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Wyheree's Gifts
« on: July 24, 2006, 10:04:37 AM »
Scattered about RhyDin are little tokens - small gifts Wyheree has crafted from her own elemental ice, permanent pieces of herself for those she treasures as her friends.   She is able to whisper through them, and will be able to phase near the person carrying a piece of herself should she be needed - if he or she is wearing the gift.  Following is who has possession of her tokens - whether or not they are worn:

Sakura - Blossom hair comb
Skyler - Bracelet of glittering ice links, with a charm of his sword (now held by her Sissy Jewell)
Dakota Steel - Eagle
Rosie O'Del - Smaller version of Dakota's eagle (came to her upon Rosie's passing)
Brian Ravenlock - Dragon charm (now worn in one of her braids)
Gavilean and Tera Starfare - Interlocking rose charms
Kairee - Crystalinne flower
Emerson (Toby) - Crystalinne rose
Issy - Crossed Swords charm - for any of the Sisters to use
Oja Huy - Gryphon

She will be able to contact and reach Icer through the element they share.
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