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.: March 27th - Afternoon :.

The starting pace was harsh on the ground below her and the speed left her leaving the city limits alarmingly quick. She didn't have to worry about be followed for more then one reason. After all, he wouldn't be following her. Nor would he follow her once she passed through the portal she had directed herself through.

He didn't like portals.

Two people standing on the other side of the portal were stepped between and she shoved on her way without even offering an apology. Gizmo was yapping like mad in her arms as she moved.

Her chest ached in multiple ways. He wanted to protect her from whatever was on the parchment. It would..hurt her. It hurt already. It was a way to help him and yet he refused to allow her to. She already endured every other sort of pain and remained firm in her want to help protect him..

You don't want to tell me things that have happened to you because they're bad..and they hurt you..

His words..his repeated in her mind so many times that tore away at her. He was right..she didn't want him hurting. He was already hurting enough and most of the things from her past, there would be no point in telling him. He would know, sure, but for what reason? It couldn't help her in anyway and with him it would simply be forgotten so it would only be more harm to her to have speak about it. To remember it.

Current things... Were mostly happy situations.

Funny thing she was upset about this and he had already probably forgotten about it. Hopefully he was in Mayu's good company. She always made him smile. Mayu helped him more then she..And Mayu didn't even know. At least to the extent that she did. She knew something was amiss with TOby but not exactly what. Katt had told her that Toby had a 'darkness' within him. This was true and Mayu had, to a extent, witnessed it. She was glad they both had Mayu..

It's *my* choice..

Shoulders sulked low as she turned to squeeze past the deep fissures of a mountain. Once within she traveled across an earthen bridge that held her weight fairly as she passed deeper into the mountain's embrace. She felt Gizmo's eyes on her and she looked down. He was fuzzy in her gaze. She hadn't realized that her eyes had been watering until then. A sad little smile was passed to the pup who was staring unnaturally hard at her. Giving her puppy eyes. Apparently the pup sensed her pain and even whined out in attempts to snap her out of it.

"He doesn't need me." She confessed with a strained voice towards Gizmo. The pup whined again and shifted around in her arms. Forepaws settled on her chest. She knew what he was doing. Preparing to leap up to her face. Countering this she bent forward to place the pup on the ground. They continued on their walk until they came into a large clearing deep within the mountainside. Soft tickle of water would of been calming if she were not so tensed. Glowing crystals had her attention briefly. They lit up the walls and made the area rather..majestic.

He wants to be normal and he's striving for that! And he *will* fight the yoma that dwells in him. And If I can help him learn how to deal with his yoki and this yoma then hell I will!

She had braved the outburst to Denise. She didn't regret it but she found that she couldn't help him. He was doing it on his own. He didn't need her.

You will be a strong woman, worthy of a sacrifice, regardless of how honestly pitiful he is?

He's not pitiful. And that was why she was here. To become stronger. Unsheathing her swords she separated them and began to drag their blades across the ground. Symbols were prepared into the earth. She could hear Gizmo following behind her, yipping happily. Sugar rushing she figured with a small chuckle.

You will have to learn all that you can about what is involved with creating a being such as I.

It's hard to learn when he didn't want her to. Whatever was written on there she knew she could take. She would take any pain that could be tossed her way if it meant to help him.

Several smaller circles were prepared in the larger circle. Each smaller circle was adored with certain symbols.

She shouldn't of asked him about the parchment. It made her feel guilty. It was..his choice. She did it only to..Help him.

Standing in the center of the circle she slammed down both her swords. Hands smoothed up into the air before her and fingers began their slow gestures. Haunting words began to spill from her lips, ancient in verb. The incantation finished she lowered her hands. Gizmo was settled behind her ankles. The silence was heavy. Sighing she took up the swords and began to place them up. Hands ceased in movement when she heard Gizmo whine. Turning her eyes she watched the pup scamper to hide behind a large rock. Head tilting she smiled towards him as he peered at her intently.

"Summoned by the Dark Knight herself." Seductively sweet male voice claimed her left ear made her head jerk in that direction. Sure enough standing behind her was a being which the voice belonged to. He hovered, yes hovered, behind her. He could be considered an elegant sort of man. A fair face drenched over with glossy black hair. He was an eerie reminder of...Tylor. Her skin crawled. Long fingers of the man drifted along her arm, curling into a few strains of her hair to pull them from her neck. Her jaw tightened as he inhaled her scent soundly, no attempt to hide his actions. From waist on down was nothing but strips of leather from the jacket he wore and chains. Dangling and clanging chains that danced as his body bobbed faintly within the air. "It's been years since we've seen each other, Dark Knight. You've grown." He looked away from her when Gizmo started barking at unfamiliar figure that was touching Katt. "Oh. You brought me a snack. How nice o-"

"Touch him and I will rip open your throat." The words were coupled with a equally flat expression.

"Oh? I see the rumors are true. Our little Dark Knight has developed emotions. I never thought I would see the day." The dark figure drifted around her and moved to 'sit' before her. Elbow hanged in the air to give his cheek a place to settle upon. "The empire and underworld has been quite a buzz with you after you left. Is it true that you've found love?"

"I have no want in pleasantries with you, Chaos." she grunted quietly. "We have business to deal with so let us just get it done so I can return back to my friends."

"Friends?" His hand left his cheek to grasp his chest. "Does the infamous Dark one have friends?! Now come on. I would like to hear of your boy toy! What does he look like? Is it true he's a pitiful piece of flesh? Really, do you have any taste in men? Or maybe he is just that good in bed!" Thin lips danced into a Cheshire grin. He would be disappointed to find that she had no reaction to his words.

She was able to disregard most of what was said with ease. "He is none of your concern."

"Ah you are no fun." Chaos sighed and resumed his posture of cheek to knuckles. "So tell me, Dark One. What makes you think you've the right to summon me so personally?"

She had to admit. Most did not summon the king of the Shadow Planer so familiar-like on a normal basis. But she was a rare case and they both knew it. Pupiless eyes turned up to his blazing blues. "Our contract was destroyed. I want to renew it."

Chaos blinked and sat up in attention to her words. Drifting closer to her his hand lashed out to grasp her chin and tilt her head to look into her eyes. She wasn't lying. A smirk grew as he drew even closer to her. "Oh?"

"Ten years.." She murmured within his grasp.

"No.." He stated simply in return.


He released her and started to drift away. Her eyes stared after him. "Please..."

If he legs he would of tripped over them. Her pleading voice saying that single word so helplessly. It was sickeningly sweet. Suddenly Chaos turned to her and drifted back to her. Long-fingered hand drifted up to creep into the mass of dark chocolate hair and curled to the back of her head. Holding her still. "One. You will have one year and that is all I will offer to you Dark One."

One year. Would it be long enough?

Her pause in an answer gave him room to tug on her emotions. Dropping his touch from her he started to drift away.

"Mmrmmm..Deal..." she murmured quietly. "One year.."

There was a hidden dark grin from Chaos as he moved closer to her once again, his hand resuming place behind head. His other hand moved forward and pressed against her temple. Fingers dove past flesh and against her skull. Her body tensed up and a hand rose up to grasp at his elbow. "Ahh!"

He hrmmedddd. "What is this? So many locked doors. Someone has placed many memory blocks upon you, Dark One."

Through the pain she blinked up at him. Blocked..memories..

"Hmm. I shall fix that while I am in here." Chaos spoke non-nonchalantly.

She didn't have time to respond to his words. Mind numbing pain shot through her. Memories she didn't want flooded in causing her eyes to roll back and a gurgling come from her throat. Somewhere in the back of her mind she heard Chaos laugh.

Long fingers left the flesh at her temple only to lowered just under her breastbone. Fingers pressed into her flesh, drawing a very intricate symbol with her own blood. "One year, Dark One..." He cooed at her before pressing a single finger against the center of the symbol. "Shadows bind this child's soul." The symbol reacted and glowed a hellish crimson. The pain was a rush that was from head to toe and her quickly rising scream echoed her pain. Body stiff within his grasp Chaos simply watched the agony which she endured. It didn't bother him in the least. It was what she wanted after all.

Body collapsed within the grasp of the dark king and slowly she was lowered to the ground. "More then memories I've unlocked, Dark Knight. Whatever was hidden is now yours once again." Chaos was forced away from Katt when Gizmo came rushing forward and jumped on Katt's torso. Barking wildly the brave pup attempted to protect her fallen form. Chaos chuckled down at the pup. "You are a brave one aren't you? I must admit I am surprised that a creature such as you would protect a monster such as she."

Gizmo barked louder, body actually bounding at the efforts. Chaos's hands rose up as he backed off. He knew Katt would probably live up to her words of ripping him apart if he touched the yapping creature. "My work is done." Hands lowered to clasp before him, head lowered. He shimmered out of sight, leaving the fallen woman and the pup alone within the deep cavern.
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Re: Choices
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.: March 28th - Early Morning :.

Waking to a slobbery tongue wasn't a first but the pain that came with it was. Groaning she reached up to gently scoop Gizmo aside. Her mind felt so ..fuzzy. As she sat up her eyes drifted around the cavern's colorful walls. She felt..numb for the most part.

Gizmo's yapping was pounding her head. Her head..A hand raised up to rub where Chaos' fingers had been. No wounds. Good she didn't have to explain anything. Standing slowly she found her body moving a bit too quickly. Blinking lazily she watched as her hands reached for the swords and they were flicked elegantly and effortlessly into their waiting sheath. A shudder shook her and eyes rolled back into her head.


Gizmo whined and nudged her ankles. Slowly her eyes lowered to the pup and she smiled faintly. "I am okay. Bet you are hungry though aren't you?" She moved slowly because the pup was weaving between her ankles. Reaching out she collected a handful of the crystals from the walls. Different colors and sizes. Once that was done and they were tucked away she leaned to collect the pup. He whined as she picked him up and he quickly crawled himself to the center of her chest. Snuggling in his cute lil face stared at her with what she would almost think was concern.

"I'm okay. Really." She turned sharply on her heels and started to move. There were memories that had been blocked away. Both unpleasant memories and certain skills alike. Oda and Tyb had both locked them away for certain reasons. The skills..they didn't bother her as much. Just..extra things to her arsenal. But the memories.. Some particular made her frown. Others tore away at her. She could understand the reason for blocking them but ...wasn't it better to learn from such experiences and grow from them rather then hide from them?

Dipping low she began to break into a clean run. She felt..light. She was able to break through the earthen fissure without any difficulty. It was when she stepped out that was like hitting a wall. The sunlight burned. Grunting she pushed on, ignoring the pain. She remembered this from when she was younger. Maybe that was why it was easy to ignore. Or maybe it was because ...

She said she had to return..

She had people expecting her around.

Looking down she found herself laughing. Gizmo's tongue was hanging out of his mouth, head tilted to the wind as she ran. He was enjoying himself!

"Let us head home, huh Giz?" Effortlessly she was able to do what she hadn't been able to in a long while. The shadows bent to her, swallowing her up.

Accepting her..
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