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Blood Brothers - July 10, 2000
« on: July 06, 2006, 01:33:52 PM »
by Janella Vallonia

Janella Vallonia has in her possession several age-old items which she inherited from her father. Namely, her sword Vendetta, her dagger Terminus, and her gauntlets known as the Accomplices. Frequently, these brothers discuss their wielder's current involvements amongst themselves.

The boy was of little concern to me, Terminus. Who cares about a boy? He served our ends beautifully.

His name was Christian, and he was ten. He would have fathered two sons himself, and a daughter. His---

In the name of our Queen. I can see what that boy's path would've been myself, brothers. You two are not the only gifted artifacts here.

We sensed his passing when she struck with you, Terminus. You felt his life, she took it with you but his pain reached out to us. He suffered long that night.

Janella hates Bargos for this. If she despised him at first, she will spare nothing to see him dead now for drawing that innocent into the feud.

I thought the others would persuade her to pray. I was almost denied the kill. She hesitated.

She wanted the means to slay Bargos and save the boy.

That was impossible. She realized it. The panther man knew it as well.

The beaten boy begged release with his eyes. He felt great pain, great suffering.

Bargos fled.

My brother, I daresay her hand wavered with you over the boy. I couldn't help but laugh. She is human, isn't she. A pity we can't help that. Such is our lot.

He was dead, Vendetta, the second she raised me. I, Terminus, sealed his purity with death.

Bargos will be next?

If not by Terminus, then by me. No matter which of us, the revenge will be sweet and satisfying! Glory to us. Glory to our wielder.

Janella, daughter of our Grylac. Favored wielder.

Glory to us, and glory to our Queen. Our chosen is still worthy of Her strength and our might. Hail Takhisis!

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