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To the Owner of Teas'n'Tomes
« on: August 15, 2010, 01:14:33 PM »
To whom it may concern:

Allow me to begin by introducing myself. I am Sarah Peregrine, the owner and founder of Raptor Argentum Enterprises, a subsidiary of Stanton Solutions, Inc. Our business is the operation, administration and maintenance of the Rhy'Din Matrix.

Now, I am sure this means little to you, as the Matrix is a term that many would only recognize as the name of a trilogy of movies and a few games from what is the past in my world.

To put it in the simplest terms, the Matrix in my world is a wireless, instantly-accessible and always available web of information that connects nearly everything - in my world, if it's electronic, it can access and be accessed via the Matrix, from the most complicated computers down to a toaster.

Individuals can access the Matrix via a device called a commlink, which is a combination wireless router, cell phone, vidcam, PDA, GPS unit, chip reader, wallet/credstick, and mobile gaming device ? all in one easy-to-carry package that fits inside a pocket, belt-clip, or wrist-clip, or, in tha case of myslef and many, many others where I come from, implanted directly into the brain for a direct neural interface into the Matrix. Others can even be woven as fabric into clothing, jackets, worn as jewlery - the possibilites are endless.

The Matrix can be perceived in one of two ways via commlink - AR, or augmented reality, or for us of the truly hardcore users with the hardware and training to do it, VR, or virtual reality.

AR interface is the most commonly used and is all that is truly necessary. AR access is usually achieved via a visual link (which can be achieved with glasses, sunglasses, or even contact lenses, all completely wireless) and allows for viewing of advertisements, other people's commlinks, messages, incoming video calls, email, menus - anything visual. The interface is actually quite simple to use once one gets the hang of it.

Virtual reality interface requires use of a different type of technology which renders the body immobile so that the person accessing the Matrix this way does not move around while they are interacting with the Matrix itself. In virtual reality, the Matrix can be interacted with in a variety of ways and takes place as fast as the person using it can think, but doing it successfully requires a level of training that takes time, or else if a user pokes their virtual nose into a place it doesn't belong they can end up being injured or even killed. At this time, however, measures have been taken so that this will not happen for the time being.

At this time, The Rhy'Din Matrix is completely operational and offers 100% coverage over the city of Rhydin itself. At this time our company is offering special rates to those individuals and businesses who are most interested in trying this out for themselves, and to a select few businesses and government operations we are offering special rates in consideration for the roles these operations play in the city.

For Teas'n'Tomes, we are offering:
  • Free uploading and backup of the shop's complete inventory to electronic files for the option of instant access via the Matrix
  • Free, completely unlimited access to the Matrix network in perpetuity
  • Free commlinks with personalized avatars for the Teas'n'Tomes staff (to remain as property of the shop, which will be updated free of charge whenever needed)
  • Free administration of Teas'n'Tomes' WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) in perpetuity
  • Free security setup and maintenance (for protection of electronically stored data against corruption, erasure or sabotage) in perpetuity
  • Free Sculpting of the shop's Virtual Reality Interface
  • Free data storage and database access and maintenance for the shop in perpetuity
  • [/list:u]

    You may be asking why this is being offered free of cost forever by my company, and the answer is really quite simple - of all things, I respect the desire to share knowledge more than perhaps anything else, and this quiet little shop does just that, while offering a quiet, relaxing environment to do it in

    Once you have evaluated this offer and reached a decision, please feel free to contact me at Stanton Solutions, Inc. located on the northernmost corner of WestEnd. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Sarah Peregrine
    Owner/Founder, Raptor Argentum Enterprises, a subsidiary of Stanton Solutions, Inc.
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