was Alex.


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The Refusal and The Friendship
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2005, 02:50:46 PM »
(from rp and posted with permission)

Alexander Cameron was now twenty and seven. The last time Madison had saw him it was through tears and waving good bye, nine years ago when he was called off to war. Alex and her had grown up together, like brother and sister they were. Having their good and bad days. But they had always been there for each other. When Alex had left Madison had been lost.  

?I thought I?d visit and then I saw all of this,? he motioned to the destroyed home. He smiled and cupped her face in his hands. ?But look at you. All grown up and,? he took a step back and looked at her enlarged belly. ?Eating quite well.? He smirked.

Madison pushed him back teasingly. ?Very funny, ha ha.? She hugged him again. She couldn?t believe he was actually here. She needed a friend right now with everything she was going through. ?I?m so glad you?re here.? She muttered.

He squeezed her carefully then held her back to look at her again, smiling down at her. He glanced over her shoulder and saw the scattered items from the tray. ?Let me get that.? He let her go and put the tray back together.

Madison looked to her father and went to his bedside. ?I?m sorry father. I?ll be back in just a minute with more.? She turned, but before a step was taken he father grabbed her hand, she halted and looked back to him.

?I?m in no mood to eat now anyway. You two catch up. Bring me back something good for lunch.? He smiled sincerely and let her go.

Alex shrugged and held his hand out the Madison. ?You up for a walk? You need the exercise, chubby.? He teased.

She scoffed. Walking over to him she pushed him into the door and walked out. ?You know I?d win if we raced. And I?m not fat,? she stuck her nose in the air. ?I?m?motherly.? She smiled back to him.

They left the keep and began walking down one of the paths that went for miles, leading no quickly if one was just wanted to go for a stroll. They laughed about old times and stupid fights they?d had. Alex told her about the war, and the different lands he?d seen. Madison didn?t want to recall everything she?d been through in the past months, so she just listened. She was just happy to have her friend home, so she just listened. Alex faced her and took her shoulders turning her to face him. ?You?ve not changed,? he grinned slyly, ?Much.? He laughed and hugged her. ?I?ve truly missed you.? He smiled.

Madison hugged him, taking a deep breath and sighing. She wasn?t alone anymore; she had someone to help her now. ?I?ve missed you to.?

Alex pulled back and looked into her eyes smiling. He lowered his lips onto hers and cupped her face with his hands again. He couldn?t help himself. He?d missed her so much, thought about her everyday he?d been gone. She was still so beautiful. Now that he wasn?t a shy little boy any longer he wasn?t afraid to go for what he wanted.

Madison saw his lips coming and her eyes widened. She felt his lips press against hers. She was so stunned she didn?t react at first. She closed her eyes and for an instant she was with Gavilean again; feeling so safe and so in love, and happy. She hesitantly opened her eyes knowing her envision was too good to be true. Seeing Alex was like a bucket of cold water. She pushed herself back from him placing a hand on her mouth. Madison just stood there looking at him.

Alex let his hands slip from her cheeks as she stepped back. He watched her smiling, and then his smile faded. ?I?I?m sorry. I wasn?t thinking.? He gestured to her stomach. ?I just thought that?? He forced a laugh, feeling flushed in the face and pretty foolish. He placed a hand on his head scratching it. ?This is awkward.? He chuckled again. ?I just assumed that I would have met him, or at least have heard about him already.?


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Re: What a nice surprise!
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2005, 02:51:43 PM »
(from rp and posted with permission)

Madison was so flustered at this moment. She just stood watching him act like a boy who had just taken his first kiss. ?Him?? Her face scrunched up.

?Yeah. Yer husband.? He fiddled with his hands and fumbled with his words. ?I didn?t think that-?

Madison shook her head and smiled a bit. ?I don?t have a husband.?

Alex looked up from the ground, ?Are ye courting anyone??

She shook her head, ?No.?

He grinned widely, ?Then what is the matter?? He took a step towards her, reaching for her hands.

She tucked her hands behind her back and stepped way from him, walking around him.

?I?m not going to hurt you.? He quickly snatched her arm and pulled her to him.

She didn?t fight him, but kept her face from his. ?I love someone Alex. We just?can?t be together now.?

He placed his finger under her chin and lifted her eyes to his. ?He?s crazy. I?d fight a thousand armies with both hands tied behind my back to be here with you.?

She was taken aback. ?He would too.? She pulled free from him and headed towards the keep.

He laughed. ?I didn?t mean it like that. Madison wait.? He was able to catch her hand and stop her. ?I?m sure he would.? He reached around and took her other hand. ?I just always saw ?us? together. Ya know?? He bent his knees lowering himself to her eyes level. ?I understand if you have someone. No more kissing.? He holds up his hands. ?I swear.? Laughing he hugged her.

Madison chuckled and hugged him back. ?Ok.?

He took her hand and they continued on their walk. She told him about Charles, and Talomar. She went on about Gavilean and how wonderful he was. Alex was happy to listen to everything she had to say. He was sore that she?d refused his kiss. He wanted her so much, and now he was able to provide for her and make her so happy. He would take his time, woo her, and make her his?again. Gavilean had just lucked out.