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21twelve Studios Open for Business!
« on: April 12, 2011, 03:52:13 PM »

[size=9]Junior Columnist: Ashley Weatherl[/size]

21twelve Studios Open for Business!
April 12, 2011

More and more, RhyDin is getting to be its own place!

That is not to say that RhyDin didn't have its own private peculiarities and nuances compared to other cities and realms across the multiverse, but for the most part RhyDin has only been considered a mash-up of various off-world cultures. And while the melting pot niche is certainly a niche in and of itself, it was only a matter of time before our house began truly turning into a home. Recently, amidst the influx of new faces and familiar influences, RhyDin has been seeing its own identity develop. With DeMuer and Thrash came RhyDin's very own microbrews. With Gardiner came its own vineyards. With VanDuran-Simon came native fashion. With Smith and later De Luca and Lo came theatre and dance. And now, with new arrival Lelah Rivka comes?

Holy rusted metal, Batman! Movies?

"RhyDin's culture is amazing and deserves a voice of its own," said the twenty-four year old, award-winning actress from Los Angeles - a Terran city in North America. "And I truly believe that 21twelve can be that voice."

21twelve Studios, the brainchild of this Terran starlet, has already seemingly blossomed with potential and possibilities. With names like Alain DeMuer, Mataya De Luca, and Julian Marx having signed on recently as investors, the film studio has already been earning a sharp amount of attention from locals. In the process, Rivka has wasted no time in seeking to make a name for herself here in RhyDin. And though she is mostly known for her adventures on screen back on Earth, she plans to dip her toes into RhyDin theatre with a few stage roles at Shanachie before diving headfirst into film frenzy.

"Perhaps I'll star in a future project? [but] I will be taking the stage, however, in the Shanachie Theatre's upcoming productions of Death of A Salesman and Twelfth Night."

Did I say before diving headfirst? I meant while diving headfirst!

Shanachie's "Death of a Salesman" runs from the eleventh to the twenty-fourth of April. So while Rivka has her head full of lines, she'll also have her hands full with putting together a full production team for 21twelve's upcoming flick!

"We'll be beginning production on our first feature-length film in the early summer," Rivka told the Post Monday. "We'll be starting the hiring process this Friday at our career fair? for pre-production crew members? I'll be looking to hire good, reliable people to help with the planning and production of the project."

The career fair, which will take place on Friday between the hours of nine AM and five PM in the Great Hall here in town, is an effort aimed at collecting the hard-working non-actors that work magic behind the screen. And when we say magic, we do mean real magic.

"Usually filming for a major movie takes between 12 and 18 months, but a lot of that time is spent in post-production.  I'm hoping to shave off some of that time by taking advantage of RhyDin's more...magically inclined population," Rivka explained. "I'm looking for people who have a strong work ethic, [and] people who can take direction well but who also have a lot of initiative."

Indeed, it seems 21twelve is not short on initiative! And while Rivka admits to feeling a little intimidated in the face of such a project, she certainly has more than just stars in her eyes. She has an entire universe.

"[The movie I'll be directing] is about a specific segment of this city's population that is deemed mythological on my own home world," hinted Rivka. But that was all she could tell us, "without giving away too many secrets."

Can't wait to find out? Then head on over to the career fair and be a part of the magic!