Author Topic: Information on the Shimmerscale lair and territories  (Read 737 times)


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Information on the Shimmerscale lair and territories
« on: April 30, 2011, 11:37:29 AM »
The lair has become not only a safe haven for those that need it, but has been becoming self sufficient as well.

Herds Aurthur has been tending herds to help keep the large family fed.

These include cattle, sheep and goats. Pigs will eventually be added, as will wyverns which will be tended in the ruins nearby.

Icer's gardens Tired of the same old ice flowers. The dragoness has been making trips to the marketplace, looking for more vibrant flowers and plants. Eventually she will add berries and even vegetables to further help the family.

Indoor pond A peaceful area within the lair itself. The entrance blocked off by a boulder as are any of the rooms within that hold water.
This is a place where the dragoness keeps her fish. Some are for show, while others feed the family. Flowers grow in natural light within this room, and other species have since taken to the peaceful area. amongst them, colorful butterflies, frogs and turtles.

Ruins Found in the forest beyond the lair, this is a place the dragons still explore. occasionally finding crystals and other objects, one of the rooms of the extensive area has been dedicated recently to housing the wyvern herd.

Talon Rock Landmark. A great stone boulder that nature had carved out until it resembled a dragons talon. If seen, this means you are close to the Shimmerscale lair.

Twin Oaks Twin trees with massive trunks, gnarled and twisted with roots that run deep. This great pair serves as a shaded place for the Shimmerscale graveyard. Also the trees act as protection from the rear. Growing close together, any that would try to get at the lair from behind might just get entangled in the branches.

Ring Valley Way up in the mountains lies the quaint village of Ring Valley, protected by a stone keep. A days journey, following the winding river will lead one to this place. Taken there by the mage Braxeus when younger. The dragoness makes yearly journeys there to help thin te flocks and herds. The people once frightened, now welcome the dragoness and any kin that comes with her. A secondary lair has been created here, though it is tiny compared to home. Eventually she will expand it and her territory.

Alexandria Once she had been the next in line. Upon her father Alex's death, the dragoness was to become ruler of this place. Not ready for such a burden, she turned rule over to the Elder council. Rule is now by her younger brother Prince Drake. There is a pathway that leads from Talon Rock, deep within the forests that winds until it reaches Alexandria. Though the dragoness has not taken it since the death of her father. Eventually she may go visit her brother.

Trails and Pathways There are many unexplored trails and paths within the forest. Who knows just what they might hold yet.

Nosgoth Ruled by her brother Darkmere, a lair has been set up for the dragoness when she visits.

So as not to crowd the main lair, the dragoness slowly has been moving items to these secondary lairs.

Underwater cavern Within the lake itself, the dragoness had discovered a cavern purely by mistake while hunting for her meal of fish.
Used sometimes as storage, there is enough air that it can be used as a shelter in an emergency.


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Re: Information on the Shimmerscale lair and territories
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2011, 02:02:23 PM »
Storm's Lair High in the mountains a lair stands empty save for a few bones. This served as the dark dragon's resting place until her sister had taken her in.

Eventually this lair may be reclaimed for family use.