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"Expressing the Universal" Poetry Contest
« on: April 30, 2010, 05:55:35 PM »

[size=9]Junior Columnist: Ashley Weatherl[/size]

"Expressing the Universal" Poetry Contest Over! Congratulate your winners!
April 30, 2010

The RhyDin Post and the clever minds behind the Gossip GangSTAR would like to thank all of the ?Expressing the Universal? poetry writers for the month of April! It was a tough decision, but after much consideration, we would like to congratulate Everett Ogden for placing first in this competition!

Mr. Ogden will receive 1500 silver nobles, an honorary plaque, and a gift certificate worth five hundred credits to be applied toward shuttle fare for the destination of his choice. Congratulations!

The runner-up, Dr. Maranya Ergin-Falconne, will receive 500 silver nobles and an honorary plaque.

An honorable mention is awarded to Kacilla Lynne.

Here are our winning entries! Thank you to everyone for participating! We'll see you next year!

First Place

[size=9]by Everett Ogden [/size]

I never thought I might tread here again.
From places I had left behind, she calls,
Demanding that I sing this old refrain.
The siren song of want wears down the walls
And pounds my weary stronghold into dust
Leaving me defenseless as it falls.
I stand to face the music as I must.
With all that?s left in ruins, there is naught
To guard a heart preparing to combust.
Although I am enraptured by the thought
Of honeysuckle comforts that await,
The very notion I could soon be caught
Seems far too tempting; and in tempting fate
I have reservations, through and through.
How dare I rouse a heart in slumb?ring state?
How trifling my doubt must look to you.
How much I pray this shan?t all be in vain.
I would that I could figure what to do.
Consigned once more to sing this old refrain
I never thought I might tread here again.

Second Place


[size=9]by Maranya Ergin-Falconne[/size]

There are many facets
To this Emerald.
You see before you a doctor
But to two men she is their wife.
Yet others know her as a competitor, a duelist.
Still others see her as a Mage.

The Mage
Is an Emerald
Who matches castings with another duelist.
But that is but one facet.
She is a wife
Who heals with the hands of a doctor.

That doctor
Also uses the skills of the Mage
With the ring bearing hands of a wife.
She is an Emerald.
Only one facet
Of the fierce duelist.

Swords clash, duelist to duelist.
Bisturi is the weapon of a doctor,
Another facet.
Even as a Mage,
The skills gifted to this Emerald
Are used with the grace of a wife.

The wife
Gives way to the duelist.
The Emerald
Gives way to the doctor.
The Mage
Binds together the facets.

All the facets
Of a wife
Of a Mage
Of a duelist
Of a doctor
Reside in this Emerald.

The Mage is but one facet
Of an Emerald who is a loving wife,
A fierce duelist and a healing doctor.

Honorable Mention

[size=9]by Kacilla Lynne[/size]




I die

I live

I am