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The setting of Carowyn
« on: August 14, 2006, 02:20:58 PM »
[size=14]Notes on "A World of Chaos and Shadows":

The following folder contains threads that span several years of play that continues even now with a variety of methods used. From E-mail to PR and IM play to the ever constant exchanging of a word document when it would no longer fit in mail. There are several players involved in its creation, and permissions for posting have been granted by each and every one of them.

To those reading it, be aware this is still much a work in progress, so one never knows what may turn up down the line. From what I understand, there are also several stories that have sprung up as offshoots to these. From the battles, to other families that have become involved and may likely show up on this board.  

Another thing to make note of, the world of Carowyn was created by the Gharnholme players,(of which there are many)Albaelia's, DeCort's and even a Malign family member as well. This was not taken from a book or any other form of media, but sprang to life by several months of design and careful plotting so it could be used for writing purposes without infringing upon anyone's creation or ideals, with the exception of our own. Many details are in place, but as we determined it to be a large place, much remains a mystery to even those of us that were instrumental in its design.

It had started out as character introductions (There are a few involved) and to the surprise of all of us, it's taken on a life of it's own but for myself it is something I have enjoyed taking part in and reading.  
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