Author Topic: A Gothic Gem: RhyDin?s Sanctuary Stuns the Critics!  (Read 113 times)

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A Gothic Gem: RhyDin?s Sanctuary Stuns the Critics!
« on: November 22, 2009, 08:30:44 PM »
A Gothic Gem: RhyDin?s Sanctuary Stuns the Critics!

[size=9]Gossip Columnist: Emmet "The It Man" Bane[/size]

Living in RhyDin, it seems, is less and less practical for you day walkers out there. What, with the booming vampire population and ridiculously active nightlife, it is no wonder most local businesses don?t open until about noon. Lilith DeBrough?s popular nightclub, Sanctuary, is quite possibly one of the best reasons to stumble blindly into an afternoon shift. With its unique design, stellar drink menu, tireless upkeep, and overall invigorating ambiance, Sanctuary is a diamond among lesser RhyDin clubs-- a jewel that every citizen should get a good look at? at least once!

Take a walk down Main Street, and just blocks away you will already begin to hear the contagious rhythm thumping inside DeBrough?s masterpiece. Sanctuary stands out from an industrial complex and sets a unique atmosphere with arched stone, stained glass, and intricate wood carvings. Interiors are a seductive, eye-catching gothic motif, complete with glossy blacks, red mattes, deep purples, and leather and velvet upholsteries.  Gelled strobes and modern mixes by the house DJ invite the patron to the spacious main dance floor to tear it up, while ample security calmly watches on-- ready to enforce their zero-tolerance violence policy.

Need to catch a breather? Assuming you?re not afraid of fire, head over to the Michelangelo-inspired d?cor to your right and order up one of Sanctuary?s signature drinks. Ask for the Greed from the Seven Deadly Sins martini menu, or get your bubbly on with their famous Original Sin, complete with champagne, Gin, Apple Pucker, and fresh lemon and lime on the rocks. Martinis not your style? Check out the book-long shots menu, with flavors for all palates-- ranging from sweet to sour to suicidal (Diamond Cutter, anyone?). But whatever you do, keep the bartenders happy-- you never know what you might get in return!

For esteemed clients or those willing to pay a little extra, privacy can be had in the lush VIP lounges found on the balcony. The staff charms the cosseted booths so as to mute the general din of the club happenings, and provide some peace for business transactions, a friendly chat, or a friendlier one.

Few drawbacks involve the occasional dance floor tussle, but it is so easily and efficiently taken care of by the club?s vigilant staff that one hardly notices. And while no dress code is enforced, we recommend dressing the part-- DeBrough obviously puts a lot of heart and smarts into the construction and upkeep of the place, so it?s only polite to ditch the fishnets and t-shirts for a night to show your respect. Who knows; you just might catch the eye of a dazzling, daring dame or dude because of it!

Frequented by RhyDin?s elite, the lines are long, as is the wait. So show up early-- by eleven thirty pm it is packed, packed, packed! DeBrough keeps it running like a well-oiled machine, though, so if you missed your window, chances are you?ll have the opportunity to groove the night after.

The RhyDin Post gives Lilith DeBrough?s Sanctuary a 5 out of 5 for menu, management, and ambiance, and encourages citizens to book it on over. Blow off work the next day if you have to!