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The Rhy'Din Social Forecast #2
« on: October 15, 2010, 02:52:48 PM »

[size=9]Annie Mitchell
Society Editor[/size]

Hello, my lovelies!  Just in time for your weekend comes the Social Forecast!

This weekend proves to be an exciting one with lots of activities for the whole family.  

Last night showed the two extremes of entertainment available in Rhy'Din.

Down in the Southern Glen was the square dance and bonfire that marked the beginning of the annual Harvest Fest.  According to my sources who flitted and do-si-do'ed their way through the Glen, everyone who showed up had a great time, sipping cider, mingling, chatting, and dancing the night away.

Meanwhile, over at the theatre - excuse me, one of the theatres in Rhy'Din -  Rhy'Din's Ballet Troupe put on the comedic ballet "Petrushka", by Igor Stravinsky.  

The story of a love-triangle between puppets - a pretty ballerina, a Moor, and of course, Petrushka - the ballet expertly combines humor with tragedy and is accompanied by Stravinsky's lush orchestrations.

I had the good fortune to attend last night's opening and was mightly impressed by the level of talent found in the troupe.  Sure, it's no Bolshoi, but it was a delight to find something so surprisingly cultured in a, shall we say, less-than-cultured city.  

The principal dancers - Alik Korskov as the titular character, Katarina Smith as the Ballerina, Andy Hamilton as the Moor, and Bryan Garcia as the Charlatan - captured the complexities of their characters and certainly danced with perfection.

The production of Petrushka continues until November 6.

***   ***   ***

Congratulations to the newly-married Mr. and Mrs. Jake Duncan!  Mr Duncan and his beautiful bride, Mira, everyone's favorite cigar and candy girl, were married in a quiet ceremony on Mr. Duncan's Rocking D Ranch, where the guests were treated to a full steak dinner and all the fixings.  Standing up for the couple were Lady Elessaria and Charlotte Ravenlock.

***   ***   ***

Opening this weekend at the Star's End Googolplex are Conviction, the story of a high school drop out who obtains her law degree to represent her brother in a murder trail.  Conviction stars Oscar-winner Hilary Swank, Sam Rockwell, and Minnie Driver.  I wonder if we'll be seeing a certain former Minister of Justice standing in line for this one?

Also opening is Jackass 3D, starring Johnny Knoxville and his band of idiots, er pranksters.  I'll be skipping this one; if you do go to see it, remember not to try any of their stunts at home.

Red, a film starring Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and Morgan Freeman, opens today as well.  This film, about retired CIA agents who somehow are returned to active duty, is chock full of famous faces and names, including Ernest Borgnine, whom I would have sworn was dead.  Apparently I was wrong, however; at 93, the man is still going strong.

***   ***   ***

Continuing through the weekend in the Southern Glen is the Harvest Fest.  Today is Kids' Day, with face painting booths, a hay ride, and a haunted orchard.  And tonight will be another bonfire, as well as pumpkin carving and a baking contest and I'm hoping more of that delicious cider.

Tomorrow night will be the Costume Ball - I'll be attending as my alter ego, the pork rind eating and Pabst Blue Ribbon swilling Betty-Sue - and I'm told there will be a murder mystery as well.  That should prove to be quite long as no one decides to take out their frustrations and turn the mystery into a real crime!

***   ***   ***

That's all I've got for you this week, Rhy'Din! Thanks for checking out the column and as always, if you have any questions or comments or up-coming events you want to see mentioned here, drop me a line! Until next time, this is Annie Mitchell with your Social Forecast!