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Infinite Disarray
« on: August 11, 2012, 08:52:21 PM »
Tsuki Enzeru.  That wasn't always her name.  Neither was Viator Mortis.  Let us start from the beginning, but bear in mind that these are from her memory so things will be more than a bit jumbled.

She was born on Earth, some sorry little planet in the Milky Way galaxy in an entirely different universe, in an entirely different time, on an entirely different plane.  Her childhood was pretty standard: she got whippings when she was bad, she went to public school, she had friends (both good and bad, mostly bad), and she wasn't always alone.  Fast - forward to the college years and onward: she had her first boyfriend when she was 19 years old and attending university, she lost her virginity in her early 20s (it was either 20 or 21, she couldn't remember), work was fairly easy to find despite being inexperienced...  That was about it.

High school was where she met her friend Duo.  That girl right there had the energy and exhuberance that Tsuki only had bursts of every now and again, and she had them from the time she woke up to the time she went to sleep.  It wasn't an easy task for her to gain Tsuki's friendship, as a matter of fact, it took that entire school year and the summer following.  After that time, they were fast friends.  Often times they drew together, slept at each other's houses, took walks through the tooks, and came up with crazy stories.  The types of stories that makes one fantasize about living in another place and another time, but never as other people.  To a degree, Duo was just what was needed to crack the wall that she'd put up around herself for protection.

Some time during her later high school years she'd met one friend through another that had been very close.  Eventually her close friend moved away to Kentucky and she was left with the other, Elle.  They became reasonably close, but there was just something that she didn't trust about her 100%.  In any case, it was during this time that things took a bit of a dark turn.  With much encouragement from Elle, Tsuki became heavily involved with the more spiritual side of things.  It started with white magic, then turned to grey, and finally to black.  That didn't mean to say that there was darkness in her heart, but there were some things that required the expedited results of black magic.  From different planes, she'd discovered that there were creatures all around her -- things that the usual human didn't believe in.  She used ouija boards, herbs, crystals with magnetic vibrations, etcetera.  Three or so years passed before she finally gathered her wits about her -- just enough to break away from this so-called 'friend' and lead her own life.  

It was time to return to a state that she was familiar with.  Being alone, focusing only on what the day brought, and her children (two little Chihuahuas).  Certainly, there was a time that she remembered being happy, but it was so far away that the memory didn't exist only the feeling.  The loneliness and concentration were her bread and butter.  It was time to start taking those walks through the woods and telling stories again, even if there was no one else to help for entertainment.

It was during one of these walks and mumblings to herself that she found herself in Rhy'din.  Entirely an accident and quite unintentional on all parts.  Whenever she had taken a walk, it was through the woods on no given path, nothing would ever be familiar.  She was a shambler.  This time, her walk was uncommonly long and meandering.  The sun had already begun to set when she thought to go back home.  Back to the house she shared with her father, sister, and two dogs.  Still, even though she knew that it would be well after dark by the time she arrived, it was better than never.  The unfortunate thing was that she had forgotten to bring her cell phone.  Another few hours of walking did not produce a road, or even power poles.

The strange thing was that during this episode of wandering, she did not panic; however, she did worry, she always worried.  While she loved her sister, she did not trust her to help with their father.  Her father was the only person that she loved AND cared for, he was, to a degree, what kept her going each day along with those little noise makers.  

By the time a road did emerge into her sights, it was not what one would consider normal.  As a matter of fact, it reminded her of old turn-of-the-century England: weathered cobblestones.  Never before had she seen a road like this in all her life, as least not with her own eyes.  Still, a road was a road, and it was meant to be traveled.  Perhaps she would find a way back to somewhere familiar.

......Nothing of the sort ever happened.


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Re: Infinite Disarray
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2012, 10:33:04 PM »
After the first three or so hours of walking along the road, she knew then that nothing things were not as they seemed.  She lived in a reasonably sized city, so there was no reason for the woods to turn into a never ending forest.  The plant life along side the road was entirely unfamiliar.

The anxiety that she had been ignoring the entire time was beginning to force its way to the forefront of her mind.  She was light headed, her heart was pounding to the point that her vision was pulsing with it, and while she knew she wasn't dehydrated her skin felt cold from the inside.  

It was high noon by the time she came across what looked to be a city, but a backwards type of city where things were not as they seemed.  There was technology, there was steam, there was water, then there was her.  It looked to be that every thing and every one fit into some little niche here, so where was she going to fit in?

An inn was the first place that she found with a bed.  It was better than nothing, and she was exhausted having walked for over a day straight.  Unsurprisingly, she was not hungry.  After sweet talking the man at the front desk, she was able to procure a room and get some rest.  

Somewhere about 16 hours later, she awoke...  It was around 2 or 3 in the morning, she supposed given that it was still dark out.  Downstairs, she could hear the clinking of glasses and the drone of conversation.  With a sigh, she rolled over onto her back and began thinking.  Her worries for her father came back along with her worries for her two beloved pets.  It was then that she cried.  She cried because she didn't know what was going on, she cried because she would not be able to be there for her father when he needed help, she cried because she was lost, she cried...and she cried some more.  This young woman, not used to tears spilling from her eyes, cried herself back to sleep.

Days passed, months passed, a year and a half passed.  During this time, she was a walking zombie.  She had managed to convince the bar man to allow her some work to pay for her room and board.  It was better that she had a little something to occupy her time since she did not want to leave the building, or even her room most of the time.  Still, the female eventually did have to venture out into this new world.  

More time passed and a few friends were gained and the memory of her past began to fade.  How old was she at this point?  She couldn't remember, but she still had yet to reach 25 years, for certain.

One particular day, she and her new found friends were partying at a bar when a man, whose age could not be identified, stepped up to them and requested her undivided attention.  Properly sloshed from heavy drink, she obliged him and found herself in a corner with his mouth upon her throat.  That was all that could be recalled from that night, but she woke up days later in her room at the inn.  

She was pale, had chills, felt incredibly weak, and her neck itched something fierce.  As it turned out, that man was a vampire and wanted a small meal, which she seemed to fit the bill.  Long story short, she became a vampire, weaknesses included.  It was not so much that she died, at least it didn't feel like it.  Back home, where her father was, many years prior, she had taken one too many sleeping pills in an effort to get a good few hours of sleep.  Unfortunately, she miscalculated the dosage and nearly killed herself.  She could feel her heartbeat in her ears, in her limbs, in her chest, and she knew at what speed it went, she knew at what speed she took her breaths -- and they were extremely slow, so slow that she could feel her brain tingling from the lack of oxygen.  That is what the transformation felt like.  By the time the symptoms wore off, she noticed that she had an aversion to heat, sun, and blessed relics.  (The blessed relics, mind you, were because of her beliefs at the time.)

By the time she felt well enough to work again, she had lost all communication with those people that she had come to know -- not even one of them came to see how she was doing.  Once more she returned to the life that she'd began when she arrived here, but this time with a tinge of anger.

Forget home, forget where she came from, her father wanted her to experience life, of that she was sure.  (She'd always been a daddy's girl.)

It was time to get what she deserved...whether or not it was rightfully so.


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Re: Infinite Disarray
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2012, 08:05:12 PM »
Tsuki was not a vampire by any means in her mind, as in she did not care to feed on blood.  -- In the beginning, that is.  It took time, a lot of time.  It also took the care of another vampire.  Oh, what was his name? Realm.  Realm Incendie.  He was not exactly the type of person that she cared to be around, but as time went on he managed to grow on her.  More time passed and they became inseparable, together, almost as one.  However, he was already what one would call 'Ancient' and she was still newly born, in terms of age.  Still, together they slept, together they fed, together they lived.  Despite being young, she found herself in his embrace every single day, and that was wearing on her a bit.  There was so much more than she wanted to do.  Admittedly, sleeping and feeding with one so old and powerful -- forgive the cliche -- had its benefits.  The more she took of him, the less the weaknesses presented themselves.  Sure, even now she'll still produce a teeny bit of smoke out in the sun, but it never lasts long.  Eventually, they parted ways.

Please accept this apology for the previous inaccuracy.  She left him.  In the ground.  Where he belonged.  Where she hoped he would stay.  This girl left him ... alone.  And she would never, NEVER return.  That is the truth there.

Once more, she wandered this place called Rhy'din and found herself becoming more and more at home with it.  Her previous life forgotten, purposely, she went out into the world and befriended many folks.  She took many a 'lover'.  To put things in a better perspective, it would probably be wise to say that these lovers were nothing more than toys to her.  Often enough she used them to get what she wanted and when she got it, the relationship was over.  Do not think to judge her as a whore because there were very few that she actually gave her body to.

Let us see...  How should this list go?  She grows weary of dwelling on the past as I write this script.  The story in her eyes is a long one, but they're long lost into the bottle of whiskey now.

Oh, yes.  The list.  These are the creatures, the monsters, the lives she once had:
Werewolf  (shifter)
Weretiger (shifter)
Avian shifter
Seraphim/Arch Angel
Messenger (Soul collector)

Note: Excuse the Christian terms, but she was raised Roman Catholic.

She says that there are others, but those are the ones that matter.  Those are the ones whose abilities she kept, not by choice.

Some of those creatures continued to return to change her back to a former creature, such as vampire, shifter, and those forsaken angel-demon complexes.

Always being pulled in every direction but the one in which she needs to go, Tsuki was perfectly happy drowning herself in a bottle of liquor.  Maybe that needed to change.


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Re: Infinite Disarray
« Reply #3 on: August 14, 2012, 10:23:57 PM »
Many a year and many a century passed her by in this world known at Rhy'din.  That didn't mean to say that she rested all the while.  While still in her first term as a vampire, she'd managed to open up a humble little gathering place for newer friends that she'd collected.  It was known as 'That One Place.'  Yes, that was the name of the establishment.  She liked the whole idea of messing with peoples' heads when they said, "Hey, let's go to That One Place." Certainly, it would start up a banter with those who didn't know of it.

In any case, it was during one of the many, many busy nights that she was working the bar that she met a rather impetuous werewolf.  Properly tipsy from being tipped in drinks and cash, she didn't think twice of wandering out onto the dance floor with him once another bar tender clocked in.  

While dancing and grinding away to the bass line of some long forgotten song, he'd wrapped his arms around her waist and held her body against his.  With her head tilted back against his shoulder and her face looking elsewhere, he took the opportunity to lower his nose to the crook of her neck where it met her shoulder and breathe deeply.  Apparently something must have clicked, or perhaps even snapped, in his mind because the next thing she knew they were seated at the bar with him nibbling at said spot.  At the time, she didn't know of the venom in a were's saliva that could possibly turn her into that particular breed of were.

Unsurprisingly, she had turned her attention back to other patrons and drinks, leaving him to do with her neck as he pleased.  To this day, she doesn't know if what he did was purposeful or an accident that had been set upon her in the heat of the night.  Even though she didn't know him before that night, she allowed him to stay with her in the back office where they slept on a fold out bed.  Occasionally, he would wake up to either lick at her skin or take a little bite.  There must have been something about her essence that called to him, yet his restraint had to be present in that they did not have intercourse.

Months and months passed as that behavior occurred.  She never asked his name, and he never asked hers.  All they knew was that it was something that had grown to be familiar and a bit of a comfort.  Yes, Tsuki had always been a strange one.  

On one particular day, a surprisingly lonely day, she was going through the expenditure and sales reports for 'That One Place' when she noticed that certain things just weren't adding up.  They hadn't been for a while, but that month there was a strangely large amount of money that had gone missing.  The expenditures were added up and subtracted accordingly, but there seemed to be a problem with the sales reports.  The batch reports added up, the single receipts added up (though it did take a while to complete), pretty much everything but cash added up.  Sitting behind the oak wood desk, a snarl marred her pretty features before a growl forced its way up her throat.  It was not something that she noticed herself since she was so focused on the sheets of paper and stacks of receipts and cash and coins before her.  

Suddenly, an arm lashed out, knocking everything on the desk within her reach off of it.  The force was such that the cash and receipts were blown nearly up to the ceiling and fluttered back down as snow. The coins, however, managed to shoot across the room in a semi arc that lodged themselves into the well built walls and dented the metal door, though one did manage to stab its way in.

The mess that she'd made only riled her frustration further and eased her over the line into anger.  Slowly she arose from the boardroom chair, allowing the wheels below to let it roll away when it hit the back of her legs, and placed her hands on the desk.  Deliberately they turned and gripped onto the edge with the tops of her thumbs facing heavenward.  With a sound that could only be described as a roar, she lifted the heavy piece of furniture and shoved it away from herself.  In effect, she flipped the damn thing twice.

Unfortunately, she did not remember much of anything else afterwards, only that she'd made it back to home and into bed.

The next morning, she got up as usual and went to go finish the finances for her club.  When she arrived, she was quite surprised to see nothing more than charred ruins where her building used to be.  It seemed like someone had a little bit of an anger issue towards her, or so she thought at the time.  It was just a building, not anything important, so she put it to her tail and wandered off into the world once more.

That werewolf?  She never heard him from again, not from lack of effort on his part -- or so she'd heard.  Oh well.  He was just a passing fancy anyway.


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Re: Infinite Disarray
« Reply #4 on: August 19, 2012, 07:19:37 PM »
The change from a vampire to a werewolf took a few months.  One could only wonder what happened to the initiator since he had taken in a fair amount of her blood.

One thing that she noticed was that while her senses were razor sharp as a vampire, they seemed to be more refined.  Colors of the day and everything in general looked to be more sharp and vibrant, scents were more distinct, touch became extremely sensitive, hearing was multiplied exponentially, her taste buds were able to pick out more varied flavors, and that sixth sense of hers kicked into overdrive.  That last one was what irked her the most.

What she remembered distinctly about being a werewolf was that her emotions generally got the better of her.  While she was one, she was less reserved and restrained.  A lot less.  One might think that she would have retained that, but she, to this day, fights tooth and nail against being such a free spirit.

Lone wolves are usually looked down upon by other werewolves because they have pack mentality.  Unfortunately, that meant that even applied to Tsuki, as she soon found herself being surrounded by other shifters, wolves in particular.  It seemed that she was looking for a place to call home and people to call her family.  At the time, she felt that it would be best for her to stay away from others considering how the last venture turned out -- her as a little wolf.  

Eventually, and it happened none too soon to her losing her mind, she did manage to make a little home for herself in the pack of Wars (pronounced: war-sh).  Strangely, the name of the pack was quite fitting as they were often at war with other wolf packs over territory and such.  When she had been a vampire, she had learned just enough in martial arts to defend herself from someone who may have wanted to do her harm.  In this new world, she was consumed by it.  Her small stature made for a perfect deception, in terms of werewolves.  Most of the other females were much taller and thicker than her, the males even moreso.  Basically, it was the World of the Warrior that she lived in, and she had to adjust accordingly.  Fighting, however, was instinctual -- all that was needed was a little bit of fine tuning, which was well given.

This pack had a very strict heirarchy, to which, because she was turned instead of born, put her at the lowest post possible.  The fact that she had previously been a vampire held no sway with them, not that it particularly mattered to her anyway.  She may as well have been a live in maid.  She cooked, cleaned, and even held a side job to pay the pack.  The Wars had a relatively successful business, a corporation actually, but only very little money was taken from the company to sustain the packlands on which nearly everyone lived.  The rest of the upkeep, food, and entertainment came from the wolves own pockets.

Werewolf, as she lived and breathed then.  A long time passed before she thought to work her way up the totem.  After all, it had never really crossed her mind to become the Alpha Bitch, as one might put it.  Even then, it was just a thought.

Aggressive was not a strong enough word to describe the pack members of Wars.  While they were indeed a tight knit pack, that did not mean that there wasn't squabbling -- especially to climb the ranks.  Also, despite the fact that Tsuki never made waves and had been content to just live out the rest of her days at the bottom, there were those that felt the need to pick on her and try to make things difficult on her end just because she was down there.  Oh, then there were the others who just felt obligated to take a swipe at her just to see what she would do.  Those were the most annoying in her eyes.

It was during one of those occasions that something in her head just snapped.  Perhaps it was because she was holding back all of her own aggression.  Aggression paired with irritation by insignificant creatures that dared think themselves better than her.  The rank of the wolf who decided to take a bite out of her -- literally -- was Beta, and it was a female.  For the life of her, she can't remember what her name was, but it's unimportant.

Once that bitch had clamped her jaws around Tsuki's ankle, the quiet and dutiful werewolf ceased to exist.  Even though it pained her a little to put weight on the foot with the attached animal, she had no choice.  After she planted that foot to the floor, the other one whipped back then flew forward right into the chest of the wolf.  There was the sickening yet satisfying feeling of her foot sinking into the flesh and breaking several ribs and cracking the sternum.  The thing released her ankle and flew down the hallway from the sheer force.  She didn't hear anything over the roaring of blood in her ears.  Not the loud yelp, the bone crunching and cracking, not the whining, and certainly not the stampede of feet coming in her direction.

When they arrived she was staring at a wounded wolf growling like a feral thing.  She had made no movement to help or hurt since it landed, and it was going to stay that way.  There were a few weres around who considered that Beta to be a close friend of theirs.  And that only brought about more fighting.  In turn, it brought about more wounded wolves -- a few dead ones, too.  The more they came at her, the angrier she became.  The fact of the matter was that she, just a speck of nothing, breezed through all of these hardened warriors, without so much as a broken bone.

Someone must have finally thought to bring the males into the situation because the females started backing away; they must have thought that their mates would protect them.  However, there was little more to do since the males were wary of attacking a female, and she did not make any moves until she was attacked first.  That was only found out by them when an impetuous younger male decided to take a chance.  Apparently, he must have thought that she was weaker than them since she was smaller.  No.  This little thing was dynamite.  By the way, it is worth mentioning that he died quickly, as did his bitch.

Eventually, the little event must have caught the attention of the Alphas, or at least someone brought them into it, because they managed to make a little appearance.  The sight of damaged and dead breathren did not sit well with them.  However, it was agreed that she would be useful to them seeing as how she managed to take down several wolves, about a third of them in half-shifted state.

Many were displeased with the Alphas' decision to keep her, but under supervision, and made no attempt to hide it.

They [the Alphas] intended to use her as a sort of secret weapon.  After all, no one knew she had the strength that she did, no one knew what her wolf looked like, no one knew much of anything about her.  That was where they made their mistake.

She didn't like being used, unless she could get something out of it.  There was nothing to be gotten here.  Not for her, not for them, not for anyone.  For their mistake, she would do as asked, but when the key moment came, she would drop the mountains on them.  And they would be destroyed.  Vindictive little thing, isn't she?

Months later, when they were in the midst of a rather bloody skirmish with the next territory over, her job was to protect the Alpha couple.  Yeah, right.  

It looked to be that they would win, but what they didn't anticipate was an ambush.  The three of them versus about eleven of the others.  Of course, Tsuki pretended to be protecting the Alphas, but when she opposing pack brought her far enough away from them and were attacking her, she took this as an invitation to start throwing them as close to the Alpha and the Alpha Bitch as possible.  With a better opponent, their attention immediately turned to the two who were fighting for their lives.

That gave her the opportunity to slip away relatively unnoticed.

She was away from the pack.  She was still low on the totem pole.  But she wasn't going to be for long.


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Re: Infinite Disarray
« Reply #5 on: September 14, 2012, 07:28:37 AM »
Tsuki made sure to stay relatively close to the packlands of the Wars just so that she could stay in the media loop.  When they lost and she went into hiding, the winning pack was under the belief that she was heavily loyal and planning a counterattack.  That was completely fine with her.

'Let them believe what they want,' she thought, 'They'll be sufficiently distracted.'

And that's just what happened.  She lived in relative peace while trying to figure out what to do.  No, she never forgot how she was treated by the Wars and would not be subjugated to the same treatment ever again by anyone.  Even though it was a fact that not all packs behaved the same, she was not going to take a chance on anything.

It would be years before she would make another appearance.  Until then, she lived off of the land and made trips further out to cities where she could pick up supplies that, otherwise, were not so easily acquired.

During this time, she came across others who were considered too dangerous to be in other packs, who were considered to be lone wolves, who were considered too weak to be in the packs that they were born into.  These were the people that she knew would make for a better place.  She was collecting these people under a new pack name, but they didn't know it yet.  However, it would not be true to say that she was hiding her intentions from them either.

She did not particularly consider herself to be a leader in this group of scoundrels, but they did.  The larger her group became, the further out they would have to migrate.

In the present, their names have been forgotten, lost to her memories.

As she collected, as they grew, as they combined abilities, as they taught each other, they more and more looked to her as their master, their Alpha.

There were a few problems here and there, but they were quickly rectified.  As long as they generally got along, as long as they were treated equally, they were all happy.  She made certain to use what skills each had for the betterment of the pack.  Well, if you could call it a pack.  Between training and cross training, she made sure that each person could efficiently hold their own in whatever task he or she was beset with.

A few more years passed and they seemed to have noticed by then that Tsuki was not an ordinary person, not even an ordinary wolf.  Her history was her own up until then, but when asked she would tell the truth.  However, she threatened each afterward that if any part of what she told them was repeated to anyone - and she meant any single entity - she would end their existence.  A few laughed at what they considered to be a miserable threat while others cowered, but none of them ever spoke a word, not even amongst themselves.

By the time the whole pack knew, they were a solid, unified pack.  Their heirarchy was united and each members was either happy with their place or working for a higher rank without complaint.  Those  who were once dangerous were content since their needs were being met and they were being used to be best of their abilities, those who were once afraid now showed bravery and had other skills that they could rely on instead of menial labor, those who were once lone wolves now considered the pack to be a family and would do anything that was required of them.

She was extremely confident in her own and their abilities and skills.  It was time to strike back.  

Whether or not the Wars were disbanded, she was not one to forgive the atrocities that they performed on either herself or others or what she witnessed them doing.

On her own, she returned to the former Wars packlands and put her ear to the ground.  It was time to pick up first hand rumors as well as facts.  Of the wolves that occupied the area now, there were only a few that she recognized.  In return, they didn't notice who she was.  Then again, it was probably because she had never been worth their time before, and certainly wasn't worth their time now.

Scouting ahead was one of many things that she was going to have to do to properly prepare for what was sure to come.  

What she'd found out was that the pack had degenerate quickly after their fall and that the Alpha couple were prisoners of war.  The pack that had the Alphas imprisoned had no intention of ever letting them free.  They were to suffer for the rest of their days.  Despite the fact that she indeed wanted them to suffer, she wanted them dead even more.

After learning as much as she could, she returned to her pack to formulate a plan.

However, instead of focusing solely on her revenge, her attention drifted to other matters at hand.  She needed to establish her pack formally and introduce it to the other packs that were around, and possibly spread word that any and all were welcome to join.  For sure there would be many who would be against her invitation, but that was not a problem for her to worry about - at least not until the time came.


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Re: Infinite Disarray
« Reply #6 on: September 14, 2012, 07:29:40 AM »
Unfortunately, the whole waiting on the perfect time for vengeance had taken a back seat.  Way back, as a matter of fact.  By her estimation, it had been another decade or two until she would be able to return to her attention to that dark desire.  By that time, both of the Alphas were dead, killed by other angry wolves.

All that planning, all that effort, all that time....wasted.  What was surprising about it was that Tsuki wasn't angry, she wasn't even irritated about it.  It was already done and there was nothing that could be done about it.

As she evaluated her situation, she came to the conclusion that it simply wasn't meant to be her and she was alright with that.  It must be said, obviously, that at some point, she became more "zen" between the last scouting and her discovery of that Wars' deaths.

Perhaps her change in attitude was because of those that she surrounded herself with and their ways of interacting.  Perhaps it was because she no longer felt the burning anger that the Wars had created in her.  Perhaps it was because she simply wanted to move on.  One could speculate all he/she wanted, but the fact of the matter was that she was past all of it.

One day she was sitting in one of the rocking chairs on the roof of her pack's main house (if it could really be called that) when she came to the realization that they still didn't have a name.  Then again, would it matter that they did not have a name?  While she did not have a problem being nameless, those who were with her may not have felt the same way.

With a resigned sigh -- as she knew just how much energy this seemingly simple idea/question would steal away -- she knew that this was going to have to be remedied.

The following day she scheduled a meeting with all the members of her pack, even the young ones who had been born into this family, in order to get everything in line.  She needed to know what they wanted for themselves and for each other.  Their pack was still unknown -- and she still intended to establish it as official as well as extend the invitation that she knew would cause controversy.

Weeks passed between the actual meeting and the outcome.  The younger generation wanted bold, strong, ?scary,? according to them, names.  The older wanted something that fit their individual styles.  The few that followed neither wanted a name that showed unity.  Fewer still had even more interesting ideas.

The name that came to be theirs was Praeteritus.

She announced this during a mass dinner.  There was an uproar, though she couldn?t tell whether it was good or bad.  When it was sufficiently quiet, she ventured to give an explanation.  The reasoning behind this name, behind the chosen language of it was this: Latin was/is used as the basis for many languages just as they are from many families/packs and Praeteritus had many meanings (I.e. disregard, pass over, neglected, yet it also meant surpass and excel).  After the noise dimmed to a dull murmur, there was a sudden single growling bark along with a standing owner.  All others became silent.

It was a man, one that had been in the first few to be adopted, one of the lone wolves.  ?Praeteritus.  You?ve put a lot of consideration into this name, and considering our backgrounds, where we came from, what you?ve helped us to accomplish.  I think you?ve chosen well, and everyone would agree with me on that note I think.?  He spoke directly to Tsuki.  A small smirk made the corners of his lips twitch -- it was a look she wouldn?t forget.  ?And I think it sounds ?scary? enough.?  This little tidbit was obviously for the children.  ?Don?t you think??  At this point he was addressing everyone.

Seconds passed before the chitter chatter and giggling of the kids started up, followed by the adults, and then a pause before howls came up.

Praeteritus was here to stay.