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Look What the Cat Dragged In!
« on: July 10, 2011, 04:14:49 PM »
[size=9]((Authors' Note: This post follows Baiting the Perfect Mouse Trap.  All characters in the following were played by their original players or those merely mentioned were done so with the explicit permission from their original players.  What's that mean?  It means the group is back together folks! Thanks!))[/size]

The Brownstone doesn?t look like much from the outside.  Its aging fa?ade seems to have seen better days.  The porch looks like some work has been done but otherwise, the four-story house fits in quite well with the derelict neighborhood surrounding it, very nondescript.  For Maeri however, it would be easy to see beyond the magical illusion to the strongly re-enforced structure underneath.  

The steps leading up to the porch are stone and sturdy under her feet.  The door looks thick and impregnable, a recent addition.  The house is surrounded by protective spells and a multitude of high-tech defenses.  It is almost as if Bel has taken as much care with this residence as the Blood House or Hades Dawn.  

It had been a while since Maeri had even considered stepping on any grounds owned by a Blood.  Having walked away, she had really had no intention of ever returning.  It was, though, in all fairness to Bel, that she did decide to make this visit on this evening.

Her own spells to maintain the illusion of humanity firmly in place, Maeri strolled up the walk.  Lips were now moistened as she ran her tongue over them.  A habit she had of tasting the air, not just for scent, but for the weaving of spells.  One did not lightly cross spell against spell, especially ones of strong illusions such as these, without keeping an awareness of how the two would mingle.

A hand came up and the knocker was struck to announce her arrival.  She knew that even if Bel had not expected a visit from her, the tingling of her magicks brushing against that of this place, would have alerted her more so than the firm sounding of the hammer against the door.

Bel answers the door with a bright welcoming smile.  ?Maeri, how kind of you to come sweet!  Come on in!?

The entrance hall is rather larger than many of its predecessors.  There is a faint smell of fresh paint and drywall lingering as if there had been recent remodeling done to the area.  There is a distinct lack of furniture and other homey additions.  Stairs leading up to the upper floors line the back wall while to either side are double doors all of which are currently closed.  Bel waits for Maeri to step inside before closing and securing the heavy front door.  Apparently she feels there is a need to do such things.  She then leads the way towards the formal sitting room, to the right of the entry.  She slides the double doors open and gestures for Maeri to follow.

Yvette has already laid out the tea service on the low slung coffee table that rests before the two sofas, replete with sweet treats; pecan pie slices and pretty little petit fours she had made herself.  Two overstuffed sofas covered in dark jewel tones, one of forest green and the other a majestic deep burgundy, sit in an L-shape invitingly. Comfortable looking chairs are scattered in strategic spots alongside the sofas, with tables nearby and intentionally handy.  The lighting in the room is warm but muted.  Tasteful pieces of art accent the walls and furniture.  Time had been spent in ensuring a comfortable and inviting space.  

?Coffee or tea, Maeri??  Bel asks as she claims a seat on the forest green sofa, her hands already moving to the service laid out by Yvette.  ?Please, sit, make yourself at home!?

There had been a smile that came easily enough to Maeri?s face, though still with a bit of caution. "Thank you," was offered as she stepped past Bel and into the sitting room. She couldn't help the smile warming a bit as memories came back to her. Upon sitting and almost curling comfortably in the seat, she made her choice. "This evening tea would be most appreciated."

It was rare for Maeri to allow anyone else to prepare a drink for her. Bel was one of the few rare exceptions to that rule. Of course, it would have been rude to simply devise her own drink and decline such polite company and hostessing. However, that had not stopped her before from declining such kindnesses.

Bel smiles and nods, pouring a cup of Yvette?s famous brewed black tea, it has just a hint of spice to it.  She offers the cup and saucer to Maeri then places the cream and sugar nearby so Maeri can help herself to her preference of condiments.  For herself she pours a half cup of the thick, chicory flavored New Orleans styled coffee and adds cream to top off the cup.  Two teaspoons of sugar follow to lighten the heaviness of the dark blend.  She stirs her coffee with a small silver spoon as she lounges back.

?I have the updated contracts already for all Onyx House allies??  Bel drops a soft, muted chuckle, obviously amused with her plotting.  ?I am covering all of Dragonkind in Rhy?Din.  I am sure that will stir a few pots of discontent...?  She doesn?t look as if this bothers her in the least; in fact just the opposite seems to be true.  ?I have copies for you too.?  

Maeri takes the tea and sips at it in a mimicry of caution over the heat.  All the while, her attention turned to Bel and her comment concerning the Dragonkin of Rhy?din.

A soft murmur of pleasure escapes her, and eyes sparkle with pleasure.  Though as Maeri lowered the cup, she did query, ?One thing though, what is to hold Lankyn to these agreement??  She really didn?t care about anyone else who might be affected.  She, the dragons who had been left unprotected and to be molested at the whims of others, and an agreement which might put things to a more balanced setting were all that mattered to her.

Bel enjoys a sip of her coffee as she contemplates how best to answer her friend?s inquiry concerning Corwyn.  He?d given Bel permission to oversee the running of Onyx as she sees fit.  Of course? the deal made with the devil Veighn wasn?t simply an Onyx alliance situation.  However?  Corwyn?s primary goal at the time the deal was struck had more to do with the taint on Tasha than the good of the Bloods and their collective holdings.  

Corwyn won?t go against Bel?s decision to protect the Dragonkin? but he may not be amused that she is outright inciting the dark devil Veighn.  

A light half-shrug is dropped as green eyes move to meet her friend?s squarely.  ?If he doesn?t like it, he can fire me??  She allows for a small smile, but she is deadly serious.  ?You have given our Family more than most.  You deserve our loyalty over??  Bel doesn?t bother to invoke the devil by naming him, ?any others that come to mind?  If Corwyn doesn?t like what I am doing, well, then, guess its time to start a new Family, don?t you??

A slight nod offered at that assessment.  ?That, unfortunately, is why I felt the need to divorce myself of my alliance to the Bloods.?  It had never occurred to Maeri what was owed to her, but what this Family owed to itself.  ?Let me be completely upfront.  I can?t say that I will fully trust Lankyn on this.?

There was a moment of pause before Maeri continued.  ?However, I would like to take a look at this agreement and its particulars.?  She had never been concerned about the dragons in her own homeland.  She and her mate had been most careful when establishing their own holdings.  It was those who ventured further afield to places such as Rhy?Din for whom she had to take the greater care.

?We will also need to discuss how this agreement may affect some of those I?ve made while away from the Bloods.?

Bel produces the new alliance treaties, and the public declaration she?s had done up announcing the Bloods support of the Dragonkin.  She offers the papers over to her friend.  ?Feel free to take your time looking them over, Maeri.  Your opinion on them would be most welcome.  As for trusting Lankyn??  Bel isn?t one to offer up advice on this topic, she isn?t sure if she trusts him all that much either?  But, he is the progenitor of the Family and deserves some form of loyalty from her, doesn?t he?  She again drops a half-shrug setting her cup aside on the coffee table.  

?Corwyn means well? his intentions are to protect the Family.  It is his means to that end that even I find questionable at times??  It is the most she has to give on the subject.  Unfortunately it sounds lame even to her ears.  Perhaps she should contemplate a better answer for future situations?  

That thought also bothers her?

Bel pushes her concerns about Corwyn to the side for now, he?s out of town and there is no telling when he may return.  Worrying over his reactions earns her nothing but wasted time.  ?And of course, happy to hear whatever your concerns may be where other alliances lay.?  

Maeri set down the cup and saucer on the table closest to her before taking the papers offered.  A quick scanning of the context as she flipped through pages of what amounted to all the legal declarations necessary to make things judiciously correct on any world, and then to the meat of the matter at hand.

She took her time and great care with the particulars.  Maeri was well aware that if one thing had been left unsaid or stated even slightly wrong it could be worse than a spell going awry.  She had often thought that mages and lawyers studied some of the same material just to learn to be purposefully obtuse.   Both groups were quite good at such things and better than some djins for being sticklers on wording.

After a bit, Maeri looked up and nodded. ?It appears to all be in order and most agreeable in the wording.?

Bel smiles and nods obviously pleased that Maeri approves. ?Keep those copies I made them for you??  

She leans to take up her cup of coffee.  She never bothers with the saucer for herself.  Lounging back she enjoys a few sips.  Those green eyes move to rest on Maeri inquiringly.  ?As for other alliances, sweets, I am more than open and willing to negotiate there as well?  Not that I want to force you back into the Family, Maeri.  I don?t want to force anything upon you.  But I do want you to know you have our full support.  Mine and the rest of the Family?s.?

What Bel wants is their friendship back in place.  She?s missed Maeri and truth is Bel has very few she deigns to call ?friend?.  

Maeri considered for a moment tucking the papers away in the manner she was most accustomed to using.  However, with the wards she had sensed around the place, she refrained from old habits and simply rolled it up and produced a ribbon to tie it into place.  She then took up her drink once more.

Without a pause, she offered, ?I too missed the warmth of our friendship.?  Maeri knew that Bel likely could sense that about her, even as she did of Bel.  ?Things such as this always have a way of circling back on themselves in the end though.  You, more than most, should know that.?

And there is the trademark wisdom of the Dragoness?  Bel?s smile blooms brightly as she gazes with affection on Maeri.  ?Oh, sweets, don?t you realize, that is one of the many reasons I need you around!  To remind me of such insights??  Bel chuckles softly, ?Otherwise, I would be caught up in the drama that seems to evolve all over this realm of ours!?  Her tone is light and teasing but there is a deeper truth to what she?s saying and they both know that.  ?I confess, I have missed you dearly!  Now? if you don?t eat at least one of these petit fours, Yvette is going to have a litter of kittens in the kitchen!?  Bel is only half joking.  

She pushes the platter over towards Maeri for her to pick one of the bite-sized treats.  

?You should know, I may have unwittingly started a war with the Dragons, not the Dragonkin, but the gang that calls themselves such?  I am sure you recall them, yes??  A hint of weariness tugs at beatific features as she confesses this to Maeri.  ?They are insisting on a meeting with Corwyn? and he?s up and gone on his own walkabout!  I have no idea when he might be back!?  Bel drops a light sigh then another half shrug.  ?Things never seem to calm down, you ever noticed that?  Maybe there?s a spell we might dig up??  Again? only half joking.

A half laugh as Maeri replied, ?You will have to allow me to think upon such a spell.  One must be cautious when tampering with such thing.  Balance in all things, as you know.?  She knew that Bel would be aware of her bend toward balance.

?As to the Dragons,? Maeri couldn?t help but pause before uttering that word, as it irked her that they would identify themselves as such, ?I most certainly do.?  Her eyes narrowed.  ?Another misguided agreement, if you ask me.?

Maeri shrugged, ?One only dances with the devil if they are willing to be the fuel for their fire.?  With that assessment, she took the offered sweet and daintily nibbled on it while she considered this piece of news.

Bel nods in agreement with Maeri as she finishes off her coffee.  Setting the empty cup aside green eyes move back to her friend and she chuckles.  ?Yes, I agree with you there!  We can only hope that whatever drew them to pursue the girl Corwyn sent me to collect was worth all of this?  You really should meet this Thorn of Zenfaer, Lin Mae.  There is? something about the girl that harkens familiar??  Bel?s expression clouds thoughtfully.  The girl is a puzzle Bel is still trying to decipher.  Maybe Maeri can help with that?  Bel can hope!

[size=9](This is only the beginning...  To Be Continued...)[/size]
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Look Waht the Cat Dragged In - Part II
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2011, 08:46:15 PM »
Meanwhile?  Out Front?

?This is the place Luse.? Tasha waved a grubby hand at the brownstone they were standing in front of. ?I remember it from the last time and Kaspie insists that Bel?s here. Guess this will work considering Onyx is like locked down and what not.? A breath fell out rapidly and sent silver hair fluttering out of her equally grubby face. Newly obtained bruises still dark and tender near her temple from her recent ordeal but she had long since washed off the blood she could.

Luse looked to the brownstone and then to the small elf.  "Did Kaspie tell you it was safe?"  He had tried to clean the blood off of his clothing but it stained into his leather, making it a rust-colored slate hue.  Acts had been committed, righteously in his mind.

Tasha made her way up the steps and reached for the door knocker which was placed within reach, a fact she actually appreciated, and used it. Afterwards, she glanced back over her shoulder at Luse who was following with a curious expression upon her elfin features as she regarded the long eared elf. ?Of course he checked it out.  I don?t think he would send me somewhere that was dangerous considering his failure back in Taybior and all. Kaspie seems to still be kicking himself for showing up a bit late to that rather surprising party.?  The later reminders making her wince a bit.

Luse was suspicious of Tasha's guide from the start.  His latest escapade in futility to help her hadn't lessened that by one bit.  Still he followed, looking up and down the street.  To say he was looking forward to this would be a flat out lie.  Still, if Blood House Onyx was in lockdown, all the bickering aside, this was the safest place for Tasha.

?This works anyway, because Bel is all into relics. I know it?s not one from that Urth place she likes but it?s powerful.? Tasha was talking about the staff, which she had with her but it had shrunk down to a wand sized item and she had it tucked into her belt. ?Oh stop looking so gloomy Grumpy. It?s just Bel after all.?

The small elf started to bounce a bit from one booted foot to the other waiting for the door to open or something to happen. ?I sure hope Kaspie was right about this.?

Inside the house Bel looks out to the hallway at the unexpected knock then back to Maeri.  ?Are you expecting anyone, sweets??  She glides to her feet gracefully heading towards the door.  The double doors are still open and Bel can easily hear Maeri if she responds.

A soft laugh offered, "If I were, they likely would have found a mirror or window to fly through."  Maeri didn't bother to say open window, since open or closed didn't seem to stop her dragons when they wished to gain entrance to get to her.  

Apparently Bel doesn?t get many unexpected visitors and the knocking has made her a tad bit uneasy.  Luckily, the new door has a peephole installed!  She nods over to Maeri?s comment then peers through the peephole cautiously.  A surprised gasp and she?s hauling the door open with a surprising suddenness.

?By the Gods, Tasha??  Then she spies the long-eared Elf with her.  ?And? Luse??  There is a momentary taken off guard pause then she gestures for the pair of them to come inside.  ?I must say?  What a surprise to find both of you on my doorstep??  

Confused doesn?t even come close to what Bel is at the moment?

Maerissa turned slightly in her seat at the mention of the two names.  As a greeting, she offered a warm smile for Tasha and a nod for Luse. "Good evening.  A night of surprise visits all around."  Did Maeri really need to say more?  Probably not.

?Bel! Hi!? Her piquant face, mottled with dirt lit up at the sight of the lady. Pouncing to hug, the scent of her recent adventures still clung to her small frame. Frost, dirt, blood and such was a subtle and unusual perfume for Tasha as she wasn?t known to be a camper. ?Kaspie said to come here because Onyx is like, on lock down or something. Anyway, Luse recued me from baddie and I found this relic thingy that was really handy. Um, I need to send a message to Luc and Fio too cuz, they don?t know what happened and I wouldn?t want them thinking I was dead or something. Oh and the school too. By the way any idea where my Da is? Kind of think he may need to know also. Oh! Hi Maeri!? Everything flying out of her at a rapid fire rate and with only the momentary minimal of breath taken in the offering.

Luse blinked momentarily as Tasha gave a very encapsulated account of all that had happened with her lifetime, he wasn't quite sure as it all was said so quickly.  He pulled his gloves from his hands finally.  Bruised knuckles were flexed as he nodded to Belial and to the Dragoness, affirming for better or worse that Tasha was telling them the truth.

Bel hugs the girl taking in her words and the smells on her? not to mention her current messy state.  Blood???  And Death??  Luc and Fio may think Tasha dead??!  Bel?s green eyes widen and she moves herself and Tasha deeper into the entrance area, away from the door.  There is that paranoia again?

Bel gestures for Luse to follow them in while still letting Tasha hug as long as she wants or needs to.

?Wait sweets? Rescued you?  From baddies?  Who are these baddies, pray tell?  And of course, we can reach Fio and Luc!!!  As for your father, sweets??  Bel can?t keep up? ?He?s ah??  Bel has no idea where he?s at.  She sputters to silent surprise.

Following a sip of her tea, tongue once more slipped over Maeri?s lips as if tasting the droplets that remained on them.  Of course, her curiosity piqued, she rose to move closer to Tasha, though not to crowd her.   She echoed Bel?s query, ?Baddies?  Rescued??

Maeri looks to Luse to fill in the missing pieces.
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Look Waht the Cat Dragged In - Part III
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2011, 01:31:03 PM »
Luse followed at a distance.  Tasha knew more than he did about what happened before his arrival.  He accepted Belial's hospitality and made himself a background figure until he could pick up the tale where Tasha's left off.

?I don?t really know who they were. We were just on a school trip and all. Sent out of the blue and all to look of some ruins and then right before we were going to rest,? Tasha?s nose crinkled up as she actually paused a moment. ?In tents, which anyone that knows me can attest I am not fond of. . .  Anyway, a bunch of these guys, baddies and all, came out of the woods and killed my teacher and two other students. Kaz, well you don?t know him Bel, but he?s some prince from Carowyn somewhere I won?t ever go, he lived. Um, and then Luse showed up save me from them by killing a bunch of them and here we are!? Radiant silvery violet eyes caught sight of the sweets and Tasha glanced over at Belial suddenly hopefully. ?May I have some of those? I am flat out starving!?

Bel nods letting the girl go.  ?Yes of course, Yvette would be tickled if you would eat them all up sweets?  There?s tea and coffee too? ?  Heck, Bel should call Yvette and let her cook for their new guests it would make the woman?s night!  But first things first!

Bel waves Luse and Tasha into the sitting room while she goes about closing and securing the front door.  (Much as she had done after letting Maeri inside earlier.)  

?Now? let?s start at the top, shall we?  Why would Fio and Luc fear you are dead, sweets??  Yes, of course Bel?s most worried about her family foremost?  

Maeri couldn?t help but laugh as Tasha came to the conclusion of her tale in what seemed under a minute, and finished it off with the request for sweets.  A motion to Bel, and she made her way to the kitchen to retrieve a rag, and more importantly, a vial of the waters she was never far from.

Upon returning, Maeri doused the rag with the water and offered it to Tasha, whom she was sure would remember how best to use such things.  ?If you have a mirror, I could begin a calling to them,? indicating Luc and Fio.

Luse follows both of them into the sitting room, looking around briefly as he tucked his gloves into his duster's pocket.

Tasha didn?t wait another moment; she headed over to help herself to the coffee and pastry that was already laid out and still talking randomly. ?Kaz is from Yeadia, which Luc says is where the Slavers all go. I don?t have plans to visit there but he?s really nice and Luse saved him too. Um.. well we didn?t? have time to send them word and Luc and Fio are the ones that sponsored me at the Colligio in Tignus so would be told I was missing I think. ?
Accepting the towel from Maeri Tasha put her cup down and just pressed the wet cloth to her head. Obviously she was still suffering from some pain there. "Thanks Maeri." A few seconds later she finally shut up as she started to eat. Luse could now talk if he wanted while Tasha was otherwise occupied.

"Mercenaries.  Cohesive though.  Might have been working together for a while."  Luse nodded to Tasha.  "Tasha's field trip did a number on a lot of them.  But it was planned.  They were positioned and knew the ruins would be populated."

The front door secure, Bel had already followed Luse and Tash into the sitting room.  She listened to what Tasha had to say while getting a mirror out of the heavy oaken cabinet and passing it over to Maeri.  

A glance to Luse and she nods to the tray of food and drinks.  ?Would you prefer something stronger?  Looks like you could use it??  Bel gestures to the sideboard where a small, but tasteful array of alcohol sits, with rock glasses alongside.  ?Feel free to make yourself at home??

Having taken the mirror that had been offered to her, Maerissa returned to her seat.  Her gaze first landing upon Tasha, then Luse, as she listened to the tale being spun by the two.  It was obvious, to those who knew her, by the slight furrowing of her brow that she did not like what she was hearing.  However, she remained silent at the moment, taking in the details of the situation.

As she listened, she carefully considered the spell before proceeding to open a line of communication.  She was careful not to open a hole in the protections, only set a reflection from one place to another.

"No.  I'm fine for tonight.....thank you."  Luse?s adrenaline was still pumping and that was really all the high he could handle for now.

Bel nods to Luse before looking back to Tasha.  Mentally she?s already told Yvette of the new guests and she knows the woman is in the kitchen already gearing up to cook.  

?Tasha you should stay here for the night, we?ll move you to the House tomorrow?  I have several rooms upstairs??  A glance at Luse before she continues, ?You can stay too if you?d like??  Her tone holds no animosity towards him, he is welcome here.  ?An organized hit, eh?  Interesting??  Bel doesn?t yet know what to make of any of this news.  

She looks over to Maeri to see how her mirror trick is coming along.  ?Once we let Luc and Fio know Tasha is safe and here?  We might want to let Tash freshen up some??  It?s just a suggestion? she wants the girl to feel comfortable.  ?And then Yvette will have some tasty dinner for us??

?I wouldn?t mind a bath. I mean it was all pretty gross and all having blood all over and what not.? Tasha?s nose wrinkling up again with a look of disgust touching her pale features, but she then glanced over at Luse. ?You?re not leaving me are ya Grumpy??

"She should be here.  It makes the most sense.  I have a dwelling not too far from here, so I will not require your offered hospitality as kind as it is."  His tone, too, offered no hostility.  Luse right now was best left to his own devices.  With a turn to Tasha, he half grinned.  "No, I will be here when you need me.  But you need rest and some time to think.  And so do I."

?Oh, okay.? It was apparent that Tasha didn?t understand but she did recognize Luse?s need for his own personal space. She had not yet found out how he knew where she was or that she had been in danger. It was rather odd after all, since even Kaspie hadn?t known until it was over.   ?Well, come see me tomorrow Luse. I want to make sure you?re okay too after all.?

Normally Maeri would have smiled at this little exchange of Tasha?s.  It certainly was good to see her, Luse and Bel in the same room once more.  For now, however, she found it necessary to concentrate more than she usually did on the spell at hand.  There was always a fine line to tread and something this easy could be made more difficult with the situation.

Still, images of places familiar to Maeri came into view as she skimmed from one site to another seeking out Luc or Fio.

Bel nodded to Luse. "You will be able to get in here should you need to... Yvette is cooking, you may want to stay?" Then turning to Tasha she continues, "The bedroom at the top of the stairs to the left is ready when you want it.  There?s a private bath for the room? feel free to use it, sweets??  

?Thanks Bel. I think I will do that now since I feel kind yucky right now. Um, just one problem though. I um, kinda need something to wear. We didn?t stop at the school to get my stuff. ? Tasha was already rising to her feet, still holding that cloth of Maeri?s to her head as she spoke. ?Luse didn?t think it was safe after Kaspie then said one of the Arch mages there had been killed."

"Already taken care of Tasha!" Bel grins all mysterious like, she has many tricks up her sleeves, ensuring to her guest's comforts is one of them. "You will find everything you need already in the room waiting for you..."

Maeri looked up from the mirror at that moment, which once again reflected the room around it.  Then the strangest look came over her face as she bluntly stared at Luse and muttered, "long-eared elf."

Offering Bel a delighted smile Tasha stepped over to plant a kiss on Luse?s cheek and then a grin to Maeri followed. ?Then I am off to get clean. Feels like I?ve been grubbing in the mud for ages instead of just a day.? She headed for the door and the stairs as directed and then paused in the entrance way. ?I will show you what I found after. ? Then she was gone, scampering up to the room to find the luxuries that waited.

Luse?s ears caught that distinctly.  He had already been puzzling over the dragoness' words weeks before his impetus to seek out Tasha.  He nodded and accepted Tasha's kiss.  "Rest well."

Maeri then watched Tasha and eyes narrowed.  "Mages and their mouse traps."  She couldn't help but growl.

Bel watches as Tasha heads up the stairs then turns that green gaze on Luse.  ?Thank you for? ah? rescuing her, Luse.?  Bel turns to Maeri curiously ?What do you mean? a mouse trap??  

"I did it for us all."  Luse nodded.  "She means a lot to many people."

Bel nods over to Luse. She knows that... She knows that as much as he tries to push everyone away and prove he's not really a hero... he is. But to say anything like that aloud would end with them bickering so she keeps quiet about her assessment. "Thank you, and of course, you are right..."

"Maerissa overheard two people talking of mages and mousetraps." Luse informs Bel, "Weeks ago."

"Weeks..?"  Bel doesn't know what to think about this information.  "Any idea who they are... or why they would do this?"  She looks between Maeri and Luse hopefully.

Luse shook his head.  "No, I was not in the proper cond-...I was drunk."  He looked to Maerissa.  "Many revelations came out of that night."

Bel can't stop the chuckle at Luse's confession... She blushes as her hand lifts to cover her mouth guiltily. An apologetic look tossed his direction. "Ahh, I see..."

Maeri couldn't help but frown, "I'm going to be of little help in this.  It was two wizards, there was no missing that."  She could still remember the feel of the magic coming off them that night.  "And like all wizards seem to be wont, they spoke in riddles about mice and traps."

"I think the trap was sprung tonight."
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Look Waht the Cat Dragged In - Part IV
« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2011, 02:30:08 PM »
"Which didn't phase me at all.  All wizards talk in riddles.  It was that they mentioned a long-eared elf.  And my paranoia went off." Luse continued.  As it is want to do.  Always and ever.  "I don't know in what context they mentioned it or why.  But I am described in few terms, the least offensive and most common being ?long-eared?.?

Laughter spilled at that revelation.  "Grumpy long-eared elf, when are you not paranoid?" Maeri jested.

"Well... I guess the good news is... it didn't work?" Bel offers but it is obvious she is very concerned about this turn of events.  ?We are going to need to find out everything we can? any way to get back to that site, perchance?  I am sure the dead may be able to help us figure out who sent them??  

A nod of agreement, "Especially since the Elven wizard made some mention of her queen, who I'm sure is now most displeased with her." Maeri supplied.  

 "I know the path to it well enough.  I don't talk to the dead, though." Luse offered.  Well...not in public.  "It's a ruin of some significance."

Bel gets a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. Of course? not everything is always about her but? Paranoia not withstanding what if this is another of Mab?s maneuverings? "Oh, I think I can cover the dead, Luse..." Bel has learned many new tricks of late, thanks to Corwyn's currently unprotected, (from her that is...), library.

And with that, Bel gets this odd look, "Something you want to share?" Maeri asks of Bel.  "Because, honestly, I never thought of you as the whole, 'I see dead people,' type."  Was that a quirk to her smile now?

"Ah?"  The look on Bel's face is classic.  It's the 'Uh-oh, I've been caught with my hand in the cookie jar' look.  "Ahhh....  I've been doing some... ah... reading...?"  It?s the truth!!!  "Oh, and it really depends on how dead the body is actually..." Bel answers evasively.

Now, how this night started as her looking over a new agreement to Bel revealing this bit of news could be puzzling, if one didn't know Bel.  Fortunately, Maerissa did.

"And this will help take down the scumbag or scumbags responsible for trying to take out Tasha's whole class at the ruins?"  Leave it to Luse to pick things up and put them on the "Cut Through the BS Express"

"Yes, if we can determine who is behind the attack, we can take the offensive..." Bel nods over to Luse. It?s true he does have a way of cutting to the bone of things, and it?s one of the things she likes about him.  "If any spirits still linger in the place... and most times when a spirit ends violently they tend to hang around for a while... we may get some information out of them..." It?s a long shot, but it?s a shot nevertheless. Better than nothing Bel thinks.

Luse nodded.  Between what happened before he arrived and what happened after, he doesn't think that will be a problem.

Maerissa considered this information for a bit.  "Wouldn't they find the whole event and everything surrounding it confusing?"

Bel shrugs she doesn?t know exactly how it works.  Right now, it?s just a theory, one she has yet to put into practice.  ?I don?t know? yet.  But the way I see it, there is only one way to find out!?

A nod offered by the Dragoness, "Go try it out." Maeri replied, "Though may I add, not this evening."

"Ah? I thought it was best if they are fresh dead?" Bel doesn?t like waiting, "well... or so I read..." a sheepish grin is offered up.

The Dragoness considers this.  "That is likely so.  However, it would help to have Tasha there, or one of her ability.  Since she needs at least a little rest, let's leave her to it."  Was it fair to say that Maerissa liked to hedge her bets just a little?

Luse pursed his lips in thought before speaking.  "Tasha is not going back there immediately.  And not at all without enough of a group to counter another ambush.  While I don't think that whoever planned the first one is likely to mount another attack at the same place in the same way, I don't put it past them being stupid enough to try."

?Good point? But Tasha?  Hmm? she?s been through enough.  Perhaps we should try to find another with similar talents instead??  Yeah, like they have necromancers just lining up in the streets?  ?Of course, we have to go prepared??  Truth is Bel believes she is prepared and practically invincible these days.  

A nod was offered to Luse now.  "And yet another reason for us to wait.  I may have a few to be the numbers you would need." The Dragoness smiled.

"If anything, it will show those plotting against we are aware."  A furrow of Luse's brow, accompanied a small shake of his head then he nodded to Maerissa.  "I know where it is.  Collect your group and I'll lead you there, whoever wants to go and see this through."

Bel looks between Luse and Maeri.  She doesn't have a choice but wait...  She slowly nods in agreement.  "Count me in.  I want to find out who?s responsible for this... and make them pay..."  

Maeri offers an almost wicked smile to them both, "Then by all means, meet me back here tomorrow morning early and you shall have your escort, so we can find our answers."

[size=9]~To Be Continued...~[/size]
Head of Blood House Onyx