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Copy Cat - May 31, 2000
« on: July 06, 2006, 01:16:28 PM »
by Janella Vallonia

It was a warm night in the Outback, a handful of duelists were fighting, facing off in the rings in the familiar, traditional style of Fists. Janella arrived late, but found a match with Loran, whom she recalled from earlier months. They fought exuberantly, determinedly, though Janella cinched the duel for herself - with a strong effort and more than enough sweat.

Lisana was officiating. As Janella walked from the ring, she found Panther waiting, watching her. Trading looks, she eagerly agreed to a spar with him, her focus on the physical and fresh from her win against Loran. As usual, the pair exchanged a majority of mirror manuevers much to Janella's chagrin. She swore Panther followed her that way on purpose, simply to incite her. It did, of course, but secretly Janella laughed, and outwardly teased, chided and critiqued him to her content.

Panther won this one, snapping a kick over her attempt at his ankles. It was a fast, close match, reaching the 'sudden death' mark by only the fifth round. The sixth came, and it ended. Her heart pounding, she grunted, pursed her lips and quirked a thin smile. "Good one, " she said, stepping into him, bumping shoulders.

"I was half expecting you to clock me there... " Panther locked eyes with her. Janella pushed a chuckle, rubbing her arms, admitting, "Fair fight." He was nodding, but Janella's mouth opened, as she snorted and jabbed him in the bicep when Panther added, "Even if you did copy me." She moved to push him, ready to start a wrestling match, when the sound of a loud, male voice suddenly was heard. Turning to see who it was, Janella's grip on Panther's arm tightened, illiciting an "Ow" from him - but already Janella was breaking away with a snarl.

"Even the maggot can serve a purpose in the right circumstance... "
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