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Since her return to Rhydin, Isuelt had heard the rumors, listened to the stories, and quietly accepted the truth.  The Empress, Jewel Ravenlock Kidd was gone.

It had taken the Scathachian this long to convince her body to travel south to the cemetery to pay her respects.  Partly due to the fact that she wanted to believe it wasn?t true, and partly because she didn?t want to come to terms with the loss of another friend.

Dressed in her usual black leather, her tall, strong frame made its way through the grand gate and down the path until she came to the marker where she had been told that Jewel and her children had been laid to rest.  She stood, still and silent as a sentinel, gazing at the larger marker for a fair amount of time.  Letting her emotions ebb and flow as she expertly controlled them, bullying her poker face to stay as her stone facade.  Isuelt deeply inhaled and held her breath as her mind raced: every moment she had known Jewel had been a joy.  They had shared more than an alliance.  They were friends.  And true friends were commodities of which Isuelt had very few.  Jewel had been one of the first people the Scathachian had met when she had first come to Rhydin.  Jewel had aided her when Isuelt had been imprisoned.  Jewel had always kept a smile on the gypsy?s face, even when life became stingingly sharp.

Her forceful exhale pushed her lips apart, and she stepped closer to the stone marker.  Her deep brown eyes quickly looked around, and seeing no one, she removed one glove and laid her bare hand on the cold, smooth rock.  The weight baring down on her shoulders begged her to take a knee, and as her legs bent at the head of Jewel?s grave, she pressed her forehead to the back of her hand as it held fast to the corner of the stone marker.  Isuelt had never been a fan of emotion.  To her it was useless and wasted energy, not to mention a wretched weakness.  Still, this proved too much for the Scathachian, and her eyes tightly shut, daring to pen in her tears as she struggled to control her breath.  She wept.  She wept for longer than she would ever care to admit, but still, she wept.

When Isuelt felt the icy echo of grief finally hollow her out, she opened her eyes and wiped her face with her hand.  Her lips softly kissed the grave's marker, and she stood slowly back up with her eyes fixed on Jewel?s name.  Isuelt suffered a stabbing prick as her eyes rolled over each letter.  ?Sleep well, my darling friend.?  She sighed emptily and let her gaze linger on each of the smaller markers.  She simply shook her head at the waste of it all before she turned and gritted her teeth, forcing her customary hardened expression back onto her features as she walked away.

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"I missed you." Erin was sitting on the ground at the base of Jewell's grave, hands fiddling with the baby's breath in the blue rose bouquet she had brought.

"Things are so different now," she confessed to the stone. "I'm alone. Completely." Another pause as she let it sink in. She had barely said it alloud, but it felt good to get it out. "I...I pushed everyone away, really, and I'm here again and.. it's been years, Jewell. Years with no change."  

Leaning back on an arm, she let out a long exhale.

"You would not believe me if you saw me," Erin said with a laugh. "I have barely any friends, and no one even knows who I am... I miss you. You got me, you know? We could laugh together, and if no one knew who we were, you wouldn't care, you'd still know how to act like royalty. I just... you should have seen me trying to put the moves on an engaged man the other day, I just... I didn't know. It's okay, though, we're friends now....."  She stopped for a second and lay her hand on the stone. What if.....

"No." That was said aloud, an abrupt non-sequitor. "No..."

But she couldn't help herself. Erin's eyes drifted shut, and her breathing deepened, carefully she pulled in, let it out, pulled in, let it out, pulled in-- her eyes opened.

They were the deepest of purple, and her stare was fixed somewhere far away. In the darkness of the night, she could make out many shapes, but it was not clear who was there and who was not... Erin searched. Searched for her friend.

For those that knew her, not one knew of her hobby. That she had spent the past four years learning the art of necromancy. That her weight loss, and pale skin, purple tinted eyes and melancholy came from transgressions in magic.

She didn't want them to.

Erin searched once more, and just as she was about to give up, her eyes landed on something--or someone-- that caused her to gasp.

"No." That was said with conviction, and her eyes blinked, everything melting away. "I have to go, friend." She said that hurriedly to the stone, touching it for a long moment, her hand pressed on it as if she were giving it support.

"I'll be back."  Her things gathered, she retreated.
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A few months after Jewels Death...

Sha'uri made her way into the Cemetary on a night when most celebrated Valentine's Day.

She grimaced as the shifted her form to look around. Her fight with Valeria had hurt her more then she let the girl know. The wounds beneath her scales still burned from the ice. A quiet but feral growl briefly escaped her as she shook the thoughts from her mind. She shifted her amethyst gaze over the slumbering dead, searching for an ideal spot to lay among them to rest.

Floating over the plot of graves, she descended beneath the trees to get a better look, meandering towards the more wealthy section in search of a nice comfy mausoleum. She spied the Ravenlock special section and made a note of Jewel's own grave among her children. Part of her felt the pain of loss for the family... a part of her that buried so deep it didn't even allow her to cry, yet she would of if it weren't for the taint.

Part of her grinned with a feral thought while amethyst light flared briefly in her eyes. Sarcasm dripped darkly within sultry tones.

"Sleep well, Ms Popular. You're better off dead." She grinned. "A pity, though. You would've been fun to add into my army... but.... nObody should be that special. You've been special long enough. Rest in blissful Hell."

A maniacal chuckle quietly escaped her as she simply turned away, leaving the Ravenlock to her rest... a boon from the subdued self to get the other to leave the Ravenlock alone.

Present Day...

How long had it been since Sha'uri was last here? The thought made her shiver as she entered the cemetery. Too much had happened since then, more then she cared to remember. The only reason she came this way was because it was a short cut to her more recent hiding lair. It was inevitable that she'd come through here. It had been a long time since she last came to actually pay respect.

Thoughts of the last time she'd been here came to mind as she came upon the Ravenlocks section. It had been for any reason but respect. All those dead and that poor grounds keeper... and Vanyel.

"Thank the One for my death.." she whispered, closing her eyes to the thoughts of that night in an attempt to hold back the tears.  She could feel them welling up inside.

All the things she had done, all the things she had thought came rushing into her head ...a brief but powerful flashback. Then suddenly his emerald hues flashed within her mind blotting out the memories from continuing. And all she could do for several moments was stand there spellbound with her eyes closed staring wide eyed into the eyes of Aquil. The tears fell down unchecked.

"I'm sorry." Soft sorrowful tones as her sapphire hues opened releasing the tears even more. She knelt down before Jewels grave, some of her tears dropped upon the stone.

"What I said was wrong. You may not have even heard but... I did. And I remember that night, so awful. I'm sorry for what I did. And I'm sorry for your death. You and the children. I wish I could've known you better. You mean much to Brian and Jenai.. I wish I could've known them better too..but I guess that may never happen. Not after what I ..."

Her voice trailed. What was she looking for? A conversation? Advice? Forgiveness for so many things, from so many. She suddenly felt ridiculous talking to a grave stone and let out a long sigh.

"Who am I kidding. You are probably gone by now, and hopefully resting peacefully.. and I mean it this time. Rest in Peace, Jewel." There, she'd said it and felt a shift of peace within herself.

Rising up to stand she glanced once more to the gravestone.. then made her way through the rows of stones and mausoleums for one more visit... paying some respect to her half brother and sister. Then she quietly left,  returning to the nearby cave, her temporary home away from home.
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Cassie clutched a bunch of bluebells between fingers with whitened knuckles as she picked her way through the cemetery.  There seemed to be so many places she could have stopped; so many names of those that she had once known; people she had failed to protect or save.  It overwhelmed her, made her chest feel tight and her breathing shallow, but she pushed on until she came to the graves of Jewell and her children.  Each child's grave was given a blue flower and the remainder of the bunch was placed on Jewell's grave before she sank to her knees in front of it.

?I didn?t know what your favorite flower is, was, so I got some bluebells.  I hope that?s okay.?  She paused, as if gathering her courage. ?I?m sorry.  I wasn?t here and I?m so, so sorry for that.  I should have been here instead of running from myself in another world.  I?m sorry I wasn?t here for you and the kids.  I know it couldn?t have been easy for you to have me around, especially at first.  But you accepted me and befriended me anyway.  I?m forever grateful to you for that.?

She stayed awhile longer, talking in rambling sentences about memories and thoughts, anything that came to her mind.  To a listener, it might not have made sense, but for Cassie, it was almost cathartic to just let the words and tears flow in the quiet of the cemetery, with only the dead to keep her company.  She left finally when it began to get dark, but she would be back sometime, and with plenty more blue flowers for an offering.
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?How long has it been??

?A few lifetimes, actually??

?I thought it had been roughly three years or so.?

?Three years that felt like a few lifetimes, and you of all people should know that? Henrietta.?

?You?re right, Brian. I?m sorry, I should not have said anythi---?

?Stop that.?

?Stop what?

?Acting as if you should not have ?this? or ?that?.?


?What is it?? said Brian with a somewhat sigh, as he turned to look upon the woman for a moment.

?I don?t deserve to have any say of anything. I don?t deserve to even be here, let alone live. I should have--- I should have died with him, you know. You should have ended me, when you ended him---when you finally ended him for good. Or you should have sent me back to Darkenwood and let me Reilenna, and Rena take me, or even Desire??

?What would that do, hmm? They would end you as well, Henri? That is they would have before your turning so to speak. I think if they realize what you had done here, they would think as I have.?


Brian shook his head, ?Walk with me, Henri.?

?Where are we going??

?To see my sister, that?s where??

After a bit of time, they had arrived.

?It?s? Beautiful.?

?That it is, Henri.?

?Wait there?s more than--- oh, gods. Brian, it?s hers isn?t it? It?s theirs??

?Yes it is? I-- we buried them here, just after I had returned from Darkenwood.?

?After Darki??

?He?s gone now, Henrietta. You can call him who he really was.?


?Yes, Jacyn.?

?How can you say it like that!? How can you be so calm, when all of this---THIS happened to you all, Brian!? How can you all just stand there, and look at me?knowing what I did to help him, in Darkwood and here!? Knowing what he did to her! To YOUR Henrietta! And what I tried to do to you all!? I mean, look at this Brian! Look at those names, and there are so many more out there too! All because of---?

The woman called Henrietta sobbed heavily as she fell to her knees before the memorial that belonged to Jewell Ravenlock, and her children. Tears littering the stone flooring as the young woman, continued to let loose the torrent of emotions that had been so closely held in check for longer than even she would ever have been able to recall. Her head hung low, as sobbed words slipped from the woman once more.

?You should have killed me too? I didn?t deserve to live, not after--- Wha!??

The woman?s tearful words were soundly cut off, by Brian?s arm that had wrapped about her, as he took to a knee with her. Pulling her closely to him, as his other arm completed the circle, so to speak. No words came from the man, while he held Henrietta who had initially struggled against the embrace.

?Let me go? Please?? The voice of Henrietta was soft, and ever so cracking as she pleaded.

?I can?t,? replied Brian.


?Henri, I can?t-- we can?t let you go.?

Relenting to the embrace, turned herself to him more so as her small hands reached up taking hold of his coat in a rather tight grip. Her body shuddering more so, as the tears continued to flow from the eyes of the former Death Knight, with several sobs for company. Brian said nothing, as he continued to hold the woman closely, understanding all too well what it was she struggled with and more so?how much if haunted her inside, and out.

?I can?t let you go, Henrietta? You?ve been let go of, for far too long, and it stops here.?

?But---why can?t you just let me go, or kill me? Just--?

?Because she didn?t let go of me, Henri? Because they didn?t let go of me, no matter what I did, and no matter where. And if she were here right now, she?d be holding you too and telling you that it?s time to stop living in what was, and start living for what is, and what will be??

?If she were here??

?But Jenai---?

?Will heal in time---?

?I love the girls you know! Jacyn wanted to--- and I wouldn?t let him, or anyone else! I?d die before I let them be hurt, Brian? I swear it, I love them. They showed me, you know?they showed me what I?d been fighting for?what Jacyn made me, it was wrong. They helped save me, and---?

?I know, Henri?? Brian offered a bit of a squeeze to the woman, as he continued to hold her. ?Just as Desire saved you and I in the dungeon.?

?You remembered that??

?I do.?

?So what now, Brian?? asked Henrietta who began to compose herself more so. Lifting her head, as Brian released his hold, while she wiped her eyes a bit. Turning a bit, her eyes landed upon the memorial as she silently counted the names.

?Jacyn, nor you had anything to do with these, Henri. This was not you, dear? And I brought you here, because I know she?d speak to me somehow.?

Brian?s eyes followed Henri?s, ?She always does, when I need it most.?

?What did she say??

?She said we have a lot of work to do, you and I??

?I want to be here with you all, I mean that? I really like Ahnika, and Ursi, Even Kerri too. I want Jenai to get to know me, even though I know she hates me for what I did? That won?t stop me from trying, though. You?re right, I do have work to do? A lot of it, and wanting to die all the time, isn?t helping it.?

?Step by step, Henri. And like everyone else with us--- ?You?ll never fight alone???

The woman lifted to her feet, as Brian did the same. A quick hug was given to the man, as she turned and walked away. ?I need to get back to the Valley. It?s my night in the mess hall, you know? I?ll find my way, Bri. Thanks for everything.?

And off Henrietta went down the path once more leaving Brian with the memorial.

?Well that didn?t go as I?d originally planned? Still, better than our last chat in Darkenwood. You know, she reminds me of you, Jewell??

Brian moved to the center of the memorial, taking a moment to brush a few errant leaves away. His eyes took in the candles that would burn, so long as any Ravenlock still drew breath in Rhy?Din.

?Someone else reminded me of you too? Let me tell you about her, Sis.?

And so Brian remained, speaking to the memorial in great detail about this rather interesting encounter that had him recalling, oh so much of the sister he missed ever so dearly.
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