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Setting Sail
« on: August 07, 2006, 11:13:58 PM »
They were introduced to the rest of the small crew. He wasn't quite sure what to make of them, especially the dark-haired one. He felt as if the boy was trying to size him up, but other than a nod in greeting he paid him little heed. He had stood toe-to-toe with those who were much more a threat than this youngster ever could be.

Jacaroy bid them to get settled, an nearly before his footsteps had died away Lenika had turned to him and tho she smiled he could tell there was more than a little nervousness there, just under the surface. And if he had not already noticed it, the way she started to fidget, flit about the small cabin confirmed it even before she spoke.

?My family will like you, though I do think they?ll wonder where the handsome, furry man that I described is at,? her smile was as warm as ever but her eyes showed concern. For which of them he wasn't quite sure. ?What?what do you think about getting settled and relaxing like Jacaroy suggested??

He reached out and took her hand in his, taking a moment to enjoy the rare feel of her hand directly in his. "They will meet him." He looked to her eyes. "But until we are there, until I know it is ... safe... " He let that trail off a bit as she nodded to him. He did not want to finish that sentence, to voice that he was probably more concerned for her safety than his own.

He was going to a land he had never been to before. He had no way to know how a 'creature' such as himself would be received. And if it went badly, it would likely be even worse for her, having been the one to bring him there, to be the one consorting with the beast. He had been on the sharp end of a spear or arrow more times than he cared to count, simply from someone being fearful of his appearance. He would not put her in middle of that if it could be helped.

And those thoughts flashed quickly through his mind even as he drew her close and shared a lingering kiss. "And yes, relaxing a bit sounds wonderful. Perhaps Jacory would let us lounge up on deck, maybe somewhere out of the way?"

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Re: Setting Sail
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2006, 10:53:40 PM »
The weather was grand during their watery, two day voyage.  Lenika and Panther were able to enjoy the sea air and sun as they often made their way above deck to speak with the others and partake in the beauty of what was around them.  For Lenika, the trip seemed so much shorter as she was able to enjoy it with Panther until Jacaroy decided he wanted to share stories of her life with Panther.

It was on the first night that the old sailor decided to share the story of Lenika?s first time aboard a ship.  She was snuggled close to Panther as the wind blew around them and they were all eating a quiet, simple meal with Jacaroy leading the conversation.  He started off with a hearty laugh.

?I remember the first time this girl was on a ship!  She was so wide-eyed and curious, poking around and asking all sorts of questions,? he started with a fond grin for Lenika.  ?We had finally set sail and she wanted to watch the water.  Of course, her mother was scared she?d fall over, which she almost did when she decided to try to climb onto the edge of the ship.  Luckily someone was able to stop her.?

Lenika shook her head and spoke quietly, ?I did not try to climb over the ship.  It rocked and I almost tumbled out.?

Jacaroy laughed again at her denial of the truth.  ?There was the fish incident.  One time we were fishing and she was upset because she hadn?t caught anything but that soon changed when one landed smack dab out of the sky and right in to her!  She started screaming.  Then??

?I hardly think Ashandar wants to hear any more stories of me, Jacaroy, ?Lenika interjected with a shake of her head.  ?I am sure he will hear plenty once he meets the others as they do not like to hold anything back.?

?Aye, especially when it comes to you.  You bring so few home that the family can tell stories to,? another laugh came from the sailor and he laughed harder still when Lenika pressed a kiss to Panther?s cheek and stood.

?If you two will excuse me, I think I will try to rest.  There will be a flurry of activity when we arrive tomorrow night.?  Lenika gave Panther another kiss, and then she was moving down to the room they shared on the boat.

Once Lenika was gone, Jacaroy leaned in with a mighty fierce grin to Panther as he spoke in a lower tone, just in case the girl was still listening, ?How?s about I let you in on a few pointers with her family, boy??