Author Topic: An Old... Friend...? - October 29, 1996  (Read 259 times)


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An Old... Friend...? - October 29, 1996
« on: July 04, 2006, 10:24:23 AM »
He steps into his room, the door closing behind him with a -click-. The parchment on the table catches his eye, the one with the purple rose emblem, and a slight smile crosses his lips as he picks it up to reread it.

   Dearest Panther...

    I am sorry that I left so abruptly without bidding you farewell, but I had some things to sort out before I could be a true friend to you. My return has been rather quiet, but I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Love and friendship,


She had always been a friend, and if things had been different those couple years ago.. maybe more. But now? She's been through so much.. as has he... She was still as attractive as ever... there was no disputing that. His eyes focus on nothing in particular out in the forest as he leans up against the window sill of the room. He's not sure if she meant for him to hear the words she whispered after he had walked her to her room this evening. But she had to know... she was well aware of his powerful senses.

Even now, he could still smell her scent as it lingered about him, slowly dispersing in the breeze blowing in through the open window... and again, a slight smile crossed his face. Slowly he took in a deep breath, holding it a few moments before exhaling again.

Part of him wanted to go back, knock on the door, and just sweep her into his arms...another part of him didn't trust what he was feeling... didn't trust himself to let him feel that way. After.. after so many losses.

His gaze returns to the trees outside his window... and he remains there, long into the night.

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