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Gifts for momma
« on: May 09, 2011, 12:51:10 AM »
It was mother's Day. The young dragon had not forgotten. Talking to her brothers and sisters, they all had descided to add up little bits of their own started hoards to get momma a present.

It had taken a few days, but she had finally managed to talk aunty Storm into taking her into the marketplace.

Sticking close to her aunt, she carried each brother and sisters contribution in a small pouch.

Now it was just figuring out what to get momma. Momma had stayed home at the lair, and watched over herself and her brothers and sisters.

Maybe a new book? She looked through tables of assorted crystals also, but momma had so many of those already.. And they just sat there, decorating the lair.

Further down the tables were a few gardening decorations. Her mother had taken pride of course in the gardens that were springing up around the lair.

Not knowing what kind of flowers to get, she would have to settle for something else.

The little dragonling was soon growing discouraged, slumping to the ground beside her aunt.

There had to be something.., anything. Finally something had caught her attention.

Sparkly and almost seeming to be pieced together, the little dragon found the perfect gift.

She was sure momma didn't have one of these..

The perfect gift? A gazing ball of course!

She needed a couple other gifts. Looking back through the tables, she came upon a windchime as well. Surely the sounds it would make would help momma to relax.

Finally as a last minute thought, from herself, momma would get a brand new flower book.