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Little Green Men
« on: June 16, 2005, 12:05:16 PM »
Jewell had been on a mission over the last few weeks.  A mission that included the search for a little man and her crawling around the Inn floor at least once a day.  Very few questioned her motives and further refrained from questioning when she occasionally shouted "Ahah!" and ran across the Inn to the other side only to sit and sulk there for a few moments before continuining her search.

She had originally started to question some of the other patrons regarding the "little wee man dressed all in green."  However, those inquiries soon stopped when a few forward people started to mention pots of gold and their own desire to seek the little man.  She did not need competition!  The little man was making it hard enough on just her, popping up at random places around the Inn and then *poof* gone just as quickly by the time she got over there.

She tried to take one person's advice about following a rainbow to it's end, but that had not yielded any good results- she had waited an entire day and no rainbow had appeared.  She had went about the search her own way after that by creating posters!  They read "Have You See This Man?" On it was a badly drawn picture of a short little portly man dressed all in green with an evil grin.  The two side notes read "He is really a wee little man" and "If you have any information please contact Jewell Ravenlock."  She had used the free labor of her children to stick these posters up all around the Inn and throughout town.
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Re: Little Green Men
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2005, 05:47:14 AM »
::After digging through the Inn's Lost and Found box, one of the items she took is a broken piece of purple crayon.  It was an urge she could not deny, and she used that colouring object to draw tiny moustaches and beards on all the little green men on the posters placed about the establishment. Once finished, the crayon is tossed back into the Lost and Found box. Sometimes it is good to be alone in the building::
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